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The Dates Tuesday 3rd March Campaigning begins

Thursday 5th March Candidate’s Question Time 12 noon - 2pm, LCR

Friday 6th March Voting Day One 9am - 5.00pm, Edith Cavell Building

Monday 9th March Voting Day Two 9am - 9pm, Hive

Tuesday 10th March Voting Day Three 9am - 5.00pm, Hive Results announced around midnight Union House LCR and on


The Union Exec

Welcome to your chance to take control of your Union and use the power you have. This guide will help you work out how, when and where to use the power you have and make the change you want to see at UEA.

The Union is a democratic organisation that is run for students by students.

Each year, real UEA students are elected to lead the Union and listen to what you - their bosses - want them to do. The Union of UEA Students is one of the biggest and best students’ unions in the country, which makes it all the more important that you choose carefully who you want to lead the Union next year. Amongst the faces in this book are the people who will be speaking for you next year. They’ll also be overseeing the running of the Union bars, shops and entertainments, will be organising campaigns, allocating clubs and societies budgets and running all the Union’s student support services. Over the next few days make sure you take a few minutes to look through the candidates’ manifestoes in this guide and have a chat with any of the candidates who stops to talk to you during the campaign.

Its chief decision making body, Union Council, is made up of representatives from all schools at UEA, as well as the Union’s clubs and societies. Council makes Union policy, which is then implemented by the Executive Committee. The Executive Committee is made up of eleven officers - four full time, seven part time - who are elected by a cross-campus ballot of all students at UEA. The Exec are in charge of executing policy made by Council and are held accountable by Council. In short, Union Council tells the Exec what to do and sacks them if they don’t do it. This year no candidates have stood for one of the part time posts on the Exec - the International Officer. If you’d like to stand for one in a by-election in week 11, contact us on su.comms@




Equal opportunities Faculty convenors campaigns The Union is a collective voice for all students, and ensures that everyone is treated fairly and in a non-discriminatory way. There are some groups of students who face discrimination on campus or in wider society based on their ge nder, disability, race or ethnic origin or their sexuality. The Union recognises that these students deserve their own campaigns that they have control over and decide their own issues and ways to overcome the problems they face. New this year are four campaign convenors who will lead groups of students in the fight for equality. These campaign convenors will be elected only by students who self-define as being part of the particular group that the campaign deals with. Ballot papers for these elections will be available with the other ballot sheets.

Faculty Convenors are four students who are elected to represent all the students in a particular faculty, which itself is made up of groups of schools. Faculty Convenors co-ordinate groups of representatives in each school and ensure that the University is hearing students loud and clear! You will only be eligable to vote in one Faculty Convenor election.

NUS Conference NUS Conference is the highest decision-making body of the National Union of Students, of which the Union of UEA Students is a member. Every year the UEA Union sends eight delegates to Conference in Blackpool to help decide National Policy and elect the National Executive Committee - the officers who represent all students in the UK. NUS has a lot of power to change things on a national level.

How to vote

voting tactics

Voting will take place on Friday, 6th, Monday 3rd and Tuesday 4th of March. On Friday 6th, the ballot box will be at the Edith Cavell building by the hospital and will be open from 9am to 5pm. On Monday 3rd it will be in Union House in the Hive cafe, which faces the Square and the Library on the main campus, and will be open from 9am to 9pm. On Tuesday 4th, it will also be in the Hive, but open from 9am to 5.30pm.

Voting in Union Elections is done according to the Single Transferable Vote (STV) system, full details of which can be found in the Elections minisite on

All UEA Students are automatically members of the Union and can therefore vote in all Union elections simply by coming to Union House or the Edith Cavell Building with your campus card at the times specified. If you are not here on the voting days you can still vote! If you’re not going to be on campus on the voting days, email for an electronic ballot paper. You will need to include your full name, registration number, school and year, and email from your “@uea.” email address, as well as the reason why you’re not able to vote in person (eg, you’re on placement etc). Once you’ve made your choices, you will need to email the ballot paper back to us and, provided you haven’t already voted in person, you will have your vote added. The deadline to apply for electronic ballots is 9am on Monday the 9th March. You must return the ballot paper from your “@uea email address by 9am on Tuesday 10th March.

STV allows you to vote preferentially in each election, so instead of marking your preferred candidate with an ‘X’ you rank the candidates 1,2,3,4 in your order of preference. Marking a rival candidate ‘2’ will not harm your first choice candidate’s chances as the only time the second preference vote is taken into account is when your first candidate can no longer win.

Question time

The Campaign

Every year all the candidates in all the elections come together in the LCR to make speeches, answer questions and try to persuade you to vote for them.

Aside from Question Time, your best chance to sus out the candidates and decide who you’re going to vote for comes during the campaigning period, when all the candidates will be dragging themselves round UEA trying to persuade as many students as possible to vote for them.

Question Time is sometimes known as ‘Hustings’. It’s a once-in-a-campaign chance to see all the candidates together, to cheer on those who you’ll be supporting and ask tough questions of the people who want to represent you next year. It’s free to get in and anyone who wants to ask a question can. It’s also one of the noisiest and most informative parts of the campaign, with all the candidates vying to get the best soundbite in.

Talking to candidates makes it easier for you to choose who to vote for and ensures that any complaints/ideas/ thoughts you have will be taken up by them if they get elected. Remember that the candidates will be spending up to 6 hours a day campaigning and they are likely to be very grateful for a cup of tea/pint of lager/piece of cake/sensuous massage on their way round. Treat them well ... they’ll be representing you next year.

academic officer

the job Represent the academic needs of all students Have overall responsibility for all academic casework Be responsible for academic representation throughout the University Co-ordinate the work of school representatives Co-ordinate the Union’s academic services Liaise with the Graduate Students Association and their academic representatives Co-ordinate the training of Union, School of Study and Union Council representatives Have overall responsibility for the NSLP training scheme and the development of opportunities for members to gain transferable skills Consult with and support the work of the Faculty Convenors. Meet with the Faculty Convenors at least once a month in University term-time, reporting the minutes of these minutes to Union Council.

the candidates RICHARD REYNOLDS (Fight Fees!) SAM ELIOTT DAVID SHEPPARD (Reelect Shep!) RON “Re-Open Nominations” (RON) is a candidate in all Union elections. If you think none of the candidates deserves your vote, you can vote RON to have the election re-run at a later date. Remember to vote preferentially 1, 2, 3, 4 etc. This cannot harm your first candidate’s chances.

In 2009/10 the goverment is going to try to end the cap on fees...

Fight Fees!

What I’ve already done:

Vote Richard Reynolds

* I wrote our radical “free education for all” policy, got it through Union Council and have sent it to the National Union of Students Annual Conference. * I’ve already taken our Unions’ policies to the highest authorities, winning support from the governments’ Minister for Higher Education and the Liberal Democrats. * Became heavily involved in the anonymous marking negotiations last year as News Editor of Concrete ensuring that years of stu-

What is to be done:

Represent Us: Do you know your school board rep? I will hold open meetings in the Hive & Bar ensuring that you can tell me and the Faculty Conveners what you think. I will also ensure that school board reps send out regular email updates. Make Anonymous Marking Work For Everyone: Anonymous marking is the democratic policy of this union, and one I have fully supported. However, the problems it can raise for international students and those with learning disabilities are unacceptable, and we will have to work with lecturers to sort these out. End Deadline Chaos: Deadlines are a problem for all of us (even manifestos have them). I will seek to create a system where seminar groups and lecturers collectively negotiate their own deadlines. Save Our Common Rooms: Space is under pressure across the University – and not just from student occupations! Most common rooms have already been lost with DEV being the

dent campaigning on the issue was realised. * Founder of SAFAF, the student wing of a national campaign for academic freedom, debated with the head of the NUS in London, again defending the position of UEA students.

* Represented students as a member of the highest academic committee of the University (the LTC), as Social Sciences Faculty Convenor, Economics council rep (3 years) and a member of the PSI SSLC. And occasionally a PPE student. latest under threat. I will work with schools to ensure that social and work space is avalible both during and after normal working hours. Work With Our Lecturers, Not Against Them: To often the Union has seem lecturers as the enemy. We should work with lecturers to bring pressure on the University. Transparent Exam Feedback: We should all be able to see our marked exam scripts, in order to learn and improve for next time.

Fighting Fees is important every year but this year the government is reviewing the whole system - looking to increase or even lose the cap on fees altogether. We must stop this! We probably wont end fees altogether but we should fight for it to shift the debate back on to our terms! As Academic Officer I will be a trustee of the Union and a Director of its companies. Because of this I promise to follow the following guiding principles: 1. A sustainable union, financially and environmentally, they go hand in hand. 2. Cheap drinks are a good thing! Some people argue we need discouraging. I say leave it to us to decide what we drink! 3. Clubs and Socs should, within reason, get what they need with the minimum of hassle.

Electronic Timetables For All: Some schools and faculties have already introduced this. I want to see it rolled out across the university and timetables available earlier. Improved Library Facilities: More core texts in the short term loan section and targeted fines on high demand books. With no fines on a book that is not in demand at all. Fines should be used to get back needed books not just as a money making scheme. And of course! FREE EDUCATION FOR ALL

Fight Fees! Vote Richard Reynolds

UEA students are unhappy with the feedback on their work. I will highlight good and bad practice and fight for feedback on exams.

I’m Hungry for Feedback

This year, I’ve worked hard to support students in the Faculty of Health. Their experiences are radically different, and they will remain a priority if I am reelected.

Winning for Health Students

A strong network of School reps ensures that the University is listening to us. I want reps to be given financial support so they can afford to work for you.

We need a Union whose policy is set by the many, not the few. I will make sure that our priorities are truly student-led.

Building a Better Union


We need to scare national politicians by voting in our thousands, only then will they listen. I will make sure that all candidates in Norwich are listening to you.

The General Election

Access to Higher Education should be based on ability, not on the ability to pay. I will maintain the fight for a free, fair and funded higher education system.

Fee Fighters

We have neglected the opinions of whole groups of students for far too long. I will ensure that masters students, mature students, local students and working students cannot be ignored.

Support for the forgotten thousands

“Let me finish the job I’ve started.”


Fri 6th: Edith Cavell Building Mon 9th & Tues 10th: The Hive

Re-elect Shep for Academic


 Earlier timetables and placement information  A yearlong fight against fees  Get Involved in your Union  Stood up for working students  Improved support for School reps  Brand new Masters students group  Reformed election rules to increase turnout

I hope you’ll re-elect me for one more year and let me finish the job I've started...”

“I’m Shep and I'm currently Academic Officer for the Union. I’ve spent the last year lobbying and campaigning for you.

About me

Re-elect David Sheppard [1] for Academic Officer

comms officer

the job Be responsible for the organisation and publicity of Union elections, including those for the Union Council, general meetings and policy ballots Be responsible for the production of each issue of the weekly Union newsletter Have overall responsibility for internal and external Union communications including those with external and student run media Have overall responsibility for the administration of Union policy Have overall responsibility for ensuring compliance with the Union’s Constitution Co-ordinate the Executive and be responsible for producing the Executive Report for Union Council Be responsible for Union House publicity including notice boards Work to improve the relationship between the Union and its members with the local community Liaise with the National Union of Students


the candidates BECCY BOWNAS JIMMY DONCASTER NATASHA BARNES MATTHEW DAVISON ROB MORBIN RON “Re-Open Nominations” (RON) is a candidate in all Union elections. If you think none of the candidates deserves your vote, you can vote RON to have the election re-run at a later date. Remember to vote preferentially 1, 2, 3, 4 etc. This cannot harm your first candidate’s chances.

Natasha Barnes for Communications Committed

I’ve been your Environment Officer for the past year and in that time I’ve become passionate about how the Union can work to deliver for students.


Being involved in a range of campaigns I’ve experienced what it’s like to be part of the collective student voice. I want to work to introduce a similarly inspiring experience to other students.


I’m a third year LIT student, and I’ve also been involved in Concrete, holding a section editor position for two years.

visible and approachable

A communications officer should communicate with everyone. I think an increased presence outside of Union House would be a great start.

go green

I truly believe that sustainability should be a major aim for any institution. I will fight to make the Go Green campaign a priority and investigate and support the hiring of a member of staff to deal with sustainability issues.

keeping up with the times The website is terrible, and we’re still relying on a paper-based newsletter to relay information about the Union. I will work to improve the Union’s online communications with a more user-friendly website and electronic newsletter to ensure that all information is clear and accessible.

ffiight on fees This is a campaign we cannot give up on and this year will be a crucial one in the fight against raising the cap on tuition fees. I will make sure that UEA students’ voices are heard in a vocal and active campaign, put pressure on local MPs, and work with trade unions and the media to guarantee success.

students in the community The Union can achieve some great things and I think its relationship with both the University and local community really needs to improve. I will work to raise the profile of students in the eyes of both the University and local residents to stop unfair criticism and blame.

a union that listens and acts There is a growing feeling that the Union doesn’t properly represent diverse student opinion, and that certain groups of students aren’t being heard. I will explore how the current democratic structures are working for all students to provide a stronger and more representative collective voice.

Questions, thoughts or suggestions? or f ind me on facebook


I want to make sure that all clubs and societies I will help students with their national can publicise their events and campaigns campaigns so that they are as successful as effectively for maximum impact. possible. However I don’t have any national The Blue and Red Bars need a make over. campaigns of my own which means I can Instead of spending £30,000 on a new office for concentrate on publicising the local issues that the Exec I would spend it on improving both students have such as First Buses and Graduate in the Cathedral. bars. Local Residents are wrong about us!!

Have your SHOUT@ and let me hear your views

Cheap Beer !!

Hi I’m Matthew and I‘m a third year law student here at UEA. I have been involved in the Union throughout my time at UEA. I really believe that as Comms Officer I can make this Union work better and harder for its Students. Here are my ideas on how…

community. I want to see more gigs run by students on campus, as well as more publicity for those off Students achieve so much here at UEA, especially campus. There should be more choice. our sports teams. I want the local press to acknowledge this more, which could also bring in I want more money to go to our media societies more sponsorship. so that your voice can be heard on campus.

On Campus In The Community I want to reduce beer prices. I will do this by Students from UEA are always being blamed by saving money in other areas such as moving local residents for problems that we don’t Rabbit to an e-zine format, which is cheaper and actually cause. I want to stand up for students greener! and show the benefits they bring to the local

Vote Matthew Davison #1 for Communications Officer

When it comes to changes and projects at UEA, students are left in the dark. We are not readily made aware of what the union controls (as opposed to the university). So, I will work closely with clubs, socs and schools to get everyone voicing their opinion. Summaries of council meetings will be posted online. Expect frequent and detailed information via emails, posters, and Rabbit. If something’s going down, everyone will be in the know. It’s about superb Communication!

Filling You In:

The revamp is imminent and it’s essential we know what YOU want for it to happen. I will make it easy to communicate ideas so our LCR becomes a better club and gig venue. Beyond the visual, my priorities are energy efficiency, high quality lighting equipment for both gigs and club nights, removable seating and a proper smoking shelter. We may be able to have it open later too. I really want to hear ideas from as many people as possible.

E.g. LCR That YOU Want:

For more info, contact:

When the site is relaunched, I plan for an interactive version of the wallplanners. It shall be kept up to date with useful links to events. Prepare to upload video, pictures and anything interesting UEA related.

Achieved Through An Effective Website:

I will meet with managers to discuss student fares and a higher frequency service at peak times (day and night).

I will strive for greater national media coverage. Our university is one of the finest in the country but is relatively unknown. The great things we’re doing in Norwich will be acknowledged…

In my two and half years as a Literature and Philosophy student I’ve been involved in all areas of UEA life. I have been an active member of the Concrete Editorial team and participated in CU Football, futsal, Livewire, PhilSoc and worked for the Union. I feel I am equipped to listen to students whatever their issue may be and have the umph to make things happen.

About Me:

Pressuring local MPs for support.

Stop Tuition Fees Skyrocketing:

First Bus Service:

UEA Reputation:

For Communications Officer 2009 - 2010


the job Liaise with the University over internal environmental matters Provide a link between relevant societies and the Executive Improve awareness of environmental issues and be responsible for relevant campaigns Work on improving internal recycling facilities

environment officer the candidates RACHEL LEUCK (“Use the Force!) JOE McCROHON LEEJIAH DORWARD RON “Re-Open Nominations” (RON) is a candidate in all Union elections. If you think none of the candidates deserves your vote, you can vote RON to have the election re-run at a later date. Remember to vote preferentially 1, 2, 3, 4 etc. This cannot harm your first candidate’s chances.

RACHEL LEUCK “Use the Force!” Environment Officer 2009 - 2010 “The activist is not the man who says the river is dirty. The activist is the man who cleans up the river.” – Ross Perot Like Luke in “Star Wars,” I, too, can use the “Force”… to make an environmental difference at UEA!!! I am  passionate about the environment, hard‐working, and I NEVER give up. I have been involved with many green  organizations, and I have loads of leadership experience. Plus, I always have a smile on my face! ☺ As Yoda  would say, “Vote for Rachel Leuck, you will!”  I am an activist – when I see a problem, I “use the Force” to find a solution. I am Focused, Open‐minded,  Reliable, Committed, and Energetic. That’s the “Force”!   I have been actively involved with Greenpeace, World Wildlife Foundation, Sierra Club, and Green Team; I also  have experience in student government at high school and university levels. As a 1st Year DEV student, I want  to make a difference at UEA, and if elected, I will work diligently on the following environmental issues: 

Reduce, Re‐use, Recycle: Recycling services can always be improved, and more recycling  services are needed in Union House…  Sustainable Support: UEA has the potential to be very eco‐friendly. This means more  student involvement with Student Switch‐Off, Green Wing, and UEA’s Go Green  Campaign; a supportive environmental staff member in the Union Council; a  Sustainable Estates division, and much more…  Environmental Extras: Biodegradable cups in the Hive; possible banning of bottled  water; UEA’s carbon footprint analysis; green transport; 1st  possible compost site(s), ect…  

Any comments, questions, or suggestions?! Email me at:

Joe McCrohon’s manifesto  Climate change is the most serious threat facing humanity today. Already people are dying from the  effects of climate change and in increasing numbers. According to climate scientists we have less  than 10 years to prevent devastating climate change. Previous environmental officers have been  good at their jobs but not enough has been done. It is obvious that more action needs to be taken.  So apart from carrying on with the good things that the union is already doing to fight climate  change I will.  Encourage the union to create a maximum alcohol price at the Union pub‐ This will reduce  carbon emissions from people going into Norwich to drink there.  Encourage alternatives to flights, particularly short‐haul flights.  Increase the amount of vegetarian and vegan food in the hive.  Support all the environmental societies.   Push for more vegan food in zest.   Inform students of environmental groups and campaigns on and off campus.  Encourage more environmental guest speakers to speak at the uni.  Inform and encourage people to learn about permaculture and take action to reduce their  dependence on oil.  Encourage recycling.  Push for at least one full time environment manager.   

Hello, I am a second year environmental science student who would love your vote to be your environment officer. In my time at UEA I have gained a lot of experience in the union; I am heavily involved in Green Wing and the Go Green campaign, I have sat on Union Council, I have been on PhotoSoc and EnvSoc committees and I am President and a founding member of VegSoc. I believe our union and university do a great job in many ways, but there is plenty of room for improvement.

Let’s Move Forward with Dorward

Go Green I will prioritise the Go Green campaign to make UEA and the Union as sustainable as possible and to empower sudents to make a green difference on campus. As part of this I will push for a part time member of staff in the Union to make savings in our £100,000+ utilities bill. Societies Our union has a really strong base of environmentally minded students. I will make sure that all the ‘Green’ societies have the support they need to run their own campaigns, activities and events. Better Transport The current state of transport available to UEA students is a shambles, I will support the campaign for better bus routes and services. Keep the Cap and Abolish Student Fees In such economically uncertain times there is increasing importance in keeping education based on ABILITY not AFFORDABILITY. Better representation There is often a lack of communication between students, the union and the university. I will fight for a more representative Union which gives a voice to all students and for better communication between the union and university. For more information please check out the facebook group or contact me on

the job Liaise with the University over matters affecting international students Provide a link between international students and the Executive Liaise with other organisations in the University or City of Norwich offering services to international students Improve awareness of issues affecting international students and be responsible for relevant campaigns

EQUAL OPPORTUNIES OFFICER the candidates UGO ONYKA EMAD ABO-HOUSSIN SITARA AMIN-TILLY RON “Re-Open Nominations” (RON) is a candidate in all Union elections. If you think none of the candidates deserves your vote, you can vote RON to have the election re-run at a later date. Remember to vote preferentially 1, 2, 3, 4 etc. This cannot harm your first candidate’s chances.

Emad Abo_houssin for Equal Opportunities Dear all, My name is Emad Abo_houssin, a first year Law and I`m an Egyptian national. As a former Student Union member (in Egypt), I`m aware of it`s policies. I believe I have the ability to make an Improvement for the benefit of you.

If elected as an Equal Opportunities I shall strive to:

. Arrange a monthly meeting with you listen to your opinions about every thing at UEA and make sure that your voices are deliverd.

. Arrange at least one trip each semester to go some where in UK where you choose.

. Respond to all your E-mails and make sure that you are satisfied with my response.

. Keep you updated on the news in the Union and the University, And on how you can get involved by sending a regular E-mails.

. keep you updated on all the scholarships, hardship funds, and access to Learning allowance which the University provides each year. And much more………….Just vote……


Vote Sitara for Equal  Opportunities!!

I am in HIS 2 and am a member of a variety of  societies  from  Stop  the  War  to  Circus,  including  a  society  treasurer.  I  have  been  sitting  on  council  for  the  last  year  and  I  am  the  current  Black  and  Ethnic  Minorities  Campaign  Convenor.  I  am  also  on  the  NUS  Black  Students  Committee.  I  have  been  to  NUS  regional  conferences  and  Black  students  conferences!  I  have  also  helped  organise  events such as those held in October for Black  History  Month  and  the  NUS’  first  Black  LGBT  day. 


All students deserve the chance to study here at UEA without fear of discrimination. I 

will work with students, staff, societies and peer support groups to ensure that we can    work together to make your experience here the best it can be!     

If elected I will:               

Fight bullying by organising an anti‐bullying campaign!    Work with societies, the exec and campaign convenors to continue the  organisation and participation of events such as Black History Month,  International women’s day etc.      Meet with convenors and students regularly so you can tell me what    you want me to do!    Work with the university ensuring that our demands our met on issues  such as safety, or support for all students! 

If you would like any information on me or my policies, please don’t hesitate  to contact me on s.amin‐ 

ETHICS officer

the job Liaise with the University over internal ethical matters Provide a link between relevant societies and the Executive

the candidates

Improve awareness of ethical issues and be responsible for relevant campaigns


Work on maintaining and enhancing the ethical status of the Union and the University.

RON “Re-Open Nominations” (RON) is a candidate in all Union elections. If you think none of the candidates deserves your vote, you can vote RON to have the election re-run at a later date. Remember to vote preferentially 1, 2, 3, 4 etc. This cannot harm your first candidate’s chances.

Sarah Waterfield for Ethical Issues Officer [1]

Hey, I’m a first year ENV student with a passion for equality.

I am dedicated and believe in balance and compassion   in all.  For the last 3 years I have been actively involved  with People and Planet and have run successful events   and campaigns, with a diverse group of people, on a  wide range of issues from Fair trade to majority world  debt.  As Ethical Issues Officer I will:‐ *Extend Ethical Labelling within Union outlets and support  a nation wide scheme *Pursue Ethical investment within the Union. *Deepen knowledge and use of ethical ideas within all  sectors. As a member of Exec I will:‐ *Promote sustainability initiatives. *Seek to make all information easily accessible from both  the University and the Union. *Continue the Drop the Debt  campaign to keep the cap and drop student debt.

Feel free to contact me:

Thomas Jackson I am running for the position of ethical issues officer because I have seen people using the position as a soapbox to air their own ethical views, forcing action on students who don’t necessarily agree with it and then rubberstamping their decisions through a pseudodemocratic process.


Nestle The union has been boycotting Nestle products for some time, yet few people I know support this policy or even know why there is a boycott - despite the fact that the boycott was decided by a student referendum. Previous ethical issues officers have decided to support the boycott on their own views and then led the ‘YES’ campaign. This is not democratic as there is no opposition and these votes are not representative of UEA students. It is a mere rubberstamping of the officers' own

Other Ethical Issues I agree with Fairtrade’s goals but am also aware of its problems - for example, little of the mark-up reaches the farmers but is instead spent on things like marketing for the Fairtrade organisation. Union support of Fairtrade must be reviewed regularly without personal preconceptions. I will work with the relevant societies to spread awareness and manage campaigns. I will liaise with the university over internal ethical matters.

ETHICAL ISSUES OFFICER My belief is that when it comes down to matters which directly affect UEA students and require a referendum, Ethical Issues Officers must put aside their own views and make the case for both sides, before letting the students decide in a ballot - as is their right. As a member of the union Executive Committee I will be a voice of common sense and will speak out in favour of my both own ideas and those put to me. Examples of plans I will support: increasing the range of spirits at union bars; lobbying the university to increase its outreach programme and seeking more external sponsorship of the university, the union, their students and their services.

Vote Thomas Jackson for Ethical Issues Officer on 9th and 10th March in the Hive Contact me with any questions or suggestions at

finance officer

the job Have overall responsibility for the administration of Union finances Be responsible for the overall allocation of the Union’s resources Be responsible for recommending the allocation of the resources available, on a fair and equable basis, between the Union’s clubs and societies Be responsible for ensuring that the Union operates within appropriate ethical and environmental standards Act as the representative of the Executive in its relationship with the Union Staff Work with NUS Services Limited to further the Union’s commercial interests Co-ordinate the development of the Union’s commercial and noncommercial services Have overall responsibility for the running of Union House Co-ordinate the training programme for officers of the Union’s clubs and societies and peer support groups Co-ordinate the provision of information to officers of clubs and societies in order to support them in their role.

the candidates PAUL WELLS CHRIS JOYCE OBID ALI MARTIN JOPP STEVE FANNER RON “Re-Open Nominations” (RON) is a candidate in all Union elections. If you think none of the candidates deserves your vote, you can vote RON to have the election re-run at a later date. Remember to vote preferentially 1, 2, 3, 4 etc. This cannot harm your first candidate’s chances.

PAUL WELLS FOR FINANCE My Experience: The current Societies Officer: Ran the biggest Soc-mart in memory Helped over 15 societies form or re-form Committee member of 7 Societies I have been involved in all types of Student Media I have been a Union Councillor for 2 years.

UNION SUSTAINABILITY Not only is reducing Carbon emissions important in the fight against climate change it also saves us money, that can be used to reduce our dependence on the bars for the cash that funds clubs, societies and campaigns. I will invest in reducing Carbon emissions, as well as cutting costs, and will aim to recruit a specialist member of staff who will work towards making UUEAS the greenest Student Union in the country.

IMPROVED UNION ENTERTAINMENT It is time we stopped treating entertainments as just a cash cow but instead a vital part of the student experience. I want to introduce a Union Beer Summer Festival by the lake and attempt to achieve cheaper bar prices for you by looking for company sponsorship of LCR events such as the Malibu Beach Party. We need more student led entertainment rather than just playing the same CDs in the LCR

A UNION SPONSERED TASTER WEEK FOR SPORTS Many students are wary of spending large amount of money to join sports clubs which they have little experience of. By sponsoring the first week as a taster week, where we pay the insurance, you will be able to experience these sports first hand without having to part with your own money!

INTRODUCE A UNION LOTTERY A voluntary lottery, to support student led projects. Empowering you to directly get involved with how the Union spends its money. Of course it will also offer the chance for you to win cash prizes.

OTHER IDEAS Double campaigns budget Negotiate a Union section in Concrete Work towards establishing a sports Blues award system Explore ways of increasing use of Student media More funding for Clubs and Socs.

THE UFO It’s terrible that the UFO is less popular than Tesco. I will set up an email system, notifying you of the fantastic new deals we will offer. I will aim to offer a wider choice of unusual foreign drinks and will attempt to set up a loyalty system to reward you for your support.

To see the full range of policies I will offer check out my Facebook Group: “Paul Wells for Finance Officer” Or contact me directly…

CHRIS JOYCE for FINANCE Hi Folks! My name is Chris Joyce – 3rd year PSI. My vision for the Union is to deliver a service that represents all students and helps them to enjoy the best years of their lives! UEA is wonderful, and it should be made more so!




Finance office suggestion box in the hive (banter will be tolerated…). An Open Forum once a term for anyone to discuss policy decision Publish budget online/ forward it to anyone who wishes to see

Increase provision and awareness of student rights eg. Free financial advice I will be about for anyone to talk to/express concerns


Significantly Discounted Student Nights – Real Student Prices


Look to Bring Back Bar FTSE


More entertainment provided in the hive/barPolicies - in association with socs eg. Nexus, Music, Comedy Nights. (thus providing entertainment as well as a platform for students to show off their talents.)


Cheaper Basic Goods at the UFO (especially for those hard last few weeks of term!)


Fairer funding for the Union from the University Fairer pricing for Sports Insurance


A Full Freshers Week!


Graduation away from the C. Hall


Further expansion of the Union’s Green credentials


The return of the 2nd hand bookshop (pressure for a return of our student discount at Waterstones!!!)

Please feel free to email or Facebook me if you have any queries/questions or suggestions -

If I am elected I will stand for just one term to give others the chance of gaining this experience.

Martin Jopp

for finance what I stand for... • A SUSTAINABLE UNION

Our Union should be financially and environmentally sustainable. I’ve worked hard this year to save Union money through energy saving projects, and will continue to do so.


There’s literally no point in the Union existing if it isn’t improving the lives of students with our campaigns. This year I’ve put our money where our mouth is, and we need to keep this going.


Clubs and societies are a central part of students’ lives. This year more money has been assigned than was spent the year before - it must continue.

my policies... This year I doubled the budget for Union campaigns, and as a result it’s been a really vibrant year. Next year I’ll up the budget by another £4,000.

A freeze on bar prices. We need a strong campaign to get the University to give us a fair grant so we don’t have to keep putting our prices up.

After successfully getting a 5% carbon reduction this year, and saving around £3,000 in the process, I’m pledging another 5% cut in our carbon emissions. I’ll investigate getting a part-time employee to help us to manage our environmental impact.

Following the success of the SportsNight I promised last year, I want to make sure it grows and grows. Clubs deserve a good night after competing. When clubs spend money in our bars, it means we have more money for everything else we want to do. Everyone’s a winner!

Ethical labelling will be automated in all of our shops and extended to the bar. It’s such a popular way of empowering students to make ethical choices and it should be made permanent.

Our entertainment programme is the pride of East Anglia. I’ll give staff the support they need to keep that going, and work to try to diversify our ents programme so that it appeals to everyone.

To get my manifesto in a different format, or if you have any questions, email

a year of achievement Last year I came to you asking for your vote, promising action against climate change and promising a strong Union, with healthy finances, fighting your corner. I promised a bigger campaigns budget and better accountability so that you could e know where anc n fi your money fort me... u abo is spent.

pp o J tin r a M

It’s been a fantastic year, full of good work.

f ir o Cha rer. I’m su here. y trea s. years a societ month y3 15 in m r and I’m ee for n nio R ba Trust at U eU life f th in the LC a Union my mpa ts o s ca rt of spec work nd wa y pa ed in ser all a itor, ca an ke g involv e these nce lved in crete ed the Exe een d n n vo erie It’s b d getti to provi . Exp been in cil, a Co ected to n io an is e Un eties ntinues I’ve n Coun been el job in th soci co rk the Unio twice lved joining Union do By wo ve t invo e e. I ha us ry to men etting LCR to at th th e essa becom camp mit g Com loved ing at th ng sure t nec could across ieve en ch ve ki n m s a lis a it io I h socia to ma mm our Un paigner eans to d co m o m te m t d fr it n em an r wha nd ca mm d th viro a nce I co erie vision fo dents, oals an t En omm n exp g si ren Visio ng the citing ety Pre alistic dc Cur ex re e an meo Havi out an nd Soci with lik, enc so to Ma peri e him to p h with Club a anifes x a e n y ’s d t’s with her a m ma abilit vis San rtin wha It “Ma n has r. His ental w toget in kno ney. Unio is yea vironm reat F to r mo th g rve ou on his en im a the dese ith y t! h on nks and make You on w secre gets Tha th g ud ill r, be a w ce s goin ldn’t t all b ha of Offi cing u r iven sho ill pu ber t du is g s ove num A, I wan e. re % this st I w bsite. nion 6 ing UE on e U sing co we ir row ts at very y spend ri t th a fa a g uden for e ersif gran with I wilr ith onal st ething div iate sity. The pt up rs. t W o d a r g ti e e ke ou ye an e. rna e som not past 5 t to n e Univ is bus inteere to b xpand ramm 5% of th al the l figh m th pusnt. th ill e prog rk m ic il o a ro th w I w nt f e c terfro oney, I wr ents ard cing e re h f m t e u a u gra n a n o th trod e to r rial the W e Unio differe ort in t p m p l . e th a I su Exec in e UFO sch to ou I wilvice tol make g up this d in in th ar’s ser This wil openin. from , ye elling xtend ts an lso htlife eal ip lab ill e ea duc er d ersh whil ent nig I w er proops. bett emb y in e a on M ’ mone th r sh stud o rv s dese ciati ents the We Asso stud clubts. o ing h rts rts Spo e keep spo R nig . whil Union give to LC r ffice our will entry ce O ho I2




p my

We’ve won more funding from the university, emitted less carbon and run more campaigns than anyone expected.


n r PS ew ina ape ms, at F meon in the gre illia so e W make a s. He’s level money. olin ld cietie every ciety u ds.” o Car at han in w d so er so


is rt n ft ed “Ma lubs a involv ked a es in h o c c for been has lo finan has n and Union’s Unio st the I tru

Give me another year and I’ll deliver another manifesto covered in ticks!


the job Assist the Communications Officer with the publicity for elections, general meetings and policy ballots Provide guidance for clubs and societies to assist them to produce their own publicity Assist the Communications Officer with Union House publicity including notice boards

the candidates FELICITY ALLMAN (Felicity for Publicity) STUART TAYLOR ANDREW TAYLOR (Competent social, environmental and financial sustainability) RON “Re-Open Nominations” (RON) is a candidate in all Union elections. If you think none of the candidates deserves your vote, you can vote RON to have the election re-run at a later date. Remember to vote preferentially 1, 2, 3, 4 etc. This cannot harm your first candidate’s chances.

“The future’s bright; the future’s felicitous!”


Vote Felicity for [1]


Hi, I’m Felicity Allman and I’m currently a 2nd year LIT student. I love my subject and I also enjoy surfing, travelling and trying new things. I’ve spent enough nights listening to people complain about our Union, and now I want to make some changes!

& Our Union, our views

– Every one of us has a view: the Union

pubs are full of them! But change doesn’t happen in the pub. With suggestions boxes in the red and blue bars, I want to ensure your issues see the light of day. We need to see problems dealt with and changes happen. I will always be available to hear your opinions. I will get our voices heard!

& Turning words into actions –

It doesn’t end there. I will make sure the students who make up our Executive hear these views and report back with what they’re going to do. Through an eco-friendly e-Bunny update, I will give you the information you need to monitor your changes. Changes to your Union will be under your control.

& Sharing our passions – Our societies want to entertain and inform us; our sports clubs want to thrill us and get us active. I want to ensure that no society or club event goes unnoticed. Societies and clubs rely on participation, especially with the minimum requirement for sports clubs rising to 30 members. The University wants us to ‘do different’ – if elected, I can give you the opportunity.

“Competent, committed and creative, I know Felicity would make a great Publicity Officer. She’s got my vote!” -James Mylott, current Publicity


There are already a number of campaigns the Union are running, including Congregation Graduation, Broke & Broken, First Buses and Student Parking. I will continue to publicise these campaigns alongside any new campaigns introduced in the coming academic year.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me: or 077 6393 7888

If elected as Publicity Officer, I pledge to continue the good work already done in the campaign to move the Graduation Ceremony from Congregation Hall, to a more suitable location. I understand that the Graduation Ceremony is such an important part of the University experience, and would look forward to

I am a first year student here at UEA, studying American History with Politics. As a passionate student of the university, I want to help others get involved with the running of the Union so that everyone can make the best of their time here. Only with sufficient publicity of events and campaigns will all students be able to get involved, which is why I am running for the position of Publicity Officer this year.


Stuart Taylor

To achieve these aims, I intend to work closely with the Communications Officer, both in the lobbying stage and then during the actual campaign. If elected, I believe that I can bring positive change to UEA, by listening to what the students want and then by campaigning to make it happen.

One of my main aims as Publicity Officer would be to re-open the debate about free trade at UEA, and particularly the boycott of Nestle products. I believe that all students should be free to choose whether they want to purchase these products, or individually boycott them. To do this I intend to provide the information needed to form an opinion on the subject, so that a proper referendum can be campaigned for and held.

Free Trade

working with the students towards achieving this goal.

Graduation Ceremony

About Me


Andrew Taylor Publicity Officer [1]

In my role as Publicity Officer • Higher profile for campaigns - Free education picture/graffiti ‘Deal or no deal’ on the side of union house, large A0 campaign posters, poster boards in schools. • Use new forms of media more effectively – Facebook application for clubs and societies (in consultation through Sports Council and Societies), film and animation on website. • Get students involved – I don’t think officers should control campaigns, I will give students opportunities to develop posters and other publicity. • Students should be involved the Union web site – I will survey students and ask them for ideas. • Transparency - summary of Union decisions made available to students. • Ethical Labelling – develop labelling for the bar so students who want to compare companies. As a Trustee of the Union . • Campaign for a free education, better bus routes to campus, fair treatment for students who have to park and for a better venue for student graduation. • Make sure services for students are not over priced. • Develop new ways for students to get involved in the Union. • Work with the local community to have a festival on Earlham park before students go back in the summer. • Work to give Students a better deal on Housing. • Listen to Students and try to make the changes you want

-Study MRes Env Social Science part-time. -Campaign Activist -Organise and promote Lost Friday. -Previous Finance officer -Believe the Union should involve Students more in decisions. -I understand how to change things in the Union. -Developed ethical labelling in UFO. -Sat on Fairtrade steering group to help UEA get Fairtrade status.

‘ The Union does some things really well and a lot of people enjoy what it has to offer, but a lot of students don’t. I Want a union that offers something for every student and lets them know about it through good publicity ‘ Sustainability should remain at the core of the Unions activities: socially, environmentally and financially. I will work to: • Environmental - Make all paper used in Union publications recycled. • Financial / Environmental - Hire a part-time member energy manager in the Students Union, to reduce our £100,000+ utility costs. • Social - Continue to Diversify Union entertainments, they should not be just about profit all the time, and students should have more of a say about what is on. Sorry I haven’t been outside to hustle you to vote for me and give you free stuff, I have to work on Monday and Tuesdays to live.. I’m sure you don’t mind really.

societies OFFICER

the job Provide a link between the Union’s societies and the Executive Liaise with the University on matters affecting the operation of societies Advise and assist Union members wishing to establish new societies Assist officers of societies to carry out their duties

the candidates JACK KIFFIN RON

Assist the Finance Officer with the training of society officers

“Re-Open Nominations” (RON) is a candidate in all Union elections.

Arrange and set up Soc. Mart and Soc. Mart 2

If you think none of the candidates deserves your vote, you can vote RON to have the election re-run at a later date. Remember to vote preferentially 1, 2, 3, 4 etc. This cannot harm your first candidate’s chances.

Fight to make Societies better…

Vote Jack Kiffin For Societies Who am I … I’m a 2nd year politics and philosophy student, involved in numerous societies and holding various committee positions. I’m also a union councillor, sitting as Deputy Chair of Council.

Natalie Hodgson, Presidient of Live Music Soc. “Jack has a great outlook on life, despite terrible taste in music. He gets my vote…”

Jonathon Clark, Chair of UEA Labour Soc “On campaigning issues Jack will be fantastic, he’s incredibly committed and a diamond geezer”

What will I do ? Use our skills: Societies are great Forums for opinions, and contain a lot of skills and knowledge. I want to help our music societies liven up the LCR, get our political societies to help run our campaigns and see our many subject societies input their knowledge into everything we do. Even down to cocktail soc or real ale changing the drinks menu, there’s a huge potential.

Come together: The union is about coming together. Societies can do more if they share their ideas and their resources. I want to see Societies council flourish as a meeting point for different groups, and a source of advice, so we can all enjoy even better and bigger events.

In the beginning: Soc-Mart is the curtain raiser on the year. This year’s soc-mart was a great success, but we have to sort out the problems with student I.D. numbers. Societies need to work on attracting members, not on working out which I.D number to take. We need a simple well advertised system that works for everyone Doing the Basics: Fundamentally Societies need to know how to book venues and navigate Socweb. Knowing myself how difficult it can be to find this out, I will make sure I’m available to deal with any problems.

Elliot Cotterell, Founding Member of Bio Soc “This union is bigger than just arts and humanities students. Jack’s aim of re-enfranchising science and allied health students is something I fully support.”

Rachel Price, Concrete Joint News Editor “Jacks been really reliable for Concrete, and is also a really lovely man.”

sports OFFICER

the job Provide a link between the Union’s sports clubs and the Executive Liaise with the University on matters affecting the operation of sports clubs Advise and assist Union members wishing to establish new clubs Assist officers of clubs to carry out their duties Assist the Finance Officer with the training of club officers Arrange and set up Sports Mart and Sports Mart 2

the candidates ANNA THOMLINSON RON “Re-Open Nominations” (RON) is a candidate in all Union elections. If you think none of the candidates deserves your vote, you can vote RON to have the election re-run at a later date. Remember to vote preferentially 1, 2, 3, 4 etc. This cannot harm your first candidate’s chances.

2nd year Culture, Politics and Literature student. Active member of several society committees, a member of the UEA karate team and has been involved with many groups to help create change at UEA. I have, in the past, spoken out in council about issues relating to sports clubs but for the past year there has not been an official voice through which students could express their views and ambitions for the sports clubs represented in the union. Therefore, anything that you feel has not been achieved over the past year due to not having a Sports Officer: I want to hear your view and ideas and help you to realise them. However, my focus will not just be on regaining lost time but moving forward with new ways in which we can better provide an environment for you to relax outside of studying.

My objectives as Sports Officer: - Give Sport Council an official voice in the Union. - Provide an insurance policy that allows all students to go along to taster sessions for the first two weeks of each semester. - Stop the sports association fee from going up. - Make Wednesday afternoons free for sport. - Work with the University to try and get more hours for clubs.

My objectives as a member of Exec: - Set up a Facebook application for clubs and societies – hopefully this will also aid communications between groups. - Encourage wider student participation in, and better communications about the actions taken by Union and improve communications of student ideas to the university. - Support the Go Green Campaign and encourage UEA to do so as well.

Welfare officer

the job Work with the University on all student welfare related matters Co-ordinate the Union’s welfare service Have overall responsibility for all non-academic casework Be responsible for all issues relating to student accommodation including University residences


Be responsible for all issues relating to student employment including Employability Be responsible for all issues relating to Equal Opportunities within the Union. Liaise with the Equal Opportunities Officer and the Campaign Convenors to ensure that all groups are represented in the Union. Co-ordinate Undergraduation and reception including international students arrival

“Re-Open Nominations” (RON) is a candidate in all Union elections. If you think none of the candidates deserves your vote, you can vote RON to have the election re-run at a later date. Remember to vote preferentially 1, 2, 3, 4 etc. This cannot harm your first candidate’s chances.

Vote Alex Dennis for Welfare 

1. Present a change to the housing system.  2. Continued representation of every group within  UEA.  3. Continued campaigning on the issues that matter  to YOU.  4. Propose policy ballots on issues such as Nestlé  and coca‐cola.  5. Continued pressure on the government to reform  student fees.  6. I will work to further what matters to the  students of UEA. 

I’ve been the Union’s Welfare Officer for the last year. I’ve listened, represented, led and campaigned for you on accommodation, timetabling and the nursery. I’ve been the Union’s Welfare Officer for the last academic year.

listened, represented, led and forand youfor ona better bus We’ve hit the localI’ve headlines with our campaigns oncampaigned student debt transport from and graduation. service. We’ve hadaccommodation, results too, withonmanagers First Buses accepting hundreds of Over the year we’ve hit the local headlines with our campaigns students’ complaints and pledging to listen to students’ concerns. on student debt and for a better bus service. We’ve also had results with managers from First Buses accepting hundreds of

On student car parking we’re already causing a stir d and ’ graduation l i d l d i li d within ’ the student car parking and graduation we’re already causing a University with ourOn‘Born in’ poster campaign and with hundreds of graduation in way the University our ‘BornBut in’ there’s poster campaign postcards making stir their to the Vicewith Chancellor. still more and to do… with hundreds of graduation postcards making their way to the Vi Ch ll B h ’ ill l h d b d

In the oncoming months, we need to campaign hard and strong against the calls to lift the £3000 cap and create a market in higher education. We need to make fees and student debt a general election issue here in Norwich South and break the current l h i b h j li i l i T l hi fi h ld b

In the upcoming months, we need to campaign strongly against the calls to lift the £3000 cap and moves to make a market in higher education. We need to make fees and student debt a general election issue here in Norwich South, and at UEA graduate in an underground Sports hall. So farTo thelose Vice-Chancellor has been break the current Students stalemate thatstill exists between the major political parties. this fight would be disastrous for flooded with postcards from hundreds of students calling for a change in venue. It’s becoming finances the andUniversity the future of higher education. students’ personalsomething can no longer ignore and I’ll keep pushing until students get the venue More than ever students are becoming the targets of crime. Thefts at UEA have been a police priority during my time in office. I promise to work with the University, the Police Students at UEA still graduate in an underground sports hall. So far the Vice-Chancellor has been flooded with postcards and the local community to keep students safe

from hundreds of students calling for a change in venue. It’s becoming something the University can no longer ignore and I’ll keep pushing until students get the venue they deserve. Hundreds of local commuting students, that have no alternative than to travel by car, have been kicked off of the main car park. I will keep up the fight for a University parking policy based on need. But we also need improved sustainable transport; more l k d f li df h i h b i h

More than ever students are becoming the targets of crime. Thefts at UEA have been a police priority during my time in office. I promise to work with the University, the Police and the local community to keep students safe. We need a Union that represents every student at UEA. Our postgraduates, mature students, student parents, students on placement, local students, international and INTO students are currently left out in the cold our policies our structures and our

Hundreds of local commuting students, that have no alternative than to travel by car, have been kicked off of the main car park. I will keep the fight forup a University parking policy based on need. But we also need improved sustainable For up more look the transport; more cycle racks and support for cyclists and further improvements to the bus service such as extended evening and Sunday services.

We need a Union that represents every student at UEA. Our postgraduates, mature students, student parents, students on placement, local students, international and INTO students are currently left out in the cold - our policies, our structures, and our services must fit their needs and their views.

For more look up the Facebook group or contact me by email

the job Represent the academic needs of the students in the relevant faculty Liaise with the student representatives from all the schools in the relevant faculty Provide a link between the school representatives and the Students’ Union Represent students on faculty level committees Liaise with the faculty staff on academic issues effecting students.


FACULTY of HEALth KAYTE McCANN RON “Re-Open Nominations” (RON) is a candidate in all Union elections. If you think none of the candidates deserves your vote, you can vote RON to have the election re-run at a later date. Remember to vote preferentially 1, 2, 3, 4 etc. This cannot harm your first candidate’s chances.

Vote Nick Church for your Humanities (HUM) Convenor Why should I be your faculty’s convenor? I’m studying International Relations and History and so have experience in several schools in Humanities. I actively contribute to Concrete and have a keen interest in student politics. As such, I am aware of how your Union works, how you and your Union can interact with your schools and most importantly, how to implement the changes you want to see as a Humanities student. I strongly believe the combination of student voices and effective representation by your convenor is a powerful tool to improve your course, based around your concerns. If elected your convenor, I will ensure your concerns are heard directly by the people who can change them: your staff and your student union. If elected I will…

Strive for a manageable course structure Often students, myself included, have a range of other important obligations, be that paidwork, volunteering, family or sporting commitments. I will work closely with the Academic Officer to ensure a manageable structure for Humanities students. I will also support at a faculty level, the Full Freshers’ Week campaign and work for earlier semester timetable notification.

Strive to raise awareness of work/ academic experience relating to humanities subjects University is expensive. All students should have enough information of the opportunities available to them, to obtain maximum value for money from their course. With the experience of faculty staff and support of your Union, I intend to raise awareness on such opportunities relating to humanities.

Work closely with your school’s student representatives The staff-student liaison committee is your direct point of contact with staff in your school. I will keep in close contact with representatives across Humanities to ensure student concerns are fully supported at staff faculty meetings.

VOTE Nick Church for your Humanities (HUM) Convenor VOTE MARCH 9th & 10th in the Hive ANY QUESTIONS EMAIL –


Rachel Handforth Hi! I’m running to be the HUM Faculty Convenor next year. I’m a second year English and History student, and I believe that I can make a positive change in the faculty of Humanities. My role in the University so far has been; Member of Union Council for 2 years LIT School Representative for 2 years Member of the Taught Programmes Policy Group Social Secretary of Music Society I will aim to; Support the campaign on receiving exam feedback Support the Love your Library campaign in order to get better facilities in the library Attend meetings in every School in the Faculty Encourage relationships between School Representatives and Union Council.


As a third year medical student I’ve been around UEA for a couple of years now. I still feel that Faculty of Health students aren’t always well represented in University and Union issues. We have placements that start at odd times yet still can’t get always get parking. The library offers restricted access out of normal term hours, when we are still here studying for exams. I’d like to try and change that, if you vote me in as FOH convenor. I stand for: Better support for current Faculty of Health students Better representation at Union Council meetings Better access to current University facilities in OUR term times.

the job Represent the needs of the group of students in the relevant campaign.

Equal Opportunies Campaign CONVENORS the candidates

Liaise with the members of the relevant clubs, societies or peer support groups Represent students on the relevant Union or University Committees. With the assistance of the Equal Opportunities Officer, and the Welfare Officer, liaise with University and Union staff on relevant issues relating to their constituents. Meet with the Equal Opportunities Officer at least twice a semester to discuss relevant issues. Be responsible for campaigns relating to their constituents and convene regular meetings between themselves and their constituents.

LGBT cammpaign convenor LIZ BISCOE RON

women’s campaign convenor and nus womens conference delegate 2010


Liz Biscoe for

LGBT Campaigns Convenor! My Experience: ¾I have been on the committee of UEAPride for 2 years, including this year as president ¾I have previous experience of other LGBT groups which has inspired me to push for a stronger, more vibrant group at UEA ¾I have proposed and voted for motions to support LGBT students’ interests at union council ¾I have attended and spoken at NUS LGBT annual conference and attended activism training ¾I have worked actively with this year’s Welfare Officer and Campaigns Convenor to ensure the success of this year’s LGBT campaigns ¾I am passionate about LGBT students’ rights and want to help create a unified, active equal opportunities team within the exec.

If Elected I Will: ¾Deliver well organised campus-wide campaigns ¾Work closely with LGBT students to campaign on issues affecting YOU ¾Promote and support equal rights for ALL Lesbian, Gay, Bi and Trans students ¾Work with the other equal ops campaigns convenors to ensure an all-encompassing accessible campaign ¾Ensure the university provides services that specifically support LGBT students Want to know more? Want to support my campaign? Email me at: Call me: 07736397665



I am a second year PSI student and a member of my school’s Student Staff Liaison Committee and Union Council, so  I am used to representing students on various issues.  I also volunteer for the Red Cross Refugee Centre, which has  made me very aware of the situation of vulnerable groups in Britain, particularly immigrant women. I’m passionate  about women’s issues and would love to get the chance to turn my ideas for the women’s campaign at UEA into      reality!  

Communication and Co‐operation  I’ll  make  sure  women  are  well  represented  on  Union  Council, as well as in the University as a whole. If you elect  me,  I  will  set  up  a  Women’s  Committee,  to  get  as  many  women  as  possible  involved  in  the  campaign  and  build  a  strong, inclusive support structure for the diverse groups of  women  at  UEA.    I  want  to  make  the  Women’s  Campaign  2010 as efficient and transparent as possible, so you always  know  what’s  going  on  and  stay  up  to  date  with  the  campaigns!  I will also work closely together with other campaigners, on  issues that affect BME, disabled or bisexual/lesbian women,  and  with  local  women’s  groups  such  as  the  Women’s  Shelter and Norwich Rape Crisis.  Support when you need it  I promise to provide a first port of call for women affected  by discrimination, academic and otherwise, and I will make  information on how to lodge a complaint widely available.       

Did you know?   Female graduates earn 15% less than their male  counterparts when they enter the job market. This  gap widens with age. 

Only 13 % of UK Universities are headed by women 


Only   20%  of  MPs  and  10%  of  FTSE  100  companies  Executive  Directors  are  women,  and  there  are  only  ten female Vice Chancellors in the whole of the UK 

167 women are raped in the UK every day 

I plan to do all this, and much more. Most importantly, I pledge to be  approachable  and  listen  to  the  concerns  and  ideas  of  all  women  ‐  This is your campaign, and I’m here to make it work!  If you have any questions or suggestions, I’d love to hear from you  on  


What I will do:  I am planning exciting campaigns  and awareness‐raising events on  issues that affect women on campus,  such as   Campus safety– to make rape alarms  and a security number widely  available, and to make sure the new  car park, which is far away from the  main campus, doesn’t turn into a  safety risk  Assertiveness workshops and self‐ defence classes  Better availability of and information  on birth control (and what to do if  you do get pregnant) and STI’s, and  to make sanitary towels available in  campus toilets  A Women’s Career Day  A ‘Love your Body’ day, to tackle the  issue of eating disorders and body  image  Celebrating  International Women’s  Day –With films, speakers etc 

the job Attend the National Union of Students’ Annual Conference in April. Vote on behalf of UEA students to influence national policies for all students in the UK. Elect a new leadership of NUS.

We may elect 7 of the 11 candidates standing.

“Re-Open Nominations” (RON) is a candidate in all Union elections. If you think none of the candidates deserves your vote, you can vote RON to have the election re-run at a later date. Remember to vote preferentially 1, 2, 3, 4 etc. This cannot harm your first candidate’s chances.

nus delegation the candidates TOM SUTTON MARTIN JOPP THOMAS JACKSON MYLES SMITH DAVID SHEPPARD (Shep for NUS!) RICHARD REYNOLDS (Fight Fees!) ANDREW TAYLOR (Competent social, environmental and financial sustainability) RON

I’m the Union’s current Welfare Officer, it’s my already my job to represent the views and opinions of UEA students, so you can expect me to do the same at national level. I’m the Union’s current Welfare Officer, it’s my already my job to

represent the views and opinions of UEA students, so you can me to NUS do theatsame national level. Over the last yearexpect I’ve seen workatand have developed a good idea of the Over the last year I’ve seen NUS at work and have developed a way it works and good howidea it can be improved. Having worked with NUS since last of the way it works and how it can be improved. Having August I know the areaswith they need work harder asthe well as the where our worked NUS sincetolast August I know areas theyareas need to own Union needswork additional support. harder as well as the areas where our own Union needs

In the oncoming months, we need to campaign strongly against the calls to lift the £3000 cap and create a market in higher education. It is essential, this year, NUS’ main objective is win a fairer, progressive funding model based on funding through taxation. This means taking direct action on issue and making fees and student debt an issue at the next general In the upcoming months, strongly thel £3000 l ti t we b need k th to campaign t t l t th t iagainst t b t thethcalls to j liftliti ti cap and create a

market in higher education. It is essential, this year, NUS’ main objective is win a fairer, progressive funding model based on funding through taxation. This means taking direct action on issue and making fees and student debt an issue at the next general election to break the current stalemate that exists between the major political Despite the movement to a marketised education, students rights across the country are parties. being undermined on all levels. UEA has kicked students off the main car park and students have been attacked by the local community. The National Union needs to spend it’s time supporting the rights of students on things like housing and the community

Despite the movement to a marketised students’ rights across country are being undermined on Some Unions are in a dire education, state. Some are facing financial difficulty,the others are losing essential likeoff advice ownership over representation. If the student movement all levels. UEA has kickedservices students the and main car park and students have been attacked by the local is to be truly effective NUS needs to support these Unions get through their troubles and community. The National Union needs to spend it’s time supporting the rights of students, onrethings like housing and the community.

Some Unions are in a dire state. Some are facing financial difficulty, others are losing essential services like For more look up the If the student movement is to be truly effective NUS needs to support advice and ownership over representation. these Unions get through their troubles and re-focus.

For more look up the Facebook group or contact me by email

Martin Jopp for NUS

what I stand for... • A NATIONAL UNION THAT FIGHTS

NUS is supposed to be fighting for the rights of its members, not satifying the egos of bureaucrats-in-training. Elect me as a strong voice to get NUS properly campaigning on our behalf on the national issues of today.


Following the terrible defeat of NUS in 2003, and the introduction of £3,000 fees and £25,000 debts, NUS has to pick outself up and ensure that the rumoured £10,000 per year fees never become a reality.


NUS has a role to play in ensuring that students’ unions around the country are equipped to reduce their carbon emissions. Thousands of students want this, so NUS should start to represent them.

my policies... FEE FIGHTERS - NUS should be fighting against the risk of £10k/year fees. We need to make intelligent arguments if we want to win universal free education and living grants. Chants won’t persuade anyone!

an experienced voice FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT - By working closely with this year’s National Treasurer of NUS, I’ve seen some of the massive challenges faces the student movement in the next ten years. As our Finance Officer, I’ll be a strong voice for financial accountability in NUS (their activities have made a deficit for the last ten years!)

I’ve represented UEA students at NUS Annual Conference for the last three years. I understand the ridiculous factional politics and the boredom of Conference floor.

I support the decision to put independent student trustees into NUS to ensure top-notch management of our money.

I have been an NUS National Councillor, and have been involved in many of the NUS campaigns over the year from the ‘Broke and Broken’ campaign about student debt and fees to the efforts to reform NUS’ tired old structures.

To get my manifesto in a different format, or if you have any questions, email

Elect me and you can be sure that you’ve got an old hand in Blackpool, who can make sure our new delegates know what’s going on!

LIBERATION - As a former Liberations Officer here at UEA, I understand the need for strong campaigns to challenge discrimination in all its forms. I’m a strong advocate of NUS’ autonomous groups.

I will follow ALL mandates given to me by Union Council/policy ballots up until the date of submitting this manifesto. I will not be bound by any mandates which have not yet been agreed.

Thomas Jackson

I am running for the position of NUS delegate so that I can help represent your interests to the National Union of Students.

NUS Delegate I would vote in accordance with union policy - but anyone can do that, you need someone who will represent your interests beyond that. As an experienced public speaker and debater, I would be able represent your interests in shaping the policies of the NUS. I would play an active role in many of the decision making processes which will affect you as students in the years to come. I would also help hold the National Executive Committee to account for its expenditures last year and participate in discussions about next year’s expenditure - as well as the membership of the committees which will control it.

NUS Delegate Remember, you don’t want someone who will vote in accordance with union policy and then just sit there; you want someone who will represent you. I am a first year law student with an interest in politics, philosophy and ethics. I am an experienced speaker who would like the opportunity to represent you.

Vote Thomas Jackson for NUS Delegate on 9th and 10th March in the Hive Contact me with any questions or suggestions at

Send Shep to NUS Conference! The upcoming National Union of Students Annual Conference offers delegates from students’ unions up and down the country a chance to have their say on a range of student issues. As your Academic Officer I would like to attend to represent your views.

I want a National Union of Students: that fights all fees and the marketisation of our campuses. that leads on global issues like climate chaos and world poverty.   that truly fights nasty anti-student legislation like the proposals to restrict student housing.   that really supports local students’ unions to be the best they can be.  

VOTE DAVID SHEPPARD [1] FOR NUS CONFERENCE DELEGATE VOTE: March 6th in the Edith Cavell Building, March 9th/10th in the Hive

In 2009/10 the goverment is going to try to end the cap on fees...

Fight Fees!

Vote Richard Reynolds

What is this NUS conference thing?

Who am I?

NUS conference is the main decision making body for the National Union. It is a political minefield with large factions representing major political parties and the radical left.

* Attended 3 NUS conferences and have defended UEA policy at the conference. * 3rd year PPE student. * Last year I was News Editor of Concrete and this year I have been the President. * Social Sciences Faculty Convenor for the Union. * Three years on Union Council as ECO rep * Elected by Council to attend many other NUS regional conferences and other events. * Someone with no interest in becoming a Labour MP - unlike a large number of the people at NUS Conference.

In recent years it has been controlled by labour students and as such has been giving ground on many issues which matter to students for favor from the government. It needs independent students to run and go to it to ensure it represents students not particular party interests

What I’ll Do at conference: Support & hopefully argue for UEA’s motion (written by myself) to call on the NUS to campaign for free education for all not just to keep the cap on fees. Work with other students’ unions delegates who are not factionalised to do the best for students not follow party political agendas. Follow your policy as decided here at UEA not anyone else’s. Fight for grants for all not allow NUS to further slide towards the government’s loans system.

Fighting Fees is important every year but this year the government is reviewing the whole system - looking to increase or even lose the cap on fees altogether. We must stop this! We probably wont end fees altogether but we should fight for it to shift the debate back on to our terms! No Platform: I lead the against no platform campaign here at UEA. 75% of students voted with me and we struck an important blow against those who think ignoring racism is thae way to tackle it. However, it is not enough for us to say we are against it, we need to go to NUS to make it change at a national level. The battle goes on at conference with every year seeing motions to condemn unions like us who stand up for free speech...

Vote for National Executive members who I believe are not careerists but really care about students. We need a strong National Union to fight for students who are demanding

FREE EDUCATION FOR ALL Also some in the NUS are calling for drink price rises! Because apparently we can’t decide for ourselves how much we drink. If I’m going to get drunk I dont want to be broke as well as have a hangover.

Fight Fees! Vote Richard Reynolds

[1] for NUS Delegation Hello, I would like to run for NUS Conference after many weeks wondering if I should. The reason why it has taken so long to decide is that like most students I feel NUS is an abstract and none relevant organisation to me. This is not because like many students I know little about it or what it does, but because I know that over my time as a student it has failed to even attempt in any meaningful way to tackle the issue of Climate Change. Each conference environmental issues are pushed down the agenda until there is no time to discus them. I believe in a free education, better housing for students, equal rights for part time, mature, black, international and LGBT students, sexual health, make poverty history, fairer trade, global justice, defending civil rights, raising the minimum wage, free prescriptions for students, a better student experience… and many more of NUS’s campaigns. I think that all of these are important issues, but also that climate change is one of the most pressing issues for our generation and it is the issue that I know most about having spent 5 years studying it. I have been involved in national student sustainable consumption programs and awareness raising campaigns, and there are some amassing models and loads of great schemes. Many of these are spread across the counties grass roots student movement. I believe that NUS should be working in partnership with it’s membership, other student unions and movements, across Europe and World, to create a international student campaign on climate change. I don’t think by going to NUS conference this year I will magically make this happen, but I will work my ass off to lobby candidates for the National Executive Committee, political factions and other delegates to take this forward. I will spend my time on the conference floor attempting to get environmental motions pushed up the agenda. Voting in line with Union policy when we have it and when not with a view to provide students with the education experience they deserve and global justice.

10 things to do before you vote Read all the candidates’ manifestoes Click on the elections minisite at www.ueastudent. com/vote Flirt outrageously with one candidate Cheer wildly at Candidate’s Question Time Make a candidate a cup of tea Tell a candidate that you’ve already voted just to get rid of them Stick up your special Rabbit Election wall chart Pursuade at least five other people to vote Go to the Hive to vote without your campus card and feel stupid Decide you’re going to stand in the elections next year


question times THURSDAY 5th MARCH LCR, 12 noon

Manifesto Book 2009  

This is the Manifesto Book for the Union of UEA Students' Elections 2009. Remember to vote!