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I am delighted to be launching our Go Herts Award. At the University of Hertfordshire our students graduate with much more than a degree. These awards recognise the fantastic activities that students engage in whilst they study, captured in one award that shows off their employability, enterprise skills and commitment to social responsibility. Go Herts!

At Hertfordshire Students’ Union we know the amazing things our students get up to, and it’s time to share this with the world! Gaining a Go Herts Award will help our students stand out from the crowd and it shows that everything you do at University really does count. It is so easy to register and it will look great on your CV. Grab a Go Herts Award today!

Professor Quintin McKellar Vice Chancellor, University of Hertfordshire

Rida Shafqat - President Muhammad Sajid - Vice President Activities Farhan Rafique - Vice President Community Amy Holloway-Smith - Vice President Education

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ABOUT THE GO HERTS AWARD The Go Herts Award celebrates the opportunities open to all students at the University of Hertfordshire to enhance their studies and graduate with more than a degree. This unique opportunity is for you! The University offers a variety of extra-curricular and voluntary activities, research and enterprise initiatives, community engagement and work experience opportunities. To gain a Go Herts Award, you should keep a record of all of your Go Herts Activities and apply for your award by May 31st 2020 (September graduates) or September 30th 2020 (December/January graduates).

You will need to include evidence of your activities and write a short reflection demonstrating how your activities have met the Graduate Attributes. Verified submissions will be recommended for an Award which you will receive at the point of graduation. The Go Herts Award provides students with the opportunity to develop their skills and build on their strengths through the opportunities open to students at the University.

Our Aim

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PARTNERS BENEFITS The Go Herts Award is a unique partnership initiative between the University, Hertfordshire Students’ Union and Uliving@Hertfordshire, who developed and now manage the accommodation on our College Lane campus. Together we are committed to providing a culturally enriched, enterprising and research-informed educational experience that will transform the lives of our students. Our aspiration is that graduates will take every opportunity to develop the knowledge, skills and attributes to equip them for life and work in a complex and rapidly changing world.

Employers tell us that they are seeking employees who share their organisation’s underpinning values and have the capacity to add value in the work place. Extra-curricular activities can impact positively on student engagement, enthusiasm and performance in their studies. Embracing new experiences helps students to grow in confidence, build transferable skills and develop personal qualities that enhance their future careers. The Go Herts Award will enable you to create your own university story, giving you the edge in the job market.

ELIGIBILITY The Go Herts Award is open to all students at the University of Hertfordshire and will be awarded to you when you graduate. It works alongside academic studies, enabling you to demonstrate your commitment to the principles embodied in the University’s Graduate Attributes.

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EVIDENCE OF ACTIVITIES You can get started on your Go Herts Award by gathering evidence of the activities you have undertaken outside of the assessed parts of your degree. Activities are under the five Go Herts Award Strands: - Professional development - Community engagement and enterprise - Co-curricular activities - Democracy and social responsibility - Research and innovation You can evidence activities across all five Strands or from only one or two. You can include things you have already done during your time with us by providing evidence such as certificates, photographs, tickets, screenshots, and records of attendance. Evidence can be from activities you have undertaken outside the University, during the time you have been a student. You then reflect on how these activities have enabled you to develop your Graduate Attributes. You achieve your award once you have completed a set number of hours: 100 hours = Bronze Award 200 hours = Silver Award 300 hours = Gold Award

The five Strands and examples of activities can be found on page six and seven. Your School, Hertfordshire Students’ Union or other areas of the University – for example Careers and Employment – may identify specific activities as eligible for inclusion. You just need to think about which Strand they contribute to and write a short reflection on how it has enabled you to achieve the University’s Graduate Attributes.

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Professional development

Community engagement and enterprise

Examples of activities you may have undertaken to develop yourself professionally in preparation for employment: - Membership of professional bodies - Careers workshops - Paid work (max 15 hours per week) - work experience or internships - Student lead roles - Peer mentoring - Work shadowing

Examples of activities you may have undertaken to engage with both the University and local community and to act in an enterprising way: - Community Garden - Big Draw - Enterprise initiatives - Duke of Edinburgh Award - Volunteering and charity involvement - Active Students

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Co-curricular activity

Democracy and social responsibility

Examples of activities you may have undertaken as part of co-curricular activities provided by your School or the wider University: - CONNECT Common Reading Experience Programme - Mentoring schemes - Mooting/mock trials - School co-curricular programmes - School societies engagement and leadership - Sporting events or clubs

Examples of activities you may have undertaken which have contributed to the development of a democratic society or which have demonstrated your social responsibility: - Student representation - Voting  and/or standing in the Hertfordshire Students’ Union elections - Herts Debates/events - Political engagement

Research and innovation Examples of research and innovation activity you have undertaken, including those within the University’s research strands: - Food - Global Economy - Health and Wellbeing - Heritage, Cultures and Communities - Information and Security - Space - Other projects underpinned by research and enquiry

The activities within each Strand are examples. You may have engaged in other activities during your time at University that do not appear here. As long as they are not an assessed part of your degree you should be able to use them towards your Go Herts Award.

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HOW TO APPLY: STEP BY STEP Applications can be submitted at any time but the deadline for September graduates 2020 is 31st May 2020 and for December/January graduates, the deadline will be September 2020. In the meantime keep a record of your activities and start thinking about which activities you can evidence in your submission.

1 Start your Go Herts story here! Start collecting evidence of your extra-curricular activity from the day you arrive at the university. Or you can back date your evidence to when you became a student.

4 Write a reflection on how engaging with these activities has helped you develop the University Graduate Attributes found on pages 10 and 11.

5 Once completed, send your submission with copies of your evidence and your reflection to:

2 Look at the five Go Herts Award Strands (Page 6 & 7) to help you identify what activities you have already done and which Award you think you are working towards, depending on the amount of hours you have done.

3 When you are ready, download the application form here Each activity will link to one of the five Strands. List the activities under the appropriate Strand.

6 Once your submission is verified, it will be recommended for a Go Herts Award as part of your Go Herts story.

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UNIVERSITY GRADUATE ATTRIBUTES Find out more about the Graduate Attributes you will achieve by becoming a Go Herts Award holder. P.S. Reading this will help you to write your reflection!

Professionalism, employability and enterprise

Intellectual depth, breadth and adaptability

Our graduates will be confident, act with integrity, set themselves high standards and have skills in team working, problem solving, digital literacy and creativity.

The University encourages engagement in curricular, co-curricular and extracurricular activities. Our graduates will have a deep and broad knowledge, enabling them to apply intellectual rigour and innovative thinking to practical and theoretical challenges.

Learning and research skills

Respect for others

The University fosters intellectual curiosity and provides opportunities to develop effective learning and research abilities. Our graduates will be equipped to seek knowledge and to continue learning throughout your lives.

The University promotes selfawareness, empathy, cultural awareness and mutual respect. Our graduates will have respect for themselves and others and will be courteous, inclusive and able to work in a wide range of cultural settings.

Social responsibility

Global awareness

The University promotes the values of ethical behaviour, sustainability and personal contribution. Our graduates will understand how their actions can enhance the wellbeing of others and will be equipped to make a valuable contribution to society.

The University fosters discussion of complex and evolving world issues. Our graduates will be confident to act effectively in settings where language and culture are not familiar to them and will have an understanding of international traditions and practices both within, and beyond, their discipline.

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Paramedic Science, School of Health and Social Work Graduating with more than a degree really appealed to me. Filling in the application helped me to realise the achievements I made whilst studying at Hertfordshire and highlighted how many things the University has to offer. My extra-curricular activities included working with St John’s ambulance, where I was exposed to events I would have never attended; Six Nations Rugby, Ed Sheeran concert to name a few. I also helped during the overseas student’s orientation programme, where I met people from all over the world and helped them to settle in to University. I was ecstatic when I found out I had achieved this award. It is nice to see I’m being recognised for helping other students and doing extra work.

Annabelle Appleby Primary Education, School of Education

My mentor recommended I should apply as I have done loads of activities! Most of my activities were based around fundraising. I was part of the Teaching Training Society and we raised money for various charities through different events and activities. I also worked at ZSL Whipsnade zoo during my years at University, where I gained so many skills - working with the public, dealing with parents, visitors and staff. There were even wallabies and peacocks to deal with walking into the zoo shop! My biggest piece of advice is to get organised. For the award, you need to know the dates of things you’ve done and have things written down. I was so happy when I achieved the award. It was a hard few years at University, but it was nice to know that anything else I had done beyond studying was getting acknowledge nice to know I was getting more than a degree.

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Zainab Karim

Business with Psychology, School of Humanities and Hertfordshire Business School The University has so many wonderful activities on offer. You have to make the most of this experience and if you’re unsure about trying new things, University is definitely the place to try them. That’s why I applied for this Award. As a student I worked as a Student Ambassador and an Activator for Active Students. Both roles developed my communications skills as I was interacting with people from all over the world with different cultures, religions and age groups.

Information and Support For further information please visit the Go Herts Award Website at gohertsaward For support with your application contact the Go Herts Award team at gohertsaward@

I was also a student rep on my course, and even a member of the Tennis team, so I developed skills like confidence, quick decision making, time management and creativity. The Go Herts Award is a prestigious award and it looks great on your CV. It is also a great remembrance of your time at University as it helps you to reflect on everything you have done and the achievements you have made. The skills I gained through applying for the Award will definitely help me in the future.

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