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號 季 刊 春 特 年 新

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SPECTRUM Reading / Phonics HOUGHTON MIFFLIN HARCOURT Magazine SPECIALTY FOR KIDS Phonics Handwriting Series ... See Page 16

英文故事繪本... See Page 14 RED CHAIR Start Smart Money Problem Solved Developing Character Living Healthy

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布克聽聽兒童數位閱讀網 / One Stop Shopping, Nonstop Learning.

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Houghton Mifflin Harcourt


Easy Organization! Proven Instruction! Exceptional Differentiation! Kindergarten - Grade 6

Grade 1.1

Grade 1.5

Grade 3.1


Grade 3.2

Grade 1.3

Grade 1.2

Grade 1.6

Grade 2.1

Grade 5

Grade 4

Grade 1.4

Grade 2.2

Grade 6

冒險之旅即將展開,全新版本的 Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Journeys 系列,由美國著名教科書出版社 HMH,依美國 共同核心課程標準編寫的教科書,從 K-6 循序漸進的課程安排,主題式的多元教學,包含不同文化特色分享,建立孩子 在學習語文同時,也認識世界。引導式的進入每篇閱讀課文中,從基本單字延伸至該單元的主題概念,分享作者的背景 故事,學習不同的閱讀技巧,靈活運用重點字彙,扎實步驟穩定學習。


(Grade 2.1 Sample Pages)

Your Turn > Varied and unique features help develop and check for student’s understanding > second tab “Your turn” where we see children have the opportunity to respond to what they just read in a variety of ways, but always with the opportunity to Turn and Talk.

Stop and Think > Stop and Think strategy through out the main selection to help students build maintain focus as they read. > Essential Question listed instudent edition.


可另外選購練習本 、教師手冊 及補充教材 ,增加課程豐富度。

A Reading Adventure for Grades K-6!

幼稚園到六年級配套的課外雜誌,讓學習更多元,在不同 領域中加深加廣。

其他教學資源 ● Student Audio CD ● Assessment CD-ROM ● Benchmark & Unit Tests ● Focus Wall Posters ● Ready-Made Work Stations Flip Charts ● Curious About Words ● Vocabulary in Context Cards ● Leveled Readers ● Vocabulary Readers ● Decodable Readers … etc. (See the page 6)

幼稚園教材 Journeys Kindergarten Kit Components > Big Books / Little Big Books (30 titles) > Interactive Instructional Flip Charts (3) > Back to School Big Books (2) > Student Edition Reading Adventure Magazine (20) > Read Aloud Trade Books (30) > Decodable Readers Blackline Masters > Grab-and-Go Resources > Instructional Card Kit > Alphafriends Cards with Alphafriends CD > Sound / Spelling Cards > Benchmark and Unit Tests > Emerging Literacy Survey > Big Book Audio CD

教材介紹 Journeys Kindegarten Kit 系列提供六大主題單元,各搭配5本相關的啟發故事,利用核心的閱讀計畫來支援英語學習者, 促使孩子在課堂中分享自己的想法。 Contents: Unit 1 : Friendly Faces Unit 2 : Show and Tell Unit 3 : Outside My Door

Unit 4 : Let’s Find Out Unit 5 : Growing and Changing Unit 6 : Look at Us


Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

Journeys Write-In Readers

想和美國小學 精裝書的主流教材同步學習嗎 ? 那您更是不容錯過 Journeys Write-In Readers 系列, 特別為 ESL 學生量身設計。

Grade 1 - Grade 6

Grade 1.1

Grade 1.2

Grade 2

Grade 4

Grade 6

Grade 3


Grade 5

● 每一課的課文主題和 Journeys 主流教材 (精裝書) 相互連結。 ● 進入主題課文前特別規劃了 Target Vocabulary 的 Preteach 單元 。 ● 每一頁的課文貼心的提示 Core Skills for Reading,並且提示 Stop、Think & Write 幫助 ESL 學生集中課文焦點。 ● 結束每一課時,特別增設 Look Back & Respond 的 Reteach 活動單元,讓 ESL 學生無須增購練習本也可以輕鬆學習。


可依課程需求另搭配 練習本 使用

Grade 1

Grade 2

Grade 3

Grade 4

Grade 6

Grade 5


● “Grammar” features teach and practice the parts of speech.

● Handwriting practice in Grade 1 teaches language learners how to write consonants and vowels.

● Image-based activities provide comprehensible input. ● Inference Maps, Venn Diagrams, and other graphic organizers help students visualize the comprehension skills.


教師手冊 每一個年級搭配一本教師 手冊,全套共六冊。

Reading Tool Kit (Grades 1 - 3) The Reading Tool Kit Provides instructional routines that close the gaps in the technical domains of reading - phonemic awareness, phonics, vocabulary, fluency, and text comprehension. ● The I Do, We Do, You Do organization supports proven gradual release model. ● 90 skill lessons are provided for each of the reading domains. ● The Teacher’s Resource Book provides a skills index for easy location of specific lessons.


Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

Journeys Decodable Readers Kindergarten - Grade 3

Decodable Readers 運用簡單的句型及故事內容, 幫助學生熟悉語音和文字之間的關係 (letter-sound relationship),漸漸養成獨立閱讀的能力。


Book 1 Friendly Faces

Book 2 Show and Tell

Book 3 Outside My Door

Book 4 Sample Pages Book 4 Let’s Find Out

Book 5 Growing and Changing

Grade 1

Book 6 Look at us

Book 1 Around the Neighborhood

Book 2 Sharing Time

Book 3 Nature Near and Far

Book 4 Exploring Together

Book 5 Watch Us Grow

Book 6 Three Cheers for Us!

Book 3 Sample Pages

Grade 2


Book 1 Neighborhood Visit

Book 2 Nature Watch

Book 3 Tell Me About It

Book 4 Heroes and Helpers

Book 5 Changes, Changes Everywhere

Book 6 What a Surprise!

Book 2 Sample Pages

Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

Go Math !

Kindergarten - Grade 6


Grade 3


Grade 4

Grade 1

Grade 5

Grade 2

Grade 6


Go Math! combines fresh teaching approaches never before seen components that offer everything needed to address the rigor of Common Core State Standards for Mathematics. The Student Edition helps students achieve fluency, speed, and confidence with grade-level-concepts. Our Go Math! Student Edition is write-in, and at every grade level, so students record their strategies, explanations, solutions, practice and test prep all in one place.


可依課程需求搭配 教師手冊 及各式 練習本 使用喔!

The Kindergerten Literature Big Book

Collection includes a set of six charming title which engage young learners in mathematics content. 1. Mortimer’s Math 2. Snowflakes and Ice Skates 3. The Shape of Things 4. One Moose, Twenty Mice 5. The Best Bug parade 6. Quack and Count

The Teacher Edition and

Planning Guide Collections

are organized into separate chapter booklets to help you flexibly organize your curriculum.


Innovative new science program garners “Best Use of Technology in Education and Training” 此系列榮獲 Global ICT Excellence Awards 之殊榮,是國際肯定 此教材推動資訊化的傑出成就。

Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

Science Fusion Kindergarten - Grade 8

Grade K 學生課本

Grade 1

Grade 2

Grade 3

Grade 4

Grade 5

本系列教材介紹 您還在困擾美國小學主流教材 (精裝版) 的課程內容份量很多嗎? 2012 全新版本,貼心設計,課本&練習本合二為一,再加上平裝版的設計減輕書包的重量。每一個年級特別安排一個單元, 課程規劃著重於培育學生成為一個有思考力、有創造力的科學家。 課程規劃包含了 Earth & Space Science、Physical Science、Life Science 三大主要領域。

Inquiry Flipchart

The Student Edition... > Challenges students to ask questions, think critically, and make informed decisions. > Provides your students with ownership opportunities towards enduring understandings of science. > Becomes a personal record of knowledge and a study guide for end-of-year exams.


2012 CODiE Awards Finalist 獲得SIIA教育類中「最佳教學方案」的殊榮。

ScienceFusion has been chosen as a finalist for the prestigious CODiE Award for Best K-12 Instructional Solution and Best Science-Health Instructional Solution in recognition of their contribution towards excellence in educational technology.

Science Fusion Kindergarten Kit Components 2


1. The Big Book of Science Songs and Rhymes enriches students’understanding of science. 2. The Big Book of Science Vocabulary introduces the concepts and vocabulary from the Student Edition. 3. The Science Songs CD reinforces unit concepts. 4. Inquiry Flipchart The labs and activities for every lesson in ScienceFusion are included on sturdy 11 X 17 laminated flip charts. These are ideal for conducting hands-on inquiry in small groups. 5. Vocabulary Cards 6. Picture Sorting Cards can be used with a variety of activities.

4 3



Middle School Science Grades 6-8 (Module A-K) ScienceFusion is a comprehensive, curriculum solution that blends print, technology, and hand-on activities to provide 360。 of inquiry. STEM features and activities are woven throughout the program to engage students and prepare them for the 21st century.



Module B Module A

Module E Module C

Module F

Module D


Module J

Module H Module G

Module I

Module K



Global Edition

Scott Foresman Science

Available in unit-based Student Edition.

Grade 1 ~Grade 6

Grade 1

Grade 2

Life, Earth, Physical, Space and Technology Modules.

Grade 3

Grade 4

Grade 5

Grade 6

本系列教材介紹 Spend less time planning and more time teaching science!

Scott Foresman Science is a carefully crafted program that helps you save time and support student learning.

Develop inquiry skills

Built on there levels of inquiry (directed, guided and full) to engage children in activities that build a strong science foundation and help them develop a full understanding of the inquiry process.

Develop reading skills

Every chapter features pictured vocabulary words for stundents to build background and target reading skills so teacher can teach how to read science.

Connect to all learners

Content Leveled Readers teach the same science concepts, vocabulary and reading skills - at each student’s reading level - and allow students to read and explore the wonders of non-fiction.


Jamestown Education Literature An Adapter Reader

國高中適用 Literature教材 Help english language learners interpret literature.

Grade 6 - Grade 12 ( Reading Levels 4-10 )

本系列教材介紹 這個系列的精選文學作品,適合六到十二年級的英文學習者。本系列的內容呈現都是易於理解的文選,漸進式的提升英文 閱讀能力。本書主要特色: > 囊括在該語言程度必須閱讀的文選。 > 各類的文學作品都在本系列展現,包含短篇小說、神話/傳說、劇本/史詩以及非小說類散文文學。 > 累積的閱讀技巧可幫助英文學習者變成語言偵探! > 在頁邊空白處的筆記提醒,可監督學習者的語文理解能力,加強字彙訓練以及建立文選的背景資料熟悉度。 > 文選最後附上的補充練習是由多項選擇題組成,可提供學習者熟悉正式的閱讀測驗模式。


World Windows Social Studies Reader / Level 1 - Level 3

Level 1

Level 1

This Social Studies series of 15 graded readers is based on National Geographic content and teachers children about the world around them. Full color workbook has a variety of exercises to reinforce vocabulary, reading and listening.

Level 2

Level 2

Level 3

Level 3

Social Studies Titles Level 1

Level 2

Level 3

My Friend and I


Land and Water

Way to Travel


A Savings Plan

School Rules


New Year Celebrations

Things Made of Wood

The City and the Country

Thomas Edison

In the Neighborhood

Good Citizens

Famous Landmarks


全套共7冊 適用 幼稚園至國小

Grade K - Grade 6

此套書共有七個年級,從基本的顏色形狀辨識、發音、字型字義,到閱讀理解能力訓練,提供 系統性的教導及有效的方法,逐步加強學習閱讀技巧。


Grade 2


全套共7冊 適用 幼稚園至國小

Grade K - Grade 6

此套書共有七個年級,Grades K-3 為基礎的發音(Phonics) 課程練習,Grades 4-6 增加 Word Study 的練習,教導基本的字彙結構,讓學習具備更好的閱讀能力。



Great Source


Kindergarten - Grade 8

Grade 2 Issue 1

Grade K Issue 5

Grade 1 Issue 3

Grade 3 Issue 5

Grade 6 Issue 4

Grade 4 Issue 4

Grade 5 Issue 2

本系列教材介紹 Magazine 系列從幼稚園到8年級,全套共有54個主題,內容多元活潑,涵蓋了知識、人文、科學、生活等各項文選,讓老師 可以節省更多時間,直接在54個主題中尋找適合的教材,課後並還有填字遊戲、故事討論等趣味學習活動,輕鬆有彈性的學習 份量,非常適合寒暑假等短期課程或課堂上的閱讀補充教材,深受各大學校喜愛!


Theme Magazines packed with high-interest fiction and nonfiction articles engage students in reading.

K e Issue Issue Issue Issue Issue Issue

1 2 3 4 5 6

Bugs Pets On the Go On the Farm At the Zoo Weather

3 de Issue Issue G Issue Issue Issue Issue

1 2 3 4 5 6

6 de Issue Issue G Issue Issue Issue Issue

1 2 3 4 5 6

d ra




1 e Issue Issue Issue Issue Issue Issue

1 2 3 4 5 6

Names Found on Farms Teeth Color Buggy Bugs Funny Things

Tales of the West Creatures Disaster It's a Mystery What's so Funny? In Space

4 de Issue Issue G Issue Issue Issue Issue

1 2 3 4 5 6

Snakes, etc. Masks Unexplained Mysteries Fantastic Fantasy Sports Deep in the Ocean

7 de Issue Issue G Issue Issue Issue Issue

1 2 3 4 5 6

d ra




2 e Issue Issue Issue Issue Issue Issue

1 2 3 4 5 6

Water Vehicles Anybody Home Giants Drumbeats Wild Animals

Hands on Pets Kids Get Around Beneath your Feet Celebrations Heroes and Heroines Garbage

5 de Issue Issue G Issue Issue Issue Issue

1 2 3 4 5 6

Adventure Everyday Heroes Sports Anyone? Outer Space Mystery Scary

Winter Sports Boats and Fantasy Science Fiction They Changed Our World Adventure Seekers Natural Disasters

8 de Issue Issue G Issue Issue Issue Issue

1 2 3 4 5 6

Ear Food Travel Far & Wide Gold Fever Adventure Sports in the City American's Natural Wonders

d ra




可搭配練習本使用 每本練習本皆包含該年級共六個主題,各個主題都有七張的 worksheet ,老師可根據課程規劃安排份量適中的練習活動。 每一篇主題都有配合的韻文小詩,在小朋友琅琅上口之餘,更增添課程活潑度;引導式的寫作,可藉由彩繪塗鴉表達出想像的 畫面,再開始步驟式的造句,架構出完整的文章;單字重組練習,是發揮想像力以及檢測所學字彙量的單元,藉由該主題的 key words去腦力激盪出更多連結的單字;動手操作單元可讓小朋友更有參與感,藉由圖片引導,來回答問題,是最佳的分組 活動;主題總結是藉由“自我經驗”的寫作,讓學生整合學習經驗,把主題式的教學轉化成活用的知識。


Volume 1

最新版本 Phonics系列, 特別為幼稚園至國小 學生所設計。

Specialty for Kids


Book A ~Book D

Book A

Book C

Book B

Book D

本系列教材介紹 本系列涵蓋26個字母發音,子音、短母音、長母音、複合子音和特殊發音,透過活潑生動的彩色圖案及反覆練習的章節, 幫助孩子循序漸進的運用自然發音,進而了解『字 Letter』與『音 Sound』的結構。 本教材每個發音有4頁的練習,分別是���識、辨別、符合及挑選正確圖文的活動內容;每5個發音練習後會有 Review 的章 節,幫助小朋友複習之前所學加強記憶,讓學習能更快的上軌道。


Red Chair Press

Start Smart: Money Grade 1 - Grade 3 本系列教材介紹 本系列讀本(每本24頁),適用於 Gr.1-3 / Age 6-9 的中低年級孩童。特別針對小朋友設計出基本技能的培養,挑選出品格教育 、生活教育…等等最實用的題材。在金錢觀念的主題裡,小朋友可以建立財務金融方面的單字能力以及理解能力,建立收入、 存款、購物以及費用分擔的基本概念。

Titles included in the complete set are: Kids Making Money ● Saving for the Future ● Super-Smart Shopping ● Sharing with other

Red Chair Press

PROBLEM SOLVED! Readers Pre-K - Pre-k-1 Grades Grade 2 Ages 3-6

本系列教材介紹 本系列讀本(每本有28頁內容),適用於 Gr.Pre-K-2 / Age 3-6 的學齡前/低年級孩童。讀本裡頭呈現出各式實境生活中,孩子會 面臨到的貼切問題。每個故事都展現出不同特色的主角如何運用自己的特點解決問題。每冊讀本也都專注於如何透過合作、 創造力、努力以及毅力解決問題。另外,所有的故事透過韻文的方式來表達,讓學習更琅琅上口、活潑有趣。

Titles included in the complete set are: ● ● ● ●


Ted's Week: A lesson on bullying The Big Race: A lesson on perseverance Bun's New Hats: A lesson on self-esteem The Big Box: A lesson on being honest

● ● ● ●

Pip's Picnic: A lesson on responsibility Field Day: A lesson on empathy Ted's Surprise: A lesson on teamwork A New Friend: A lesson on friendship

Red Chair Press

Funny Bone Readers

Developing Character

本系列教材介紹 其實,每個小朋友心中都有一把尺,知道什麼是對的,而什麼是錯的。但是,幫助孩子發展出更完整的品格其實更具挑戰性。 在讀本中,無論在教室或是在家中,藉由六大核心價值:關懷、尊重、責任、公民品德、公正以及可靠/誠信,讓小朋友都能 從有趣的故事以及糊塗的角色中去連結自身行為。

(Developing Character Teacher’s Guide also available.)

Red Chair Press

Funny Bone Readers

Living Healthy

本系列教材介紹 小朋友需要幫助以及引導去判斷如何面對霸凌行為、如何維持勤奮以及吃健康的 食物。在讀本中,小朋友可以從幽默的故事中學習到跟生活中息息相關的常識。

(Living Healthy Teacher’s Guide also available.)


布克 布 克 聽聽 兒童數位閱讀網

本系列教材介紹 本系列是專為3-12歲兒童量身打造的數位閱讀網站,匯集世界各地知名作家、 插畫家和出版社的精選繪本,轉製為結合閱讀及娛樂效果的互動電子書, 不但保留閱讀本質,更增添了閱讀的吸引力與樂趣。 特別規劃 300 本經典好書,讓孩子透過閱讀培養好品格,同時訓練英語耳朵, 更重要的是培養閱讀興趣,成為未來學習的最佳基礎!

100本 中文品德培養故事 主題包含:認識自己、人際互動、觀懷環境、熱愛生命、人物傳記。 內容包含:台灣新聞局優良讀物、台灣教師學會推薦好書、台灣新聞局「小太陽獎」最佳 編輯獎、國語日報牧笛獎、中國時報開卷最佳圖書、聯合報讀書人最佳童書等 得獎圖書。

100本 英語分級閱讀讀本 主題包含:英語單字/發音、經典童謠、閱讀讀本、生活教育故事內容。 內容包含:L i v e A B C 英語教材、美國學前書名錄最佳書籍、N i c k J r. ’s 最佳童書獎圖書、 曾獲「布拉迪斯國際插畫雙年展金蘋果獎」法國童書作家安德魯.德翰作品系 列。(英語程度達全民英檢初級)

100本 雙語經典故事寓言 主題包含:安徒生童話、伊索寓言、西洋經典故事。 內容包含:5 0 本中文故事、5 0 本英文故事、來自遠東圖書、空中英語教室、英國 L i o n Hud s o n 出版社授權讀本、及台灣新聞局中小學生優良課外讀物得獎圖書。 (英文故事內容達全民英檢初級)

英文字母學習系列 本系列教材 Handwriting Book / Flash Cards / Alphabet Chart 及 Learn to Write Set,專為3-5歲及 初學英文字母的小朋友所設計。運用了Track、Trace & Write三大技巧,逐步引導小朋友做正楷字母 的運筆練習。


● 本產品一組4片入(PP塑膠材質) ● 尺寸:15cm X 60 cm ● 厚度:0.1cm

如果您需要了解目錄以外的產品或特價訊息,歡迎來電洽詢或至本公司網站 , 也歡迎您與本公司聯絡,我們將為您提供更詳盡的介紹與諮詢。 地址:台中市南屯區大墩11街156號6樓

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