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When Karen Covey moved to the South Coast of Massachusetts, she found an exceptional community of farmers, winemakers, chefs, cheesemakers, and fishermen thriving upon the region’s unique coastal geography, quietly producing some of the best food in the Northeast. Until recently, though, few outside the culinary world have discovered the breadth and caliber of ingredients available from the coastline of Southern New England—that’s about to change.

COOKING / NEW ENGLAND Paperback 7½ x 9¼in 232 pages full color

978-1-934598-10-8 1-934598-10-0 September 2013 $29.95 US

With The Coastal Table, Covey captures seaside living in New England at its freshest and most innovative. With over 120 recipes that update and modernize traditional New England fare, The Coastal Table is filled with dishes for casual beach days, sophisticated outdoor entertaining, and simple, everyday meals that celebrate the heritage of this breathtaking region. Including contributions by New England’s finest chefs from Newport to Ogunquit, this is a book written for the home cook who yearns for the New England seaside—and its flavors—all year round.

“… her recipes reflect the sensibility of the place: vibrant but unfussy, grounded in the land and its bounty, elegantly simple. I’ll be cooking from this book through every season.” Amy Traverso | Senior food and home editor, Yankee Magazine, author of The Apple Lover’s Cookbook

KAREN J. COVEY is a personal chef, food writer, and recipe developer. she is the creator of the site gourmet

recipes for one and her articles and recipes have been featured in the boston globe magazine,

edible south shore, and local in season.

“ of the year’s most visually stunning cookbooks and a lovely homage to local food...” Gail Ciampa | Senior food editor, Providence Journal

Ongoing Marketing & Publicity for 2013-2014 ______________________________________________________________ National & Regional Newspapers: The New York Times, The Boston Globe, Boston Herald, Providence Journal National & Regional Magazines: Coastal Living, Yankee Magazine, Boston Magazine, Southern New England, Edible Publications, Cape Cod Life Regional TV & Radio: Chronicle, NECN, and NPR’s The Local Food Report Dynamic Social Media Campaign: blog outreach, guest posts on food blogs, and twitter and Facebook contests Author events that deliver audiences to venues Advertising: NEIBA Holiday Catalog 2013, Edible Boston, Edible South Shore Co-op available


The region that defined Yankee ingenuity has a beer heritage in keeping with its character. Brewing in New England goes back four centuries, beginning with the Pilgrims who dropped anchor in Plymouth because their supply of beer was running low. (They survived the winter, planted a crop of barley, and promptly brewed the first Thanksgiving ale.)

BEER / HISTORY / NEW ENGLAND Paperback 6 x 9 in 218 pages b/w photographs

978-1-934598-11-5 1-934598-11-9

April 2014 $18.50 US

Making beer in New England hasn’t always been easy. Puritan housewives, industrial era beer moguls, and contemporary craft brewers alike have concocted humankind’s oldest beverage in the face of scarce ingredients, legal hurdles, and public indifference. But despite these challenges, beer has always been and remains a staple of New England life—at no time more than the present. New Englanders have an unquenchable thirst for the good stuff and New England microbreweries are multiplying like yeast cells in a batch of fermenting ale. With Crafty Bastards: Brewing in New England from the Mayflower to Modern Day, former bartender, master brewer, and drinks journalist Lauren Clark deepens our appreciation for beer and the challenges inherent in creating the perfect pint. Giving voice to the inimitable Yankee spirit that allows New Englanders to faithfully produce some of best beers in the nation, Clark invites readers to take a giant swig of brewing past and present.

LAUREN CLARK is a freelance journalist and former bartender and brewer. her articles have appeared in the new york times, the boston globe, the boston herald, jane, and yankee magazine, among other publications. clark is also the founder of drinkboston. com, which was featured in several boston newspapers and magazines, the massachusetts beverage business journal, vintage spirits

& forgotten

cocktails by ted haigh, and necn.

Marketing & Publicity _____________________________________________________________ National & Regional Newspapers: The New York Times, The Boston Globe, Boston Herald, Providence Journal, Portland Press Herald, Hartford Courant, etc. National & Regional Magazines: Yankee Magazine, Imbibe, Draft, Down East, Boston Magazine, Portland Monthly, Rhode Island Monthly, Connecticut Magazine, and Edible Publications Regional TV & Radio: Chronicle, Chronicle New Hampshire, The Emily Rooney Show on WGBH, Boston’s Fox Morning News, NECN, Radio Boston, The Rhode Show, etc. Dynamic Social Media Campaign: blog outreach, guest posts on food blogs, and twitter and Facebook contests Author events that deliver audiences to venues (outreach to historical societies and organizations throughout New England) Advertising: NEIBA Holiday Catalog 2014, Edible Boston, Boston Magazine Co-op available


From the camaraderie of the Colonial taverns to the saloons of the turn of the century; from Prohibition—a period rife with class politics, social reform, and opportunism—to a trail of nightclub neon so bright, it was called the “Conga Belt,” Drinking Boston pays tribute to the fascinating role alcohol has played throughout the city’s history


Paperback 6 x 9 in 288 pages b/w photographs SMART PHONE APP 978-1-934598-09-2 1-934598-09-7 October 2012 $18.50 US

Teasing out this curious relationship—in particular, the clash between a constrained Puritanism (lingering like a hangover today) and a raucous revolutionary spirit—Drinking Boston introduces the cast of characters who championed or vilified drinking and the places where they gathered, legally or otherwise. Visiting some of Boston’s most storied neighborhood bars, this pub crawl ends with Boston’s distinct recipe for the current cocktail renaissance sweeping the nation. Stephanie Schorow serves up Boston’s intoxicating story: its spirit of invention, its hardscrabble politics, its mythology, and the city’s never-ending battle between personal freedom and civic reform. “... Schorow makes it hard to put this one down.” Courtney Cox | Beer Advocate


download the complimentary smart phone app. historic pub crawls, recipes, and hotspots.


is the author of six books on boston history, including boston on fire: a his-

tory of fires and firefighting in boston, the cocoanut grove fire and the

crime of the century: how the brinks robbers stole millions and the hearts of boston. she has worked for the boston herald and the associated press.

NEW ENGLAND’S HISTORIC HOMES & GARDENS The history of New England—indeed, the history of the United States—can be experienced firsthand by visiting the homes and estates of the region’s most notable residents. From presidents and war heroes to icons of American literature and the arts, the grace and grandeur of these homes offer a glimpse into the lives of the men and women who shaped our nation.

TRAVEL / NEW ENGLAND Paperback 7½ x 9¼in 248 pages full color

New England’s Historic Homes & Gardens is a detailed study of the architectural features, landscape elements, and ingenuity that make these homes stand out as stunning examples of classic American style. Its beautiful photography brings the readers into the living rooms and gardens of some of America’s most influential people, making these immortal structures accessible to everyday readers and the amateur historian.

978-1-934598-08-5 1-934598-08-9 October 2011 $23.50 US

“...gorgeous photography and stories about the homes and their former residents.” Apartment Therapy

KIM KNOX BECKIUS is the author of five books on travel in new england and new york state and is a weekly writer for’s guide to new england travel.

WILLIAM H. JOHNSON is a native

New Englander whose work has been published in magazines, books,

calendars, cards, puzzles, and advertising.

DISCOVERING THE BOSTON HARBOR ISLANDS Discovering the Boston Harbor Islands is an indispensable resource for those who want to uncover the best kept secret in the Northeast.

TRAVEL / HISTORY / NEW ENGLAND Paperback 6 x 9 in 224 pages

full color photographs, illustrations, maps

978-1-934598-06-1 1-934598-06-2 May 2011, 2nd ed. $17.95 US

Part history, part travel guide, Christopher Klein has written the most compelling invitation to explore the Boston Harbor Islands National Park area to date. Complete with resource listings of recreational activities on and around the harbor islands and richly illustrated with over 150 fullcolor photographs, Klein’s comprehensive coverage and keen wit are sure to inspire thousands of landlubbers and mariners to leave port for many summers to come

“A wonderful companion piece to the hidden island treasures off Boston’s coast.” Dennis Lehane | Author of Shutter Island “Discovering the Boston Harbor Islands is not your average guidebook. It is an exceptional example of its genre… Don’t visit the islands without it, and, by all means, visit!” Carol Standish | Points East Magazine


download the complimentary smartphone app, or navigate your device to:

CHRISTOPHER KLEIN is a writer and author specializing in travel and history. his work has appeared in the boston globe, new england travel, boston magazine, national geographic

traveler, and aaa horizons. chris lives on the mainland with his wife and two children in andover, massachusetts.

UNDER CAPE COD WATERS In Under Cape Cod Waters, award-winning photojournalist Ethan Daniels captures the mystery and importance of the often overlooked natural communities along the Cape Cod coast. The Cape’s near-shore waters are both diverse and productive, making these coastal ecosystems as dynamic and prodigious as any along the Atlantic shoreline.

PHOTOGRAPHY/ NATURE / CAPE COD Hardcover 12 x 10 in 152 pages full color

978-1-934598-05-4 1-934598-05-4 June 2010 $35.00 US

With the trained eye of a scientist and the sensibilities of an artist, Daniels photographs the resilient life forms that play such a vital role in maintaining the health and well being of this cherished peninsula. The result is a stunning portrait of a world often only seen from the surface. In the hazy, dark waters, Daniels reveals the vivid rhythms in detail: the arresting orange of a sponge, the silvery flash of fish scales, the bright blue of a crab claw. With chapters devoted to each of the Cape’s aquatic ecosystems—the salt marsh, the bay, the open ocean, and freshwater ponds—Daniels at once enlightens and educates us about the treasures hidden amidst this mesmerizing seascape.

“This is a beautifully designed and printed book, both elegant and informative.” Stephen Frink | Alert Diver Magazine


is an award-winning photojournalist. his photography and journalism have appeared in scuba diver australasia, cape cod life, underwater photography magazine, and

sport diving magazine, among other publications. he lives in berkeley, california with his family.


BOSTON’S GARDENS & GREEN SPACES MEG MUCKENHOUPT Paperback 7½ x 9¼ in 192 pages Full color 978-1-934598-03-0 1-934598-03-8 April 2010 $22.95 US

“Well-written and superbly illustrated ...” Robert J. Allison | Suffolk University

This beautifully designed guide provides readers with a new way to explore the contemporary and revered public spaces of the Boston area. With chapters on the Emerald Necklace, community gardens, and grand estates, as well as gardens devoted to art, healing, and children, Meg Muckenhoupt has given every resident and visitor to Greater Boston a reason to get outdoors.



CHRISTOPHER KLEIN Paperback 5½ x 8 ½ in 269 pages B/W photographs and 16pp full-color insert 978-1-934598-04-7 1-934598-04-6 June 2009 $17.95 US The Die-Hard Sports Fan’s Guide to Boston is the only comprehensive guide to the incredible range of spectator sporting events in and around the Hub. This is the information devoted fans need. Whether you’re a rookie, an old-timer, or know anyone who has fallen under the spell of Boston fandom, this is your all-access ticket to the greatest sports city in the world.




“Let us now praise Kim Foley MacKinnon ... for doing all the legwork necessary to keep local families entertained for months, perhaps years to come.” Hayley Kaufman | The Boston Globe

Packed with the information local parents need—from where to begin when you bring home your bundle of joy, to surviving a New England winter with an adventurous toddler, to navigating the local school systems – this book is the definitive answer to any Boston parent’s question. With hot tips from parenting experts and details on museums, theaters, classes, and play spaces, Boston Baby is an indispensable addition to your diaper bag.



DANA ROUSMANIERE Paperback 5½ x 8½ in 240 pages B/W illustrations 978-1-934598-07-8 1-934598-07-0 November 2011 $17.95 US With hot tips from local parenting experts and local moms, North Shore Baby includes everything you need to know to make the most of raising a family on the beautiful North Shore. This book is the perfect resource for new parents, parents new to the area, and seasoned parents looking for a new perspective on their hometown.


Read local.


specializing in books about

t @unionparkpress p f

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of boston and new england.

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