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Accommodation Over the course of your first year you will probably spend hours debating it to no avail: which are the best halls? It’s like saying, ‘My mum is better than yours!’; you’re just never going to agree. To start you off with some basic arguments, here we take a peek at each accommodation, with a little help from some former residents.

Set just off campus, the University Village is closer than many residences to the Tesco Express, the supermarket on Bluebell Road, used by many a student for latenight snack supplies. However, perhaps the greatest advantage of this splendid off-campus community is the en-suite ‘pod’ in each room. Featuring a shower, toilet and sink in an obscenely small space, you can sit-down for a shower and clean your teeth all at the same time. Utter genius!

The Village Approximate distance to Union House: 869.4m

The New Residences

In my first year I lived in Yew House in the Village and it’s a great place to call home for that time. The rooms are small but homely and the Village has a friendly, sociable atmosphere. It’s not far away from campus, though it might seem that way after a night out, and you are right next to Earlham Park and the river, which is great in the summer for lazy-days and impromptu Frisbee games. Sarah Hetherington, NAM 3

Victory, Kett, Paston, Browne and BritOne feature of Paston House elten are the newest campus halls and evates it above all other accomare all very much in the same mould modations and that is the boiling Victory, Kett, Paston, as the nearby Colman. They replaced water dispenser. It may sound like a Colman, Browne, Britten Waveney, which was a dark and grimy very small point, however when you Average distance to abode, though much loved in spite have experienced the decadence of Union House: 340.5m of that. The transformation has been having tea, coffee or hot Ribena inmiraculous, with the new buildings stantly at your command, you will boasting spacious bedrooms and kitchens, couwonder how you ever wasted thirty seconds waitpled with en-suite facilities and almost instant ing for the kettle to boil. Paston is also one of the access to the centre of campus. swankiest accommodations on campus The halls have all been given well-known East and out of the new blocks it is Anglian names: Victory was Admiral Nelson’s closest to campus. Lie-ins can ship, Robert Kett a Norfolk revolutionary, the last until five minutes bePastons a local aristocratic family, Thomas fore a seminar and you’ll Browne an author, Benjamin Britten a comstill make it on time! poser from Suffolk, and who hasn’t heard of Andy Jones, Colman Mustard? PSI 3

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Frankly, Nelson Court is farcically close to the centre of campus, standing as it does just beyond the LCR. Now while this has obvious advantages, residents should be warned that after living there, travelling more than five minutes to get anywhere will just seem obscenely long! En-suite facilities, pleasant rooms and comfy seating in the kitchens mean that there are no obvious disadvantages from living here. Unless of course you have an important seminar at 9 o’clock, the LCR has just emptied its contents out onto the grass in front of Nelson and those pesky students just won’t be quiet!

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Orwell & Wolfson

Approximate distance to Union House: 474.3m

Nelson Court

Approximate distance to Union House: 121m


The underdogs of campus. Many people look down on these lesser accommodations, or forget about them altogether, but this creates a great community spirit as you mutter about those flash people in Colman. You tend to end up with a more diverse group of flat mates which, combined with shared bathrooms, means that you build up a great rapport over the year. Ben Harvey, LIT MA

What is the best thing about Nelson Court? Location, location, location. Only a two minute walk from the Square, it’s the closest residence and one of the best. From the kitchens, you have a beautiful view of the lake which is only a short walk away, and if you have a 9am lecture, it’s a comfortable 5 minutes from duvet and en-suite bathroom to the Arts Block or LT1. Plus, being so close to the LCR is perfect - no need for winter jackets or umbrellas. And for the fashion conscious, it’s even close enough to go back and change your shoes or whole outfit! Natasha Kundaiker, PHI 3

Your Union

Your Uni

Average distance to Union House: 260.3m

These iconic pyramids aren’t only pleasant to look at; they are the best place to live at UEA. Appearing in almost every publication about UEA, Norfolk and Suffolk have a following of loyal fans who have lived in them over the years. The accommodation isn’t the most luxurious, but the views down to the lake are the best on campus, the centrally located kitchens create the friendliest and most communal living spaces available and best of all, Norfolk and Suffolk Terrace are far cheaper than any of the new accommodations! Martin Jopp, PSI 3

Your City

Between them, these two older residences house only 116 students, but those who live there will never forget it. Accommodation from yesteryear prevails in Orwell and Wolfson, with shared bathroom facilities and less plush surroundings creating a strong sense of community. Orwell and Wolfson are tucked away at the end of campus nearest Bluebell Road, making it extremely easy to nip on a bus into town.

Norfolk & Suffolk


Both Norfolk and Suffolk have had their interiors revamped over recent years, bringing new life to what were becoming slightly tired buildings. The shared toilet and shower facilities remain and appear to contribute further to the vibrant atmosphere and sense of belonging that many residents often talk about. You can also boast to your friends that you are a proud lodger in UEA’s most famous structures, which also carry listed building status. So when you return many years from now you will still be able to gaze upon them and reminisce about that glorious first year.


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Accommodation A brief stroll down Chancellor’s Drive brings you to Constable Terrace which has been around for 13 years now, but is ageing well. Happily, en-suite facilities and large kitchens populate all the flats. Two other advantages include being situated right by the Sainsbury Centre where you can add some culture to your life and very near to the University playing fields at Colney Lane – ideal for early morning jogs!

Mary Chapman Court is situated in the middle of Norwich, within minutes of all the main shops and bars. So whilst the commute to campus may seem a tad inconvenient, at least you will become far more familiar with the city centre and the windy, cobbled backstreets that claim many a lost fresher during the first term. Bathroom facilities are shared and relatively basic, but there will inevitably develop a strong sense of community spirit and a natural affinity with the city.

Living Off Campus It can be pretty daunting in the beginning if you are a fresher and don’t live in halls, as everyone else seems to be a member of an exclusive club. Don’t worry; there are plenty of people in the same position! Although it might seem like everyone is becoming best friends with their flat mates, remember that everyone is really keen to make more friends too! Living off campus need not define your uni experience - follow our handy guide for three top years at UEA.

“ ” Off campus can mean the best of both worlds!


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Constable Terrace Approximate distance to Union House: 607.1m

Mary Chapman Approximate distance to Union House: 5471m

First, remember there are some real advantages to not living on campus: you don’t only have a microwave to cook in, you can have a car, you know all the best places in Norwich before everyone else and you may be in the lucky position of having both student and non-student friends – off campus can mean the best of both worlds! The trick with living off campus as a fresher is managing to feel part of campus life. Make sure you mix with other students occasionally, and get involved – whether with a club or society, Union Council, a job on campus or just hanging out in the campus bar. The more involved you are, the more you will feel part of the campus community.

The lovely thing about Constable Terrace is that, although it is a little further away from the main centre of campus, you still feel very much part of UEA. You are within five to ten minutes walking distance from the library, lecture halls and, perhaps most importantly, the bar and LCR and whatever Constable may lack in proximity, it makes up for in terms of community spirit. Tiffany Woolsey, LIT 2

Mary Chapman Court is student accommodation that’s built on top of an underground car park. It may not be the most luxurious residence, but the rent is far cheaper than on campus and it is so centrally located that all the distractions that Norwich has to offer are within stumbling distance. If you invest in a bike you’ll be carbon-free and at UEA inside fifteen minutes. This is accommodation for the thrifty socialite. Jack Clark, LIT 2

Five top tips for a wicked first few weeks:


First things first: don’t miss your school ice-breaker. The free wine and nibbles are a welcome bonus. Buy a ticket for at least one event in Freshers’ Week and be brave – go along! Talk to other people while waiting outside lectures, instead of looking at the floor. Go to SocMart and SportsMart and join some societies and clubs – and then make sure you go to them. Don’t miss the socials . Give it time. Even if you live in halls it doesn’t come together overnight.

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