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Build agency revenue with Utica!


J. Douglas Robinson elected Chairman of Insurance Information Institute


NO FEES with Utica’s Right Pay pay-as-you-go billing option for Workers Comp!


Snowmobile, motorcycle sponsorships helping bring safety message to riders


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THEY’LL THINK YOU’RE THE “CAT’S PAJAMAS!” Help protect your veterinarian clients with Utica’s new Veterinarians Professional Liability coverage


We’ve made it easier than ever to market “UTICA HAS IT” to your existing Personal Lines clients!


“Three-legged stool” concept spells a safer workplace for Utica insured


Safer driving is just a phone call away … with SafetyFirst


Help your customers benefit from safety – with Utica’s Risk Management Alerts


Contact our Chairman of the Board/CEO J. Douglas Robinson via e-mail at


67 agent-customers join the Utica team


25/50/75: Celebrating partnership milestones with our agent-customers


2012 Million-Dollar Producers surpass premium milestones


Utica weathers significant events in 2012, posts solid results

Utica National Insurance Group 180 Genesee St. New Hartford, NY 13413 Send your comments to: U is published and copyrighted 2013 by Utica National Insurance Group, New Hartford, NY 13413 Publisher — Stephen Kukowski Art Director — Barbara McShea

have u heard

J. Douglas Robinson elected Chairman of Insurance Information Institute


Douglas Robinson, CPCU, Chairman

and statistics shaping the insurance industry. I look

Officer of the Utica National Insur-

as we advance the critical work of this organization.”

chairman of the Insurance Information

Mr. Robinson joined Utica National in 1983 as Director

Ator, President, CEO and Chairman,

named Chief Executive Officer of Utica Mutual in 2000

The I.I.I. is a nonprofit communications organization

He earned a bachelor’s degree in business administra-

to improve public understanding of insurance – what

management science from the State University of New

nized by the media, governments, regulatory orga-

tered Property and Casualty Underwriter designation

source of information, analysis and referral concern-

School’s Advance Executive Education Program.

of the Board and Chief Executive ance Group, has been elected 2013

forward to sharing ideas with my fellow Board members

Institute (I.I.I.). He succeeds Gregory

of Agency Services. After a series of promotions, he was

Bituminous Insurance Companies.

and was elected Chairman of the Board in 2006.

supported by the insurance industry, with a mission

tion from Syracuse University and a master’s degree in

it does and how it works. The organization is recog-

York Institute of Technology. He has earned the Char-

nizations, universities and the public as a primary

and has completed the American Institute and Wharton

ing insurance.

Mr. Robinson is a member of the boards of directors of all

“I’m extremely pleased and honored to serve as

Utica National member companies and subsidiaries. He

said. “For more than 50 years, the I.I.I. has provided

Bureau, Mohawk Valley EDGE, and the State University

legislators and researchers understand the trends

Utica National, he was an independent insurance agent.

chairman of the I.I.I. Board of Directors,” Mr. Robinson

also serves on the boards of the Property Loss Research

information to help reporters, businesses, regulators,

of New York (SUNY) IT College Council. Prior to joining 3

W h at W e ’ r e Build agency revenue with Utica!

Your Marketing Representative can tell you more about the classes below and other revenue-building opportunities when you work with Utica for your customers’ coverage needs. Ordering free, customizable marketing materials, complete with your agency’s logo and contact information, can help customers learn more – and it’s easy to do with our “Print on Demand” program. Log in to @your.service and enter any of the “9-A” form numbers below into the search box to get started. Coverage availability, terms and conditions are dictated by the policy and may vary by state or region.



• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Architectural Services (8712) Beauty Shops (7231) Carpentry Work (1751) Commercial Printing, NEC (2759) Eating Places (5812) Electrical Work (1731) Family Clothing Stores (5651) Florists (8992) Funeral Service and Crematories (7261) Grocery Stores (5411) Insurance Agents (6411) Lawn and Garden Services (0782) Legal Services (8111) Liquor Stores (5921) Office Buildings (6512) Offices of Dentists (8021) Offices of Medical Doctors (8011) Ornamental Shrub and Tree Services (0783) Painting and Paper Hanging Contractors (1721) Plumbing/Heating/Air Conditioning Contractors (1711) Real Estate Agents and Managers (6531) Retail Bakeries (5461)







Beverage Distributors (5181) Body Repair and Paint Shops (7532) Bread, Cake and Related Products (2051) Carpentry Work (1751) Child/Day Care Services (8351) Concrete Work (1771) Eating Places (5812) Electrical Work (1731) Flowers and Florist Supplies – Wholesalers (5193) Franchised Auto Dealers (5511) Gasoline Service Stations (5541) General Automotive Repair Shops (7538) Groceries, General Line (5141) Lawn and Garden Services (0782) Non-Franchised Auto Dealers (5521) Packaged Frozen Foods (5142) Plumbing/Heating/Air Conditioning Contractors (1711) School Bus Contractors (4151) Service Establishment Equipment (5087) Services Suppliers – Wholesaler, NEC (5039) Special Trade Contractors, NEC (1799)











• Body Repair and Paint Shops (7532) • Building Maintenance Services – Janitorial, NEC (7349) • Carwashes (7542) • Child/Day Care Services (8351) • Commercial Printing/Lithographic (2752) • Eating Places (5812) • Electrical Work (1731) • Elementary and Secondary Schools (8211) • Franchised Auto Dealers (5511) • Furniture Stores (5712) • Gasoline Service Stations (5541) • General Automotive Repair Shops (7538) • Grocery Stores (5411) • Hardware, NEC (3429) • Libraries (8231) • Machine Shops (3599) • Miscellaneous Retail Stores, NEC (5999) • Motels (7011) • Newspapers (2711) • Non-Franchised Auto Dealers (5521) • Offices of Medical Doctors (8011) • Plumbing/Heating/Air Conditioning Contractors (1711) • Religious Organizations (8661)

• Body Repair and Paint Shops (7532) • Building Maintenance Services – Janitorial, NEC (7349) • Carpentry Work (1751) • Commercial Printing, NEC (2759) • Drug Stores and Proprietary Stores (5912) • Eating Places (5812) • Electrical Work (1731) • Floor Laying and Floor Work, NEC (1752) • Gasoline Service Stations (5541) • General Automotive Repair Shops (7538) • Grocery Stores (5411) • Lawn and Garden Services (0782) • Linen Supply (7213) • Machine Shops (3599) • Meats and Meat Products (5147) • Motor Vehicle Supplies and New Parts – Wholesalers (5013) • Non-Franchised Auto Dealers (5521) • Offices of Medical Doctors (8011) • Ornamental Shrub and Tree Services (0783) • Painting and Paper Hanging Contractors (1721) • Plumbing/Heating/Air Conditioning Contractors (1711) • School Bus Contractors (4151) • Security Systems Services (7382) • Tire Shops (5014) • Warm Air Heating and Air Conditioning (5075)














have u heard


Snowmobile, motorcycle sponsorships helping bring safety message to riders



Help your clients learn more with Utica’s free promotional materials, customizable with your agency’s contact information and logo through

Safety and speed go hand in hand. That’s why as part of our Snowmobile and Motorcycle programs, we’ve partnered with racing pros who know what it takes to win and keep themselves safe while doing it. And that safety message is what they’re helping us deliver to our snowmobile and motorcycle policyholders. “Sponsoring snowmobile and motorcycle professionals who must practice safety every time they go out on the race course really helps us emphasize the safety message to everyone – riders and spectators alike,” noted Tim Moore, Utica’s Director of Personal Lines Sales & Marketing. “It’s also enabling Utica to increase our exposure and let even more people know about the great products we have available for snowmobile and motorcycle enthusiasts.”

our “Print on Demand”

program on @your.service:


Backing Bailey-Hulten

The champion Bailey-Hulten Snocross Racing Team, based in Malone, NY, has had an outstanding 2012-2013 racing season. The B-H team is used to competing on tracks featuring ever-changing conditions of rough moguls, high corner berms and jumps sending racers soaring through the air – so staying safe is vital. As part of Utica’s sponsorship, the team features a Utica Snowmobile program bannerstand at their meet-and-greet booth, and brings safety to the forefront of their messaging to fans.

The Perewitz partnership


When you’re setting motorcycle speed and performance records like Jody Perewitz, staying safe to be able to give your team the “thumbs up” after hitting speeds of 200+ miles per hour is essential. The same thing goes for casual cyclists riding at much slower speeds on the roadways.


Utica “jumped into the saddle” to sponsor Jody Perewitz of Perewitz Cycle Fabrication, headed up by custom bike creator Dave Perewitz, emphasizing that cyclists must make sure their bikes are mechanically sound and their safety gear checks out – and that other drivers need to be aware of motorcycles on the road.


The right coverages

Whether you have a customer picking up that endof-snowmobile-season deal or readying their new bike for some spring and summer fun on the road, Utica has the right coverages to protect their treasures.

9-A-1766 NY 9-A-1766 CT 9-A-1766 TN 9-A-1766 VA


have u heard

NO FEES with Utica’s Right Pay pay-as-you-go billing option for Workers Comp!

Right Pay, Utica’s pay-as-you-go billing option for Workers Compensation, enables your clients to make smaller, more frequent premium payments by paying a portion of their annual premium* each payroll period. Now, as a result of the success you’ve helped us achieve since Right Pay was launched less than a year ago, new and renewal policies issued with effective dates of January 1, 2013 or beyond will not incur monthly service charges! Additional Right Pay benefits for your clients include: • No large down payment • Premium is based on actual payroll – no estimates • Improved cash flow • Minimizes audit surprises Your agency benefits, too, with: • A great retention tool • Commission that’s paid up front • The ability to quote, bind and issue Right Pay policies in Commercial EDGE — and you can print them right in your office, too! Contact your Marketing Representative or visit to learn more – and be sure to order your free supply of Right Pay promotional materials to help customers and prospects learn more, too, through our “Print on Demand” program on @your.service. *Available on policies with an estimated annual premium of $1,000 or more.





have u heard

Call 1-800-59UTICA for up-to-date billing info 24/7

Your agency and your Utica insureds can easily access billing information any time of day or night – 24/7 – through our easy-to-use toll-free number, 1-800-59UTICA


Calling 1-800-59UTICA provides the fast, accurate and up-to-date billing info you or your policyholders need to know – when you need it – including current account balance, when the next payment is due, date of the last payment, and more!

1-800-59UTICA – just one more way Utica makes it easy for you … and your customers … to stay connected with us. Remember, too, you can also access your Utica insureds’ billing information through @your.service, plus it’s available to you and your customers in our online Customer Care Center at




Help protect your veterinarian clients with Utica’s new Veterinarians Professional Liability Veterinarians take care of our four-legged friends – and Utica helps you take care of your vet clients with the latest enhancement to our Veterinarians insurance program … our new Veterinarians Professional Liability coverage. You can write this optional coverage right on your Commercial EDGE Businessowners policy – and, more good news, this is just one of the responsive coverage options that can be added to the policy that already includes important built-in coverages such as Business Income and Extra Expense, Electronic Data, Money &and Securities, Forgery or Alteration, and more. Additional endorsements: • Our BusinessLINK endorsement provides additional limits and/or coverages like Accounts Receivable, Computer Coverage, Identity Recovery and others. • Equipment Breakdown pays to repair or replace essential equipment such as phone systems, computers and air conditioners. • Cybersurance™ provides coverage and services to help protect against cyber breaches and address them if they do.

Help your veterinarian customers and prospects learn more about Utica’s Veterinarians insurance program and new Professional Liability coverage with our customizable brochure, available to order at no charge through our “Print on Demand” program on @your.service. Questions? Please contact your Marketing Representative for more information. 10



Prospects can learn more, too

We’ve made it easier than ever to market “UTICA HAS IT” to your existing Personal Lines clients! Marketing the “Utica Has It” features to your existing Personal Lines clients just became easier with our new, aptly named “Utica Has It” report. This handy report includes a listing of your Utica Auto or Home accounts with an indication noting whether the special “Utica Has It” coverages are present on any individual account. You’ll then be able to target market the outstanding “Utica Has It” features to your existing Auto or Home customers. Getting the report is easy: • Request the “Utica Has It” report for Auto or Home for your respective agency detail code via e-mail to • The report will be delivered to you via e-mail, and you’ll be able to sort and filter the information using Excel.

Let customers and prospects know about the great coverage options and credits! CLICK HERE



ECR International receives OSHA’s “SHARP” designation

“Three-legged stool” concept spells a safer workplace for Utica insured ECR International, Inc., a Utica insured through Gilroy Kernan & Gilroy, Inc., of New Hartford, NY, knows safety. In fact, during the company’s 85-year history it’s been recognized many times for those efforts, most recently with the Department of Labor’s On-site Consultation Program’s Safety and Health Achievement Recognition Program (SHARP) designation. Founded in 1928 in Utica, NY, ECR designs, manufactures and markets heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) equipment including boilers, water heaters, hydronic system controls and furnaces at plants in Utica and Dunkirk, NY. Both facilities earned the SHARP designation through a process that included plantwide audits of each facility, an evaluation of its safety programs and required recordkeeping, observed work practices, personal interviews with employees, and an industrial hygienist audit. The result? The Dunkirk and Utica sites were only the 72nd and 73rd facilities, respectively, across New York State to have earned this special honor.

A strong commitment The company’s Plant Managers Eric Dorozynski and Steve Lilly, Gilroy Kernan & Gilroy Risk Manager Dave Lyman, and Utica National’s Large Account Risk Management Coordinator Tony Brillante work together to help keep ECR’s workers and their workplace safe, and attribute that safety success to the “three-legged stool” concept of partnership – between client, agency and carrier. 12

“The primary ingredient in the relationship is a strong commitment from all parties,” Mr. Lyman explains. “ECR has strong core values which center around providing an environment of care, continuous improvement in employee development, and employee Dave Lyman, Kernan & Gilroy participation and contribution. Gilroy Risk Manager Plus, ECR recognizes that workplace safety, morale, stakeholdership, effectiveness of production processes, and commitment to quality are outcomes of those values – and Gilroy Kernan & Gilroy and Utica National work closely with ECR to help foster that through safety.” Mr. Dorozynski also points to this strong relationship. “This certification would not have been possible without our employees’ and senior management’s sustained commitment toward a safe and healthy work environment – and our partnership with Gilroy Kernan & Gilroy and Utica National. It’s an effective combination and another milestone for ECR as we continue to work to become a world-class leader in safety.”

Tony Brillante, Utica National’s Large Account Risk Management Coordinator

“As a team, each of us is called upon to contribute resources with the goal of continually improving results,” he said. “As our relationship has strengthened, so has the dedication of reducing loss. Many of the safety and loss prevention visits result from ECR wanting consultative advice. For that reason, any recommendations or suggested improvements have been welcomed and responded to — and helped contribute toward ECR receiving the well-deserved SHARP designation.”

Safer driving is just a phone call away … with SafetyFirst On-the-road safety is good for business. Fewer accidents help protect employees and property, and can lead to lower insurance costs. Helping your Commercial Utica policyholders improve safety and reduce fleet accidents is the SafetyFirst program – available at no charge to Utica insureds. This safe-driver monitoring program is designed for fleets of 20 or more vehicles, with proven results in reducing fleet accidents. It’s easy to implement, too, with SAFETY IS MY GOAL decals, which include SafetyFirst’s toll-free reporting number, provided to your clients. Callers report driver and vehicle behavior, and SafetyFirst then sends your client an observation report, trainingmaterials and a monthly driver training package. Let your clients see how Utica, your agency and SafetyFirst can help them “join the drive” to safety! Order your supply of his free flyer, customizable with your contact information and logo through our “Print on Demand” program on @your.service: 9-A-2333


from the safety side


Help your customers benefit from safety – with Utica’s Risk Management Alerts Safety and loss prevention are everybody’s business at your customers’ places of business. Help them work toward a safer workplace with Utica’s Risk Management Alerts. While these alerts focus on specific industries, all highlight useful tips from which your clients can benefit: • Tackling the Fraud Triangle – Part 1 – 5-R-710 Ed. 7-10 • Tackling the Fraud Triangle – Part 2 – 5-R-711 Ed. 7-10 • Tackling the Fraud Triangle – Part 3 – 5-R-712 Ed. 7-10 • Automobile Losses – 5-R-904 – Ed. 9-11 • Protecting Against the Risk of Flood – 5-R-873 – Ed. 3-11








67 agent- custo mers j oi n the U tica team We’re here to put our combined resources to work for each other and the policyholders we serve. The independent insurance

agents like you who represent the companies of the Utica National Insurance Group are key players in that effort. We welcome the following 67 agencies, the newest to partner with us, as we work together to generate growth and revenue while providing Achilles & Associates, Inc.

Ferguson & McGuire, Inc.

Potter Agency, LLC

AJM Insurance

Gem City Insurance Agency, Inc.

Powell & Meadows Insurance Agency

BB&T Insurance Services, Inc. - KDC Insurance

Greta T. Stogner Insurance Agency

Rekerdres & Associates, Inc.

Haughn & Associates Insurance Agency

Rodgers & Co. Insurance Agency, Inc.

HUB International Northeast Limited

Ronald F. D’Agostino Insurance

Ifft & Palmer Associates

Royal Crest Agency

Insurance Agency Depot, Inc.

Rutledge & Associates

The Insurance Brokers of America

San Antonio Insurance Services, LLC

Insurance Office, Inc.

Sidakis Insurance Agency, Inc.

ISU Elite Insurance

Siegel & Associates

Jack L. Bonus Insurance, Inc.

Stolly Insurance Agency, Inc.

Ju Li Associates Ltd.

Structured Services, Inc.

Koehler-Barton Insurance Agency

Thompson/McLay Insurance Associates

KRM Insurance Specialists, LLC

Trinity Risk Services, LLC

Lanza Insurance Agency, LLC

TriState Business Insurance

Lee Insurance Agency

Wallberg Company, Inc.

Lindmark Insurance Agency, Inc.

Walters & Associates

Marenco Insurance Agency, Inc.

Ward Insurance Group

Massey Agency

The Warren A. Gingrich Agency

The Metropolitan Agency, LLC

Willcoxon Insurance Agency

Miller Insurance Agency, Inc.

Willis Insurance Agency, Inc.

MMG Insurance Company

Wisecarver Insurance Agency, Inc.

Austin, TX (SWRO)

Cherry Hill, NJ (ERO)

Kingsport, TN (SERO)

Berkshire Fairfield Insurance Pittsfield, MA (NERO)

Bermudez Insurance Agency, Inc. Eastchester, NY (NYMRO)

Blue Chip Insurance Agency, Inc. Owensville, OH (RFI)

Brown-Phillips Insurance Raleigh, NC (MARO)

Capinsure Services, LLC Raleigh, NC (MARO)

Castiglione Insurance Pittston, PA (ERO)

Chittenden Insurance Agency, Inc. Naugatuck, CT (NERO)

Clark Insurance Agency, Inc. Raleigh, NC (MARO)

Cohan Associates, Inc. Valhalla, NY (NYMRO)

Comaltex Insurance Agency, Inc. New Braunfels, TX (SWRO)

Connecticut Insurance Exchange of Southington, LLC Plantsville, CT (NERO)

Connecticut Insurance Services, LLC Stamford, CT (NERO)

Cook Insurance Agency Jonesville, NC (MARO)

Cord & Wilburn, Inc. Woodstock, GA (SERO)

Dawson Insurance Agency, Inc. Algonquin, IL (RFI)

Costello-Rup Insurance Agency, Inc. East Hartford, CT (NERO)

Ellis County Insurance Agency Waxahachie, TX (SWRO)

ESS Insurance Group, Inc. Kittanning, PA (RFI)

First Niagara Risk Management Pittsburgh, PA (RFI)

Wallingford, CT (NERO) Centerville, OH (RFI)

Mesquite, TX (SWRO) Dublin, OH (RFI)

New York, NY (NYMRO) Pittsburgh, PA (RFI)

Brooklyn, NY (NYMRO)

Murfreesboro, TN (SERO) Howard, PA (RFI)

Glastonbury, CT (NERO) Zelienople, PA (RFI)

Yonkers, NY (NYMRO) Bastrop, TX (SWRO)

Royse City, TX (SWRO)

South Windsor, CT (NERO) West Chester, PA (ERO) Wakefield, MA (NERO)

New Rochelle, NY (NYMRO) Midlothian, VA (MARO) Irvington, NY (NYMRO) Colfax, IL (RFI)

Morristown, TN (SERO)

Eau Claire, WI (RFI)

Carthage, TN (SERO) Dallas, TX (SWRO)

West Middlesex, PA (RFI) Brockton, MA (NERO) Tipp City, OH (RFI)

Johnson City, TN (SERO)

San Antonio, TX (SWRO) Astoria, NY (NYMRO) Clarion, PA (RFI) Lima, OH (RFI)

Queens Village, NY (NYMRO) Indiana, PA (RFI)

Pittsburgh, PA (RFI) Fairfax, VA (MARO)

Brewster, NY (NYMRO) Raleigh, NC (MARO) Hurst, TX (SWRO) Altoona, PA (RFI)

Lubbock, TX (SWRO) Bellevue, OH (RFI)

Rustburg, VA (MARO)

Nextier Insurance Services, LLC Butler, PA (RFI)


million-dollar agent-customers

2012 Million-Dollar Producers surpass premium milestones We congratulate and say “thank you� to the following agent-customers who, during 2012, reached premium milestones with Utica National. These milestones have importance beyond a dollar figure because such achievements can only be realized through loyalty, cooperation and great mutual respect.




Agency Insurance (AIFS Corp.) Grand Rapids, MI

Steadfast Insurance Brokerage New York, NY



John M. Glover Agency Norwalk, CT

Eastern States Insurance Agency Waltham, MA

National Insurance Brokerage of NY, Inc. Islandia, NY

Insurance People of NC Durham, NC

PIA Pacific NW Services Vancouver, WA

Satellite Agency Network of NY Canastota, NY

Walsh Duffield Companies, Inc. Buffalo, NY

William G. Kerr Agency, Inc. Simsbury, CT


Celebrating partnership milestones with our agent-customers Congratulations and thanks go out to the following agent-customers who, in 2013, have reached “milestone years” in representing the companies of the Utica National Insurance Group. Your commitment to us is appreciated and our commitment to you continues as we work together toward ongoing success.

25 YEARS Aon Risk Services, Inc. – NY New York, NY (ERO)

John W. Sweatt, Sr. Reno, NV (Special Program)

BB&T Insurance Services, Inc. Monroe, GA (SERO)

The Pawson Group Branford, CT (ERO)

Beckerman & Company Colonia, NJ (ERO)

Ramon W. Andrews Agency, Inc. Henrico, VA (MARO)

Chase, Clarke, Stewart & Fontana Springfield, MA (NERO)

Ronald VonHaden Madison, WI (Special Program)

Combined Financial Services, Inc. Angola, NY (ERO) Danaher-Skewes & Associates, Inc. Annandale, VA (MARO)

Gordon W. Pratt Agency, Inc. Lake Placid, NY (ERO) Hunter-Williams Insurance Agency Portsmouth, OH (RFI) Marsh USA, Inc. Rochester, NY Richmond & Richmond Insurance Madison, OH (RFI)

Sunbelt Insurance Group Chattanooga, TN (SERO) Tarpey Insurance Group, Inc. Wakefield, MA (NERO) The Valley Group, Inc. Kingston, NY (ERO)

Daven Agency, Inc. Matawan, NJ (ERO)

Virginia Insurance Agency, Inc. Alexandria, VA (Special Program)

Davis & Towle Group, Inc. Concord, NH (NERO)

W.A. Lang, Co. Saint Paul, MN (ERO)

Flegal Insurance, Inc. Rossville, GA (SERO)

Walthall, Sachse & Pipes, Inc. San Antonio, TX (SWRO)

Hallberg Commercial Insurors Oak Brook, IL (RFI)

Willard R. Young, III Bridgewater, NJ (Special Program)

Insurance Agency Management, Inc. Burlington, NJ (ERO)


Willis of New York, LLC New York, NY (NYMRO)

75 YEARS Neefus-Stype Agency, Inc. Aquebogue, NY (NYMRO) The Partners Owego, NY (ERO) Sluiter Agency, Inc. Margaretville, NY (ERO) Tanner-Ibbotson, Inc. Cortland, NY (ERO) Walker & Marshall Insurance Fillmore, NY (ERO)






9-A-2360 9-A-2370






Be up-to-date with the latest and greatest sales promotion pieces from Utica National. These are available to our agent-customers through @your.service — simply type in the brochure number in the “search” box and order a supply through Print On Demand. Many can be personalized with your agency contact information and agency logo. Click on the image or link to view a full PDF of each piece!

See something that you like? Visit @your.service and place an order today at no charge!




9-A-2341 9-A-2230



9-A-2327 9-A-2339









Utica weathers significant events in 2012, posts solid results Utica National posted solid financial results in 2012, even after dealing with two very significant events during the year. That was the report of J. Douglas Robinson, Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer, following the meeting of Utica’s Board of Directors in February at the Home Office in New Hartford. Mr. Robinson noted that, as reported in September, Utica entered into a transaction with National Indemnity Company, part of Berkshire Hathaway, to transfer most of our legacy asbestos obligations that have been hurting our financial performance in recent years. This deal eliminates most future uncertainty about these types of claims and their financial impact on our companies, and it positions us well for the future. The transaction came at a cost and reduced our Net Income Before Tax by $36.6 million. In addition, the company incurred slightly over $40 million in losses from Superstorm Sandy that added about 5.5 points to our combined ratio. Over 80% of the approximately 6,000 subclaims Utica received have been settled and the company has received consistently high marks from customers and regulators about our claims service. The New York State Department of Financial Services’ insurance carrier report card, which tracks complaints for Sandyrelated claims, ranks Utica first in the state with the fewest policyholder complaints among those carriers with more than 250 claims reported. Other key numbers from our 2012 results include: • • • • •

Direct Written Premium: $719.1 million Policyholders’ Security Fund: $790.9 million, up $10.4 million or 1.3% Ratio of Premium to Policyholders’ Security Fund: 0.87 to 1.0 Combined Ratio: 110.7% Operating Ratio: 100.7%

During 2012, we further emphasized the importance of listening to our agent-customers through the “Voice of the Customer” and met with many in a number of venues, such as our National Customer Council and Regional Customer Relationship meetings. Agents offered valuable input on a variety of matters including products, services, systems, communications, billing and more, and we made many enhancements as a result, including: • • • • • •

The Commercial EDGE system’s quote, bind and issue functionality Improved “screen flow” for Workers’ Compensation, Auto and BOP New Commercial Auto VIN look-up Bridging improvements Real-time capabilities for Homeowners A faster and easier-to-use @your.service website, with a new loss history reports center, an expanded training library and a “What’s Hot” section to easily see what we are writing. @your.service is also available in a mobile version, accessible from anywhere, at any time and from any device.

These and other improvements to the customer experience are a result of agents’ input and Utica remains committed to listening and reacting to our agent-customers to enhance the ease of doing business with us.

Our Right Pay billing option for Workers Compensation, launched in July 2012, surpassed the $2 million mark in premiums before year-end, and it was recently announced that there are now no fees for new or renewal Workers Compensation business written through this pay-as-you-go offering. In the last four months – October through January – new Commercial Lines sales were up 44 percent as our work with predictive analytics has significantly broadened our risk appetite. In addition, our enhanced Personal Auto offering will begin rolling out in the second quarter.


Meet the staff —

When he’s not handling emergencies, he’s handling claims.

Meet Bill Freiberger,

a Claims Supervisor here at Utica National. He is the former Chief with the New Hartford Volunteer Fire Department in New Hartford, New York, and currently a firefighter. As a firefighter and emergency medical technician, Bill is truly on your side. He understands your needs as a VFD and the fact that, in the event of a loss, you must quickly replace vital lifesaving equipment. File a VFD claim with Utica, and Bill and his staff will do everything possible to assure your satisfaction. You’ll receive exceptional service, and prompt, fair handling of your claim. It’s the level of support you have come to expect from Utica and your fellow firefighters. Bill is one of many on-staff volunteer firefighters working at Utica National. Their insurance knowledge, coupled with their firefighting experience, helps Utica provide an extraordinary level of service and support to the hundreds of VFDs we serve.

Utica National Insurance Group Insurance that starts with you.

Utica Mutual Insurance Company and its affiliated companies, New Hartford, NY 13413

ess ! cc ters a ne gh nli firefi o nd ee for e r f d d t ge ne ivi D rs esig e ld d up o yhourses r c i G ol co ty D p ing e F f V in Sa as ca tra 2 Uti 60+ -1 w 2 to 011

! % .8



Those nice l o o sales promo king t materials fr ion o m Utica will lo o better with k even y o agency nam ur e and logo on the m! You can make your sales efforts more effective by personalizing our sales promotion materials with your agency name, logo and contact information. They’re printed

“to order” through our “Print on Demand” system, at no charge to you. Uploading your logo is very easy, and it’s a once-and-done deal, making you ready to go for any future orders. Simply visit our service website for our agent-customers,

“@your.service,” and click the “order” button next to any Utica sales pieces that have your interest. In a few days, they’ll have your name on them and be in your office ready to use.

“Print on Demand” from Utica can mean “Sales on Demand” for your agency!

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