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Do You Wish Get Ultimate Cleaning Done For Your Home ?

About Us Well, if you think this was their only sort of cleaning service, you are surely mistaken. Their House Cleaning services have been best appreciates by the people in Singapore.They can’t happen to stop talking about how efficient, and dedicates the Uni Home servicemen are.They will come prepared with any tools or cleaning solutions needed to clean your place in the desirable way.Their clients are mostly happy with their promising and trustworthy staff! Their staff is standing ready at your doorstep prior to their time, and are done with every inch of the house/office, very efficiently, on time, probably before in most of the cases.

Spring Cleaning Well, cleaning your post-renovation office is not just the only cleaning you want to have, right? There is a grand summer party lined up in the mid of May, and you have practically no time to even plan it let alone sweep cleaning your entire place! So much to be done, how can one single person handle all? We don’t know about one human, but surely Uni Home Cleaning comes with a Spring Cleaning service that will do it all for you! From cleaning your dirty floors to treating your rusty grills, or rearranging your entire furniture. They do it all for you! All you gotta do is take to their website, and contact them.

Our Services Uni Home Is Provides Various Types of Cleaning Services in Singapore.  Window Cleaning House Cleaning Singapore Post Renovation Cleaning Part Time Office Carpet Cleaning Moving Out/In Cleaning

Contact Us Uni Home Domestic Services Pte Ltd Commonwealth Lane, #09-12, Singapore +65 6476 3778

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Do you wish get ultimate cleaning done for your home  

You will be flattered with the reviews theirs clients have left behind on their website! All of you workaholics who don’t have enough time t...