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Herts Sports and Physical Activity Partnership

Annual Report 2012/13

Message from the Chair There can be no doubt that the past year of sport has been, in terms of sheer excitement and national pride, the most memorable that any of us is ever likely to experience. To witness the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games on our doorstep has been a great privilege for everyone involved in sport. The arrival and relay of the Olympic Torch through Hertfordshire on Saturday 7th and Sunday 8th July was very exciting and inspiring, and the Torch’s visit to our own Hertfordshire Youth Games was particularly special.

Working with Key Partners The range and scope of the work carried out by the Hertfordshire Sports and Physical Activity Partnership (known as HSP) is so wide and varied that our core team of staff could not possibly be effective without the significant support and enthusiasm provided by our wider partners and the work that we do with them.

Sports Development Officers (SDOs) As the primary contacts for sport and physical activity at district level, Sports Development Officers representing the ten local authorities in Hertfordshire play a vital role in promoting participation at a local level. They are fundamentally important partners for us creating professional and enthusiastic support for HSP programmes, initiatives and events. Working together both in their local areas and as a team enables them to achieve lasting results. They ensure that our programmes respond to local need and are sustainable.

Public and political euphoria quickly shifted from celebration to discussion about the potential for ensuring lasting benefits from the Games - the legacy. At national level National Governing Bodies of sport have been planning to increase the number of athletes reaching the highest standards of international performance. Programmes at grassroots level, supported by Sport England and managed through the Herts Sports and Physical Activity Partnership, are already active in our communities encouraging greater numbers to get involved. There is still much to do to link schools, particularly primary schools, with community clubs, but the new Government initiative to provide ring-fenced funding may help forge these closer links. I am delighted to introduce this Annual Report that highlights many of the Partnership’s projects and successes. My particular thanks are extended to the HSP team, my fellow Executive Board members and all those involved in the wider partnership. Most importantly, my thanks go to the thousands of volunteers in Hertfordshire who give so freely and wholeheartedly of their time to help make sport happen.

Grahame Bowles Chairman

HSP officers rely heavily on this team to provide local intelligence and engage with their sporting networks. This makes a significant contribution to the success of our work and we are indebted to the SDOs for their continued support in ever-challenging times.

Community Sports Networks (CSNs) Herts Sports Partnership continues to work with and support the county’s ten Community Sports Networks. They are key networks for sport in their local communities. Each CSN operates differently according to their local sporting landscape but all provide the main interface with the 2,500 Hertfordshire clubs, approximately 250 per district. They aim to attract funding to support the development of clubs, coaches and volunteers; promote the benefits of sport and physical activity; encourage a wider take-up of sporting opportunities; and act as the local voice for sport and physical activity.

1 National Governing Bodies of sport (NGBs) The HSP team continues to forge closer working relationships with the National Governing Bodies of sport. This was particularly apparent in 2012/13 as these organisations identifed their new priorities for the 2013-17 funding cycle within their ‘Whole Sport Plans’. We provide partner support to NGB representatives by engaging them in networking days with other partners and providing them with opportunities to take part in participation programmes such as Sportivate, Active Students and the Herts School Games. Regular meetings with officers, quarterly Sport Specific Development Officers Group meetings and hot-desk facilities also support their work. HSP ensures that the NGB development officers are supported in the delivery of their whole sport plans by ensuring they have a comprehensive understanding of, and easy access to, the opportunities that exist in Hertfordshire.

School Games Organisers (SGOs) HSP continues to be a key member of the Local Organising Committee for the School Games in Hertfordshire, charged with coordinating the Games and ensuring they connect with community sport across the county. A significant part of the Government’s programme is to deliver an effective sporting legacy from the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games. The objective of the School Games is to encourage more young people to participate in high quality school sporting competition. The hard and sometimes challenging work of the School Games Organisers culminated in three outstanding sporting events in 2012/13.

Hertfordshire Association of Cultural and Leisure Officers (HACO) HACO is the group that represents the voice of leisure and cultural services within Hertfordshire. The Association meets quarterly to share good practice, develop partnership working and inform the strategic development of leisure and cultural facilities. The members also act as a powerful lobbying force for leisure and cultural matters at county level. A HACO representative sits on the Partnership’s Executive Board and we value their support in keeping community sport on county and local authority agendas.

The Herts Physical Activity Alliance The Herts Physical Activity Alliance is co-chaired by the Partnership and NHS Hertfordshire. Members come from local authorities, Hertfordshire County Council, Age UK, NHS Hertfordshire and the voluntary sector. It acts as a voice to lobby for physical activity at a local level and seeks to raise the profile of physical activity amongst key decision makers in the county.

Linking partners at a local level In 2012/13 we consulted with local NGB officers about the support they needed to be effective at local level and this led to HSP providing a comprehensive programme that included: • 18 NGB officers attended two ‘speed dating’ sessions with local authority SDOs and FE College Sport Makers, giving them the opportunity to directly discuss their plans with relevant partners. • 8 NGBs including netball, badminton, athletics, squash and hockey presented the newlydeveloped recreational participation versions of their sport to 28 representatives of leisure facility operators. This directly led to new sessions being set up at many venues across Hertfordshire. • 17 club forums organised by the ten CSNs were attended by over 500 local sports clubs. HSP input at all the events covered a range of subjects including funding, volunteering and coach development.


• More People • More Active • More Often Another busy year has seen HSP active in local communities and working closely with partners to help make sport and physical activity accessible, high quality and fun. As we continually strive to work together to encourage more people to be more active, more often, our main aim is to make a difference to people’s lives through the power of sport. Throughout the Annual Report we portray the impact sport has made on the quality of life of in a number of key areas, as sport continues to contribute to a more active and healthy lifestyle. Our programmes help the growing older population stay well and independent and we support the growth of sporting opportunities in local communities through the work with clubs, volunteers and coaches. Through new and innovative programmes we also endeavour to encourage sport and physical activity participation amongst low participation groups and use sport as a tool for improving the quality of life of individuals and communities within Hertfordshire.

Pink Ladies

Beginner Running 50 new Beginner Running groups 750 new runners 42 new qualified Run Leaders The Hertfordshire Beginner Running project started in January 2012 as part of a joint East-Region project led by HSP, aimed at increasing the number of adult recreational runners. We employed a dedicated Activator who worked with Run England to recruit, train and engage Run Leaders to set up new recreational Beginner Running groups in all ten local authority areas.

Active Students 3,400 Active Students 57 sessions per week 45 different sports & activities

nately known around This women only group, affectio daytime, evening and Bushey as the Pink Ladies, offers ities. Started from weekend runs catering for all abil group now has more the h, ora scratch by run leader Deb week. Novice Pink than 60 regular lady runners each as a complete Lady runner Ruth joined the group entered her first 5K beginner and within 10 weeks had Ruth says, race. Now training for a 10K run, exercise. My Deborah really puts the fun into ed the beginner session. fitness has improved since I join de new friends and I have lost a few kilogrammes, ma am more relaxed too!

Active Students is the very successful HSP project that encourages inactive students to take up regular physical activity and get involved in sport. This is a collaborative project involving HSP, the University of Hertfordshire, the Royal Veterinary College and Hertfordshire’s four Further Education Colleges. The second year of this project exceeded all targets. Contributions from 24 different NGBs to the programme included activities as diverse as Bollywood dance, street golf, rush hockey and wheelchair basketball. The programme was provided for students during term-time in six different facilities and venues. Sessions are free and organised in an informal, inclusive and social atmosphere. With encouragement from Sports Activators and no commitment necessary, students can attend on an ad hoc basis - a real benefit when lectures, academic work and exams take priority.

3 Student Netball

Sportivate 3,156 young people tried a new sport 187 projects run in Year 2 23 different sports and activities The second year of the Sportivate programme in Hertfordshire provided almost two hundred opportunities for young people aged 14 – 25 years old to participate in new sports activities in Hertfordshire. This programme is coordinated by HSP working with local

organisations such as local authorities to deliver the activity programmes. Activities were organised in short courses of 6 to 8 weeks in easy-to-access, informal and non-competitive ways. Throughout the year each of the county’s ten districts offered a range of activities from traditional sports such as swimming and cricket to the more adrenaline-filled rock climbing and skateboarding.

Sailing on Bury Lake Caite is a first year accountancy student at the University of Hertfordshire. She began attending the Active Students netball sessions back in October, having not played netball for some years prior to attending University. She wanted to begin playing again to keep in shape and as a great way to meet new people. Since starting to play, Caite’s netball skills have significantly improved and it has helped to relieve the stresses of her academic work. She now plays for the Athletic Union development squad and her social life has flourished through meeting people with a shared interest and outlook on life.

Over the summer of 2012 Bury Lake Young Mariners ran a Sportivate sailing course for young adults new to sailing. Aimed at 18-25 year olds, participants completed the RYA Level 1 course over a series of Saturday mornings. The sessions were mostly spent on the water focusing on having fun while learning basic practical skills. Members of the club’s RYA Senior Instructor and Dinghy Instructor Team coached the project - all volunteers that give freely of their time. On completing the introductory course many of the participants joined the club, are sailing regularly and continue to improve their skills.

Sport Makers 1,432 Sport Makers attended workshops 505 Sport Makers completed 10+ hours volunteering 38 workshops The Hertfordshire Sport Makers programme continues to encourage people to get involved in sports volunteering, using London 2012 as an inspirational catalyst. This Sport England programme encourages more people to get involved in supporting club and community sport and physical activity. Sport Makers help out in numerous ways as administrators, race marshals, officials, match reporters, event organisers, session helpers, disability sport assistants and many other roles! Throughout the year Sport Makers workshops were held to recruit and deploy volunteers. The emphasis has been on increasing the number and range of Sport Maker opportunities available and helping Sport Makers to become active and regular volunteers in their communities.

4 Support for local sports clubs 300 people at 9 club forums 276 people at 16 funding workshops 116 people at Club Leaders workshops The HSP team recognises that local sports clubs play an important part in contributing to making communities better and safer places to live and work. Many clubs only exist due to considerable voluntary effort and, despite escalating costs and at times a lack of appreciation of the excellent work that they do, volunteers continue to drive community sport. The support we provide to clubs is channelled through the Community Sports Networks and included presentations and workshops developing fundraising skills and improving business skills through the Club Leaders programme. We supported 26 clubs through ClubMark accreditation, offered facility advice and helped with school links and the recruitment, deployment and retention of volunteers.

Watford Boxing Club

With the support of HSP and the Watford Borough Council Sports Development Officer, Watford Boxing Club received a Sport England grant of almost £10,000. This significant boost to the club’s funds has enabled them to expand their programme to provide the benefits of improved health and fitness and social inclusion that boxing presents to a wider audience. The success of British boxers at the Olympic Games undoubtedly raised the profile of the sport and has contributed to an increased demand for top quality coaching sessions at clubs such as Watford Boxing Club. The funding has enabled the club to run extra sessions specifically for juniors, seniors, women and girls. It also enabled the club to purchase additional boxing equipment and train and develop coaches to cope with the big increase in club's members.

5 Sports Apprentice Scheme This new initiative was designed specifically to boost the School Games workforce in Hertfordshire and provide ongoing support for the School Games programme. Stevenage Sporting Futures, a local Community Interest Company that evolved from the former Stevenage School Sports Partnership, coordinates the scheme. Through support from HSP, funding was available for each School Sports Partnership to employ a school sports apprentice. This inspirational initiative provides local young people with sports-sector relevant employment opportunities and training and we are delighted to have helped make this scheme a success.

Youth Advisory Group The first meeting of the newly-formed Youth Sports Advisory Group took place in January. Young people aged between 16 and 24 years old with an interest in sport and physical activity, and with mixed interests, ages and abilities, were invited to apply to become members of this group. HSP established the group to help inform our team about the sporting needs and ambitions of young people, and to find ways to encourage their peers to take part in sport and physical activity. The Group has started to plan how it will work, what it will be called and how best to work with HSP. The Advisory Group will meet four times a year and members will attend a number of sporting events across the county as Sports Ambassadors.

Sport for FE Students Our links with the Further Education Colleges in Hertfordshire have developed significantly with the launch in 2012 of the Sport England Active Colleges programme, which encourages more young people to take part in sport. The College Sport Maker roles connect colleges and students with community sport opportunities and 614 students took part in sports activities during the early weeks of this programme. With our support North Hertfordshire, Oaklands and West Herts Colleges submitted successful bids for College Sport Maker posts. We are also working on submitting a Further Education Activation Fund bid to enlarge the scope of college sport.

Training for out of work young people Working with Stevenage Sporting Futures and Job Centre Plus, HSP has supported another new initiative offering sports-related training and development opportunities for local young people not in employment, education or training. Our contribution to the bespoke training package for these young people included volunteer training, interview skills, Community Sports Leadership Award and a Level 1 Handball qualification. The 12 young people who attended the training continue to be supported by our commitment to provide places on additional coaching courses.


Coach Development Programme Support for the education and development of sports coaches forms a significant part of HSP’s work. An inspired, well-trained and professional coaching workforce is essential to the success of sports development programmes and club development in all sports and settings. We offer support to the 10,000 plus sports coaches in Hertfordshire, most of who are volunteers.

CoachMark 220 approved CoachMark coaches 145 working towards CoachMark status CoachMark is a scheme devised with, and supported by, Hertfordshire County Council. The scheme reinforces standards for the coaching of sport and physical activity in schools and other locations across the county, helping to safeguard young people who participate in sport. An accredited CoachMark coach meets the minimum standards set out by sports coach UK, the governing body for sports coaching. Now in its third year, CoachMark is supported by some of the major providers of coaching in Hertfordshire, including Watford FC, Saracens Community Foundation and several established coaching agencies. The scheme is also endorsed by a number of governing bodies of sport, including the Herts FA, Herts Rugby and the Herts LTA. CoachMark’s success is attracting national interest from sports coach UK and other County Sports Partnerships.

Courses and Workshops 987 coaches and volunteers attended 51 different courses and workshops 30 different sports HSP continues to coordinate a full programme of courses and workshops for established and experienced coaches, entrylevel coaches and for clubs working towards Clubmark accreditation. The 2012/13 programme included a full range of essential Safeguarding and First Aid workshops and other sports coach UK workshops such as ‘How to Coach Disabled People in Sport’ and ‘Analysing Your Coaching’. Award courses in basketball, handball and trampolining also formed part of this extensive programme.

7 Pro-Action Partnership

Equality in coaching

221 affiliated sports clubs £5,030 course savings made

180 coaches attended disability-related sessions

As part of our drive to make life easier for sports clubs and coaches, HSP joined forces with Pro-Action Hertfordshire to offer ‘Safeguarding and Protecting Children’ and ‘First Aid’ workshops at reduced prices. 221 sports clubs that work with young people have affiliated to Pro-Action Hertfordshire and accessed these discounts and a range of additional benefits. Volunteers and coaches linked to the affiliated clubs can get a 60% fee reduction on the two courses. They are basic requirements for both clubs and coaches, so this agreement with Pro-Action offers fantastic savings.

Coach Education Week 2013 1,400 attended 70 different sessions 22 sports February half term saw the return of our successful and muchexpanded Coach Education Week. Held at 13 venues across Hertfordshire a wide range of courses and workshops from introductory leaders courses to advanced level 4 standard courses took place throughout the week, in sports as diverse as rugby, handball, dance and table tennis. This ten day extensive programme supports our aims to ensure that all coaches in Hertfordshire can access high quality education and training, enabling them to achieve their potential. Coach Education Week is the largest event of its kind in the UK.

Coaching Bursaries £20,000 available for bursaries Launched in January 2013, the HSP CoachMark Bursary aims to support and raise the standard of Hertfordshire-based coaches by contributing to the cost of coach education and development courses. Bursaries of up to £500 are available to CoachMark coaches to help with the cost of Level 2 (or higher) coaching award courses and relevant Continuing Professional Development events. In the first round of applications, £1350 was awarded to seven coaches, each in a different sport. The Herts Coaches Association identified funding to support coaches as a priority. We successfully secured additional funding contributions from Hertfordshire’s Olympic and Paralympic Legacy Board, Sport England and via a new partnership arrangement with North Hertfordshire College and the Skills Funding Agency. The CoachMark Bursary will develop and grow in the forthcoming year.

The phenomenal impact of the Paralympic Games has helped raise the need for specific training for those working in sport for people with disabilities. During 2012/13 HSP ran a number of disability specific courses, working with relevant National Governing Bodies. Featured sports included swimming, football and badminton, and there were workshops entitled ‘How to Coach Disabled People in Sport’ and ‘Disability Inclusion’.

Coaching Conference 80 coaches attended Taking inspiration from the London Olympic Games keynote speaker Dr Richard Bailey, sport and education writer and researcher, addressed our Coaching Conference in October. The theme was ‘Games People Play’ and explored current developments that put the performer at the centre of coaching. Dr Bailey’s thought-provoking presentation was followed by tailored sport-specific programmes throughout the day, with networking opportunities provided over lunch. Bowls, football and cricket NGBs also held successful development events in parallel with the conference.


2012/13 Highlights Sport Makers

Working with sporting partners

The Sport Makers programme continued to encourage people to get involved in sports volunteering, using London 2012 as an inspirational catalyst. The emphasis was on recruiting and deploying volunteers in a range of Sport Makers opportunities available in their local communities.

HSP appreciates the significant support and enthusiasm of our key partners, particularly the Sports Development Officers, 10 Community Sports Networks, the sports-specific officers within National Governing Bodies of Sport and the team of School Games Organisers working with their local schools.

Support for local sports clubs

Coach Education Week 2013

The HSP team supports local clubs through the Community Sports Networks by providing practical and funding guidance according to local need. 26 clubs were assisted through ClubMark accreditation and we provided facility advice, help with school links and with the recruitment and deployment of volunteers.

Coach Education Week took place at 13 venues across Hertfordshire offering 70 sessions from introductory leaders to advanced level 4 standard courses. Sports as diverse as rugby, handball, dance and table tennis were catered for in this extensive programme, the largest event of its kind in the UK.

Active Students

Encouraging students to take up regular physical activity and get involved in sport is the main aim of our Active Students project. Success in Year 2 exceeded all targets by attracting almost 2,500 students to free, informal and inclusive sessions.

Herts School Games

Youth Advisory Group

Having secured funding for the School Games programme, more than 2,400 of Hertfordshire’s young people were involved in school-based sporting competition. The opportunity to try and then compete in 25 different sports culminated in three multi-sports county final days.

Beginner Running

Our Beginner Running project focused on increasing the number of adult recreational runners in Hertfordshire. An Activator was employed to work with Run England to recruit, train and engage Run Leaders to set up 50 new recreational beginner running groups.

HSP established a new Youth Advisory Group to help inform the team about the sporting needs and ambitions of young people and to find ways to encourage their peers to take part in sport and physical activity. The members will also represent HSP as Sports Ambassadors.


The second year of the Sportivate programme provided almost two hundred opportunities for young people aged 14 – 25 years old to participate in new sports activities in all ten Hertfordshire districts.


Falls Prevention Programme

Sports Apprentice Scheme

Commissioned to coordinate a programme of classes for adults over 65 years old who have had a fall or are at risk of falling, HSP provided a series of strength and balance and chair based exercise classes that have proved very effective. The programme has significantly increased participant’s ability to lead independent lives.

HSP provided funding for each School Sports Partnership to employ a school sports apprentice through a new initiative to provide local young people with sportssector training and employment opportunities. Stevenage Sporting Futures manage this new programme.

Courses and Workshops

HSP continues to coordinate a full programme for coaches. The extensive 2012/13 programme included more than 50 courses and workshops and promoted many more sports specific courses on behalf of our partners.

Equality & diversity in sport

During 2012/13 HSP continued to offer practical and, where possible, funding to a wide range of partners to support equality and diversity in sport. We continually identify new funding opportunities to ensure that programmes are accessible and appropriate for all.

Weight Management Programme

Working with strategic partners

HSP was pleased to be awarded a pilot Weight Management Programme that provided targeted interventions for people aged 50+ with a BMI score of 30 or more. Participants were guided through a programme to help them lose at least 5% of bodyweight. The success and feedback from participants has been phenomenal.

Working with the HACO, representing the voice of leisure and cultural services within Hertfordshire and the Herts Physical Activity Alliance, a voice to lobby for physical activity at a local level, HSP is able to keep sport and physical activity high on local authority agendas.

Active Together Programme

The Active Together programme for people aged 50+ continues to go from strength to strength, providing a variety of physical activity opportunities across the county. These include almost 40 daytime keep fit, Pilates, Yoga, multi-activity, Love to Dance and Fellas Fitness sessions.

Coaching Bursaries

HSP launched a new £20,000 CoachMark Bursary scheme to support and raise the standard of Hertfordshire-based coaches by contributing to the cost of coach education and development courses. Bursaries of up to £500 are available to help CoachMark coaches improve their skills.

Service to Sport Awards

More than 450 guests attended our annual Service to Sport Awards evening where the efforts of all those who give up their time selflessly so that others can enjoy participating in their chosen sport were applauded. Special guests included the inspirational Etienne Stott, GB Canoe Slalom Gold-medallist and David Clarke, Paralympic GB blind football captain.


Equality and Diversity in Sport HSP continued to offer practical and where possible, funding support to a range of partners during 2012/13. We continue to source new funding opportunities to ensure that programmes are accessible and appropriate for all. Some of the related projects and programmes that we were pleased to support were: Funding support to:

• • • • • •

Herts County Cricket North Herts Disability Sport Forum MENCAP County Games competition Disability Football Workshop Football kit for St Albans City Youth FC disability squad Purchase of boccia ramps for county-wide use

Volunteer support for: • • • •

Visually Impaired Day at Grundy Park Paralympic Games Maker training Special Olympics St Albans events Disability Tennis Group with Potters Bar SEN

Practical support for:

• • • •

Sports activities with Phoenix Group for Deaf Children Wheelchair Sports at Bushey Meads School Watford FC 50+/disability walking football Handball and volleyball for the Polish community

Special Olympics East Herts Working closely with the charity Special Olympics East Herts (SOEH), HSP helped secure a £10,000 Sport England small grants award. The fund has enabled the charity to develop 14 new sport and physical activity clubs for people with an intellectual disability in their local communities. The range of sports clubs now includes boccia, basketball, canoeing, and cycling. These clubs are benefitting people in East Herts and Broxbourne, offering more opportunities and a greater choice for taking part, training and competition. Janet Warrington, Disability Sports Development Officer for SOEH, is delighted with the grant. We were determined to set up a sustainable structure that enabled all young people and adults to have the opportunity and the choice to train and compete in a range of sporting disciplines. With this grant our ambitions can become reality and benefit the local disabled community.

Health and Physical Activity Participation in sport and physical activity is widely acknowledged as beneficial in the prevention and treatment of many chronic conditions. Through our health-related initiatives we are able to make a significant contribution to the health, wellbeing and quality of life for Hertfordshire residents.

Active Together Programme 850 older adults regularly active 60% reported an improvement to overall health 36 activity and dance classes per week The Active Together programme for people aged 50+ has now completed its third year and continues to go from strength to strength. The programme runs a variety of different physical activity opportunities across the county, providing daytime exercise provision that includes keep fit, Pilates, Yoga, multiactivity, Love to Dance and Fellas Fitness sessions. Commissioned by the Community Wellbeing Team at Herts County Council, we employ a team of qualified and experienced staff to deliver classes in local communities. As a result of working with volunteers within the programme, committees have been established to take on the organisation and management of several local groups, eight of which have become independent and self-sustaining. Customer feedback surveys reflect the physical, mental and social value of Active Together sessions amongst regular participants. I leave the classes with a bounce in my step, a lightness of mind and an overall sense of wellbeing. I started at the sessions whilst recovering from chemo and radiotherapy. I found the experience of exercising had a huge positive effect on both my mental and physical well-being.

11 Falls Prevention Programme

Weight Management Programme

441 participants 76% recorded improved physical ability 29 classes per week

78 adults took part 65% achieved weight loss of 5+% In November 2012 HSP was pleased to be awarded a pilot Weight Management Programme by the Hertfordshire County Council’s Community Wellbeing Team. The programme targeted interventions for people aged 50+ with a BMI score of 30 or more. The aim was to guide participants through a twenty-week programme to help them achieve a weight loss of at least 5%.

During 2012/13 the NHS Hertfordshire Falls Liaison Service commissioned Herts Sports Partnership to coordinate a programme of classes designed for adults over 65 years old who have had a fall or are at risk of falling. The partnership provides a series of exercise classes for individuals who have been referred through the Falls Liaison Service. The strength & balance classes and chair based exercise classes have both proved effective, significantly increasing participant’s ability to lead independent lives. Everyone attending classes is assessed at the start and end of their 16-week programme and a record of their progress is sent back to their GPs. Significant improvements have been recorded and 90% of participants said that they found the classes beneficial or very beneficial. Following five falls over the last three years that left me bruised and lacking in confidence, I must thank you for putting on the excellent course of classes that I have been attending. They have greatly improved my strength and confidence, in an enjoyable setting.

In January an Exercise Referral Specialist was recruited to manage the programme in two geographic areas where obesity levels are higher than the average, identified by the wellbeing team. The specialist role provided assessment and on-going support for participants as well as the delivery of nutritional advice and guidance coupled with exercise sessions to support and help accelerate progression. The weight loss successes and feedback from participants has been phenomenal.

12 inches lost in

12 weeks!

Dawn is aged 52 , works 40 hours per week at a de has a 30-minute sk and drive to work. Si nce starting on ou weight managem r ent programme, she has been dedicated to im proving her heal th and wellbeing committed to fiv and e gym and swim sessions per wee k. Dawn also made healthier meal ch oices, including healthy packed a lunch at work, an d because of thes changes her husb e and lost weight too. On a recent holiday the coup le even hired bike s to go cycling each day. Dawn is delighted with the results and plans to carr making healthie y on r food choices an d exercising regu Within 12 weeks la rly. of being on the programme Daw lost 12¼ inches, n ha 8.5kg and reduce s d her Body Mass by 4 points! Index

Within six weeks of attending my first class, I was able to leave my walking stick at home and I can now drive and walk up and down stairs with confidence! June, Hemel Hempstead

Hertfordshire Health - advocacy The new Hertfordshire Health and Wellbeing Strategy was published in early 2013 and included ‘Promoting healthy weight and increasing physical activity’ as a joint priority. To our disappointment the initial draft of the Strategy did not mention physical activity. Because of this, we worked with the

Hertfordshire Physical Activity Alliance to encourge partners to respond to the consultation process. Our thanks go to the many individuals and organisations within the county who responded. This contributed to physical activity being recognised as having an important role to play in improving the health and wellbeing of Hertfordshire residents.


County-wide Events The HSP team are delighted to be involved with and support high profile community sports events that took place in Hertfordshire throughout the year. They give us a great opportunity to work alongside the numerous sports professionals and volunteers in Hertfordshire who make these events successful.

Herts Sports and Physical Activity Partnership AGM HSP celebrated a busy year with many of the movers and shakers from the world of sport and physical activity in Hertfordshire joining the core team for our Annual General Meeting. A full agenda inspired guests with presentations by Sir Keith Mills, deputy chair of LOCOG, and David Clarke, captain of the British blind football team. These inspiring talks were interspersed with the presentation of the Annual Report and the launch of HSP’s five-year Strategic Plan. Opportunities for networking over refreshments, both before and after the AGM, were valuable and the whole evening was very well attended and received.

Herts School Games We were able to secure funding for the School Games encouraging more than 2,400 of Hertfordshire’s young people to be involved in school-based sporting competition. Funded by Sport England the annual School Games programme includes opportunities for school pupils to try and then compete in 25 different sports, culminating in three multi sports county final days. In Olympic and Paralympic Games year the excitement and enthusiasm shown by competitors made these three events particularly memorable.

Herts Youth Games and the Olympic Torch 1,200 young athletes at the Herts Youth Games in July enjoyed the added bonus of the Olympic torch arriving at the event. Competitors and spectators lined the route while the torch was carried through the Hertfordshire Sports Village, an official stop for the Olympic torch and the venue for the 2012 Herts Youth Games. Towards the end of a two day tour through the county, the selected torchbearers met and the flame ‘kissed’, whilst cameras and film crews caught the action. Teams represented all ten Hertfordshire districts and boroughs in 12 different sports including cricket, golf, boccia, gymnastics, hockey, tag rugby, swimming, tennis and volleyball. Wearing distinctive team colours throughout a packed day of hard fought but friendly rivalry, the North Herts team were the overall victors. An amazing team of organisers and volunteers supported both the Games and torch relay, working consistently throughout the day with lots of cheerful enthusiasm.

HSP manages the county final days and is an active member of the Local Organising Committee for the whole programme. The success of this programme is dependent on the hard work of the School Games Organisers and the close partnership arrangements that they have developed. Especially encouraging was the extent of involvement by the 380 sports volunteers, many of whom were young people.

13 Inter-FE Games Organised with HSP support, the Inter-FE Games is an annual event for students from Hertfordshire’s four Further Education colleges. Held at Wodson Park in March over 400 students, around half of whom were students with special educational needs, were able to showcase their sporting talents in this exciting competition. North Hertfordshire, Oaklands and West Herts colleges all proved triumphant in various sports throughout the day but as the scores were totalled, it was Hertford Regional College who stole overall victory as winners of the 2013 Inter-FE Games.

Wheelchair Badminton Championships Service to Sport Awards In December we welcomed more than 450 guests to the prestigious Hertfordshire Service to Sport Awards 2012 in the Weston Auditorium at the University of Hertfordshire. Hosted by Sky Sports F1 commentator David Croft the efforts of all those who give up their time selflessly so that others can enjoy participating in their chosen sport were applauded. Nominations were received from all ten Hertfordshire local authority areas and from over 20 different sports across 11 different categories. Nine sports volunteers received Lifetime Achievement Awards for their long-term dedication and commitment to community sport. The nominated volunteers and their guests enjoyed the anecdotes of special guests Etienne Stott, GB Canoe Slalom Gold-medallist, and David Clarke, Paralympic GB blind football captain. They gave an inspiring insight into their experiences last summer and the Olympic legacy.

Community Games The first year of the national Community Games programme provided a great opportunity for local communities to take part in sporting and cultural activities inspired by, and in celebration of, the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games. HSP secured funding to support 27 unique Community Games events across Hertfordshire. We supported local organisers through the provision of specific Sport Makers training, equipment loan and the allocation of small event grants that helped local community organisers to host Community Games events. The scope of these events was decided by people at a local level and provided opportunities to harness the enthusiasm for volunteering that the Olympic and Paralympic Games inspired. 19,000 people of all ages and interests took part in Community Games events in Hertfordshire and 500 volunteers helped out.

Hosted by the Herts Badminton Association, the second annual Herts Wheelchair Badminton Championships took place in October at the Hertfordshire Sports Village. Supported by HSP, this event provided hard-fought competition at a very high level for Men’s and Ladies’ Wheelchair Singles, Doubles and Mixed Doubles. Sport Makers were instrumental in the success of the event which is now a regular fixture in Hertfordshire’s sporting calendar.

Active Together Christmas Party The third annual Love to Dance Christmas Party held in early December was once again a great success, concluding an enjoyable 2012 for all the dancers involved. 150 regular participants from the programme’s dance classes celebrated the festive period in style. Guests had the opportunity to perform a dance routine with their respective groups, displaying the moves that they had practiced during the year. Fantastic performances included Baroque, Charleston and Jive styles. It was a marvellous opportunity for participants to socialise with others and mix with the dance teachers in an informal setting. Everyone had a great time and the event continues to underpin the value and impact that the programme has for those older adults involved.


Herts Sports and Physical Activity Partnership Team – 2012/13 highlights It has been quite a year of sport. As the dust settled from the Olympic and Paralympic Games success, HSP’s post-Games legacy programme was already well underway. Working towards establishing a local legacy in Hertfordshire reinforced our fundamental vision to work with partners to help more people to become more active, more often. Much of our work has been presented throughout this report and we are proud to highlight some additional organisational achievements.

Stakeholder Survey - outstanding results

Sport England Performance Monitoring

The second HSP Stakeholder Survey was carried out in December 2012. Feedback was extremely positive. The satisfaction expressed with the professionalism and helpfulness of the HSP staff team scored 100% - a result of which the team are extremely proud!

As a requirement of the Sport England core funding allocation, HSP submitted quarterly monitoring evaluation reports. We are delighted that for 2012/13 we achieved our targets in all aspects of the core funding and other projects commissioned by Sport England and achieved an overall “Green” rating.

Of the 49 Community Sports Partnerships in England, HSP achieved the highest Net Promoter Score. This means that our Partnership was most likely to be recommended by our stakeholders to a friend or colleague - an outstanding result.

Strategic Plan 2012-2017 Consultation with our partners helped shape the Herts Sports and Physical Activity Partnership’s new Strategic Plan for 2012-2017, launched in June at our Annual General Meeting. The Strategic Plan sets out the vision and aspirations of the Herts Sports and Physical Activity Partnership for the next five years. Four key objectives were identified: • to encourage sporting opportunities and increased participation in local communities • to contribute to an active and healthier Hertfordshire • to utilise sport and physical activity to improve quality of life of individuals and communities • to encourage the taking part in sport and physical activity amongst low participation groups The strategy provides the framework for HSP from which our Business Plan and annual programmes of work will be devised.

Achieving National Standards HSP successfully completed the Equality self-assessment process in the New Year and we were awarded the foundation level Equality Standard by Sport England. A comprehensive Safeguarding self-assessment study was also completed to Advanced Standard and the associated implementation plan has been approved by the Child Protection in Sport Unit. Since the beginning of 2012 we have also been working towards Quest, the recognised quality standard for the sport and leisure industry, and a tool for continuous improvement.

Executive Board Our Executive Board provides the strategic leadership for HSP. We have received overwhelming support for our work from our Board, who between them bring a wealth of experience, expansive knowledge and in-depth understanding of the sports, leisure and health sectors in Hertfordshire and beyond. The current two-year term for Board members ends in June 2013 and the Management Team would like to express their considerable thanks for the continuous support of all Board Members. Following an application and appraisal period the new Board will be approved at the AGM. We look forward to working with our new Board in 2013 to 2015.


Financial Summary 2012/13 has been a financially stable year for HSP. Officers have been successful in attracting new funding streams from a variety of sources. This has included the continuation of the Falls Prevention project and additional funding from Sport England to expand our coach development programme. A strong partnership with North Hertfordshire College generated funding to support coach education for part time learners. Income 2012/13 Core project funding Project Funding grants

240,000 1,030,250

Income Generated


Commitments from 2011/12




Expenditure 2012/13 Staffing Project Costs

290,038 1,032,003

Workshops & Courses


On-going projects & commitments




Investment into Hertfordshire sport

Core funding and programme specific delivery funding from Sport England has been boosted by successful applications submitted or supported by HSP. This has significantly increased investment into the county for sport and physical activity. Increasingly HSP is called upon to support funding applications being submitted by organisations such as voluntary sports clubs, local authorities, parish and town councils, schools, and county NGBs. This year £54,073 has been secured to help support local sports clubs. We organised a number of Small Grants presentations and workshops for club representatives at Community Sports Networks events and for the county’s Sports Development Officers. This training will help them support increased investment in 2013/14. Nationally the £16.6million Inspired Facilities Olympic legacy fund has been distributed during 2012/13. Hertfordshire clubs have had considerable success in accessing this fund and total facility investment into Hertfordshire reached £480K.

To help Hertfordshire sports clubs access this fund we organised a series of workshops to raise awareness of the funding available and help prospective applicants to understand the application process. We subsequently actively supported many of these applications. We were pleased to work closely with North Hertfordshire College to access funding that supported coach education courses for Hertfordshire students. HSP has continued to build on strong links with health partners in Hertfordshire and we were commissioned by the Public Health Department funded Falls Liaison Service to manage the Falls Prevention programme. The Community Wellbeing Team at Hertfordshire County Council continued to fund the Active Together programme for a third year, as well as a new weight-loss management programme. These programmes are highlighted earlier in this report.

Improved facilities for Wheathampstead Sport England’s Inspired Facilities Olympic legacy fund offers sports clubs the opportunity to apply for funding to support improvements to community sports facilities. In 2012 HSP officers assisted Wheathampstead Parish Council and Wheathampstead Wanderers FC to submit an application. A grant of £50,000 was awarded to install a kickabout area for the benefit of the whole community. In anticipation of the application being successful, we arranged a Community Sports Leaders course to engage local young volunteers, now organising activities and providing a community focus at the new facility.


Looking Ahead The extent of sports activity taking place in Hertfordshire over the coming months, encompassing both established and new initiatives, will ensure that twelve months will again speed by. These are some of the Partnership’s priorities as we head towards 2014.

Support of school sport

Seek opportunities to develop participation

HSP has secured funds for a project officer to create a network of Satellite Clubs in local communities, developing and improving school club links. At the heart of Sport England’s 2012-17 Youth and Community Strategy, the Satellite Club Programme aims to increase opportunities for young people to participate in sport and reduce dropout rates amongst 11-25 year olds. The clubs will operate from local venues, offer different sporting experiences for young people and will aim to attract young people who are typically not very sporty.

As a Partnership we are always looking to develop new initiatives, opportunities and funding streams that offer new ways to work with our partners to increase sports participation. One example of this is the imminent launch of a network of handball clubs in Hertfordshire.

The Satellite Clubs will be extensions to existing community sports clubs that will be established at easily accessible local venues such as secondary schools, colleges or other community facilities. Working with clubs and NGBs, HSP will run a countywide series of road shows in the early summer of 2013. The road-shows will provide information and guidance to partners about how they can get involved with this programme. A further funding application will be submitted to Sport England to ensure the success of this initiative and to offer incentives to schools and clubs.

Introducing handball sessions as part of the Active Students programme was the start of this, and our subsequent bid for a Sport England Small Grants Award was successful. Using this grant, together with additional funding made available from the Hertfordshire 2012 Legacy Board, we were able to launch a handball programme that will develop during 2013.

The London Olympic Games significantly raised both the profile of and level of interest in handball. To harness the increased interest in Hertfordshire we worked with England Handball to develop a countywide Handball programme.

Opportunities to increase and sustain junior and adult participation in handball across the county will be created by establishing four community handball clubs. Volunteers have been supported to attend Level 1 and 2 Handball Coaching courses and they form the basis of a new handball specific team of volunteers and coaches.

Development of Charitable Sports Foundation Preparatory work has begun to develop a HSP Charitable Sports Foundation during 2013. The purpose of the Foundation will be to create additional funding streams that will help support the emerging priorities of our strategic plan. We hope to be able to extend the scope and reach of our work through access to alternative funding sources that will support specific projects and activity.

Letter from the Partnership Director I am delighted that this report highlights some of the many successes during what was a wonderful year of sport. HSP’s considerable post-Games legacy programme, now well established in Hertfordshire, will continue into the forthcoming year and beyond. The excellent relationships that we have with our partners enable us to target these programmes effectively and contribute to achieving our vision to work together to help more people, to be more active, more often.

Herts Sports and Physical Activity Partnership Sports Performance & Development Centre de Havilland Campus Hatfield Business Park Hatfield AL10 9EU

Telephone: 01707 284229 Email: sportinherts

Over the past year we have been able to establish new initiatives with partners which have greatly benefitted the sporting infrastructure in the county. An example of this is our partnership with North Hertfordshire College which has enabled many more people to obtain coaching qualifications at affordable rates. However, the continued downturn in the economy is likely to create a more challenging environment for sport in Hertfordshire. Many partners have to make decisions about further budget reductions that are likely to impact on funding for sports development in the county. This in turn may have an adverse effect on local sports clubs and organisations, particularly due to higher facility charges. We will continue to support them where we can. In continuing to work with health partners and other key health-related agencies, we will develop initiatives that use sport and physical activity to prevent, treat and reduce health inequalities. Achieving this in Hertfordshire is likely to be challenging. Looking ahead, many of our funded programmes come end in 2014. One of our major priorities is therefore to find additional sources of funding and we have set ambitious targets for this. If successful, we will be able to continue to provide support for and be responsive to local sporting need. Work has begun on meeting this challenge head on.


Christine Neyndorff Partnership Director

Herts Sports Partnership - Annual Report 2012/2013  

HSP continues to be a key member of the Local Organising Committee for the School Games in Hertfordshire, charged with coordinating the Game...

Herts Sports Partnership - Annual Report 2012/2013  

HSP continues to be a key member of the Local Organising Committee for the School Games in Hertfordshire, charged with coordinating the Game...