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ADVOCATING SPORT There are many reasons why to advocate a wide participation of adolescents in sport events.As a didactic and educational institution, Gdańsk Interschool Centre of Physical Culture (ICPC) organises, seeks partners and talks parents and teachers into children´s sport adventures. The City Department of Education and Sports, together with the Interschool Centre for Physical Culture prepared a detailed program in connection with the EYES. The year was inaugurated with a conference “EYES 2004 – expectations, activities, results”. The participants discussed increasing sport activities in other school subjects, integration of the groups of social risks, sport activation and cooperation of education institutions to mention just a few. At the same time the ICPC carried on in its local sport centres a rich programme inaugurating the EYES with numerous contests, games, feasts for children. Sport at school includes classes and after classes activities which represent important division of physical training and consists in training and practising various sport disciplines. Many-sided engagement in school sport favour youth physical development, strengthening of

health and shape, fair play, discipline and solidarity. An essential condition of sport development and its social function is increased rivalry. Therefore, the ICPC has elaborated holistic programme to advocate sport among children and youth. The programme is dedicated to both capable and physically handicapped persons. The aim is to create favourable conditions to maintain and to develop physical skills of the children and youth and to form appropriate competence. Sport events organised on regular bases constitute an alternative for the methodical work. They are fulfilled with leisure in the form of tournaments, festivity, rallies, marches, contests, displays, etc. The willingness to improve own results and skills is a very strong impulse, which might be a basic motivation for participation in physical activities. However, there is a certain risk that a sport rivalry and strong desire for winning may lead to unfair behaviour. To avoid such danger, it is necessary to simultaneously carry on with a didactic work to create a positive attitude which is a necessary aspect of a full, joy and fair rivalry i.e. a respect to partners and competitors, being a winner and a loser, confess faulty, following established rules.

One of the tournaments organised by the Interschool Centre of Physical Culture

The sport events calendar prepared for individuals and families creates and develops a system of encouragement to practice sport. The events are divided into sport leisure time and competitions to win a title of master of sport of the city of Gdańsk. The Interschool Centre of Physical Culture put into force extension and modernisation of the sport basis: adoption of two sport fields for steeplechase, modernisation of a stadium and building two volleyball fields. Further information: Ms Anna Radziwiłko City of Gdańsk Tel. +48 58 3411660 e-mail:

SPORT COMPETITIONS The city of Cçsis has good sports traditions. Eleven sports associations operate in the city which organise different events and competitions at all levels. Traditionally, in the beginning of summer “Cçsis sports festivity” takes place, followed by running “Around Cçsis”, and “Janis” that call together hundreds of runners from Latvia and abroad. In the wintertime a special feeling creates night sprint competition in the similar route near the city. Recent years inconstant winter weather promoted roller skiing. Nowadays this kind of sport is well developed also in summer. This year a World Cup in roller


BCB 2/2004

skiing took place in Cçsis. The other event is international basketball tournament “Cçsis Cup” which is organised every January. Sportsmen from Finland, Estonia, Russia and Lithuania participate in this competition already 7th time.

Cçsis is not only a professional organiser of international sport events but also takes care of sport education at a high level. Cçsis City Sport School offers variety of sports for the children living in the city and its surroundings. Students can participate in ten professional educational programs. Further information: Mr Martins Niklass Director of Sport School City of Cçsis e-mail:

Shooting area - the National Summer Biathlon Championships of Latvia


Profile for Union of the Baltic Cities

The UBC Bulletin 2/2004  

Education through sport

The UBC Bulletin 2/2004  

Education through sport