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Welcome to Essex Our dedication to providing the highest standard of education, and a transformational student experience, has meant that we were recently ranked second for student satisfaction, with 93 per cent of our students expressing overall satisfaction with their course (English mainstream universities, National Student Survey, 2013). Congratulations on your offer of a place at Essex. We are proud to have been placed in the top three per cent in world rankings and ninth in the UK for our research. In 2012, Essex was ranked in the top 50 in the world for universities under 50 years old, and this was confirmed by Times Higher Education’s own ‘Top 100 under 50’, placing Essex 20th in the world and fifth in the UK. So why do our students love their time at Essex? If you are planning to live at our Colchester or Southend campuses, we guarantee you a room in University accommodation. At our Colchester Campus you’ll receive a flexible choice of accommodation from a wide range of options. We have performed consistently well in the National

Student Housing Survey, winning in 2009, and coming second in 2010 and 2011. Last year we were one of only five institutions to be awarded the International Accommodation Quality Mark, for achieving at least 90 per cent satisfaction among international students. We take our commitment to research-led teaching very seriously and our staff are expected to be great researchers and great teachers; our curriculum is regularly updated by the latest research; and our students not only learn from leading researchers but undertake research themselves.

the curriculum. An Essex Education produces graduates that stand out from the crowd. Your time at Essex will also include opportunities for personal development through participation in a wide range of extra-curricular activities, engagement in an amazing range of student clubs and societies, and an extensive programme of student volunteering and sport, music and the arts – a unique experience of living and learning which we have championed since the University was founded. Our Students’ Union aims to provide the best possible facilities, offering opportunities for you to get involved in all kinds of activities and they work hard to support you.

Because our University is on a human scale, there is a very strong sense of community and our staff and students join in a common search for answers to global challenges.

I wish you every success in your continuing studies and look forward to welcoming you to Essex.

At Essex, alongside the research-led teaching you receive in your department, school or centre, you will have access to an incredible range of opportunities for personal development outside

Professor Anthony Forster Vice-Chancellor Welcome to Essex 1

Happy Birthday to Essex!

Looking back over 50 years at Essex Photograph courtesy of Aerofilms Ltd

Esse x Extra

In 2014, Essex will be celebrating its 50th Anniversary. Over five decades we have risen to become one of the UK’s leading academic institutions – an internationally-oriented, research-intensive university with a commitment to excellence in research and research-led teaching.

The vision of our founding Vice-Chancellor, Sir Albert Sloman, was that “a university should provide an experience of living as well as an opportunity for learning”. Essex pioneered this idea to become devoted to students’ personal development, and to offering an outstanding campus-based student experience.

We offer a learning experience that encourages critical thinking, thrives on creativity and challenges established conventions. Our graduates are uniquely equipped to have an impact on the world. Join us as we mark the foundation of the University, celebrate achievement and carry the Essex tradition into the future.

Happy Birthday to Essex 3

The Graduate School

Hear more about postgraduate living and learning

Esse x Extra

Our Graduate School is at the centre of our thriving postgraduate community of over 3,000 students. We work hard to ensure that we have the right programmes and support in place to assist our postgraduates.

Why we are special n

Research strong – we were ranked ninth in the UK in the most recent Research Assessment Exercise n Each year we award over £2 million in postgraduate scholarships n Impressive facilities on all our campuses to support your research and learning n A Supportive environment to ensure you succeed in your chosen field

Just for you Our Postgraduate Common Room is a meeting space for postgraduate students from all across our University. Facilities include: comfortable, informal seating; tea and coffee making facilities; a microwave; daily newspapers; and a coffee machine.

n n n n n

Graduate School Liaison Committee We are always trying to improve, and whilst we hope you don’t have any problems during your time at Essex, we’re ready to listen to any questions and comments you may have.

Our Liaison Committee reports to the Board of the School on matters of student interest and concern. It aims to strengthen the link between student representation at departmental level and student representation on the Board. Membership consists of five elected student representatives and a student covenor (who also form the Students’ Union Postgraduate Committee), and a graduate student member of each department and centre; wherever possible, members should also be members of their own departmental Staff/Student Liaison Committee. The committee meets at least once each term. You can hear more about our Graduate School by visiting:

The Graduate School 5

A world-class academic experience

Essex students learn in a modern, challenging and stimulating environment of world-class research and high-quality teaching with supervision by top academics and researchers who are leaders in their fields. We teach our students how to think, not what to think, offering something engaging and valuable. You will have the opportunity to engage with your chosen subject in depth, tailoring the course to suit your particular interests.

in this area. During my MSc Biotechnology, I attained these essential skills and knowledge, and tested this during my summer research project.

Tatiana Porto, Brazil, MSc Biotechnology ’11, MPhD Biochemistry “I always had the UK in mind for postgraduate studies because of its tradition, quality and worldwide impact. I care about research and teaching standards, so Essex’s results in this helped make my decision to move from Sao Paulo to Colchester. As my undergraduate course in Brazil focused on a chemical approach, I needed a biological understanding to pursue my career

I decided to stay at Essex for my PhD as I was enjoying my work so wanted to extend my research in this area and continue working with my supervisor, who is extremely helpful. Essex offers everything you need, as well as support that is extremely important for an international student. The international community helps you establish contacts which can be important later and the friendly environment is stimulating; I love the mix between lecturers, staff members, researchers, lab technicians, undergraduates and postgraduates.”

The Essex Education 7

A truly international experience

From the moment you arrive at Essex, you are welcomed into a friendly, international community where you will experience many cultures and perspectives, and after graduating, you will belong to a global network of Essex alumni, who share the same passion and enthusiasm for learning, life and Essex.

The opportunity to get involved in extra-curricular activities is fantastic. The quality and frequency of conferences, movie screenings, and sport and leisure events is just... incredible!

Alice Kuczkiewicz, Belgium, LLM International Human Rights Law (Economic Relations) “I have always been passionate about justice and human rights, so when I finished law school in Belgium, I asked where the best place was. All the human rights specialists I know said Essex. As much as I loved my university back home, in my opinion, Essex is simply the best place to study. It’s quite small, but I think that’s the strength of it – you get so much more attention from members of staff, which creates a really personal learning experience.

I got involved with the Business and Human Rights Project, which was a great experience. I found it really helpful, as it put all my theory and academic work into practice. I’ve met people from all over the world here; I have friends from central Asia, Australia, the Middle-East, Europe and the US. I love hearing the amazing stories they tell me about their home countries. With my friends from the University, I’ve tasted food from all over the world, and hear languages I didn’t even know existed. At Essex I feel like I’ve seen the world.”

The Essex Education 9

A supportive experience

We will support your individuality, nurturing ambition and independence of thought to help you achieve your aspirations and goals. Building on our sense of fairness and tolerance, we will enable you to become a well-rounded, open-minded individual who succeeds academically, professionally and socially.

Francesco Cuffaro, United Kingdom, LLM European Union Law “Having completed my undergraduate studies at a different university, I didn’t know anyone when I arrived at Essex, but felt instantly welcomed by both staff and students, making the transition much easier than I anticipated. The School of Law has been so helpful whenever I have had any queries; from finding my way around campus, to adapting to new ways of working.

the European Union as a whole, as well as the capability to analyse complex pieces of legislation and build constructive arguments on these issues. I have also learned invaluable organisational skills and have a newfound confidence in both my academic and social skills, which I think will be vital, not just in my future career, but in life. It’s very difficult to choose just one of my fondest memories from my time at Essex. I’ve made some truly brilliant friendships with both staff and students, which I know will continue even after I leave. I’ve experienced new cultures from the vast mix of international students, giving me a thirst to see as much of the world as I can. If I was asked whether I had any regrets, it would have to be that I only signed up for one year!”

My course has given me the knowledge of the legal running of The Essex Education 11

An enabling experience

Essex provides a strong foundation for your future career. It’s no longer enough to rely on skills alone in the job market. Working with you, we will help to identify how to apply your knowledge and experience to achieve professional success. We want you to achieve a healthy work-life balance and become a confident and enterprising individual.

the classes you need to be able to verbally communicate your point; whereas with the essays you need to be able to explain and develop your argument through written communication.

Geoffrey Towsey, United Kingdom, MA History “Having completed my undergraduate studies at the University, I was already aware of all the benefits that Essex offered. The main reason I decided to stay was due to the quality of teaching and research. The focus of postgraduate study is research; and being taught by the individuals who are engaged in researching the subject they teach is certainly a major bonus. The skills you gain through studying history are vital in any profession. I could list them all, but communication is the main one. In

I also work as a Student Ambassador, which includes a vast array of different elements, mainly working with students of all ages. We run campus visits, career fairs, finance events, workshops, tours and a whole lot more. It’s a fantastic job and although it is not directly linked to my degree, it has made me realise that I would like to work with young people in the future. It has by far been the best four years of my life and, ultimately, the friends I have made and people I have met will stay with me for life, and that has to be one of my fondest memories and experiences.”

The Essex Education 13

An experience to last a lifetime

Being an Essex student offers a unique combination of living and learning which will set you up for life. Your time at Essex will be an unforgettable experience which will help shape your future.

the people you live with tend to be studying the same, or a related course to you, and so often share similar interests. As an international student, living in halls was great – I came here knowing no one and have now made friends for life. Ysai Laumen, the Netherlands, MSc International Marketing and Entrepreneurship “I decided to come to Essex because of its close proximity to London – I study at the Southend Campus, which is only 45 minutes away. I found it easy to settle into university life at Essex, mainly because of my time in the accommodation, University Square. You’re surrounded by students almost 24/7, so you never feel bored or lonely. Because the Southend Campus is quite small,

I’ve learnt a lot from my time at Essex. The real-life examples and case studies used in the lectures, as well as the workshops and extra seminars with guest speakers, have been particularly useful. I always knew I wanted to build my own online business, and thanks to one of the workshops organised by my School, I met a local business owner. We are now going to scale his products to my country, which is very exciting, and shows how valuable these events can be. Essex has definitely helped me to build my future.”

The Essex Education 15

Excellence in research

At Essex, our students are lucky enough to be taught by some of the world’s most eminent researchers. Our global reputation for outstanding research stems from the passion our academics have for their subject, which in turn feeds into the lectures, seminars and tutorials, and supervision.

surfing, with users gaining more control over their personal data.

Dr Martin Reed, School of Computer Science and Electronic Engineering Dr Martin Reed has led a team of researchers at Essex, who were involved in a $6.7million EU project, known as PURSUIT, building a groundbreaking model to redesign the internet. The project, which was part of ongoing research at Essex, improved upon the existing internet model to meet the growing demand it now faces. This will result in quicker internet access, fewer computer viruses, and safer online

Essex has already successfully demonstrated the potential PURSUIT could achieve, and has also provided the test-bed network and expertise in carrier networks for the project. For more information about the PURSUIT project, please visit the website.

Hear more about the PURSUIT project

Esse x Extra

The Essex Education 17

Dr Pamela Cox, Department of Sociology Dr Pamela Cox is a sociologist and social historian, whose research spans modern history, social policy and criminology.

which uncovered the reality of life as a domestic servant from the 1840s until the 1940s. Parts of the series were based on her book, Bad Girls in Britain: Gender, Justice and Welfare, 1900-1950, which is an investigation into past efforts to reform ‘wayward girls’, mostly by sending them to ‘rescue homes’ and training them to be servants. To hear more about Pamela’s research, visit:

In 2012, Pamela presented the BBC documentary series, Servants: The True Story of Life Below Stairs,

Learn more about Pam’s research pamcox

18 Your future

Esse x Extra

Professor Marco Francesconi, Department of Economics Dr Marco Francesconi is the Head of our Department of Economics, whose research into labour economics has earned him national recognition.

In March 2013, Marco, and fellow Essex academic Professor Lydia Morris (Department of Sociology), were elected as Academicians of the Academy of Social Sciences, a prestigious position which recognises their significant contribution and commitment, not only to research in their fields, but also to the social sciences in a broader sense. To find out more about Marco’s research, visit:

His work, which focuses on family economics, intergenerational links, and labour market dynamics, has appeared in many of the world’s leading economic journals, and has contributed to an understanding of demography, healthcare, and even evolutionary biology.

Marco talks about Economics at Essex

Esse x Extra

Jay won awards in both the Science and Technology track, and the Entrepreneurship in Minority Groups track.

Professor Jay Mitra, International Centre for Entrepreneurship Research, Essex Business School Professor Jay Mitra, a business, entrepreneurship and innovation expert, was awarded two best research paper prizes from the International Institute of Small Business and Entrepreneurship annual conference in 2012, for his outstanding research in the areas of entrepreneurship, innovation and small business development.

His research covers different aspects of new business formation, innovation, technology, regional development, small firm internationalisation, minority communities, and entrepreneurial women in business. His latest book, Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Regional Development, is published by Routledge. You can hear more from Jay at:

Find out more about Jay

Esse x Extra

The Essex Education 19

Your future At Essex we equip you to make informed future career choices and succeed in entering your chosen field.

Employability is about developing yourself through experience, and understanding the meaning of it through exploration and reflection. Dave Stanbury, Director of Employability At Essex we equip you to make informed future career choices and succeed in entering your chosen field. Employability at Essex is about putting all of the different aspects of your University experience together to decide where you want to go with your life. It’s about developing new skills, growing through great experiences and adding to your CV. We’ll help you do all of these things, work out how to ‘sell’ your unique package of skills and experience to employers and reflect on where you want to go next in your life. Being at Essex is about developing as a well-rounded person: intellectually, socially and professionally in a diverse and international community. Employers want adaptable graduates who can work in cross-cultural situations. The international setting at Essex is a great way to broaden your outlook and develop global competencies. International students benefit from presentations by graduate recruiters and

specialist modules that develop employability and language skills. As a result, most postgraduates we have surveyed move rapidly into graduate work or study.

Employability support for all Essex offers a huge range of employability activities. Key components include: n

Essex Employability Award – helps you promote the skills you have gained through volunteering and work experience to employers, and have these recorded on your degree transcript. 308 students gained the award this year. n Frontrunners – an award-winning scheme originally developed by the University of Essex. This scheme offers around 300 paid placements within the University on graduatelevel projects, with guaranteed professional development included.


Enterprise and entrepreneurship events – get involved in workshops and exciting competitions to develop business ideas, meet entrepreneurs, win cash prizes and even set up your own business. n Students’ Union vTeam: ‘be part of something’ – hundreds of fun ways to volunteer and get involved in campus and community life to stretch and develop you. n Careers advice and guidance – expert ideas on careers and additional courses that suit your talents and dreams. n Languages for All – study a language alongside your course at no extra cost. This enables you to acquire new language skills or improve existing abilities, helping you to stand out from the crowd when you enter the job market.

Your future 21

In partnership with employers

Graduate Teaching Assistants

Our academic staff have strong links with industry in many disciplines, including science, engineering, business, health and arts. Top employers work with us to help students explore the world of work through workshops, presentations and recruitment activities. Our partners include: PricewaterhouseCoopers, KPMG, The Bank of England, BT, Teach First, Enterprise Rent a Car, Civil Service, Fast Stream and Santander.

Most of our departments, schools and centres provide employment opportunities for research students as Graduate Teaching Assistants (GTAs), who support our permanent academic staff in their teaching. A position as a GTA offers you the chance to experience teaching in higher education in a supportive and structured environment.

Earning whilst learning Work experience and internships Our internships scheme places over 100 students and graduates into a huge variety of paid placements with companies and not-for-profit organisations, at home and overseas.

For all students, part-time work is now a key part of student life, and much more than just a way to make ends meet. You can register with JobsOnline, our online vacancy service, to find part-time and vacation work.

Languages for All

I believe Essex has provided me with the tools necessary to make the world a better place. Alice Kuczkiewicz, Belgium, LLM International Human Rights Law 22 Your future

In an increasingly competitive graduate jobs market, the need to stand out from the crowd is vital.

among students in order to increase the following skills: n n n

Language proficiency Employability The confidence required for students to work, travel and study internationally n Intercultural awareness The programme was started in 2012 and has been very successful, gaining high approval rates from our students. You can study a variety of languages at different levels, with two different modes of study offered: nLanguage Express – a taught evening class which takes place once a week nLanguage Portfolio – online taught modules with tutor support

For more information please visit our website.

Being able to speak more than one language is a great way to distinguish yourself from other graduates, and many employers will look for this extra skill when recruiting. Languages for All offers you the opportunity to study a language alongside your course at no extra cost. The language modules will not affect your grades in your core degree as they are designed to fit alongside a busy student schedule. We encourage language learning

Alex tells us about Languages for All

Esse x Extra

Carmen Nicoara, Romania, MA Sociological Research

Ashley Fox, United Kingdom, MSc Advanced Web Engineering ‘12

“I began studying at Essex as an undergraduate student in 2009, and was so impressed by the quality of teaching and research, that I decided to stay another year for my Masters.

“As a recent graduate of the University of Essex, I now work as a software engineer and user interface specialist for the UK Data Archive. I have been responsible for developing leading applications which are used by researchers and international organisations around the world. I am currently involved in designing next-generation technologies for managing digital data, and I relish the challenges that this will bring.

Coming to Essex has definitely given me a clearer picture of what I am passionate about, and I am planning on returning for a PhD in the future. The University of Essex offered me an internship with a London human rights and civil liberties community organisation that was developing a community project during the Olympic and Paralympic Games and I am now writing my MA thesis on what I observed. The University’s internship team helped me find my current job as a social research intern in Essex County Council’s Employability and Skills Unit. It challenges me, and encourages me to think and research differently, in order to make myself more employable.”

I feel my experiences and the support provided during my studies were key in advancing my career prospects and employability. In an industry which is forever changing, the course subject material was cutting-edge and provided me with a skill set desired by countless organisations in my field. I often found myself learning technologies which had not yet been adopted by the industry. The lecturers were supportive and always available if I needed further help. Throughout my degree, the Employability and

Careers Centre was on hand to prepare me for the world after education. Assisting with CV and interview preparation, as well as offering parttime jobs to gain experience, I found it provided a vital service to improve both my communication and presentation skills. My time at Essex has been rewarding and unforgettable. The experience and networking opportunities gave me the perfect platform to launch my future career in the computing industry.”

Where do Essex graduates go? Our graduates have gone on to become entrepreneurs, teachers, politicians, nurses, BAFTA-winning actors and film directors, CEOs, and Nobel Prize winners, and work for world-class companies and organisations, including Amnesty International, BBC, BT Group, CNN, Fujitsu, Government Statistical Service, Intel, Lloyds TSB, Microsoft, National Gallery, Panasonic, Pricewaterhouse Coopers and The Royal Shakespeare Company. Your future 23

First-class facilities We support your experience of living and learning at Essex through continual investment in our buildings and facilities.

CGI of The Forum Southend-on-Sea, due for completion August 2013

Our investment Our capital investment plan for the period 2008-13 has a spend profile in the region of £210 million. Current facilities include: n



n n





£5m Tony Rich Teaching Centre, providing 20 teaching rooms, all equipped with interactive projectors, widescreen monitors, digital document cameras and audio recording capabilities Albert Sloman Library, holding more than one million books, pamphlets, e-publications and microforms 1,000-seater Ivor Crewe Lecture Hall, home to our graduation ceremonies and largest lectures Award-winning accommodation, designed to enhance your experience of living and learning Cutting-edge media centre including broadcasting, podcasting and vodcasting facilities, alongside a large television studio and additional computer labs Wi-fi enabled amphitheatre, encouraging outdoor working as part of our wider plan to turn all areas of campus into a learning space Well-equipped computer labs across all our campuses, giving you access to IT services 24 hours a day, seven days a week New pan-Asian restaurant, Fusion, providing an exciting place for you to enjoy a meal with friends or take-away with flatmates State-of-the-art learning pods in the Orangery and Limehouse, facilitating group-based learning and encouraging interactive discussion


Evolve fitness suites at Colchester and Southend – two of the most advanced fitness facilities in Essex

Our Colchester and Southend campuses are undergoing major transformations with two of the largest projects in our history due to be completed shortly. Both will provide exceptional opportunities for your learning and personal development.

The Forum Southend-on-Sea Our latest development in Southend, due to open in autumn 2013, is a joint £26.9m initiative with Southend Borough Council and South Essex College. Located opposite The Gateway Building, it will include a 200-seat lecture theatre, academic library, teaching rooms and a learning hub, which will provide IT-enabled group and open study spaces and quiet reading areas.

Student Centre and library extension This £21m development, due to open at our Colchester Campus, will include an integrated learning centre, designed to allow creative learning, plus a 24-hour reading room, a Students’ Union media centre and a one-stop-shop for student services, bringing together a range of facilities in a modern setting. Further new developments in the pipeline include: n

A cutting-edge 6,000 square metre low-carbon building which will house Essex Business School at our Colchester Campus (2014) n The Meadows, new student accommodation at our Colchester Campus, which will provide 640 student study bedrooms (2013-14) n Knowledge Gateway research park, which will deliver specialist facilities for research, business, and enterprise activities First-class facilities 25

Learning at Essex What is it like to study at Essex?

Studying with us gives you an opportunity to develop your own ideas and interests, and to engage with thinking at the leading edge of your subject, as part of the research community in your department, school or centre, and our wider academic and professional community.

A combination of traditional methods and state-of-the-art learning technology will enable you to take your learning to the next level. Being a UK top ten research institution, our academic staff who teach and supervise you, and who have designed our postgraduate curriculum, all work at the forefront of their subjects. Many of our academics produce research of international significance and bring this knowledge and experience into the lecture hall; it is our emphasis on research-led teaching which sets us apart from many other universities.

How will I learn?

Studying at postgraduate level is quite different from undergraduate study; an even stronger emphasis is placed on independent learning, the originality of ideas, and teaching you to apply information at a professional level. You’ll be encouraged to read widely, question everything around you and to share your own ideas with others.

A Masters course will consist of taught modules and, usually, a research-based dissertation, which is submitted in September. The balance of taught modules and research depends on the subject but, typically, the research element will count for 60 credits and there will be 120 credits of taught modules, varying from 10 to 40 credits each.

26 Learning at Essex

A full-time Masters course lasts for 12 months (or 24 months if taken part-time), beginning in October. During that time, you’ll acquire a high level of specialist knowledge, exploring your chosen subject in great depth.

Generally, you will study several compulsory modules, as well as getting the opportunity to choose from a range of optional modules.

What learning technologies and online tools will be available to me? You will have a ‘student portal’ – called myEssex – which is your personalised online dashboard that provides specific information relating to living and learning at Essex. You will also have access to your own online space, myLife, where you can record your learning experiences and achievements, and then share them with future employers, tutors or colleagues. Most courses have a supplementary Virtual Learning Environment (VLE), an online learning space which provides further information, quizzes, tests and forums; the VLE we use is Moodle, which you may already be familiar with – it’s not dissimilar to WebCT or Blackboard.

Our ‘Listen Again’ service provides MP3 recordings of all lectures, giving you the opportunity to hear them again to aid revision.

What help can I get if I feel I am struggling with my learning? We want you to be happy throughout your time at Essex, which is why we make sure that help and advice are always available whenever you need it. Student Support specialise in helping those with individual learning needs; the University Skills Centre provides assistance to any student through workshops, courses and one-to-one guidance; and we have Writing Fellows who offer specialised one-to-one guidance on writing.

Learning at Essex 27

Live and learn Colchester Campus accommodation colchesteraccommodation

Southend Campus accommodation southendaccommodation

Esse x Extra

Esse x Extra

Your new home

Accommodation guaranteed

We pride ourselves on creating a vibrant community for you to live and learn in. If you decide to live in our University-provided accommodation, you will be among a diverse mix of people from many different countries.

If you are a new postgraduate, applying for entry at either our Colchester or Southend Campus, you will normally be offered a single room in our University-provided accommodation, providing your application and pre-payment is returned by the publicised closing date.

Key facts about all our residences n n n n

n n n n n n

On campus or within easy walking distance Self-catered for your independence Fully-furnished, single-study bedrooms Communal kitchens equipped with kettles, fridges, freezers, microwaves, conventional ovens, cookers, irons and ironing boards Coin-operated launderettes close by WiFi available in every bedroom and communal areas Residents’ Support Network On-site staff to provide support Allocated for the full study year, so you do not need to move out during vacations Rent covers utility charges, including 24-hour internet access

Top ten in the UK for student accommodation.

Typical single-study bedroom

Most recent Whatuni Student Choice Awards (2011)

Typical en suite single-study bedroom

Live and learn 29

Please note that the rents shown are based on 2012-13 academic year price.

We provide a range of fantastic accommodation, so no matter what your taste or budget, you’ll be sure to find the perfect place to live.

The Towers

University Quays

Size: 1,142 rooms Location: Colchester Campus Cost per week: £79.31-£81.41* n 14-16 rooms per flat n Shared showers and toilets Perfect choice if: you want to get stuck into student life, don’t mind sharing facilities and prefer being around lots of flatmates.

Size: 766 rooms Location: Colchester Campus Cost per week: £112.35* n 5-9 rooms per flat n En suite facilities Perfect choice if: you’d prefer your own bathroom facilities, would like views across the river and fancy a quick walk to the supermarket.

The Houses

University Square

Size: 267 rooms Location: Colchester Campus Cost per week: £110.32* n 4-6 rooms per flat n En suite facilities Perfect choice if: you’d like your own bathroom facilities, prefer being in a flat with fewer students and want the beautiful parkland close by.

Size: 497 rooms and 64 studio flats Location: Southend Campus Cost per week: £124.74 and £154.00, respectively* n 8-10 rooms per flat n En suite facilities Studio flats have own kitchenette Perfect choice if: you’d like your own bathroom facilities and enjoy being part of a community.

The Meadows Size: 420 rooms Location: Colchester Campus Cost per week: £126.84 n 5-7 rooms per flat n En suite facilities Our brand new accommodation development Perfect choice if: you’d prefer your own bathroom facilities and have easy access to an onsite café, launderette and modern communal spaces. The Meadows is also perfectly positioned between central campus and a nearby supermarket. *2013-14 academic year price 30 Live and learn

Top ten in the UK for student accommodation. Most recent Whatuni Student Choice Awards (2011)

Overall satisfaction

Overall value for money






Condition and quality of bedrooms


Bedroom furniture and facilities Condition and quality of the building


Neighbourhood safety

Percentage of positive responses

Eating and shopping

The National Student Housing Survey is an annual survey of students in higher education across the UK. The 2012 survey attracted nearly 19,000 responses from more than 120 higher education institutions.

Our Colchester Campus has its own campus shop, selling a wide range of everyday items, plus we have a large supermarket within walking distance. With our three banks, book shop, stationery shop, international food store, hairdressers, and Post Office, you’d be forgiven for not leaving campus during your time with us!

We have performed consistently well, winning in 2009, and coming second in 2010 and 2011. This year we are one of only three institutions to be awarded the International Accommodation Quality Mark, for achieving at least 90 per cent satisfaction among international students.





Satisfied students




Communication about accommodation




We are very pleased to have received such high satisfaction ratings from our students and to be rewarded again this year for our efforts. We understand how important it is for you to be happy in your new home and we strive to continually improve the experience.

If you fancy a rest from cooking, our campus boasts several cafés, take-aways and restaurants offering food from around the world, including our American-style Happy Days Diner, and our new pan-Asian restaurant, Fusion. Our Southend Campus is located in the heart of the town centre so you really do have access to everything you could need, from seafront cafés, bistros and restaurants to high street chain shops, pharmacies and a fairground! University Square, our student accommodation, is located opposite a large supermarket where you can take advantage of great money-saving offers.

National average n Essex n

Live and learn 31

Residents’ Support Network The aim of our Residents’ Support Network (RSN) is to create a harmonious, community-based environment in which you can live and learn. A Residents’ Assistant (RA) will be based within your area of accommodation and meet you soon after you arrive. Your RA’s role is to ensure that you have opportunities to get involved in university life and social activities within your area of accommodation. The RSN also operates outside of office hours when other University support services are closed, to offer help should the need arise.

equipment and furniture in the kitchens are also accessible from a wheelchair. Some of our rooms also have an alarm system for deaf students. To find out more, please contact Student Support: E

Couple and family* accommodation There is only a limited supply of this type of accommodation, so a place cannot be guaranteed to new students. If you would like to find out more, please contact Accommodation Essex as early as possible: E

Students with individual needs

Child care

We have excellent accommodation for students with individual needs which was given an access award by Colchester Borough Council in recognition of the quality of its facilities. We have a total of twelve rooms at our Colchester Campus and seven rooms at Southend, which have been specially designed and furnished to meet the needs of wheelchair users, and all the

Our Colchester Campus Day Nursery, in Wivenhoe Park, offers outstanding child care to children from three months to five years, as well as exciting holiday clubs. At Southend we have a large purpose-built day nursery at South Essex College, which is located adjacent to our Campus, for children from three to five years of age.

32 Live and learn

Take a look round our accommodation with our virtual tours.

* Family accommodation only available at our Colchester Campus

Our Colchester Campus Colchester town centre (10 minutes by car)

Unlike our Southend Campus, which is based right in the heart of the town centre, our Colchester Campus is set within 200 acres of parkland, based around a series of interlinking squares. Here is a bird’s eye view to give you an idea of where everything is located.

Campus farm

The Houses Wivenhoe House hotel and Edge Hotel School

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Olu takes us on a tour around our Colchester Campus Colchester

Esse x Extra

New friends, new experiences The Students’ Union Our role is to make sure you get the most out of your student experience. Everything we do is focused around supporting your time at Essex. We’ll help make sure you get the qualification you’re after, we’ll offer you friendly support and advice, and we’ll give you plenty of things to do in your spare time. We offer: n 165 clubs and societies for you to meet others with shared interests; n welfare advice and information when you need a bit of help; n a jam-packed programme of entertainment and events; n employment for over 350 students; n volunteering opportunities with our vTeam; n student media experience by writing for our fortnightly newspaper The Rabbit, hosting a show at our radio station, RED, or by presenting on our TV station, SX:TV; n value for money shopping facilities; 34 New friends, new experiences


cafés, bars, restaurants, and take-aways to keep you fed and watered; n our award-winning £1.2m entertainment venue, Sub Zero, at our Colchester Campus; and n a safety bus to take you home safely after a good night out!

Arts at Essex We offer loads of great cultural activities and creative opportunities, and are proud to have a theatre on each of our three campuses. At Colchester The recently transformed Lakeside Theatre underwent an £800,000 development project in 2010. It offers regular theatre, comedy, music, open mic nights and a student theatre company. n Art Exchange, one of the region’s leading galleries of contemporary visual art, produces six major exhibitions per year and runs a free programme of talks, tours and art classes. n


The Theatre Arts Society (TAS) gives you the opportunity to act, direct, produce and get involved backstage in student productions. n Many creative societies promote comedy, art film, photography, several music genres and lots more. n Essex Collection of Art from Latin America (ESCALA) – the only public collection in Europe dedicated exclusively to modern and contemporary art from Latin America. n The University of Essex Choir, with more than 150 singers drawn from staff and students of the University and from the local community. At Southend n The atmospheric Clifftown Studios, built within a former gothic church, provides extensive rehearsal and performance space.

Sport Whether you would like to take part in sport at recreational, club or elite level, we provide you with the support and facilities needed for you to reach your potential.

At our Colchester Campus Having invested ÂŁ1.4 million in 2010, our Colchester Campus is now home to one of the most advanced sports facilities in Essex. We offer: 130-station gym, Evolve, offering state-of-the-art fitness technology in light, spacious, air-conditioned comfort; n a multi-purpose sports hall; n three fitness and activity studios with sprung wooden floors, double-height ceilings and air conditioning; n 8m high climbing wall; n three tennis courts; n five glass-backed squash courts; n

n n n n n

18 hole frisbee golf course; three trampolines; a flood-lit synthetic turf pitch; seven grass football and two rugby pitches; grass cricket pitch plus an artificial cricket wicket and nets; n jogging and orienteering routes; and n access to a range of watersports at nearby Brightlingsea.

At our Southend Campus A great attraction of Southend is its seven miles of beautiful coastline, giving you the opportunity to get involved in every watersport you can think of! University Square accommodation is also home to a brand new Evolve gym, making it easy to integrate fitness into your daily routine. The Boroughs of Colchester and Southend also offer a variety of local sporting facilities for you to use, including swimming pools, athletic tracks, roller skating rinks, golf courses and much more. New friends, new experiences 35

Never a dull moment Represent your University... Why not help out at open days and deliver talks about student life at schools? Student ambassador working hours are flexible, so you can work as often or as little as you like, and you can earn up to £7.56 an hour! Listen carefully... Leading writers and influential thinkers from the field of computer science through to business have visited our campuses to deliver speeches, master classes and seminars. Over the last year we have welcomed Nobel Laureate Derek Walcott, nature writer Richard Mabey, England cricket captain Alastair Cook, writer and performer Sandi Toksvig, former BBC Dragon Doug Richards, comedian David Mitchell, and English fashion designer Wayne Hemingway.

36 New friends, new experiences

Pack your suitcase... Join Essex Travel Society and take advantage of subsidised visits to popular destinations around the UK and abroad. Celebrate your faith with others... Whether you want to celebrate your own religious or cultural festivals, or find out more about different faiths, there are lots of events throughout the year. Islamic Awareness Week, One Home Week (organised by our Christian Union Society), and Chinese New Year are just some examples. Get your kit on... Support our sports teams at the annual Sports Federation Derby Day, as Essex take on local rivals the University of East Anglia. Alternatively, try out for one of the sports teams and you could be competing yourself!

Sound of music... If you’re a music lover, the annual V Festival is for you. Held at Hylands Park in Chelmsford, just 30 minutes away from our Colchester and Southend campuses, it has hosted everyone from Kings of Leon and Plan B, to Rhianna and Oasis. Barbecues by the lake... If it’s a sunny day, why not head to the lake on our Colchester Campus and enjoy a barbecue with friends? Party the night away... Catch some of the best live acts, DJs and attractions at the biggest party of the year, our Summer Ball. Congratulations... It’s graduation day – look back on all your hard work, meet up with friends and celebrate the end of an era. It’s also a nice excuse to dress up smart!

Something for everyone Joining a sports club or society is one of the easiest ways to make new friends and get involved in university life. Societies range from being related to your course, the music you like, your country, religion, or just something in which you have an interest. You can also get involved in the running of sports clubs and societies which will enhance your CV. The committees who run the clubs and societies are responsible for organising events, fundraising, marketing and budgeting, as well as public speaking. Film Society Our Film Society puts on free screenings for members twice a week. They show recent releases and blockbusters that have made it to the big screen, as well as a mix of world cinema, Asian film and cult choices. They also organise film-related socials such as festivals, trips to the cinema, and help to promote film-related projects.

Law Society Proactive in building relations with professional organisations, our Law Society enjoys links with Eversheds LLP, one of the largest international law firms; Ellisons Solicitors, one of East Anglia’s oldest practices; and Lex Magazine, the student guide to the UK’s premier law firms. It also runs textbook sales, employers’ fairs, talks with trainee solicitors and, jointly with our School of Law, the Student Mentor Scheme, to provide support for first-year law students. Hockey Club Catering for all abilities, our Hockey Club has five teams in total: Men’s 1st and 2nd teams, Women’s 1st and 2nd teams, and a mixed hockey team. These compete in the BUCS (British University and College Sports) league, in addition to local Saturday leagues. It is extremely sociable and takes part in a variety of events, like Derby Day, Eastern Championships and external events including fundraising, coaching and charity work.

Club and societies Clubs and societies Archery Athletics Basketball Bulgarian Cheerleading Comic Book Cypriot Debating Economics Essex Entrepreneurs Fencing Gliding Human Rights

International Lacrosse Latin American Magic Model UN Photographic Politics Rowing Skydiving Snowsports Theatre Arts Travelling

To see all our clubs and societies, visit: To find out more about student life, visit:

New friends, new experiences 37

International students We understand that coming to study in the UK is a big step and that it’s important to choose the right environment. We are well known internationally for our academic excellence and world-leading research, and our graduates work within all sectors across the globe.

social, academic and sporting interests. Our mix of international students means you’ll be sharing accommodation and classes with lots of different people, enabling you to engage with a wealth of diverse perspectives and experiences, and to make new friends from all over the world.

With students from over 130 countries and more than 40 per cent of our students coming from outside the UK, you will certainly not be alone as an international student at Essex. From the moment you arrive, you will be welcomed into a friendly and cosmopolitan environment and given every opportunity to be successful in everything you do.

International students’ web pages

Making Essex your home During your first week (know as Welcome Week), there will be a wide range of events, specifically designed to help you find your way around, make friends and settle into life in the UK and at Essex. Our Students’ Union has lots of clubs and societies, covering cultural, religious, political, 38 International students

Our web pages have plenty of information to help you before you arrive: you’ll find guidance on courses, scholarships, immigration and our English language programmes, as well as interviews with some of our current students. Much of this information is country-specific, helping make it relevant to you.

possible. We will pick you up from the airport and provide a programme of events in your first week to help you settle in. Our Students’ Union Advice Centre and Student Support are always on hand to provide practical, academic and emotional advice. Our academic staff are always happy to arrange one-to-one sessions to discuss your work and progress.

Supporting you

Essex is the perfect place to be an international student.

We understand that the UK education system can be very different to that which you are used to. That is why we provide a range of support, both before you arrive and during your studies, to ensure your time with us is as rewarding as

Jovanna Yiouselli, Students’ Union Vice-President (International)

Top tips for international students 1. Don’t be afraid to ask for help – we have lots of staff who are here to lend a hand with any problems you have 2. Join as many clubs and societies as you can – it’s a great way to meet new people 3. Explore Essex – immerse yourself in our region’s history and culture

English language support If English is not your first language, we have a range of courses in our International Academy, of between 5 and 40 weeks in length, to help you develop your language and academic skills prior to beginning your studies. Our pre-sessional programmes are between 5 and 15 weeks in length, depending on your current English language level. We also offer free in-sessional language courses to help develop your skills and provide extra support whilst you are studying. You can make an appointment to receive individual language help through our University Skills Centre. We even provide free English language classes for dependants, should you bring your family with you.

Life after Essex Our long history of welcoming international students means you will be able to link up with fellow alumni around the world, becoming part of an international alumni network where you can learn and share experiences of your time at Essex.

Mario Munoz, Colombia, MSc Environmental Governance ‘11 “There were many boxes that my chosen postgraduate institution had to tick. I was coming to the UK to study, but also re-locating my family. My chosen institution had to have a secure campus, on-site nursery for my youngest child and a nearby family-friendly town. The Colchester Campus fulfilled all of these challenges and provided a safe, friendly environment in which myself and my wife could get the most out of our studies. Academically, I don’t think I could have got as much out of my postgraduate experience anywhere else. I had not previously realised how different cultures, professions and regions could so significantly influence individual opinions on environmental topics. This made me more conscious of the complexity of creating harmonised solutions to environmental problems, among all stakeholders.

Keep up-to-date with the latest international news at Essex and find out when we are next visiting your country. This experience certainly helped to advance my career. Since returning to my employer in Colombia, I have been promoted twice. I am now the Corporate Environmental Manager of our company, and recently developed the 2013-2017 Environmental Master Plan for my company’s operations. Coming to Essex was one of the best decisions I ever made. The expertise, experience and facilities that I was exposed to during my time here definitely gave me the edge I needed to push my career forwards.”

International students 39

A quick guide to Colchester

See what Colchester has to offer colchestertour

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Get cultural n Visit firstsite, Colchester’s multi-million pound visual arts facility n Explore the award-winning Colchester Castle and enjoy a picnic by the lake Shop ‘til you drop n Wander around quirky boutiques, specialist food stores and colourful market stalls, as well as the big high street names n If you fancy serious shopping, Lakeside shopping centre is less than an hour by car Village life n Enjoy a tasty home-cooked meal at one of the quayside pubs in the nearby, student-friendly village of Wivenhoe n Row your boat along the River Stour in Dedham (where famous painter John Constable lived and worked) and then treat yourself to a well-deserved ice cream

Night out with friends Dance the night away in the many bars and clubs or visit one of the varied restaurants n If live bands, rock and folk gigs, and comedy nights are more your thing, head to the Arts Centre n

Day trip n Eat fish and chips and build sandcastles at Clacton or Walton beach n Colchester Zoo is one of Europe’s finest, with 260 rare species set in 60 acres of beautiful parkland Further afield n Jump on a train to London and, in less than an hour, you can be exploring its famous attractions n With direct coaches from our campus to Stansted Airport, you can reach hundreds of European destinations for a quick city break

Top 5 restaurants 1. North Hill Noodle Bar – best spicy squid in town 2. Bengal Spice – popular Indian restaurant offering 10 per cent NUS discount 3. Cozy Carvery – eat as much as you can at this Brazilian buffet 4. The Lemon Tree – perfect location for a romantic first date 5. Bella-Pais – wear baggy trousers as the portions are huge at this Greek steakhouse!

Find out more See Colchester for yourself:

A quick guide to Colchester 41

A quick guide to Southend

Seaside attractions n Walk along the world’s longest pleasure pier and enjoy stunning views of the coastline or an exhibition in the Royal Pavilion at the end of the pier. n Head to Adventure Island, the UK’s best free-admission amusement park – with over 30 rides, there’s something for everyone. Shop ‘til you drop Visit quirky independent stores and markets, as well as the big high street names. n If you fancy some serious shopping, then Lakeside shopping centre is just 40 minutes away by car or train. n

Get wet n Pull on a wetsuit and try windsurfing, kayaking, canoeing or kite surfing at the Southend Marine Activities Centre. n Try out the brand new swimming and diving centre which was used as a training base for the British Olympic diving team, prior to the London 2012 Olympics!

Culture and the arts n Enjoy a variety of events throughout the year, including the folk festival, sailing regatta, comedy festival and music and arts festival. Night out with friends n Catch live acts at Chinnerys (The Horrors, Ellie Goulding and Snow Patrol have all played here). n Watch the skies over the seafront explode as a glorious array of fireworks are launched into the sky every Saturday night in the autumn. Day trip n Ride your bike around the 550-acre stretch of land surrounding Hadleigh Castle, which hosted the London 2012 Olympic mountain bike event. n Pop to the old fishing town of Leigh-on-Sea for bars, boutiques and freshly caught fish and seafood. Further afield n Jet off to destinations in the UK, Europe and beyond, from Southend Airport.

Top 5 restaurants 1. Petite Petanque – a quaint café, tucked away from the hustle and bustle of the town, and the perfect place for afternoon tea. 2. Bobby Jo’s Diner – if it’s big portions you’re after, head to this 50s American diner on the seafront. Make sure you try the milkshakes! 3. The Fish House – glamorous it isn’t, but this is the best ‘chippie’ in Southend. 4. Il Pescatore – it has a longstanding reputation for authentic Italian food and tasty lunchtime specials. 5. Maya – an Asian buffet, which sits opposite our University Square accommodation.

Find out more See Southend for yourself: A quick guide to Southend 43

Stay another day We now offer our graduates, and former study abroad students, a loyalty discount on their first-year postgraduate study tuition fee. If you have an Essex Bachelors degree, and are applying for your first postgraduate study period at our University, then our Alumni Loyalty Discount will reduce your first-year tuition fees by 33 per cent if you achieve a First, 25 per cent if you achieve a 2.1 or 10 per cent if you achieve a 2.2. If you have an Essex Masters degree and are applying for a second Masters at our University, then our Alumni Loyalty Discount will reduce your first year tuition fees by 33 per cent if you achieve a Distinction, 25 per cent if you achieve a Merit or 10 per cent for successful completion. So what are you waiting for? If you’ve enjoyed your undergraduate time at Essex, then why not stay here for postgraduate study? 44 Important information

Discover more about funding your postgraduate studies

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