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JEUUNION Summer 2012/ 5772 UPDATE


“a home away from home”

Chabad at Union - Rohr Jewish Student Center

Farewell Union 12

High ligh ts

—Spring 2012

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Dear Friends, This past June, Chabad completed 5 years of working with the Jewish students at Union College! Established in 2008, Chabad kicked into high gear in the fall of 2009. A group of dedicated and passionate students worked with the college to have Chabad become an official student organization at Union. They became the founding members of Chabad at Union. We were delighted to honor the graduating class of 2012 at the senior appreciation dinner. All 26 graduating seniors received a book, Toward a Meaningful Life, as a sign of friendship with a message for each senior. The founding members of Chabad, who stood strong to enrich Jewish life at Union, were each presented with a customized hard hat and personalized golden shovel as a token of appreciation for their “ground-breaking” achievement! Sam Sylvetsky, VP of Global Sales for Fortitech and a Union College parent, shared with the students a message of optimism and patience in this time of economic challenge. They also enjoyed a photo slideshow of 4 years of memories at Chabad! We will miss you all dearly. 4 years of sharing, celebrating and working together have created a bond that we define as family. You are our family! Your amazing strives to take Jewish life to a whole new level will inspire us forever. There is a Chassidic saying “friends don't say goodbye”, while we will miss you, you will always be part of the family. L’Chaim to many more years at Union! Shana Tova! Love, Rabbi Shmuly, Laiky, Mendel & Yitzchak Rubin

“Being a part of the Union Chabad Community is an instrumental part of my happiness on campus. The large network of outgoing students that I meet through various events and programs make campus a lot easier to navigate and helped make Union feel a lot more like home. Becoming involved with a group as passionate as Chabad can only help improve ones quality of life on campus as the program is structured to offer students a wide variety of opportunities to participate in.“

-Joe Hinderstein, Union ‘15

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73 students at Shabbat Dinner with Chabad and AEPi! Growing Shabbat dinners averaging over 43 students weekly! Record breaking “Shabbat at Chabad” with 56 Students! Lively family Passover Seders with 55 students! Kosher for Passover meal plan served over 220 lunches & holiday dinner meals! Shabbat on the Go at Relay for Life 55 students enjoy kosher dining at “Schwarma Fest” Lag Bomer—Guys Club Barbeque 30 students attend Matzah Pizza & Afikomen Hunt Together with the Kenney Community Center & ZBT, Challah bake sale raises $300 for the Schenectady South Ave. Park! “We Will Never Forget” 500 names displayed in Campus Center! Spring Midnight Breakfast in Reamer Pit! Shabbat dinner with Andrea Silvershein of NCJW! Numerous Chabad sunglasses ”Live the CHAI life!” spotted daily! Shavuot Minyan reading of the Ten Commandments and all night Torah learning! Women’s Only Lunch N Learn on “Judaism’s Best Kept Secrets” & Mikvah tour! Spring Midnight Breakfast in Reamer Pit! 12 personalized shovels & hard hats for Chabad founding members! Senior Appreciation Dinner in honor of the class of 2012! 100 guests at the Graduation Weekend Shabbat lunch! Every Personal Relationship Formed

CHABAD at UNION Rohr Jewish Student Center

225 Seward Place Schenectady, NY 12305

A project of

Chabad Lubavitch of the Capital District

Non-Profit-Org US Postage

PAID Albany NY Permit #233

Chabad in Pictures Please Note: Many of our events take place on Shabbat or the holidays when traditionally many workday activities are forbidden including picture taking, our selection is limited to days other then Shabbat (unless taken before sunset) and Holidays.

Shabbat dinner with Andrea Silvershein of NCJW!

“Shabbat to Go� at Relay for Life

Challah Baking for South St. Park

It is a Mitzvah to publicize those who perform good deeds and acts of kindness" - Rabbi Shlomo ibn Aderet (12th Century Spain)

Thank You for your support Sheldon & Rochelle Abelson AEPi Lance & Renee Anisfeld Marcel & Irene Anisfeld Dr. & Mrs. Kenneth Barofsky Dr. & Mrs. Claudio Benadiva Kenneth & Lori Berger Neil & Debra Berger Fredda Berger Dr. & Mrs. Richard Berniker Janice Block Aaron Feingold & Brenda Liebowitz Dr. & Mrs. Les & Cindy Burns Jeffrey Calish & Lillian Konowitz Jeffrey & Felicia Cerini Mark Chaskes Dr. & Mrs. Michael Chaskes Fred Claar Andrew Cohen & Melanie Adler Jesse L. Cohen Rabbi. & Mrs. Menachem Cohen David Cohen Rabbi & Mrs. Chaim Cohen Lois Dubs Laurie Douglas & Eugene Goldfield Bernard & Bernice Factor Kenneth Falcon Ben & Rachel Federman Rashi & Ruth Fein Michael & Fein David & Ellen Feldman

Hans & Ruth Fisher Elon Gaffin-Cahn Dr. & Mrs. Gary Gecelter Rachel Gecelter Joshua Gilman Dr. & Mrs. Howard & Linda Gilman Vickie & Andrew Glosser Paul & Rita Glosser Samuel & Shirley Goldman Mindy Goldstein Lewis Golinker & Joy Blumkin Dr. & Mrs. Mason Gomberg Ariel Gomberg Lewis & Beth Gray Laura Greenbaum Marc Gronich Arnold & Sue Ann Grosberg Esther Miriam Hall Jay Dworkin & Heidi Gold David & Leslie Hinderstein Martin & Randy Hopp Lauren & Alan Jackson Peter Jacobs Bruce & Susan Jacobson Dr. & Mrs. Steven & Susan Jarrett Dr. Deborah & Mark Joseph Elana Katz Robin Katz

Thank you to our generous partners of the 2011-2012 academic year. Your contributions made it possible!

Adam Katz Ilene Kaufman Dr. & Mrs. Irving Kaufman Mr. & Mrs Alex Khazanov Jeffrey Kimmer Kimberly Klion Roy & Leslie Kozupsky Jordana Kozupsky Joseph & Cynthia Kropp Rabbi & Mrs Avraham Laber Dr. Neal & Estelle Lakritz Eric Levy Geoff Lieberman & Sara Effron Pam Litvak Drs. Andrew Magin & Sharon Thomason Jessica Many Rabbi Moshe & Karen Mirsky Dr. & Mrs. Charles & Ellen Niles Mr & Mrs. Peter Novins Neil & Andrea Packer Deborah Piekarski Rabbi Shmuel & Shterna Pinson Bart & Ellen Prager Cheryl Ratner Robert & Janet Rosenblum Sarah Rosenblum Avrohom Roth

Samuel Rothblum Rabbi & Mrs. Israel Rubin Mushky Rubin Simmy Rubin Rabbi Shmuly & Laiky Rubin Benjamin & Nancy Rubin Alexandra & Stephen Schmidt Sharon Schubert Mr. & Mrs. Issie Shait Andrea & Greg Silvershein Rabbi & Mrs. Nachman Simon Susan & Gary Singer Jeffrey Finklestein & Lynn Sokoloff Dr. & Mrs. Alan & Susan Solinsky Martin & Susan Squire Joseph & Millie Stansky Rabbi & Mrs. Dov Steinmentz Beno (OBM) & Lisa Sternlicht Donald & Rochelle Stracher Sam & Esty Sylvetsky Joyce Teitelman Manuel Ulloa Marion & Bob VanPelt Lauren Weisenfeld Amelia Zimet Yehudah Dovber Zirkind


Sami Roh r

of blessed memory

The Chabad at Union Rohr Jewish Student Center, located right across of the Union College campus was purchased in June 2008 with the generosity and vision of the Rohr Family Foundation. It was dedicated in loving memory of their mother Charlotte (Sami’s wife) and thus named The Rohr Jewish Student Center. The Rohr family name is not just one of support, but of an exemplary role model of true Jewish values. BY JOSHUA & TAMAR RUNYAN

Sami Rohr was international businessman and philanthropist , whose warm heart, vision and financial success enabled him to fund Jewish community centers around the globe and laid the groundwork for a rebirth of Judaism across the former Soviet Union. He was proficient in Torah learning as he was in business and literature, able to recite by heart rabbinic exegeses along with poetry in six languages. Emerging from war-torn Europe to build a real estate empire in his adopted home of Bogota, Colombia, Rohr went on to make pioneering investments in Eastern Europe.

Yet, despite his extraordinary accomplishments, he remained humble and unassuming, and was regarded by rich and poor alike as remarkably approachable. Taking care to devote more than a tenth of his substantial earnings to charity, he taught his children to always worry about the material welfare and emotional wellbeing of others. “Before my Bar Mitzvah my father sat me down and told me that G-d entrusts people with material success in order for them to help others, and the only way families have been able to hold on to their wealth is by observing the Torah’s instruction to tithe from their income,” he said in a interview. “Before my son George’s Bar Mitzvah I told him the same; my grandchildren were also told the same, and I pray that all my descendants will always observe this.” Rohr was an early contributor to the State of Israel and contributed to many Jewish causes throughout his lifetime. He drew close to the work of Chabad in the 1970s, and in the ensuing decades his philanthropy and guidance seeded and helped support Jewish revival activities in hundreds of communities across the globe, from Miami to Moscow, and from Mumbai to Basel, the Swiss city to which he escaped the Nazi onslaught of World War II. "There are those who speak of Jewish continuity, but you are the ones who create it," Rohr told the participants of the Chabad International gala banquet in 2006. So pervasive and widespread is his family’s giving, that few areas of Jewish renaissance today do not boast at least some aspect of the Rohrs’ charitable support behind them. Chabad at Union is honored and privileged to be one of the 100+ campus centers that are direct beneficiaries of the Rohr family’s

"Chabad at Union is such a great outlet on campus. It has given me the opportunity to meet new students, enrich myself in Jewish culture, and feel comfortably at home. " -Bryan Grover, Union ‘14 "After traveling to Israel, I wanted to become more involved with Jewish life on campus. Chabad was not only a way for me to maintain a Jewish presence but it also was a home away from home. Whether it was an educational, discussion-based meal; celebrating a holiday; baking fresh Challah; or having Shabbat dinner on Friday evenings, I always had such positive experiences at Chabad and they are an indelible part of my time at Union." -Katie Manko, ‘12

Graduation& Farewell

Chabad means home to me. It's where I find my community and Yiddishkeit. Chabad has made my Union experience stronger and that is something I am truly grateful for. -Elana Katz, Union ‘14

A Message From th e President

After being abroad in Israel for the past winter and spring terms, I am excited to jump back into gear with Chabad at Union. I know that Chabad has increased its numbers and has had even more outstanding weekly events, such as Hebrew table, to carry on having an active Jewish community on campus. I also look forward to joining the new Chabad board members and continuing our biggest event of the year in the fall, “Shabbat 150!” A few days after returning to the States from Israel, I attended the Living Legacy Jewish leadership conference in DC, where I met well-renowned Jewish leaders such as Elie Wiesel, chief Rabbi of Israel, Rabbi Metzger, and Rabbi Steinsaltz (translator of the Talmud). Listening to these exceptional people, as well as sixty other Chabad on Campus student leaders has excited me to integrate their ideas and inspirations into Union College's campus this year. We will miss the seniors of 2012, and welcome to the class of 2016! See you in the fall! Sincerely,

Hebrew School Dropout Dinner and Discussions Weekly Hebrew School Dropout discussion and kosher meat dinner, topics including:

Chosen People. Chosen for what? • Kosher Hypocrisy • The Mystery of Lag B’omer • “Shabbat 101: Friday Night Rituals.• Holy sites of Israel, A Virtual Tour • Torah's view of vegetarianism: Meal or Ideal ? • Omer Count, a 49 day step program in self-refinement. •

"It's nice to have everyone get together for a home-cooked meal on Shabbat. People share their highlights of the week and just catch up. To me, it's like a family dinner...but without the crazy in-laws." -Ben Berger , Union ‘15

J.A.P . – Jewish Awareness Programs Each week at Reamer Campus Center, Chabad tables Jewish activities to provide students with an opportunity to participate in an informal interactive Jewish experience.

Ariel Blum Co-President of Chabad

Here’s What the Students Enjoyed This Past Spring!

"Chabad is my home away from home on campus. There's nothing that Laiky and Shmuly's Matza Ball Soup and Challah can't fix. Chabad keeps me connected to Judaism when I'm far from home and wrapped up in chaotic college life. Dinner Tuesday nights, J.A.P. tabling in Reamer on Wednesday's, and Lunch and Learn on Thursday's are some of my favorite parts of my week. I am so excited for all our events Fall Term and living the Chai life with Union Chabad!" -Ariel Gomberg, Union ‘13

Kabbalah Cookies -with a Kabbalistic ”fortune” message Find your Jewish birthday and decorate a cupcake Kosher for Passover Lunch to Go Do a Mitzvah for Israel + squeeze your own Jaffa OJ Delicious Kosher Pickle making Delicious Kosher Pickle making - back by popular demand A Taste of Shabbat—Matzah Ball Soup Pre-Shavout Ice Cream tasting Add your name to the 500+ at Union who will Never Forget

“Chabad is the most active organization on campus,

there always something going on.”

– overheard in Reamer

Busy indeed! Check out our weekly menu of events! Monday - Shulchan Ivrit, Hebrew chat table at Beuth Tuesday- Hebrew School Dropout Dinner & Discussion Wednesday- Jewish Awareness Program at Reamer Campus Center “Challah with Love” at student residences Thursday - Lunch n learn in Campus Center & Challah Baking at Chabad Friday Night – Shabbat Dinner Saturday – Shabbat Lunch Periodic events sprinkled throughout Holiday programs, 1 on 1 learning, social events, guest speakers & more!

High Holidays Sch edule at Chabad Rosh Hashanah 9/11 Shofar Making on West Beach 12-2 PM 9/12 Candy Apples in Reamer 12-2PM 9/15 Evening Service– 7 PM Dinner 7:30 9/16 Morning Service & Shofar Blowing 10:30 Lunch 12:50PM Tashlich Service 2 PM Evening Service– 7 PM Dinner 7:30 9/17 Morning Service & Shofar Blowing 10:30 Lunch 12:50PM

Yom Kippur 9/25 Pre fast dinner 5 PM Kol Nidrei Service 6:30 PM 9/26 Morning Service 10:30 Mincha Sevice 5PM Neilah Service 6:45 PM Break fast! 7:30 PM 9/30-10/9 Sukkat & Simchat Torah An array of activities celebrating the Holiday of Joy

Sign up at


Conversation Stopper Ice Cream Pie 1 container vanilla ice cream* 1 cup crunchy peanut butter 1/3 cup chocolate chips 1/3 cup confectionary sugar 1 pre-bought graham cracker crust Nuts for the top (optional) 1. Allow the ice cream to thaw a bit. 2. In a bowl, mix by hand with the peanut butter, chocolate chips, and sugar. 3. Pour into graham cracker crust and top with nuts. 4. Freeze for at least one hour before serving. Optional toppings: Chocolate sauce/Sprinkles/Berries *for Pareve use non-dairy ice cream

Hebrew School Dropout Dinner and Discussion

Senior Appreciation Dinner

Becom e a Partner

Past events include Lag Bomer concert with Yoel Sharabi, Mind Yoga with Rabbi Dr. Laibl Wolf, Art of Love with Rabbi Bernath of

I/We would like to sponsor an event below in honor/memory of:



 Amount of Your Choice! $______ Every bit counts! Due to minimal overhead & salary expenses, Chabad at Union maximizes your contribution to best reach the students.

High Holidays

YES! I want to ensure that Chabad provides top-notch High Holiday programming.  Rosh Hashanah $540 Start the Jewish New Year off with inspiring, traditional & user friendly High Holiday Services and gourmet meals. 

 Sukkot $1000 8 days of Joy! Our willingness to leave comfort of our homes and spend 8 days in a flimsy outdoor hut demonstrates our faith in G-d and his benevolence. 

 Simchat Torah $360 Celebrate the holiday of Joy! Dance the night away with the Torah!

 Shabbat 150! $1800 150 students share a Shabbat dinner on campus in a major show of Jewish unity. Help make this possible! 


Esty’s Library Bookshelf $540 Expand an important resource with a wide variety of Jewish books of interest

 Holiday Packets $250 Holiday giveaways delivered to every Jewish student’s mailbox: Rosh Hashanah honey bottles, Chanukah Gelt, Purim Mishloach Manot, etc…

Alumni Giving & Contributions to Union College can now be earmarked for Chabad at Union. Please mail them to Chabad and we will forward them to the appropriate address. Contributions payable to “CHABAD AT UNION” are tax-deductible. Or online at Chabad at Union is supported by Friends, Parents, Alumni and Students. Chabad at Union receives no funds from Union College or National Chabad. VISA, MC, AMEX & DISCOVER: NAME:______________________________________________________

Friday Night Dinner $500


A Home-cooked Shabbat dinner with warm family atmosphere. This is the highlight of the week for every Jewish student at Union!

CITY: __________________________ST______ ZIP________________

Hebrew School Dropout Dinner & Discussion $250 Kosher meat dinner with Hebrew School Dropout discussion. 

PHONE:____________________________________________________ EMAIL:_____________________________________________________

Challah with Love $54


Homemade Challah baked & distributed by Students to the elderly & home-bound.

CARD #:_____________________________________________________

Shluchan Ivrit $72

EXPIRATION DATE: _____/ _______

Improve your conversational Hebrew with Hebrew professor, Malkah Almog.

 Lunch N Learn $100 Opened to guys and girls this term, by popular request! We’ll be exploring “Soul Maps” a self discovery class in Kabbalah to navigate your inner world.

J.A.P Jewish Awareness Program $120 Sponsor our tabling promoting interactive Jewish experiences such as our popular Shofar Factory, Latke Table, Jewish birthdays, Jewish scribal art, etc…

 OY VEY! Chicken Soup $54 Sponsor a week supply of all chicken soup delivered to students under the weather free of charge. In the winter this service is very much in demand! 

Speakers/Performers $1000



Chai– Club monthly credit-card recurring payments of :$_____ From ___/___ to ____/____ Please enjoy this full color newsletter! This printing was partially sponsored by an anonymous donor. Thank you!


Spring 2012 Update  
Spring 2012 Update