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HOWARD THOMAS AND CARLOS CAVALLE — It is our pleasure to report on the current and upcoming activities of the SMS Fellows. We recently held our annual meeting in conjunction with the SMS Conference in Rome. At the meeting, we inducted Duane Ireland and Irene Duhaime, who are now considered Active members of our group. A warm welcome to them both! The Fellows also discussed the possibility of partnering with the Strategy Research Foundation to create an electronic library of interviews with some of the senior scholars in strategic management as way to document the history of the field. As of January 1, 2011, Carlos Cavalle will assume the role of Dean of the Fellows. He will be replacing Howard Thomas, who served in this role for the past two years. This past September, we issued a call to all Active Fellows to submit their nominations for candidates to stand for election for the Deputy Dean position. Per the Fellows Constitution, the two individuals who received the highest number of nominations would be placed on the ballot. These two individuals were Robert Burgelman and Rita McGrath, and we are pleased to announce that Rita McGrath has been elected the new Deputy Dean of the SMS Fellows. Rita is a well-known scholar, and we are confident that she will make an excellent Deputy Dean. Included on these pages is a roster of the Fellows. It is a precept of the Fellows that once elected, a member will be forever listed as a Fellow, including CK Prahalad, a friend and colleague who passed away earlier this year.

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Deputy Dean Carlos Cavalle

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