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luton campus accommodation 2013/2014

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Standard Room, Fitzroy and Wenlock Courts

The Student Village, University of Bedfordshire is home to over 1800 students. The Village comprises of 10 student residences each with its own character. From studio flats and en-suite rooms at Fitzroy and Wenlock Courts to dedicated postgraduate or quieter study orientated rooms at James Court and International House, we have a range of accommodation to suit every student’s needs. We know that as a parent, seeing your son or daughter moving away from home for the first time can be both exciting and a little daunting for you both, which is why we make every effort to help him or her settle in quickly. The Village team is focused on making the Village a great place to live. We believe in creating communities and our v plus team works with our residents to organise programmes and activities throughout the year, which will help your son or daughter to connect and make new friends across the Village. These events range from trips to the local markets and cooking demonstrations to exercise clubs and study sessions. Your son or daughter can become a member of v plus and get free or discounted access to events and activities for just £30. Our aim is to provide a memorable residential experience where residents will make friends, have access to support when needed, achieve their study goals and

develop skills to last a lifetime. We work hard to maintain an environment where they can live, learn and grow. We are committed to maintaining a safe and comfortable community, so we provide security and CCTV at all our accommodation. Maintenance issues can be reported easily online or in person and are resolved by our team quickly. We will help find suitable accommodation for all first year students who register with the accommodation team. Applications can be made easily online at once students have been offered a place at the University and they have their Student ID. Working in partnership with the University of Bedfordshire, Campus Living Villages operates and manages all 1845 bedrooms on the Luton Campus. The Campus Living Villages’ team works closely with the University to ensure a seamless service for your son or daughter. 1

The cost Staying at the Student Village means that you and your son or daughter know upfront what needs to be paid and when it’s due. The rent payment includes all utility bills, internet access and insurance – so they don’t need to worry about any surprise bills. We split the payment into manageable monthly chunks to make it easier for your son or daughter to keep track and up to date with payments. All our accommodation is leased for a minimum of 42 weeks. The room is theirs from the day they move in to the end of the contract, so they don’t have to vacate for Christmas or Easter but don’t have to pay for a room during the summer break. If students want to stay longer, 50 week contracts are available at Fitzroy and Wenlock Courts.

How to secure a room Our new online application portal enables your son or daughter to choose their own room and search for like-minded flatmates. This means that they have full control of where they live. After applying your son or daughter’s offer will be confirmed as soon as they have met all the conditions on their University offer letter. To accept and secure the room your son or daughter will need to pay a £249 rent payment, a £50 administration fee and a £200 security deposit. We can’t guarantee the room until all these payments have been made and therefore urge students to reply to our emails and make payments as quickly as possible. The administration fee is non-refundable and the deposit will be returned within 28 days of departure subject to any deductions for damage, charges or unpaid payments. 2

If the full year is paid in advance residents will receive an additional week free at Fitzroy or Wenlock Courts. A 5% discount is offered on the annual payment at all other Luton halls of residence. For those that want to stay longer, 50 week contracts are available at Fitzroy and Wenlock Courts. For 50 week contracts, we will also add in an extra week free at the end of the stay. If residents can pay the full 50 weeks in advance we will add two weeks free – which means they can stay the whole year. Weekly price

All other Luton residences

(Lea Halls, Guildford Halls, University Hall, John Street, Wellington Court, James Court, Rutland Hall)

Standard Room with Shared Bathroom


International House Standard Room with Shared Bathroom


Fitzroy Court and Wenlock Court (All en-suite rooms)

Standard Room – 3/4/5/6/7 bed flat


Deluxe Room


Single Studio


It is important to know that when your son or daughter accepts and confirms their room at the Village they will be signing a Licence Agreement. This is a legally binding document, which commits residents to payment for the room for the life of the contract (a minimum of 42 weeks). More information on the terms of the Licence Agreement is available in our frequently asked questions on page 5.

Demonstration kitchen, Fitzroy Court

v plus Making friends and being part of a community is a big part of university life. At the Village we run a wide range of events and activities throughout the year exclusively for all our residents. From go-karting trips to Thorpe Park, our event calendar will help to smooth the transition to university life for your son or daughter and ensure they settle in quickly. All our residents can become a member of v plus and get access to all our events throughout the year for free or with huge discounts. The membership costs just £30 and the total package is worth over £100.

It means your son or daughter instantly joins a group of people who want to make the most of life at uni and get involved in as many things as possible. We think it is a great start to start university life – making friends and saving money. Residents can become a member of v plus by simply adding it to their shopping cart when booking a room.

Village Shop Our Village Shop has all the essentials that residents might need for their new home. Residents can purchase everything they need including kitchen and bedding packs. All they need to do is add it to their shopping cart when they book a room and it will be waiting for them on arrival. It’s as simple as that. 3

Student lounge, Fitzroy Court 4

y l t n e frequ s n o i t s e u q asked How much is the weekly rent and what does it include? The rent will vary depending on the accommodation and its facilities. Rents range from ÂŁ96 for Standard Rooms with Shared Bathroom to ÂŁ153 per week for a Studio Flat in our new accommodation at Fitzroy and Wenlock Courts. Utility bills, insurance and internet access are included in all weekly rates.

means you can be reassured that your son or daughter will find like-minded people to live with. Do you have en-suite rooms available? En-suite rooms are available in Fitzroy and Wenlock Courts. All other rooms have shared bathroom facilities. Is it possible to choose a room?

Yes, our new online application portal will allow your son or daughter to choose their room and The rent can be paid upfront or balanced out into an instalment plan with monthly payments. also search for like-minded people to live with. The full payment plan is available on our How do you apply for accommodation? website and booking portal prior to confirming You can apply online at studentvillagebeds. accommodation. Payments are made via com for accommodation on the Luton campus. direct debits, normally mid-month. We always For accommodation on the Bedford campus urge residents to talk to us if they are having please visit problems with their payment plans. A full upfront payment for accommodation can be When do rooms get offered after an paid by bank transfer, cash, debit or credit card. application has been made? When and how does the rent need to be paid?

Is it possible for residents to share a flat with friends? Yes, our new online application service will enable your son or daughter to chose their own room and select friends they want to live with. We also offer a room matching service - which

Applications are processed when your son or daughter has an unconditional offer at the University. Once an accommodation offer has been received it will be live for seven days. If it is not accepted in this time we may offer the room to someone else. We encourage 5

residents to respond as quickly as possible to avoid this happening. Please note we are unable to guarantee that all applicants will be offered a room. Do you offer a catering service? Each flat includes a self-contained kitchen; therefore we do not provide catering services. Catering facilities are available on the University campus. Will a contract have to be signed? A Licence Agreement or contract will need to signed by the resident for a minimum of 42 weeks. This is a legally binding document and commits your son or daughter to pay the rent for the life of the Agreement. We do not offer short-term contracts but can offer contracts longer than 42 weeks. The Village accommodation can help residents who wish to stay longer. What happens if my son or daughter needs to leave the accommodation before the contract has ended? The contract is for a minimum of 42 or 50 weeks, depending on the Licence Agreement signed. It is important to know that if your son or daughter chooses to leave the accommodation early they will still be liable to pay the rent for the life of the Agreement. It may be possible to release residents from the contract if we are able to find a suitable replacement for their room. 6

What happens if my son or daughter can’t pay their rent? Residents are asked to view the payment plans before confirming their room to make sure that they have sufficient funds to support themselves whilst at university. If residents get into financial difficulty we urge them to come and speak to us as soon as possible, so that we can discuss their issues with them and put them in touch with the appropriate support. We take non-payment of rent seriously and if left unattended will lead to eviction from the premises. Will anything need to be paid in advance? When the accommodation offer is accepted residents will need to pay a £249 rent instalment and an advance payment of £250. The £250 comprises a £50 administration fee, which is non-refundable and a £200 security deposit. The £200 deposit will be returned in full provided that there are no rent arrears, cleaning charges or damage to the property on departure. Will the deposit be refunded if the booking is cancelled prior to arrival? If a resident chooses to cancel the booking before arriving at the Student Village, they will need to inform us in writing. We will return the £200 security deposit in full provided we can re-contract the room. If we cannot re-contract the room immediately the resident will still

Shared kitchen in Standard Room with Shared Bathroom

be liable for charges until we are able to do so. As we would have incurred administration costs, we would be unable to return the ÂŁ50 administration fee. Is accommodation available for couples or families? We only have single rooms available, so therefore are unable to offer accommodation for couples or families. When can my son or daughter move in? There will be set dates and times when residents will be able to collect their keys. Accommodation will be available before the start of the course. Moving in details will be provided to your son or daughter once an offer has been accepted. We will also provide updates and information on our website and Facebook pages. What household items do residents need to bring with them? The bedroom will have a single bed, desk, chair, wardrobe and curtains. Residents will need their own bedding, cooking utensils, plates and

cutlery. You son or daughter can buy bedding packs and other useful items from the Village Shop on our website. Once ordered we will deliver these to your son or daughter’s room so it is waiting for them on arrival in the Village. Is it ok for my son or daughter to take electrical equipment with them? Residents are welcome to bring electrical appliances with them. All appliances that are over 12 months old must be PAT (Portal Appliances Test) tested. A qualified electrician or domestic appliance engineer can carry out the test and issue a safety certificate. Can my son or daughter bring a television? Yes, they are more than welcome to bring their own television. They would also need to buy a television licence. Information on this can be found at However, they may wish to check that a valid reception can be received before buying a licence and installing a TV. IPTV is available in all halls. Residents can access this service for a small additional charge. 7

If my son or daughter wish to bring a car, is it possible to park at the accommodation? There are a limited number of parking spaces available at some halls. Permits are available to buy and are sold on a ‘first come, first served’ basis. Parking permits can be purchased from the accommodation office. Limited parking is available at Lea Halls, James Court, Wellington Street, Rutland Hall and International House. Will my son or daughter be able to change rooms if they are not happy? This will be looked at on an individual basis and will depend on availability and the reasons for the request. Depending on the reason for a transfer, Room Moves/Swaps may be subject to an administration fee of £30. A resident being happy in our accommodation is extremely important to us at the Village and we will work with your son or daughter and their flatmates to solve any issues or concerns. We offer flat mediation to settle disputes and encourage openness and understanding between residents. Room Moves/Swaps cannot take place between Fitzroy and Wenlock Courts and other properties in the Village. Are there any laundry facilities? All accommodation either has a coin-operated laundry room on-site or access to nearby facilities in other halls. Are pets allowed? Sorry, due to health and safety reasons no pets are allowed in our accommodation. Who is responsible for cleaning? Residents are expected to clean their bedroom 8

and the communal areas of the flat. We suggest a cleaning rota is created with flatmates to ensure everyone does their bit. Are personal belongings insured in the room? Standard contents insurance from Endsleigh is included in your son or daughter’s weekly rent. This includes personal items such as laptops etc. Full details of this policy will be provided on arrival. An upgrade is available for a small fee. Are friends and family allowed to visit? Guests are allowed to stay in the rooms for a maximum of two days. All guests must register with reception on arrival for safety reasons. What security is available at the accommodation? Residents will be provided with a key to their flat and a separate key for the room. 24 hour roaming security is available at all our accommodation. Is the accommodation only available for first years? Residents can apply for accommodation each year they are at the University. We find that returning students can help first years settle into the Village and university life. Rooms are not guaranteed to all applicants. Does the Village run social events for residents? Yes. We operate our v plus programme which puts on a range of events and activities throughout the year, from cooking demonstrations to trips to theme parks. As a v plus member you can get free or discounted access to all our events.

Standard Room with Shared Bathroom


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