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DVD Cases that Don’t Look Cheap If you’re an indie filmmaker, chances are you’re already broke before you can even say “It’s a wrap.” And now that you’re done filming, you are scrimping on everything- including your posters and your DVD packaging. You might think what the heck, it’s just the case anyway; that what is important is the content- your movie! But wait a minute sister, you are about to commit a big mistake that could probably prevent Why? Because despite the well-known saying that we should not judge the book by its cover, humans are superficial. Before we can even like what’s inside, we have to love what’s outside. So if you want people to buy your DVD, then you should make sure it is remarkable enough to make a good impression. Here are some DVD cases that don’t look cheap: DVD Box Sets DVD box sets are, well, boxes for DVDs that could contain booklets and other goodies. These are usually used for Limited Edition releases and could be quite pricey. This is great for your image and branding. If you have a box set, people will instantly think of your film as a big shot. It will also be the talk of the bloggers’ town. If you’re scared of losing money, just make few. I think a hundred is a very safe number because, for sure, your family and friends would buy one each anyway. DVDigipaks Digipaks are like Amaray cases but they’re made of mostly cardboard. The only plastic in digipaks is the sturdy DVD tray. It gives a good room for artwork and because the artwork is printed directly to the case, enhancing the overall look. What’s lovely about Digipaks is that, since it’s made of cardboard, you can choose if you want it glossy, matte, or embossed. DVD Tin Cases Tin DVD cases can be as thin as a booklet or as thick as an encyclopedia. If you’re releasing a Special Edition DVD with booklets and collectibles, then you might want to use this to keep your goodies extra safe. If you’re willing to go the extra mile, you can even have a tin case customized. Reservoir Dogs made a tin “gasoline can” DVD packaging and many campus films have created DVD cases that look like mini lockers. How you package your DVD may not determine your film’s success but it somehow contributes to it- like how a candy wrapper makes the candy more appealing. And if your DVD packaging looks so amazing, the best reward is the feeling that you’ve given your best for your film- from production down to the packaging.

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DVD Cases that Don’t Look Cheap  

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