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August 2010 | fusion | 1

President’s hello

Hello fellow students! Welcome to Forth Valley College and of course the Student Union. My name is David Connell and this is my second year as Student Union President. Forth Valley College is a vibrant and ambitious college, with an equally vibrant Student Union. Whether you’re a new student or returning to us after the summer break, I hope you have a great experience here. So what can you expect from your Student Union throughout the next year? Well it’s run for students by students and our main aim is to provide you with a voice and listen to the things that matter most to you. We are here to support you throughout the year and provide everything from academic representation to guidance on your personal welfare. We offer an open door policy, so please feel free to pop by our offices in Falkirk, Stirling and Alloa. We hope you will make full use of your Union and take advantage of all we have to offer. Pop in and enjoy the relaxed atmosphere in the common rooms across

the campuses where you can shoot some pool or chill out on the couches and listen to music. You can also join our different clubs such as the Sports Union or become a correspondent for Fusion Magazine itself! We also host some fun events and fundraise throughout the year, but to do this we need your help! Every year we look for enthusiastic, fun and dedicated students to join our Student Union Team. There are currently various positions from Entertainments’ Officer to Sports Union Officer up for grabs. We only ask that you dedicate approximately two hours a week to these roles, but we promise that you will enjoy working with our team. If you are interested please pop in and see us after you have enrolled in August. My team and I look forward to getting to know all of you and being able to have a chat with you about your college experience or respond to any feedback you may have on the Union itself. To welcome you all this year we will be holding our annual Freshers’ Fayre in September, with lots of different activities going on across the campuses and lots of freebies! So we hope to see you all there! Plus you can also check out what’s happening throughout the year on our dedicated website – http://forthvalley.unionplus.co.uk One more thing, last year the students asked for smoking shelters to be put in at the Falkirk Campus. College management listened and we are delighted to let you know that over the summer, new smoking shelters were installed. Please be aware you cannot smoke anywhere else on the campus. Look forward to meeting you all. Have a great year!

E-mails to the Editor Fusion Magazine is looking to start an e-mail page for the next edition in September 2010. We want to hear from Forth Valley College students with all their comments, queries, facts and figures, questions and answers, pictures, jokes, fascinating stories and trivia. We also hope to run competitions in this new column and are looking for everyone to get involved. Please send your e-mail to stuart.hall@forthvalley.ac.uk and we will use as many as we can in the next issue. There will also be a prize for the best e-mail we receive. So if you’ve got a bee in your bonnet or your knickers in a twist over something – it doesn’t even need to be student related – then let us know from now until September. Fusion Magazine is also looking to recruit new correspondents to help with the writing and production of the magazine. So if you have any ideas on how to contribute or want to report on college sport, interview people on the important issues in the college today, fancy taking some pictures or perhaps even reviewing a blockbuster movie – then get in touch as soon as possible on the e-mail address above. Kind regards, Stuart Hall, Fusion Editor

UU @

2 | fusion | August 2010


STUDENT DAVID IS A REAL COURSE LEADER Arguably one of Forth Valley College’s most dedicated students has finally left the college to put his skills to good use in the workplace. David Hannah (21) from Falkirk took his first course at his hometown campus in 2006 straight from school. But his desire for knowledge led him to completing one full-time course, several part-time and two night classes and a few weeks of work experience into the bargain. The Lifestart SCQF course was David’s real bread and butter, but he also turned his hand to Access to IT, an Accident and Emergency Procedures course and evening classes in Forensic Investigation and Natural History… PHEW! David who was also his class representative on the Student Council said: “I have really enjoyed my experience at Forth Valley College. I made many new friends and experienced lots of new things in many areas along the way. “I am really going to miss the place as I have been here for four years, since I left school in-fact. However it is time to move on and hopefully find a job in computing or IT. Though you never know I might come back for another night class or two in the future!”

RUGBY LEAGUE TRY OUT LEADS TO CAPS FOR COLE Cole (centre) with some Scotland team-mates.

Forth Valley College Student Union made sure Cole Ronald didn’t pass up the chance to represent Scotland at a home international tournament in Ireland recently thanks to some last minute sponsorship. Suzanne Crawford FVC Student Liaison Officer, with Cole Ronald.

“we are only too happy to help Cole as he tries to establish himself in this up and coming sport” Falkirk Rugby Club prop forward Cole (24) – who is just about to start his second year of an HND Civil Engineering based at FVC Falkirk Campus – travelled to Limerick on July 19th for the tournament against international student teams representing England, Ireland and Wales. Cole said: “It was an absolutely fantastic event, even though I had my nose broken in the final game defeat against the Welsh! We beat the Irish team, but unfortunately also lost out to England, but I played quite well and was one of the top try scorers in the tournament – scoring two in the first game against the Irish!

“I can’t thank Forth Valley College SU for helping me to compete at a national level in rugby league and I am delighted to have represented Scotland on behalf of FVC.” Cole only took up the 13 a-side version of the game to maintain his sharpness and fitness at Falkirk RC, but was drafted into the preliminary 30 man Scotland training squad during the last weekend of June. His form in a trial match between Scotland’s student team and the Scotland ‘A’ Team impressed selectors and earned him a place in the final 22 man group that travelled to a training camp in Yorkshire on the weekend of July 3rd/4th.


Student Union officials are confident that a spanking new smoking shelter in front of the canteen will be a real hit with smokers in the college. The new facility will allow staff and students alike to avoid the wind, rain and Scottish elements while they nip outside for a quick cigarette. The move to grant smokers a designated area – exclusively reserved for them to enjoy their ‘puff’ in peace – will hopefully allow them to vacate the front entrance area which has been designated as a smoke free zone. FVC SU President, David Connell, said: “We’re sure this is what smokers throughout the college have been waiting on for a long time. At the very least smokers should be able to keep dry whenever they need to go outside for a quick puff and this facility will help them to do that. We urge all smokers to make good use of the shelters.”

Forth Valley College’s Student Union were only too happy to help Cole out with some travelling and accommodation costs. These covered his trips to training camps and the tournament itself, as the Scotland Rugby League organisation – who govern the minority student sport in Scotland – do not have the funds to pay the way of an entire squad on trips such as these. Cole, who is from New Zealand but now lives in Edinburgh, said: “My father’s side of the family are from Scotland and I know he, like me, is very proud of this opportunity. “The SU helped to fund my travel and accommodation and it gave me an extra incentive to go out and do the college proud at a national sporting level. I can’t thank them enough.” Suzanne Crawford FVC Student Liaison Officer, said: “Cole has done tremendously well at making the final squad for the tournament when you consider that he mainly plays the Rugby Union code of the game. “We have a little funding available every year which can be allocated to students who are reaching their potential at a high standard of sport and we are only too happy to help Cole as he tries to establish himself in this up and coming sport. We are glad he did well and gave a good account of himself and the college in Ireland.”

August 2010 | fusion | 3


by David Harley

Sequels: Necessary or Pointless? Sequels – you either love them or hate them. It was once said that if sequels were banned, the gaming industry would be a richer experience, with companies forced to create new characters, new locations, new gameplay mechanics, rather than just recycle old ones. And I agree with that, to an extent – it would get rid of all the useless sport games where you pretty much play virtual pass for twenty minutes. Similarly the numerous fighting games, where even if you trained for several hours at a time mastering all the combos – you could still lose to someone like me – who just bashes the buttons randomly and hopes. So, how does one know what series of sequels to go for, and which to avoid? Well here’s my view on the subject!

The Good

The Bad

Ratchet & Clank – Playstation 2 & 3 Exclusive Ratchet and Clank doesn’t possess innovative gameplay, but has been consistently playable across its eight titles in the series, starting way back in 2002. Although the Pre-Ps3 era games may be hard to locate, just have a look through the old PS2 sections, and you can pick them up cheap. The story and the humour helps to support the solid gameplay.

3D Sonic The Hedgehog All Platforms Don’t get me wrong, I grew up with Sega games, which is why it kinda hurts to see Sonic go down the drain like this. The last decent Sonic game was Sonic Heroes six years ago and even that had serious problems. They’ve been getting worse and worse, reducing the blue hedgehog to a joke. He has a new game coming out, but don’t hold your breath. I specify 3D Sonic Games, as most of the 2D ones are rather enjoyable, and a case of Sonic done right.

Mass Effect 360 and PC With the third and final instalment on its way, it would be remiss of me not mention this series. Mass Effect 2 is an example of a good sequel, with the bad parts taken out, and replaced with… er… better parts. With a storyline directly impacted from your actions in the prior game, and led by one of the best in the business, it’s hard to justify not having this in your collection.

Halo Xbox/360 Exclusive Hey, don’t look at me like that! This is a game designed to be based purely off multiplayer. It’s a cash cow, and you can lump Modern Warfare 1 and 2 in here too. A game must be solid in both single player and multiplayer, unless you are making a game which is only multiplayer, like Team Fortress 2. That, and the ending to Halo 2, seems to be an excuse to squeeze more money out of people.

If you have any more, feel free to send them in to the handy Fusion e-mail address at the front of the magazine, and the best reasoned ones will be mentioned in the next edition! There’s more, but I only get one page to ramble!

4 | fusion | August 2010

Phantasy Star Zero, DS Exclusive Looking for a good portable RPG, but bored of the remakes of Final Fantasy? Want to actually use the online capabilities of the DS? Then I’ve got the game for you! Phantasy Star Zero is an MMO designed for the DS – yes, you read right. There is an initial story mode that you can play to get more stuff for your online missions, which has a rather solid plot, good voice actors, and good graphics, remembering we are on the DS not the PSP. Expect the story to kill ten, fifteen hours – twenty if you go for all the side missions. If you have friends that have the game and DS also, you can team up to do special co-op missions either right beside each other, or over the Nintendo Wi-Fi! The controls do need getting used to, and will take a while to master. However, once you do that, it flows well – the battles are basically a light attack, heavy attack, combo or block. Nothing too brilliant, but it works. This is more a game for the RPG fan base, not the game of choice to convert someone who hates the genre, but on the fence fans will find their money’s worth.

YOUR STUDENT UNION NEEDS Do you have what it takes to help make a difference in the lives of your fellow students, while gaining valuable experience that will look great on your CV?

Y ou

If you think you do Forth Valley College Student Union are looking for students to volunteer for a number of exciting roles within the executive team. Positions available include: • LGBT Officer • PR & Events • Entertainment Officer • Sports & Rec Officer • Equalities Officer • SU Webmaster • Executive Officer Caroline Hogg, FVC Student Liaison Officer, said: “This is a really exciting opportunity for new students to the college to get involved in organising events and activities which are important to the SU members.

“Apart from being a great way to meet new friends and finding your feet, volunteering in the Union can also help provide you with a host of new skills and experiences and can be a whole lot of fun at the same time!” Meanwhile the SU are on the lookout for a Vice President and two executive officers each from the Stirling and Clackmannanshire Campuses. This is a real opportunity for committed students studying in Stirling and Clackmannanshire to further enhance the reputation, identity and presence of the FVC SU throughout the Forth Valley area. Anyone Interested in being part of this team and who are able to volunteer for a couple of hours a week, should pop into the Student Union Office in the Falkirk campus, call 01324 403290 or check out www.fvsu.org.uk for more information.

August 2010 | fusion | 5

STUDENT ARTWORK ON DISPLAY More than 70 students had art, design and video work on show at the exhibition which ran from Thursday June 3rd to Wednesday June 9th in the college’s Middlefield Building, Falkirk. A high standard of work was once again on display at the event, which for the first time boasted a fashion show organised by three students from the HND Applied Design Craft programme. Other exhibiting groups included: BA Design, HND Contemporary Fine Art, HND Computer Arts and Design and some representation from the community and evening classes. Contributions were also welcomed by students from Access to Creative Industries, NC Media and Communications, HNC Media and Communications and HND in Sound Production.

Cathy Snedden, FVC’s Head of Creative Industries, said: “The work on display is exciting, challenging and of a very high standard. “This end of year event takes a lot of effort and hard work, and the teamwork between the staff and students has been fantastic. The success of the exhibition and fashion show reflects the enthusiasm and commitment of everyone involved.” Forth Valley College is grateful to partners for their support of the work of the Creative Industries department, including local Councils in Clackmannan, Falkirk and Stirling, schools, the Helix, the Park Gallery, the Changing Room Gallery, Stirling University, the Tolbooth and the macrobert, as well as numerous local employers, who help the Department to deliver exciting and relevant creative education and training.

DESIGN ON LIFE: Claire Meldrum (23) from Alloa – a BA in De

e-book covers on display at the exhibition. Claire’s impressiv

earned her a place at the prestigious Camberwell College of

PICTURE THIS: Chris Currie (19) from Bannockburn – an HND Computer Art

THOUGHT PROVOKING: Gayle Falconer (21) from Bo’ness – an

& Design student – poses in front of his photographic concepts.

poses with her thought provoking artwork inspired by people

6 | fusion | August 2010

Art attacked the senses at Forth Valley College recently as Creative Industries students showed off their work at the annual Degree and Diploma Exhibition.

esign student – poses with her innovative animated

TOP TABLE: Carol Meikleham (52) from Banknock – an HND in Contemporary Fine Art student –

ve work during her time at Forth Valley College has

shows off her ‘Set Table’ which aimed to highlight pre-conceived gender roles in society.

f Arts in London to study for her Masters Degree.

HND in Contemporary Fine Art student –

IMPRESSIVE: - Rhona Fairgrieve (44) from Wallacestone in Falkirk – an HND in Contemporary Fine Art student –

e who self harm, entitled ‘It’s Only Skin Deep’.

poses in front of ‘Elephant House’ an innovative piece inspired by webcam footage. August 2010 | fusion | 7


the gym in Falkirk is packed full of the latest keep -fit equipment and offers students a year-long members hip for just £10

Each year many students take advantage of the great facilities on offer throughout Forth Valley College’s campuses in Falkirk, Stirling and Clackmananshire. But it never fails to amaze the Student Union how many more students don’t take up on the great deals and offers available right under their noses. This may be particularly relevant to the new intake of students starting college for the first time this August, but will also serve to remind students returning after the summer break of what they are entitled to. First of all there are SU common rooms some with pool tables and all with relaxation

areas across the three campuses. The Falkirk common room has even been refurbished over the summer and is now open for business… so get yourself down there to check it out. Each campus also has a fantastic beauty salon which can either offer tremendous discounts to students or, on occasion, offer free treatments if beauty students need willing models to practise their skills. Similarly the gym in Falkirk is packed full of the latest keep-fit equipment and offers students a year-long membership for just £10 – how about that for a deal? The Student Union Sports Union has also

been going strong now for a full year and welcomes anyone interested in joining clubs such as football, basketball, badminton and hockey that are already up and running. However even if you don’t play any of those sports, if you go along and ask Wai Mun Lee the Leisure Facility Coordinator, he will try his best to accommodate you in any sport you would like to try. Finally, did you know that if you are a FVC student you can sit down and enjoy a three course meal at the Middlefield Building Training Restaurant at the Falkirk Campus for just £7.50 – now that should definitely give you a flavour of FVC SU benefits.

ON-LINE ABSENCE SYSTEM NOW IN PLACE Forth Valley College’s new on-line absence registration system will be up and running as this new term starts.

8 | fusion | August 2010

The new ‘sick note’ operation will allow students off from college with a legitimate illness, to register at home through the Moodle facility and record their absence with the college as soon as they can. Caroline Hogg, FVC Student Liaison Officer, said: “It is essential for students who are receiving bursaries or academic financial assistance of any

kind, to keep their attendance levels as high as possible to ensure a steady flow of their funds. “This new system should make registering legitimate absences quicker, easier and more efficient for everyone.” Anyone needing further information about the new system should visit Student Services next to the Falkirk reception area.

“I’M A STUDENT… GET ME Raploch OUT OF BBQ HERE!” Review Hospitality student, Zoe Mackie certainly has a taste for success after winning a college competition based on the hit TV show “I’m a celebrity…get me out of here!” Students from across the College were challenged to eat their way through a menu of nine unappetising dishes (see menu!). Around 20 students took part, but many found they had bitten off more than they could chew and dropped out as the dishes became increasingly stomach churning. A few held their own until the end, but it was Zoe who managed to eat all nine dishes in the fastest time to be declared the eventual winner. The gruelling challenge was organised by the College’s Hospitality Lecturers who come up with an entertaining competition every year to mark the end of session. The event is held on the day of the department’s annual BBQ and allows staff and students to relax and have a bit of fun after a year of hard work. Watch this space for what they come up with next year…

Menu Oysters Frog Spawn (aka Tapiocha) Fish, Chips & Peas Smoothie Pedigree Bum (aka Lamb Stew in Jelly) Salmon Icecream and Anchovy Jelly Liver & Onion Shots Crocodile Balls (aka Lychees Stuffed with Stilton) Bloody Offal (aka Kidney, Heart & Tripe) Fish Eyes

By Nicholas Reid

Forth Valley College’s Raploch Community Campus in Stirling attracted the crowds recently when a barbeque and band night doubled as one of their popular theme nights and an event to raise cash for charity. It was held on June 24th in the grounds of the campus on a bandstand area and luckily, on the night June’s good weather held out, despite threatening to rain earlier in the day. Alongside the food, the barbeque offered up a buffet style, presenting everything from the usual burgers and sausages, to steaks and even lemon and thyme dressed salmon to glazed chicken breasts. There was also a salad bar, reasonably priced drinks and a complimentary glass of Pimms on arrival! The main draw for the crowd, though, was undoubtedly the bands, all of whom were from Stirling. The musical aspect was arranged in part by local music and arts venue The Tolbooth. Brazil Exists were the opening band of the night and they delivered their light cheery indie sounds, like a pop version of Canadian band Arcade Fire, with great aplomb and were a perfect start to the evening. You could say they matched the sun that streaked across the campus sky and put everyone there in a great mood. Next up was Usual Dilemma, who had an air of nervousness about them, though this was understandable as it was their first ever gig. They were however arguably the most unique band on the night, eschewing a drummer in favour of a violin-bass-acoustic guitar setup. The standout band of the night for me was Miniature Dinosaurs, whose sound was driven by the powerful voice of their lead singer paired with a Killers-esque style. This combination has already seen them tour the country and have their single ‘(I Want To) Watch Top Gear’ played on Radio 1. The entertainment was brought to an end by another local band called State Of Mind, who sent everyone home happy. Overall, the night was very impressive, set in great surroundings and a great atmosphere. It sets a great standard for any other events in the same vein.

August 2010 | fusion | 9

We all like a good movie, and that’s especially true when we need a break from studying. So just as well then that Cineworld in Falkirk are happy to continue with their fantastic discount offer to Forth Valley College students. All you need to do is present your NUS discount card to Cineworld counter staff. These cards are available for £10 at Forth Valley College Student Union and will entitle you to £2.20 off your ticket at Cineworld Falkirk.

Inception (PG–15) HHHHH

Karate Kid (PG)

Starring: Leonardo DiCaprio, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Ellen Page, Tom Hardy. Director: Christopher Nolan

Starring: Jaden Smith Jackie Chan Director: Harald Zwart

Starring: Liam Neeson, Bradley Cooper, Quinton ‘Rampage’ Jackson, Sharlto Copley Director: Joe Carnahan

Dreams turn to nightmares for DiCaprio

Get your kicks from Karate Kid

A is for Average

Plot Leonardo DiCaprio plays Dom Cobb who steals secrets from people’s dreams. His skills see him become a much sought after expert in the field, but also a wanted man by officialdom. However he is given a chance to reclaim his life and things he holds dear by carrying out an impossible final job where he is tasked with planting an idea rather that nicking one. Can he outwit his enemies and carry out his mission?

Plot Miyagi fans, put down your pitchforks – they didn’t ruin the good name of this movie! The premise of the story centres on Dre Parker (played surprisingly well by Jaden Smith son of Will) who moves from Detroit to the heart of China. After meeting the local bully and his fists – on several painful occasions – he manages to convince the enigmatic loner Mr Han (Jackie Chan) to teach him Kung Fu to win a convenient tournament, and in doing so defend his honour and gain respect. Smith’s character seems to be inspired by his dad’s Fresh Prince attitude in this film, and it bodes well for his future career if he doesn’t slip up.

Verdict Inception is the must see film of the year. Some of Leonardo’s best work to date. The movie is action packed with lots of twists and turns. The concept of this movie is a great idea and this makes for a very intriguing watch with lots of ‘will they’ or ‘won’t they’ be successful moments. I would recommend this movie to anyone who loves a great action film and a real thinker. The cast work brilliantly together and this shows during the movie. You will walk away from this film thinking what if… By Kerry McCaffery

Courtesy of Cineworld in Falkirk

10 | fusion | August 2010


Verdict Aside from a few moments that made me question it audibly, such as forgetting a character and the boy learning Kung Fu techniques instead of the karate in the title, it’s a good movie and a brilliant moral: Don’t Mess with Jackie Chan! By David Harley

The A-Team (PG–13) HHHHH

Plot As cinema falls under a blanket of eighties revivalism, the most action packed of the bunch is the adaptation of cult show The A-Team. The original, starring Mr T and George Peppard, featured a group of rogue Vietnam veterans fighting to clear their names. Little has changed in the remake, other than shifting the action to the present day, restyling Face, Hannibal, Murdoch and BA as Iraq veterans. After bringing the gang together in Mexico, the film fast forwards eight years to the apparent withdrawal of American troops from Iraq. During a mission to recover a printing press capable of creating millions of dollars, The A-Team are betrayed, and duly imprisoned. The rest of film deals with them trying to clear their name, usually in the most explosive way possible. The new film certainly makes a bigger bang than the original, largely because of the heavy usage of CGI making things much easier to explode. At one point they parachute from an exploding plane whilst inside a tank, flying it by using the turret on the front to push it through the air. Verdict The over reliance on explosions makes the film nothing more than a series of set-pieces held together with the plot recycled from the television show. And most of the actors, especially Neeson, do not look entirely comfortable in their action/comic roles. ‘Rampage’ Jackson, on the other hand, a UFC fighter by trade, doesn’t look out of place punching things, which he spends much of the film doing, whilst rolling out the classic Baracus catchphrases. Fans of the original will not be disappointed by the sly nods to the series, but serious action buffs would be better served to save their money for The Expendables, which is released soon. By Nicholas Reid

mber te p e S / ust g u A – >>Future Film Releases Scott Pilgrim Vs The World


If you’ve ever had trouble with your ex-partners, then spare a thought for Ramona V Flowers’ (Mary Elizabeth Winstead) seven ex-boyfriends who are hell bent on protecting her from any future suitors. And spare an even bigger thought for Scott Pilgrim (Michael Cera), the bassist turned unwilling pugilist of the film, who has to fight all the exes that come his way in this adaption of the Bryan Lee O’Malley comic book. Even for those sceptical of the comic adaption genre this promises to be interesting at the very least, given the involvement of both Cera and Edgar Wright - director of Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz.

One of the most promising comedies of the summer is Cyrus. The story of a mother obsessed loner, Cyrus (played by Jonah Hill) is unwilling to let John (John C Reilly) steal his mum away. John has been in a spiral of drinking and self-loathing since his wife left him, and sees Molly (Marisa Tomei) as his saviour. Written and directed by up and coming comedy duo The Duplass Brothers, it promises to be one of the funniest films of the year, if Hill and Reilly’s previous efforts are anything to go by.

13th August

The Expendables 20th August

If you were left disappointed by The A-Team remake and still need your fix of over the top action, then look no further than The Expendables. It features Sylvester Stallone, Jason Statham, Jet Li, Dolph Lundgren, Bruce Willis and Arnold Schwarzenegger, as well as appearances from wrestler ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin and former American football player turned actor Terry Crews (from Everybody Hates Chris). The plot, which sits idly amongst the explosions, gun-fire and bizarre names you would expect from an action movie (such as Hale Caesar, Toll Road and Lee Christmas) sees the Expendables head to South America to assassinate an evil dictator. But they soon realise there might be a traitor amongst them.

Tamara Drewe 10th September

In the vision of the countryside seen in the new Gemma Arterton film Tamara Drewe, the traditional image of an easy life and strict morals is thrown out the window and replaced with a cast of characters who are motivated to act against them by any means necessary. Tamara returns to her home town, where she was once an outcast. Now reinvigorated by plastic surgery and a job in the city, she finds Andy her ex-boyfriend (Luke Evans) still in love with her. But he is constantly thwarted in his attempts to win her over by narcissistic rock star Ben (Dominic Cooper) a local author and womaniser.

17th September

Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps

24th September

This is the belated sequel to Oliver Stone’s 80s tale of greed and corruption on the world’s most important financial street. The new Wall Street – in which Michael Douglas reprises his role as the notorious Gordon Gekko – comes at a time when the sleaze of the global banking community has come under the spotlight more than ever. Although it does feature Shia LaBeouf – whose record of modern day sequels of classic movies is patchy at best – in place of Charlie Sheen as the ambitious youngster that Gekko takes under his wing, the timely subject matter makes it an interesting concept.

The Rum Diary 24th September

Based on the Hunter S Thompson novel of the same name, the new movie from Johnny Depp is the story of journalist Paul Kemp. He flees the pressure and attitude of the Eisenhower presidency in America to write for a newspaper in Puerto Rico. But ends up spending most of his time drinking rum and indulging his infatuation with a woman called Chenault. Depp has already been involved with previous Thompson films, most notably the excellent Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas. If The Rum Diary is anywhere near as impressive as that, then it should be one of the best movies of the year.

August 2010 | fusion | 11

Scotland’s University for Sporting Excellence

Forth Valley College – Student Sports Centre Membership The University of Stirling Sports Centre offers amazing value for money. It is a great place to improve your tness and take part in sport. An annual membership entitles you to access the following facilities and services at no additional cost, as often as you like: · · · · · · · · ·

Fitness Suite Strength and Conditioning Super Centre Swimming Pool Sports Hall – for badminton, table tennis, short tennis and basketball Athletics Track Floodlit Outdoor Articial Pitches Squash Courts Fitness classes such as step, cardio hi lo, aquat and stretch and tone Sports Classes such as tennis, golf, swimming and trampolining

For students attending Forth Valley College, there are 2 membership categories: · Annual membership (September – September) - £119.00 · One Semester Membership (February – September) - £75.00 Valid student ID card required at time of application For further details please contact either the Sports Centre or Swimming Pool Reception Desk on (01786) 466900/466500. Alternatively you can email sports.development@stir.ac.uk or check out the website www.sports.stir.ac.uk/sports-development

12 | fusion | August 2010

The University of Stirling is a charity registered in Scotland, number SC 011159