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TUC resources for trade union workplace representatives

Whether you are a shop steward, or a trade union rep for equality, green issues, learning, or health and safety, the TUC offers a range of guidance just for you. This is designed to complement the information your own union produces.

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“Trade union reps are the unsung heroes of Britain’s workplaces, advising millions of union members, and volunteering their time and energy for free simply to help and support their work colleagues”

Make sure you have a copy of The TUC Workplace Manual, a 208-page practical reference work in one volume for all union reps. This manual provides practical advice for trade union workplace reps on issues they are likely to encounter every day. Extensive checklists, case studies and web resources all place the emphasis on dealing with issues before they become real problems, and following best practice in negotiating and organising to build union strength.

Brendan Barber, TUC General Secretary

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Every rep will appreciate the wealth of practical advice and knowledge in this book. If you are on a TUC or union training course, you can get a copy at a discounted price of only £10 plus p&p. To buy a copy call 020 7467 1294 and quote “HS104 – reps price”

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The TUC website is your first point of advice on all the main issues you are likely to have to deal with. There are pages on all types of workplace situations as well as material for activists and organisers. It also gives you the latest news and information issued by the TUC. is the website just for workplace reps. It is a place where you can post queries, talk to other reps in your sector or area, and get up-to-date news on the issues that matter most to you. You can also register for the free fortnightly email newsletter, covering pay and conditions, tribunals’ updates and information on developments affecting the work of reps. Reps can also get regular e-bulletins on the issues that interest them emailed directly to their inbox. These range from the weekly Risks, covering health and safety, to the monthly Equality News. We also produce In-touch, which is a monthly round-up of TUC news. To register just go to

TUC Education is responsible for building union capacity through training union workplace reps and professionals. TUC Education courses offer high quality, accredited union reps training through a network of colleges of further and higher education across the UK.

TUC Education Online offers a genuine alternative to classroom-based courses and offers a convenient and effective solution to union reps seeking to develop their skills and knowledge. Full details of the course curriculum and venues are available from the unionlearn website at: Newly available, bite-size chunks of learning for trade union reps, called ‘e-Notes’, are also available. To check out the first of a new series of informative online briefings for union reps go to log on and take a look.

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TUC resources for trade union workplace representatives