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Apprenticeships in thein NHS Investing


Skills for Health Sector Skills Council for Health UK-wide body covering NHS, Independent and voluntary sectors Board – very senior employers + TUC + 4 Health Departments Champion investment in skills to raise productivity and improve the quality of healthcare to patients

Our sector 2.1 million people employed in the health sector across the UK 7.8% of total UK workforce 71% in public sector i.e. NHS 28% in independent sector 1% in voluntary sector 60% Professionally qualified

SfH Partnership with Unions June 2009 signed MOU between SfH/Union Learn(TUC) and NHS Trade Unions England “ambition to increase the learning and development opportunities available for all staff and especially those in pay Bands 1 to 4�

MOU Practical Outcomes Contextualised “Climbing Frame” – practical support tool for Union Learning Reps for the health sector “Growing Your Own” (a practical guide to growing your own professionals) Language, literacy and numeracy – initial assessment tool. Secondment (Candida Outridge) from Unison to support the work of the Joint Action Working Group Work on Joint Investment Framework

SfH contribution to Past Successes £100 million joint investment framework (brokered between SHAs and LSC) – 30,000 training interventions per annum Doubled uptake of our e-learning modules – to 250,000 per annum this year Apprenticeships – nearly 10,000 starts in 2010/11

SfH contributed to Past Successes Regional Academies (NW, NE, London) Directly Supported just under 1,500 learners in 2010/11 Our Employment Progression Programmes (42% in employment after 52 weeks, 38% in employment between 25-51 weeks)

Productivity and quality (National Transferable roles and New Ways of Working) E.g. Myocardial Perfusion Stress Testing Supervision Role – reduced waiting times at North Cumbria University Hospital from 72 weeks to 2-6 weeks

Looking to the Future

Public sector deficit = “flat” finance over next 45 years (and probably beyond) “Productivity Gap” - £20 billion Pressure on training/development budgets (particularly bands 1-4 support workforce)

SfH View Increasing focus on: Service transformation Productivity and quality of healthcare Skill mix Workforce redesign and development ÂŁ20 billion productivity target will not be hit unless we utilise the skills of our whole workforce

Flexibility, Flexibility and Flexibility

Modular/competence-based approach Transferable/transparent skills Flexible education/training delivery

SfH Future input Developing with support from UKCES:National Skills Academy for Health Skills Utilisation (Regional Networks/employer support) New National Transferable Role templates for Support Workers Code of conduct and training curricula for Health Care Assistants (DH England) Skills Passport and new induction standards/wider frameworks

18 – 20 year olds in England, 2005/06 to 2020/21 2.1m



1.8m 200506




Thank you for listening

Apprenticeships in the NHS John Rogers Chief Executive Skills for Health E-mail:

Skills Investment Presentations - John Rogers, Skills for Health  

Presentations from our Skills Investment seminar on December 1st 2011. A view from the health sector.

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