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Student Accommodation Bedford campus 2013/2014

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Hello and welcome... Here at the University of Bedfordshire we recognise that being a student is not just about studying – it can also be about lifestyle, and so deciding where to live can be very important. We have a variety of accommodation, including University and privately managed Halls located on campus, as well as private rented properties, located within a short walking distance of the Bedford campus. We hope that the information provided here will help you make your decision as to which Hall is right for you. We understand that moving away from home for the first time is exciting for most students. We help our students settle in quickly, and have an excellent network of support on offer, including the on-site University Accommodation Team who are based at the Bedford campus, H Block and the Liberty Living Accommodation Team who are based at the Liberty site. So, whether you live in University Halls or at Liberty Living, we always have staff on hand to help 24/7 – the University Halls have Premises officers available from 6am to 10pm and Security officers from 10pm to 6am, whilst Liberty Living have 24 hour Security staff based at Liberty reception. The Accommodation Teams at the University of Bedfordshire are here to ensure that you have a safe, secure and comfortable stay in our student accommodation, so whatever the problem, however big or small, make sure you get in touch with them (see back cover for contact details). We will help to find suitable accommodation for all first year students who register with the Accommodation Office. Applications can be made online through the accommodation website once you have confirmed you are coming to the University.

We look forward to meeting you soon. The Accommodation Team

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Student accommodation at Bedford What is available? The University of Bedfordshire offers more than just a room, we offer a place that students can really call home. Each standard study bedroom comes equipped with: • A single bed and mattress • Desk and drawers • Desk chair • Washbasin or en-suite • Wardrobe • Heating All our accommodation is arranged in blocks, which have secure entry. Each flat also has its own front door and unique key for the bedroom to maximise security, and each block of accommodation is on campus. Laundry facilities are situated in token operated launderettes, open from 6am to 10pm.

Applying for Accommodation As soon as you have placed the University of Bedfordshire as your firm choice, you will be able to apply online at You will only be offered a room when you have an unconditional offer. You will need to select your preference of Hall and bedroom type. A booking fee is required to secure your place in Halls once an offer has been made. For the University managed Halls at Bedford, this is £250 plus one month’s rent. This will vary depending on the type of room. £50 is charged as a nonrefundable administration fee and the University reserves the right to hold £200 as a refundable security deposit, payable within 28 days of your departure, less any outstanding expenses. In the case of

Liberty Living, the booking fee is of £200 which becomes a damage deposit and is held in a tenancy deposit scheme. The website will ask you to select three provisional Halls of Residence in order of preference. Your Hall will be confirmed after results day when an offer will be sent to you by email. You will then be able to confirm you want the room and pay your first instalment online or over the phone. All this is very straightforward so there is no need to panic. If you are a student from overseas, the International Office will also provide you with a confirmation letter that will enable you to apply for your visa. All applicants should ensure that they have a valid personal email address (not school or college) as all paperwork will arrive this way.

Allocation Procedure Every effort will be made to allocate you to your preferred accommodation. However, the earlier you reply to emails the sooner we can arrange and confirm your booking and payments online. Please make sure that you use an email address which you check on a regular basis (not school/college). The web pages will take you through the procedure step by step but should you have any problems then please call us.

The University of Bedfordshire


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Bedford campus Halls Liberty Living Student Accommodation

University Halls Student Acommodation (Tower-standard)

/ S




University Halls Student Acommodation (Standard)

University Halls Student Acommodation (En-suite)

Overview • Undergraduate • Self catered • En-suite or shared bathroom • Shared kitchen and, in some cases, living area • Number of rooms: 168

University Halls University managed Halls offer a variety of flats, all of which are located on campus. The flats provide en-suite rooms with shared kitchen and living area, as well as standard and study rooms with shared bathroom and kitchen. Each flat houses 9 -16 students, and their communal living area offers the perfect setting for catching up with friends and enjoying student life to the full.


The University of Bedfordshire

Facilities • Free internet access • All bills included • Mixed-sex flats • On-site laundry facility • 24-hour security surveillance

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Overview • Undergraduate • Self catered • En-suite shower, toilet and washbasin in bedroom • Shared kitchen and living area • Number of rooms: 430 Facilities • Free internet access • All bills included • Public areas cleaned • Mixed-sex flats • Single study rooms • Studios are self-contained • On-site gym and laundry facility • 24-hour security with CCTV

Liberty Living Liberty Living manage this £20m accommodation block boasting 430 en-suite study bedrooms plus purpose-built rooms for residents with disabilities. Located on the Liberty Park site on the Bedford campus, it has been designed to provide students with a highly secure and comfortable environment within easy reach of the town’ s thriving social scene, all local amenities and transport links.

Private rented accommodation There is a large selection of private housing available in Bedford. To find out more, talk to the Accommodation Team.

The University of Bedfordshire


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Payment for accommodation These prices are based on 2012-13 and act as a guide only. Please check our website for the latest pricing information at All of our accommodation is leased for a minimum of 42 weeks. Payment for the University managed accommodation is broken up into monthly payments by direct debit.

Booking Fees: • Booking Admin fee: £50.00 (non-refundable) • Deposit: £200.00 refundable at the end of the accommodation license subject to deductions for damages where applicable

• One month’s rent in advance Example of a standard room: • £50.00 – Admin fee • £200.00 – Deposit • £448.00 – One month’s rent in advance • £698.00 – Total to pay in order to accept and confirm a room offer on a standard room at the Bedford campus

• Eight accommodation instalments are then debited monthly from the student’s bank account. University managed accommodation

Weekly Price

Daily Price

Annual Total

Annual Total

Paid in one payment (5% discount – paid before arrival)

Paid in Monthly Instalments






Standard Room





Study Bedroom





(single room with shared study area) *Prices based on 2012-13 and are subject to change.


The University of Bedfordshire

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Liberty Living accommodation

Weekly Price

Daily Price

(short-hold tenancy agreement)

Standard En-suite



Annual Total paid by one payment

Annual Total paid by instalments

(2% discount – due 22 Sept 2012)

(Approx amounts and dates)


£4,452.00 £1,780.80 due 22 Sept 2012 £1,780.80 due 14 Jan 2013 £890.40 due 8 Apr 2013

Deluxe Single En-suite


Super Deluxe Single En-suite






£4,746.00 £1,898.40 due 22 Sept 2012 £1,898.40 due 14 Jan 2013 £949.20 due 8 Apr 2013



£4,977.00 £1,990.80 due 22 Sept 2012 £1,990.80 due 14 Jan 2013 £995.40 due 8 Apr 2013



£6,426.00 £2,570.40 due 22 Sept 2012 £2,570.40 due 14 Jan 2013 £1,285.20 due 8 Apr 2013

*Prices based on 2012-13 and are subject to change.

The University of Bedfordshire


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Questions & Answers The University allocates students to University owned property (University managed Halls) and Liberty Living nominations, for ease these are all simply referred to as ‘Hall’.

How do I apply for accommodation? You must complete the online application form available at

How much is the booking fee and what does it cover? The booking fee for accommodation includes free personal contents insurance and is as follows: • £250 plus one month’s rent for the University managed Halls (this will vary depending on the type of room) – £50 is charged as a non-refundable administration fee and the University reserves the right to hold £200 as a refundable security deposit, payable within 28 days of your departure, less any outstanding expenses • £200 in the case of Liberty Living Halls of Residence – this becomes a damage deposit and is held in a tenancy deposit scheme until the end of your tenancy agreement.

What happens to the booking fee if I change my mind about coming to the University of Bedfordshire? You will get a refund of the full booking fee, providing the Accommodation Office (see back cover) receives your cancellation in writing by 31 August 2013. After this date the booking fee is non-refundable.

How much does Internet access cost in the Halls? The University offers free internet access in all University managed Halls. Internet in the Liberty Living Halls of Residence is available for a fee.

Can I choose my Hall of Residence? Accommodation is allocated on a ’first come first served’ basis. Apply early and you will have the best chance of getting one of your three choices.

Are my personal contents insured?

I want to share with friends. Can we apply for a flat together?

Yes. The University, through Endsleigh Insurance, provides basic contents insurance which includes cover for your laptop computer and amounts to £4,000.

Yes, when you make your application you can add the names and student references of those who you wish to share with.


The University of Bedfordshire

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Have you got any rooms for couples? All Halls of Residence have single rooms only. The University is not able to provide accommodation for couples or families.

What if I have a disability or medical condition? The University does have some accommodation for students with disabilities. You should contact our Disability Advisers in the first instance to discuss specific requirements. If you need special consideration because of a medical condition you may be asked to provide a supporting letter from your Doctor. Please include any information you can on your application.

What kind of household things do I need to bring with me? You need to bring bedding, cooking, eating and cleaning utensils. There are ironing boards in the Hall kitchens. There are also some relatively cheap shops in the nearby town centre shopping malls where you can buy the things you need to ’set up home’.

What are the rules about bringing electrical appliances? All electrical appliances that are over 12 months old must be ‘PAT’ (Portable Appliances Test) tested. A qualified electrician or domestic appliance engineer can carry out the test and issue a safety

The University of Bedfordshire


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certificate. Before you can use your own electrical appliances in Halls you need to sign a declaration of safety. The declaration of safety form is included in the accommodation application pack.

Details of how to make payment will be available on the website.

Can I bring my pet cat?


Sorry, pets are not allowed in the Halls of Residence for reasons of health and safety.

Can I bring my car? Parking is limited and a ‘pay and display’ system operates.

Is there a communal TV set in the flat? No, there isn’t. You can bring your own TV if you wish although we cannot guarantee good reception. You will also need to have a licence. For ways to pay, please visit:

When will I be expected to move into my room? Over the ‘key weekend’ usually in September. Staff will be there to welcome you and help you settle into your accommodation.

What is an ‘HM1 card’? The ‘HM1 card’ is held by the Hall Manager and provides essential information about you in case of an emergency. It will be sent to you with your allocation pack once an offer of accommodation is made. Please fill it in before you arrive (with a recent passport photo attached) because you will need to produce the card to receive the key to your room.


The University of Bedfordshire

How do I pay my rent?

Do I pay council tax as a student in Halls? Will I have to sign a Tenancy Agreement? Yes, you will be asked to sign a licence for a minimum of a 42-week period. This is a legally binding document and you will be held to this unless a student who is not already in student accommodation can be found to take over your room for the remaining period. You will be able to see the licence online before you accept the offer.

If I am not satisfied with my room can I change it? You will be given the opportunity to change rooms, subject to availability, once the initial settling in period is over, in October.

Who cleans the accommodation? A cleaning contractor cleans the communal areas of the Halls and the grounds. Students are wholly responsible for their rooms, kitchens, bathrooms and all common areas within their flat. An ‘in house’ cleaning team also operates.

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And don’t forget… Living in University accommodation is a great way to start your new life away from home. Here are just some of the benefits:

• Help at hand – we have 24/7 security at both accommodation blocks • Protected environment – our on-campus accommodation offers a secure home to all of our students

• No hidden costs – once you have paid for your accommodation, you will not have to worry about other bills, as those who live in student halls have these costs covered within the rent. The booking fee will also include free personal contents insurance. Free internet is also available in all student halls

• A homely touch – whichever Hall you decide to reside in, our friendly and helpful staff are on hand to clean the common areas, both inside and outside of your flat on a weekly basis

• Easy access – living in University Halls of Residence will provide you with easy access to the University’s facilities

• Instant friends – you will find yourself instantly mixing with people who are in exactly the same boat as you. You may even be lucky enough to find people in your Halls who are on the same course as you. Either way, living in Halls is a guaranteed way to make some fabulous friends

Katie Blaymire is studying for a Physical Education with QTS degree and lives in the Liberty Living Halls of Residence. “The best thing about UoB is learning to live on your own and meeting new friends. “I love the Halls of Residence. I live with my best friends and have a huge room with my own bathroom. Plus I’m only two minutes away from uni. I’d describe my room as being very pink and girly, with lots of pictures of the great times I have here.” Katie’s tip for students wanting to make their room more homely is to put up some fairy lights and bring pictures of family and friends.

The University of Bedfordshire


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Accommodation Office Polhill Avenue Bedford Bedfordshire MK41 9EA UK Telephone +44 (0)1234 793118 Facsimile +44 (0)1234 793020 Email

Please note that the photographs in this brochure are not representative of all study bedrooms and may differ from the room you are allocated.

Accommodation at the Bedford campus, 2013/14  

Find out more about the halls of residence available at the Bedford campus of the University of Bedfordshire.

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