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SPORT CAN BE FUN In order to develop good habits of physical activities with children and young people between 2003 - 2004 the schools and day care centres in Kolding have decided to focus on physical activities in between the classes and in spare time. Attempts are made to teach children physical exercises can be fun. Children get also instruction about nutritious food and health. Day care centres offer also a wide range of after-school sport activities. The common catalogue of ideas will hopefully encourage better relations between the schools and sport organisations. The catalogue contains ideas such as sport clubs visiting the schools or activity days. The 2003 research showed that there were already many physical activities on daily basis at schools. To develop this idea in the day care centres, sport-wise, welleducated staff will have to be hired. One of good examples might be collaboration of schools with local sports clubs. The wrestling club invited the day care centres to a “wrestling afternoon” where they introduced sport to children and made a small tournament. Another example is a cross-tracking club offering a course to draw maps of the surroundings of the schools and education of teachers in cross-tracking. The administration has even purchased cross-tracking equipment.

Puzzles in water - a cultural knowledge combined with physical activities

The administration together with the cultural institutions in the city prepared an activity day for children at the age of 14-15. The children cycled between 3 sites and the swimming hall. At each place they were to solve a funny and different task related to the site. On Trapholt, the museum of modern art, they got an introduction to sculpture. Afterwards they were asked to make a sculpture themselves. On each visit they got a part of a puzzle, which they had to use at the end of the day in the swimming hall. Each class chose one pupil to put the puzzle together in water. The aim of the project was to give children a cultural knowledge combined with physical activities.

PROUD NARVA This year is quite significant for the city of Narva due to its sports events. The program of celebrating the Year “Education through sport“ began in the beginning of April with the session of UBC Sports Commission. This year is also a year of the Olympic Games and the city is very proud of Narva sportsmen, who took part in XXVIII Olympic Games in Athens in Men’s Double and in Men’s Quadruple Sculls (rowing). The results gained at the Olympic days were extraordinary and very important for sports development in the city. In addition a sporting part of traditional summer holiday “Days of Narva“ was also dedicated to the motto of the year. In autumn some schools organize the Day of Sports for children and different sporting competitions, where all schools compete with one another. In the end of the year the World Ice Hockey Championship (under 20) is going to be held at Narva. Further information:

Further information: Ms Mona Bruun Enevoldsen City of Kolding Tel. +45 79 30 18 43 e-mail:

Mr Dmitri Vergun Narva City Government Tel. +372 3599121 e-mail:

NEW SKATEBOARD TRADITIONS Built in 2003, Jûrmala skatepark is located in one of the most visited summer places, namely the water amusement park “Nemo” . It has become renown for outdoor activities. The races organized by the municipality and different sports and youth organisations became popular among youth. As it is one of the biggest wooden skateparks in the Baltic states, it attracts more and more young people who want to spend their leisure time on outdoor activities. In 2004 some international competitions and races, i.e. “Baltic Sea Cup”, were organized there.

In the summer 2004 an informal group of 39 skateboarders – the only one in Latvia - was established in order to popularize skateboard as a wealthy and drugs-free lifestyle activity. This also provides a new approach of informal education to youth risk groups in order to increase the security of outdoor activities among youth. Further information: Ms Anita Getaute Jûrmala City Council Tel. +371 77 64446 e-mail:

The biggest wooden skatepark in Jûrmala attracts many youngsters

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The UBC Bulletin 2/2004  

Education through sport

The UBC Bulletin 2/2004  

Education through sport