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rio conference

Conference Co-Chair William Newburry Florida International University

Conference Co-Chair Ronaldo Parente Rutgers University

Conference Co-Chair Angela de la Rocha PUC-Rio

BILL NEWBURRY — In March 2011, immediately following Brazilian “Carnaval”, the Strategic Management Society will bring together emerging market scholars from different parts of the world together with business executives and government officials in a special conference focused on the role of Latin American multinationals in the emerging world economy in the exciting and exotic location of Rio de Janeiro. Recent events have led to major changes in the world economy, with emerging markets gaining interest amongst global strategy scholars, business consultants, and managers. However, a review of publications on firms from emerging markets in top management journals reveals that the vast majority of recent work in this area has tended to focus on firms in Asia and transition economies. While China is the top emerging market destination of foreign direct investment (United Nations, 2009), other emerging markets provide important growth opportunities and offer distinct economic, political, and social challenges critical to the development of a more complete understanding of strategy issues which will shape the global economy for years to come. This conference seeks to contribute to this understanding by creating a scholarly forum for the study of Latin America companies, industries, trade and investment. Latin America is demonstrating increasing strategic connections to other emerging markets and to the developed world. The Latin American region has gained prominence as an FDI destination – particularly for North American firms with close ties to the region as well as for European firms (and particularly Spanish companies), and as a source of imports

rio workshops In conjunction with our special conference in Rio we will hold two workshops preceding the conference. Doctoral Workshop The main objective of the this workshop is to provide a supportive setting where participants can receive direct advise regarding their regarding the structure of their current research project, receive guidance on how to publish their research in the most appropriate outlets, develop their research interests in a unique interactive workshop and broaden their academic network with senior faculty as well as other current doctoral students. Paper Development Workshop

Conference Co-Chair Jorge da Silva PUC-Rio


The main objective of the workshop is to provide a supportive setting where participants can: receive feedback on current research projects in strategic management to regional scholars, gain insight on the publication process in international academic journals and network with scholars from the region and with a group of senior representatives of major international journals.

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