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From our President At Union we are all about the raising up of leaders who are ready to dedicate themselves to serving the Church of Christ – for the blessing of the world.   In all our academic programmes, our formation of leaders, and our training of preachers, we want to see our students delighting in God and captured by the glory of Christ. Gazing on him, we are ‘transformed into his image with ever-increasing glory’ (2 Corinthians 3:18). His glory is that which shines brightly

into darkness, and into the hearts of lost men and women (2 Corinthians 4:6). Enjoying the God of glory in the face of his Son, we begin to shine with his brightness and go out with his gospel. If churches are to be vibrant, they need leaders who truly love God and share his passions. So at Union, we seek to raise well-rounded leaders: humble leaders of head and heart who are theologically strong and mission-minded. We also want


to support and equip those leaders in church planting, with resources, and by meaningful ongoing friendship. This Prospectus will introduce you to Union School of Theology and all that’s on offer here – but it will also give you a taste of what Union is about more broadly, and the many ways we might work together to serve the Church and bless the world. Rev’d Dr Michael Reeves President and Professor of Theology

From our Provost At Union School of Theology we encourage both academic and spiritual growth. Central to this is studying and worshipping in community, and pastoral care. Whether you are based on campus full-time, come for short teaching blocks, or join one of our local Learning Communities, you will work with others who support and encourage you. We are also committed to flexible and accessible approaches to theological study – both in terms of location and modes of study. UST’s growing network of learning works in partnership with churches and Christian organisations in the Evangelical and Reformed

tradition, and now extends from the UK across Europe, and into North America. It includes men and women of different nationalities, backgrounds, denominations, and levels of experience. We aim to provide a route of training that meets your need, is accessible to you, and works to grow the church around the world. Please contact us if you need further information, or would like to visit us on an Open Day or a Taster Day. We would love to see you!   Ian Shaw Provost, Union School of Theology

We place the Bible at the centre of theological study; explore the profound riches of Christian doctrine; and work to develop key practical ministry skills.



Our Prospectus “Our programmes aim to prepare Christians for a lifetime of service in ministry, integrating theology and practice. Our students go on to work in many different contexts, and to prepare them for this we want them to get the foundational blocks in place.” Ian Shaw Provost, Union School of Theology

Union’s vision - Growing Leaders for Growing Churches - is about mission that is fruitful, effective and longlasting. Under God, our aim is to recruit, raise and deploy church leaders, providing them with rigorous, biblical and accessible education, training and resources. The School of Theology exists to help raise up future leaders who will bring gospel growth in post-Christian Europe. On our campus and in our regional Learning Communities we deliver a widely respected theological education, from BA to PhD, that is both geographically and financially


accessible. The School specialises in studies for ministry and scholarship, including Bible, theology, church history, and preaching. If you study at UST, above all, we want you to delight in God and grow in Christ and thereby serve the church and bless the world. This magazine prospectus is just a brief taste of what Union School of Theology has to offer. For more information, please visit our website or you can email specific questions to We also have a number of Taster Days throughout the year, and you are always welcome to visit us at our campus or our Oxford base.

About Union School of Theology Who is it for? “As I look out at the evangelical church training landscape there are many reasons for encouragement, and the one at the top of the list for me, is Union.” Dr Dane Ortlund Executive Vice President of Bible Publishing, Crossway

Union is for everyone. We offer a huge range of fine theological tools to bless and serve the whole church, from podcasts to PhDs and everything inbetween. Whether you are part of a church, in leadership already, or want to be equipped to lead a local church in the future, there is something for you at Union. Our School of Theology has 150 students in the UK and Europe this year. From BA to PhD, studying with Union will equip you to delight in God, grow in Christ, serve the church and bless the world.

for full-time residential study, with excellent facilities and all the advantages of community learning. Union also has a growing network of Learning Communities across the UK, Europe and North America. If moving away to train for ministry isn’t an option financially, geographically, or simply because you love being part of your church, this is a ministry-minded and cost-effective option. Union Learning Communities are led by excellent local mentors with pastoral experience. All course materials, examinations and accreditations are provided by Union.

There are two ways to do it. We have a campus in South Wales



Resourcing the church and blessing the world with the knowledge of God. As part of our commitment to grow leaders for sustainable and healthy mission, Union Resources will provide quality theological material for our student-leaders and their churches.

BA Hons The BA (Hons) is our flagship campus-based course for all those preparing for gospel ministry. It provides a robust biblical and theological education at the heart of the Union community, giving hands-on experience of what it means for theological rigour to fuel the mission of the church.

Equipping preachers and teachers, pastors and theologians to serve the church and bless the world. Our BA in Theology aims to offer the richest possible leadership formation experience. Studying alongside fellow students and faculty, you will have a unique opportunity to develop not only your biblical and theological knowledge, but also the spiritual wisdom and practical skills you will need for effective ministry. During the programme, you will study God’s word in depth, master essential Christian doctrines and learn how to understand and assess the views of major theologians down the ages. Learning biblical languages is optional, but our Greek and Hebrew teaching is widely recognised as exceptional, and we would warmly encourage you to take up the challenge.

We offer a wide range of applied modules and formative workshops directly relevant to your future ministry. Our BA (Hons) students graduate with a solid grounding in God’s word and a strong and comprehensive theology of preaching, pastoring, and mission. Studying at the home of Union has its own unique benefits. Set in the beautiful Welsh countryside with delightful gardens, 30 comfortable study bedrooms and an extensive library makes the campus a great place to study and live. Why not book a Taster Day? *This programme is subject to Validation.

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The BA (Hons) is our flagship campus-based course for all those preparing for gospel ministry. It provides a robust biblical and theological education at the heart of the Union community.



GDip Our Graduate Diploma in Theology is a highly flexible and innovative course, delivered through the Union Cloud platform at approved Learning Communities around the world. It brings a widely respected theological education within reach geographically, financially, and in terms of time commitment. Embedding students in a spiritually formative community within a local church context, it offers an exciting and valid alternative for those for whom three years of full-time campus study is simply not an option.

Accessed exclusively through church Learning Communities, our GDip students enjoy the best of both worlds: the quality of theological teaching, monitoring, and resourcing worthy of the very best seminary (utilising the Union Cloud and digital library), together with the convenience and added value of sharing and growing together in vibrant local settings under the care and guidance of an experienced Lead Mentor. The GDip is designed for those who already have a basic theological knowledge (either through a ministry training course or from private study) as well as some ministry experience. Whether you are

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just starting out, or are an established church leader who has simply missed out on a formal theological education, the GDip could well be your ideal solution. The course covers all foundational aspects of theology, while offering various options (including biblical languages) to meet differing needs. Union’s values of delighting in God, growing in Christ, serving the Church and blessing the world inform every module, and both personal spiritual formation and development of practical skills are a priority. *This programme is subject to Validation.

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MTh The Master of Theology programme is designed to produce the wise and thoughtful leaders that churches today so desperately need. It offers a flexible and high-level theological equipping for gospel ministry in today’s culture, complementing and completing our BA and GDip programmes. We believe our Master of Theology in Scriptural Context programme is unique for two reasons. First, we want to serve the needs of pastors, theologians and those in full time work or ministry concerned to increase their understanding and expertise in a wide range of disciplines. So you may choose a mix of modules covering both academic theology and more applied and pastoral subjects. Secondly, we want to offer maximum flexibility of delivery to accommodate the busy and ever-changing routines of those in church leadership. So you may choose to study modules over an intensive few days on campus or over a more extended period in our off-campus Learning Communities. Whichever way you prefer to study, we guarantee the quality of theological teaching, monitoring, and resourcing remains the same. In both contexts you will discover the value of learning alongside fellow students from very different backgrounds and profit from highly experienced and pastorally sensitive supervision.

Mode of Delivery Campus On campus, the MTh programme may be completed on a full-time basis in 12 months, or on a part-time basis taking up to 6 years. Most part-time students complete their modules in 2-3 years. Six intensive teaching weeks are scheduled each year, in three periods of consecutive weeks. Two weeks are held at the end of August and beginning of September, two are held in early January, and two are held in March. A full-time student will need to attend all 6 teaching weeks in the academic year.

Learning Communities The MTh accessed through Learning Communities is available as a two year, part-time option. In Learning Communities, students work through the MTh modules in a less intensive way, typically coming together on a weekly basis throughout the teaching weeks of the semester. Enjoy the advantage of learning together in a vibrant local setting under the support of an experienced Lead Mentor.

*This programme is subject to Validation.



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PhD Union is dedicated to raising up the next generation of evangelical scholars who will resource and equip the church with theology of the highest quality. Our research degrees give students the opportunity to explore their subject in great depth, supported by a dedicated supervisory team.

Theological excellence that strengthens the church and fuels its mission.

the production of a researchbased thesis (c.80,000 words). Union School of Theology offers the PhD degree through a collaborative partnership with the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (Free University of Amsterdam). The Vrije Universiteit (VU) is one of Europe’s leading universities, with a strong interest in Reformed theology, so this is an exciting partnership. In the 2018 QS rating of universities the Vrije Universiteit ranks no. 5 worldwide in the field of Theology and Religious Studies.

A research degree at Union School of Theology will allow you to study a subject in depth under the supervision of leading evangelical scholars. There are no class-based taught modules, which means that you can study with us, wherever you are in the world. The PhD is a postgraduate award achieved following


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Global Ministry Course Campus-based and built around the English Language programmes of Union School of Theology, the GMC mentors and disciples students who have a vision for global ministry.

Training Disciples for Global Ministry The GMC seeks to strengthen the faith of those from nonEnglish speaking countries whose longing is to delight in God, grow in Christ, serve the church, and so bless the world.

The 6-month Global Ministry Course and the 13-week Intensive Global Ministry Course offer English language study while deepening the students’ understanding of the gospel and Christian belief. The varied curriculum is designed to produce Christ-like disciples who develop a global mindset and become the Christian leaders of their generation. The GMC caters for English language students from preintermediate to advanced levels, preparing them for University of Cambridge and IELTS examinations up to university entry standard. The Intensive Global Ministry Course offers similar content in abridged form.


Living with British students on our campus provides students with daily English practice. As students attend a local church, their confidence and spiritual maturity can grow as they enjoy opportunities to serve and meet with other Christians. The course includes regular day trips to local and national tourist attractions and Christian heritage sites. An organised and accompanied trip to another European country is also provided and is always a highlight of the course. The GMC runs from July-December and January-June.


We work closely with many churches, networks and agencies to recruit, raise and strategically deploy church leaders where they can be most useful. WWW.UST.AC.UK



There are two learning pathways available at the School of Theology: residential study on our campus in South Wales, and our local Learning Communities. Both will equip you for a ministry fuelled by a love for Jesus.

Learning Communities What is a Learning Community? A robust theological education is vital to a healthy and sustainable ministry. Persuaded that formal theological education had for many become too expensive and inaccessible, we established a new learning pathway. We still offer full-time residential study at BA level and beyond on our campus in Wales. But, now we also have a growing number of Learning Communities in the UK,

Europe and North America, opening up access to gospelhearted, academically rigorous theological education like never before.

What course do you offer in a Learning Community? We typically offer a Graduate Diploma in Theology, which takes two years (part time) to complete. It’s designed for those who already have a degree in any subject and is a broad


introduction to theological study, including biblical languages. The MTh accessed through Learning Communities is also available as a part-time option. In Learning Communities, students work through the MTh modules in a less intensive way, typically coming together on a weekly basis throughout the teaching weeks of the semesters. All the teaching and assessment is delivered by UST lecturers, with a local Lead Mentor facilitating the work of the Learning Community.

Who is a Learning Community for? Anyone! Our emphasis is on training leaders, but we believe that theology is for everyone, for life. The GDip is a gospelhearted course for pastors, preachers, women’s workers, music ministers, children’s workers, evangelists, church planters, and anyone else who recognises the value of an excellent theological education. Across our Learning Communities we have men and women in church ministry and secular employment – current and future leaders – who simply wish to be better prepared for ministry.

How does a Learning Community work? A Learning Community is typically hosted by a local church, and led by a Mentor – often an experienced church leader. UST handles student admissions. Each Learning Community has around eight students from local churches. A Learning Community running the GDip gathers for a day a week, for 22 weeks a year, to watch videoed lectures and discuss them with their Mentor. All “classroom”

resources are provided by UST. Private study and essays are done in the students’ own time, and all teaching, marking, and assessment is done by UST faculty using the Union Cloud. Students are mentored in ministry, gain pastoral understanding, and experience spiritual formation in the context of their existing relationships and church family.


London Liverpool Worthing Bristol Porthcawl Oxford Tunbridge Wells Birmingham Eastbourne Hull Newcastle Greater Manchester Hensingham

Where we are


With an international base in Oxford, a campus in South Wales and Communities spread regionally and internationally, making theological education and training accessible for all.

Rome Athens Helsinki

North America

Calgary Newfoundland Tulsa

We have locations from Hull to Helsinki and Liverpool to Athens. To find one near you, use the link to explore our interactive map.

Find our locations at ust.



Campus Life Our campus provides a unique residential learning experience and a home for the Union family. Our campus is centred on a nineteenth-century manor house set in beautiful grounds beside the heritage coastline of South Wales. With an excellent library, conference hall and chapel, accommodation and cutting-edge teaching facilities, it is the home of our full-time teaching programmes, offering all the benefits of traditional residential training.

Residential education Studying for the BA or MTh on our campus offers all the classic advantages of an excellent seminary education, now with the added benefits of being part of Union. It is a great privilege to be able to take two or three years out to lay a solid foundation for effective gospel ministry, and life on campus is enriched through daily worship and fellowship with faculty, students and the wider Union family. Time spent here is an opportunity to grow in Christ and establish friendships that will bear fruit for life.

More than a college campus As well as residential education, our campus provides us with a conference centre for all the Union family, and a place for retreat for short-term intensive study breaks. Students from our Learning Communities - and pastors on sabbatical have the chance to come and benefit from this vibrant and refreshing community. More than a college campus, we see it as a seedbed of the gospel, embodying our values.

What can you study here? BA in Theology Masters in Theology PhD Global Ministry Course


Current fees can be found at

Library Our physical library serves both our campus community and our Learning Communities. It is also a resource for those in ministry, or Christians simply wishing to extend their theological understanding. The library houses a large and growing range of books and journals (print and digital), keeping students at the cutting edge of academic theology, as well as a range of electronic resources. Meanwhile, our digital library provides seamless access to an academically and historically deep theological library for all our students. It gives students in Learning Communities access to a wide range of quality resources of resource

with campus students, and enables the wider church to source relevant literature around the world through any digital device.

Ongoing support Union provides ongoing support to students, including a suite of free online theological resources and a growing range of books. We run regional conferences, hosted by Learning Communities, which focus on equipping churches in anything from preaching to urban mission. Â At UST we care about shaping the hearts and lives of our students. Our Pastoral Dean oversees and models pastoral care with a passion for training and mentoring students, and


a desire that churches are led by pastors who are theologically rich, ministering with the heart of the Chief Shepherd. Â Union Mission also offers our graduates who are planting churches potential access to a significant funding pot.

Fees and Funding Union wants to help you with every aspect of your studies, including any financial matters. We welcome your questions and are happy to give support and guidance wherever you need it. We can also help you with preparing applications to grantmaking trusts or fundraising letters to supporters. Please just ask.


Fuelling the church’s mission through theological excellence. Union Research will resource and fuel Union’s mission with the highest quality theology. WWW.UST.AC.UK



More information Admissions If you would like to find out more information about our courses, locations or how to apply, please fill out the enquiry form online, or call the Admissions Office on 0330 123 4446 (press option 2 for the School, and then option 1).

Open Day and Taster Days Whether you’re a prospective student, a pastor or church planter, or still considering whether ministry is for you, come along to Union School of Theology’s open day to find out what’s on offer for you. Visit our website for information about the next open day.

Wales Campus

Union School of Theology Bryntirion House Bridgend CF31 4DX UK T: 0330 123 4446 E: W:





Resourcing the church and blessing the world with the knowledge of God. Our campus and our regional Learning Communities together deliver a widely respected theological education - from BA to PhD - that is both geographically and financially accessible.


School of Theology




School of Theology Union Foundation is a company registered in England and Wales. Registered number: 1987227 Charity registered in Wales number: 517324 Registered office: Union Foundation, Bryntirion House, Bryntirion, Bridgend, CF31 4DX WWW.UST.AC.UK

Prospectus 2018/19  

Union School of Theology Prospectus: find out about campus and learning communities, courses and research.

Prospectus 2018/19  

Union School of Theology Prospectus: find out about campus and learning communities, courses and research.