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UNDER THE SAILS OF MARITIME EDUCATION Here in Szczecin “the maritime education” means a real working education model, resulting in positive effects both for the teachers and other people for whom the sea is passion, including pupils and alumni. Yachting becomes a style of living for many. Young citizens participate in the Maritime Education of Children and Youth Programme implemented in Szczecin, probably the only one arranged in Poland on such a large scale. Developed for 10 years now by the City Department of Education and Physical Culture with the WestPomeranian Yachting Association, the Programme gathered nearly 75 educational institutions of all types, starting from kindergartens, through grammar schools, special posts, institutions and yachting clubs for youth. More than 10 thousand children have been covered by the programme, of which 800 pupils annually are winners of competitions and contests, or awarded prizes in form of participation in various forms of training on water, from voyages on board the pleasure boats across the port, through first steps in yachting training on the D¹bie Lake, to the most desired sea voyages on the City’s flagship „The Gift of Szczecin” or on the tall ship

the „Captain Głowacki”. For fifteen years the future „sea dogs” have been acquiring theoretical knowledge also in the “Radio School under The Sails” – the weekly live programme broadcast by the Polish Radio Szczecin. Some program graduates are at present students of the Maritime Academy, the Szczecin Technical University or the University of Szczecin, with sailing licences, and they keep Maritime education brings new life style taking part in voyages covered by the program, but now as tutors and carers. Tall Ships’Race. Numerous tall ships from This continuity of activities, from pre- Szczecin participated in this year’s event school pupils to secondary school along the route: Antwerp–Aalborg – graduates and students, combined with Stavanger–Cuxhaven. Among them the rehabilitation character of the programme „Gift of Szczecin”, with the maritimeand with gathering around it a great educated crews on board, promoted number of teachers-volunteers is the main Szczecin – the host port of the 2007 Tall achievement. Every year they keep sailing Ships’ Race. Large-sized tall ships and further, under the sails of maritime great „Tall Ships’ Race” will be also the education in a dozen or so Baltic voyages subject of competitions and contents in rounding up to nearly a hundred for 10 the new school year, giving the prize years. The tenth anniversary of the winners a chance for a next sea adventure. programme, the 35th anniversary of the „Gift of Szczecin”, the 60th anniversary Further information: of the Polish yachting in Szczecin – it is Mr Wieslaw Seidler a good occasion to sail still further to West Pomeranian Region Yachting the North Sea, to the Atlantic Ocean, Association, City of Szczecin around the world. Before all this happens, e-mail: one can take part in the races such as the

STUDENTS’SPORT GAMES The Tallinn Education Department is active in promoting education through sport via “Tallinn Students’ School Sport Games” project. The project has been implemented under various names since 1922, when the Association of Tallinn Secondary School Sports Clubs was founded. The current students’ sport games have been held since 1981, yet the aim has stayed the same: to promote sports, healthy lifestyles and positive attitudes into youth. Tallinn School Sport is a working, dynamic system and quite unique in Europe. The sporting competitions span over the entire school year, energizing sporting life at schools and giving almost 13500 students the opportunity to compete in various fields. There are championships in 14 fields: track and


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field athletics, relay race, relay swimming, checkers, chess, skiing, cross-country running, orienteering, football, handball, basketball, badminton, volleyball and table tennis. Start for cross-country running Championships are held for boys and girls in two age groups: basic schools (1315 years old) and upper secondary schools (16-18 years old). All students in these age groups in Tallinn’s school system are eligible and almost all of them are part of the process. Andres Vakra, Coordinator of the project, considers the importance of the sustainability of the project: “The sportive young person is healthy, with bigger workability and always in good mood. The teachers have a significant role to educate the young people with healthy attitudes. It is only natural that every student’s path

Start for the cross-country running

in sports starts with school spirit, and defending his or her own alma mater. Winning is not everything, an active participation and perseverance are held in high regard.” Further information: Mr Andres Vakra City of Tallinn Tel. +372 645 7883 e-mail:

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The UBC Bulletin 2/2004  

Education through sport

The UBC Bulletin 2/2004  

Education through sport