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UTILITY CARGO prints Hasht ag Pla id Style # 980 1HTP

Camo ufl Style age Black # 980 1CAB

Skullin a Style ry # 980 1SK

Asian D Style ragon Blac k # 980 1ADB


Knive s Style # 980 1KNI

Hound st Style ooth Whit e # 980 1HTW

solids Black St †Blac yle# 9801 k Ava ilable in 4X

Wired B Style lack # 980 1WIB

Hound st Style ooth Gray # 980 1HTG

stripes Chalk St Style ripe Red # 980 1CSR

Chalk St Style ripe Black # 980 1CSB **

Black St Style ripe # 980 1BST **

Stripe H Style erringbone # 980 1STH

Execu tiv Style e Stripe Bla # 980 1ESB ck


4X Black only†



“ These are the best chef pants I have ever bought. I need pockets to hold my wallet, phone, keys, notepad, pens, and everything else and with the velcro these pants really can’t be beat! These are really roomy and comfortable too.” – Johnny (Mount Pleasant, MI)

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ChefUniforms Digital Catalog 141