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As a New Englander and a native to many of the coastal habitats featured in this book, I was drawn to these wonderfully familiar yet surprising images‌ Read this book and you’ll see why I covet this precious place and call it home. —Jeff Corwin Naturalist and T V presenter for Discovery Networks, Food Network, and NBC

SUBMERGE YOUR SELF IN A CAPE COD R ARELY SEEN Surrounded by thousands of square miles of cold, rough water, Cape Cod is regarded as New England’s crown jewel—a seaside paradise of charming main streets and long stretches of beach lined with sand dunes. Yet, the world beneath the Cape’s waters remains largely unexplored. In Under Cape Cod Waters, award-winning photojournalist Ethan Daniels captures the mystery and importance of the often overlooked natural communities along the Cape Cod coast. The Cape’s near-shore waters are both diverse and productive, making these coastal ecosystems as dynamic and prodigious as any along the Atlantic shoreline. With the trained eye of a scientist and the sensibilities of an artist, Daniels photographs the amazing and resilient life forms that play such a vital role in maintaining the health and wellbeing of this cherished peninsula. The result is a stunning portrait of a world often only seen from the surface. In the hazy, dark waters, Daniels reveals the vivid rhythms in detail: the arresting orange of a sponge, the silvery flash of fish scales, the bright blue of a crab claw. With chapters devoted to each of the Cape’s aquatic ecosystems—the salt marsh, the bay, the open ocean, and freshwater ponds—Daniels at once enlightens and educates us about the treasures hidden amidst this mesmerizing seascape.

Photography/Nature ISBN: 978-1-934598-05-4 $35.00 | 12 X 10 | Hardcover | 164 pages June 2010 Ć&YUFOTJWFQVCMJDJUZDBNQBJHO Ć1SJOUBOEPOMJOFBEWFSUJTJOHJOBoston Magazine and Cape Cod Life Ć"VUIPSUPVSUPJODMVEF#PTUPO $BQF$PE  and San Francisco Bay Area Ć$PPQBWBJMBCMF Contact: Nicole Vecchiotti, Publisher 617-423-0840 Distribution: Pathway Book Service Toll Free: 1-800-345-6665 Fax: 603-357-2073 Email: Union Park Press books are also available from Ingram and Baker & Taylor.

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ETHAN DANIELS is an award-wining photojournalist. His photography and journalism have appeared in Scuba Diver Australasia, Cape Cod Life, Underwater Photography Magazine, and Sport Diving Magazine, among other publications. He lives in Berkeley, CA with his family.

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Ethan Daniels’s photographs add a wonderful new dimension to my vision of the Cape Cod I thought I knew well…This collection shows us that the Cape’s magic light infuses the world below the waves. —Cary Wolinsky

Some of my deepest and most vivid memories comprise adventures, big and small, amongst the many coves, beaches, and ponds of Cape Cod. Learning to swim in Pilgrim Lake, sailing wooden beetle cats in Pleasant Bay, being rolled by waves at Nauset Beach, gazing over the late afternoon waters toward Sampson Island from my grandmother’s house near Namequoit River— these recollections have attended me throughout my travels across the planet. They have informed my interests and passions and pulled me back to the Cape again and again. Though my work—a mishmash of guiding adventure travel trips, writing, and shooting images for various publications—takes me to distant and picturesque locales from Antarctica and South Africa to Indonesia, Micronesia, and Myanmar, Cape Cod’s shores are rarely far from my thoughts. Several authors, including Henry David Thoreau and Henry Beston, have written Cape Cod into history, but few have either attempted or had the ability to portray the least known elements of the Cape—those below the waterline. One book that does go beneath the surface is Shallow Waters by Bill Sargent. This book, published in 1981, greatly affected my path of schooling. Following the cyclical chronicle of a bay on the outer Cape, Shallow Waters describes the underwater ecological happenings over the course of four seasons. To this day, that book continues to sit in my living room, acting as my baseline reference for the outer Cape’s inshore marine habitats. I have

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National Geographic Photographer

since become friends with Bill Sargent, who is often found exploring the area’s coastal waters, just as I continue to do. Shallow Waters brought to light a relatively unknown piece of Cape Cod through words. Under Cape Cod Waters means to do similar work through photography, showing natural views of underwater surroundings using the latest in imaging technology. From my point of view, photography unlocks a window on Cape Cod whereby the unique textures, colors, and patterns of native life are simplified into two dimensions. Though trained as a scientist, there has always been a part of me that sees conventional scenes in a different and extraordinary way. This is why nature photography has always nourished my curiosity. Capturing an iconic moment in time as sunlight or clouds paint an environment is both a way to observe and a way to create. Digital photography has been an especially useful tool, not only for studying organisms but also for illustrating fascinating aspects of the physical world. Images have the ability to capture assorted and sometimes fleeting moods of the natural world. Light, temperature, humidity, cloud cover—everything varies moment by moment, and shooting in the field is never the same twice. In this way, photography is similar to looking through a diving mask at an underwater scene. It is continuously shifting.

Capturing an iconic moment in time as sunlight or clouds paint an environment is both a way to observe and a way to create

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It has been a pleasure to rediscover Cape Cod’s waters through Ethan’s eyes… —William Sargent Author of Shallow Waters

Sample interior images

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Who knew such visual treats lay hidden beneath the waters of Cape Cod? Ethan Daniels’s artful images provide a window into a world few of us get to see for ourselves and help us treasure the Cape even more. This is a beautiful collection of photographs.

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—Robert Caputo

National Geographic Photographer

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Under Cape Cod Waters Sample  

Take a look at Under Cape Cod Waters by Ethan Daniels, published by Union Park Press in 2010.

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