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The QUESTION: “The Union should create a new full-time Activities and Student Development Officer, funded mainly by charges to club and society members.”

The details:

The Executive will be recommending that the “charges to club and society members” mentioned in the question are as follows: • •

A £5 increase in the cost of Sports Association Membership, which has been static at £30 for the past 4 years. A reduction in the revenue grants available to societies by £2,000.

It is forecasted that this would raise approximately £17-18,000 towards the cost of the new full-time post. (NB: The total cost of the new post - including salary, office materials and costs associated with the post - is approximately £25,000, but club and society members are only expected to contribute £17-18,000). Societies Council (which is made up of all society presidents) considered this funding mechanism the best way to fund the proposed post. The majority of Sports Council (which is made up of all club presidents) considered this funding mechanism the best way to fund the proposed post. Union Council will make the final decision on how the money is to be raised, and may use another method if a better one is suggested in the campaign. No committee of the Union has taken a stance ‘for’ or ‘against’ the creation of the new post though – it’s down to you to decide!

The dates: Campaigning begins: 10am, Mon 18 Jan Deadline for email vote request: Midday, Fri 22 Jan Deadline for email vote: 9am, Tues 26 Jan Voting: Midday – 7pm Mon 25 & 9am – 5pm Tues 26 Jan

The VOTE: There are two ways you can vote: A) Bring your campus card along to the Hive on Monday 25, 12 Midday - 7pm or Tuesday 26 January, 9am – 5pm to cast your vote by a paper ballot. B) If you are not going to be on the campus when the ballot boxes are open you may vote electronically. Simply follow these steps: 1. In order to obtain electronic ballot papers email from your own email address. 2. You must include your full name and registration number and explain why you will not be on the campus during the election period eg. studying abroad, on a placement etc. 3. You must apply for electronic ballot papers before 12 midday on Friday 22 January 2010. 4. The relevant electronic ballot papers will be sent to your email address on or before 2pm on Friday 22 January 2010. 5. You must return the ballot papers from your email address before 9am on Tuesday 26 January 2010. 6. Providing that you have not already voted in person your electronic ballot papers will be placed in a ballot box before the count. 7. Only the Deputy Returning Officer and the Returning Officer will have access to the account. The results will be posted on after the count which takes place immediately after voting finishes.

Vote FOR the new Activities and Student Development Officer WE WANT a full-time student officer who is passionate about clubs and societies and is dedicated to making them best they can be WE WANT to speak as a single voice through someone who can lobby for changes on our behalf WE WANT someone who can bring clubs and societies together – helping them share ideas, socials and resources WE WANT our achievements celebrated WE WANT to be consulted more about key decisions that affect club and society members WE WANT better training for club and society committee members – giving groups the best chance to succeed. We want all of these things – and that’s why we’ll be voting FOR a new Activities Officer in the Hive on Monday 25th and Tuesday 26th January Matt Willer (President – Sailing) Gila Hale (President – Waterpolo) Mike Rogers (President – Wakeboard) Fiona Howard (President – Nightline) Jon Nicholls (President – AirSoc) Louisa Perkins (President – ENVSoc) Tash Corballis (Social Secretary - Irish Soc) Steph Mann (Social Secretary – Netball) Emma Richardson (Treasurer -Cocktail Society) Grace Simpson (President – Concrete) Rhys Goode (Station Manager – Livewire1350) Bea Bradsell (President – LivewireTV) Leejiah Dorward (Secretary – VegSoc) Richard Henderson (President – Windsurf) Laura Nicholls (President – Cocktail Society) Katie Mason (Social Secretary – Surf Club) Davina Kesby (Social Secretary – Sub-Aqua) Elly Platt (President – Music Soc) Sebastien Eade (Treasurer – Real Ale Society) Anna Thomlinson (Sports Officer) Claire Baldock (Treasurer – Lacrosse) Lizzie Ashford (Social Secretary – Sailing)

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OUR CLUBS AND SOCIETIES ARE SOME OF THE BEST IN  THE COUNTRY WITHOUT AN ADDITIONAL OFFICER   The Union already spends thousands of pounds on sports clubs and  societies each year to make them some of the best clubs and  societies in the country. We don’t need to spend this extra cash. 

THE ADDITIONAL OFFICER WILL INCREASE THE COST OF  JOINING A SPORTS CLUB  The Union’s executive committee propose to fund most of the cost  of this new position by increasing Sports Association Membership  (SAM) by £5. Sports Clubs are already too expensive with the £30  SAM charge and a separate club charge for every club you join. 

SOCIETIES WILL LOOSE MONEY FROM THEIR GRANT  BUDGET  Another stream of funding for the new post will be £2000 of the  societies’ grant budget. Societies are already budgeted to  receive less than most of the Union’s sports clubs.      WE CAN’T AFFORD IT!  Increased costs to join clubs and societies won’t necessarily  generate more money as it could put off students paying club and  society fees altogether. This would mean the Union would have to  find funding for this new officer elsewhere. With cuts to  University funding its unlikely this money will come from the  University but money from the services the Union operates.   

WHAT WILL THEY DO?  Our sports clubs and societies are ran by committees organised by  students. We don’t need help and support from another Union  officer as they’re doing fine running things by themselves.   



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Activities Referendum  

Read the arguments for and against the question: "The Union should create a full-time Activities and Student Development Officer, funded mai...

Activities Referendum  

Read the arguments for and against the question: "The Union should create a full-time Activities and Student Development Officer, funded mai...