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SMJ Journal Vault In celebration of the 30th anniversary of of the Strategic Management Journal, we opened the journal vault for members. We have been offering the journals free of charge as a thank you to our members! We ask that members pay for the cost of shipping and handling of the journals. Request your missing copies now! Our inventory is slimming down significantly and the vault is open for a limited time.

To view our inventory and to request copies, please visit

CALL for VOLUNTEERS Are you interested in helping to generate future issues of this Newsletter publication? SMS is looking for volunteers that want to take on responsibility as authors and/or Editors of our bi-annual Newsletter and similar member publications. Please contact the Executive Director, Niko Pelka at for more information and to indicate your interest.


new in 2011! GSJ subscription All 2011 SMS members will automatically receive an annual subscription to the Global Strategy Journal. Print and online access will be a part of your member benefits. We are pleased to welcome the GSJ to the SMS family of journals. We are happy to be able to add this membership benefit without a raise in membership dues thanks to the overall growth of SMS membership. The first issue is slated for publication in June of 2011. See page 8 of this newsletter for additional information.




GLOB S T R A TA L EGY gsj.strategi




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