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Faculty of Medical Sciences



LIBERA UNIVERSITÀ DEGLI STUDI DI SCIENZE UMANE E TECNOLOGICHE BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN P HYSIOTHE RA PY The Diploma Course in Physiotherapy aims at training health workers with all necessary knowledge and competence in order to perform the profession of Physiotherapist. The Course aims at giving the students the ground knowledge at quality and quantity levels in relation to biological and pathological phenomena, cultural basis of physiopathology as well as a specific knowledge of physiotherapy and rehabilitation techniques and their application through clinical practical trainings. The Course’s main target is the students to learn theoretical and practical aspects in order to develop the right attitudes for physiotherapy treatments with high professionalism and responsibility levels towards the patients and the whole work team. The student will have to interact with competence and awareness with the other professionals (doctors, nurses, ergotherapists, psychologists, sociologists). ENTRANCE CONDITIONS In order to join the Physiotherapy Course, the candidate has to meet the following requirements: 1) Minimum age: 18 years old in the same year, no limits of maximum age; 2) Having achieved a high school (five-year) diploma or other titles considered suitable by the University (cantonal or federal school leaving certificate); 3) Positive result of the suitability requirements verification; 4) The enrolment request has to be forwarded on unstamped paper through a special enrolment form (available at the University general secretariat or to be downloaded from the web site: The mentioned form has to be duly filled in and sent to the General Secretariat, via dei Faggi 4, 6900 Lugano – Pazzallo via registered post including the following enclosures: - Two certified photocopies of the identity card or passport bearing the words “true copy”; - Two certified photocopies of the school leaving Certificate; -A medical certificate of good health (General Medical Report – enclosure to be filled in by the physician); -Health Insurance Card against illnesses (at the local health service for foreigners); -Eight passport photos; -A photocopy of public liability and accidents insurance policy (covering the whole education period)


ATTENDANCE practical and guided works, tutoring, Attendance at lectures is compulso- thus favouring learning of theory ry. Lectures take place from Monday and practice and clinical application. to Friday from 09:00 to 14:30 and from 15:00 to 17:30. Schedules can POLYCLINIC undergo some changes due to organisational reasons. centre of excellence aiming at meeting teachers’ and EDUCATION students’ needs, the Polyclinic is an Education is provided by university important resource for the territory. teachers and researchers. This assures a constant evolution of education It assures highly qualified outpathanks to the integration of scientific tient’s performances to the citiknowledge into education. Technical- zens and education, trainings, practical activities are carried out clinical practice and scientific by Teachers supported by Tutors, research come together and form holding a Diploma in Physiotherapy. an environment of excellence. Clinical Practice Trainings are peravailable services are formed in prestigious Hospitals, All by LAMAL or Clinics, Rehabilitation Centres covered placed in Switzerland and abroad. complementary health insurances.

The whole educational programme is composed of main Courses,

UNIVERSITY University Four years, 6000 hours and 240 ECTS credits At tthe end of the course, once passed all examinations, the following title will be released: At


eduQua Federal Certification The Republic and Canton of Tessin, Department of Education, Culture and Sport, Department of Professional Education: Cantonal Service of Certification for Continuing Education Institutions – SCEF awarded, Libera Università degli Studi di Scienze Umane e Tecnologiche, the Quality Federal Certification (SCEF 018 – activity code 37) on June 5 2003, according to the directives established by METAS (Swiss Metrology and Accreditation) and the Cantonal Law Lorform of February 4 1998 that acknowledged the different federal Laws on continuing education. The eduQua Federal Certification has been delivered to at the end of a strict procedure managed by an accredited Certification Organ (SCEF) that has examined all documents concerning the activity of the University’s Department of Continuing Education. SCEF is an Organ accredited by the Swiss Accreditation Service (SAS). The eduQua Quality Certification delivered to by the Certification Service is recognized all over the Swiss Confederation.



Our University is endowed with the following educational and scientific facilities: - Twenty-three teaching rooms equipped with multimedia projectors allowing a diversified education and in three different languages supported by computer and video equipment. - A library endowed with a number of scientific publications and internet connections to the most prestigious libraries. - A computer lab allows the students to learn with a variety of modern means, including internet. - A research centre equipped with the most modern and state-of-the-art instruments allowing to conduct high quality research. - 180 special examination couches specially designed for physiotherapy. SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH

Since its very beginning, has been considering scientific research very important. In the sector of rehabilitation, meaningful funds have been granted for the setting up of research laboratories endowed with the best equipment available on the market. encourages its researchers to publish the results of their research and take part in specific activities.

Faculty of of Medical Sciences University UNIVERSITY PRESS

As many other universities, has set up an innovative structure for paper and electronic publications: University Press. Contents, scientific strictness, the quality of graphics and the editorial aspect are some of the major features of this university publishing initiative.

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