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Tritent International Corp. was established in September of 2000 in Chicago, IL. Headquartered in Chicago, IL, the Company has initially engaged in the importation and manufacturing of tobacco products. It has since evolved into a group company consisting of Tritent International Motor Corp., Tritent Realty Corp. and Tritent Int’l Agriculture, Inc.

Mr. Hsieh received his J.D. from the University of Iowa, LL.M. in Int’l Law with a concentration in international project financing from Georgetown University. He has been an active practicing attorney for 20 years. Mr. Hsieh also has substantial business experience, including establishing Tritent International Corp. and currently serving as Chairman of the Board. He has accumulated more than ten years of successful experiencea in international trade, especially in the tobacco industry. Tritent International Corp. conducted its tobacco manufacturing, importation and marketing business with more than $5 million in average annual sales under Mr. Hsieh's management. He remains in charge of the overall management of the company.

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Nathaniel Hsieh 79 West Monroe Street, Suite 1007, Chicago IL 60603 (312) 842-7200

Factory address 145 Industrial St., SE, Cascade, IA 52033 Tel: (312) 345-5888 Fax: (888)988-8130 Website:

Tritent International Corp  
Tritent International Corp | Tritent International Corp. was established in September of 2000 in Chicago, IL. Headquartered in Chicago, IL, th...