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Your motto is, “If you want to stay young, you have to remain uncomfortable,” Can you elaborate? The problem is that when you arrive to a certain age you start repeating the things you know, you repeat what is the most comfortable to you, it is a question about evolution because we do the easiest thing in order to survive. But if you work on the way you look at reality, you will see different things. This demands an effort, one must be alert and have a conscious and clear vision. In the end to know what everybody knows is the same as not knowing anything. What impact did working at El Bulli have on you? When I started working at El Bulli, at the beginning of the 90s, I was young and used to one determined style of cooking and suddenly not only a new way of cooking but also a new way of thinking opened up in front of me. It was the first time that I understood that the main tools for a cook weren’t the knives, pots or other utensils but in actual fact the most important tool for any chef is his or her mind and the way that he or she uses it, not only for organization but also for creativity. I was lucky enough to be there for two 48

June 2018


years, and in the second year I was more in touch with the creativity area, and witnessed firsthand their way of working and creating and that planted a seed in my mind which has been growing all these years and has helped me develop as a cook. You often liken creativity to other character traits of everyday life. Can you explain further? People usually understand creativity as another tool, but creativity is a way of being. One is not happy just for a moment but to be happy is an attitude to face life and also way of taking on problems. In a recent interview you described Mugaritz as “a result of how we see, how we feel, and more than anything, how we think.” Can you tell us more of what to expect when dining at Mugaritz?  When you visit Mugaritz we prepare an experience for you, but the most important thing in that experience is how you face it. If you are happy you will go happier, the same can be said for creativity, if you came in a creative

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