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From the BUILD UNIDUS committee‌ I started knowing about Unidus from Renewalk 2004. It was my first year in Hope Brisbane. I was really interested in this project since then. After commiting myself to Hope as a member, I prayed for a ministry. God answered my prayer when one of the leaders asked me whether I want to be a part of Build Unidus, the DREAM team. I am to be Nee Kee's helper in co-ordinating Unit Fundraising events. It was still at a pioneering stage for this department. I was really happy because God knew exactly my heart’s desires, which was to be a part of this project. To see Unidus being built is a dream that I believe we want to see coming true. Not only it would be a shelter for the lost souls, but it would bring tremendous impact to the community. Unidus would also be a place where we can be a channel of God's blessing to the people around. Two years and still serving in this ministry, I have really learnt a lot, and I am really thankful to God for giving me this ministry to grow in. There are heart aches, disappointments and conflicts. But all in all, it is worth it, to see how God moves in situations. One of my role and responsibilities is to co-ordinate and liaise with all unit fundraising co-ordinators (UFCs) in the church. Initially, I was really petrified by the idea of approaching people and to talking to them. God has indeed decided to mould me and help me to open up more. I started to talk to all the UFCs and began to build relationships with them. This was not only about discussions for Unidus, but slowly we began to understand each other more in other areas of our lives. The other character that God has taught me is regarding my trust and faith in Him. There are many instances of uncertainties in fundraising, and through it all, I began to learn how to trust God. But the biggest challenge that came was in the beginning of this year- I was not sure whether I should stay and apply for permanent residency or to go home for good. I was really unsure of what exactly I wanted. To go is the easiest way, but to stay to apply was difficult as unforseen circumstances have cropped up. The only other reason I told God I want to stay is to see Unidus being built and to finish and complete the ministry that He has given to me. With this reason, I prayed that God would let me stay to finish His work for Unidus. Amazingly, everything went smoothly after I made up my mind regarding this and I got my PR in a month's time after lodging it. Truly, to belong and to be a part of this ministry is wonderful and I really can't wait for the finishing touches to be done to this building. For with that, it would be the beginning of many restored lives, healing of broken hearts and souls being saved. It is a wonderful journey with God through helping out in this ministry. We can help out in so many other ways as well to see Unidus being built in our heart and in Willawong. The question is, would you start to be a part of this dream today? Cheers,

Jessie Yap

Unidus newsletter Nov 2006  

Unidus newsletter Nov 2006 pg 1

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