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Networks for Prosperity PART 1, Chapter 2: Measuring Networks across Countries: an Empirical Exploration

The discussion of the available indicators makes clear that several potential relevant networks are currently not captured in the datasets which were screened in the context of this report. The private sector development ecosystem is such that many types of actors can form relevant knowledge networks. Most importantly no indicators are available, to our knowledge, which capture the degree to which governmental structures are connected to the ‘private’ sector in a country, neither on the level of inter-

organizational networks nor on the intraorganizational level (for example number of bureaucrats with significant private sector experience). The following sections discuss the different subindices, the connectedness index and the relationship with relevant other variables, government effectiveness, CIP and GDP/per capita.

Networks for Prosperity: Achieving Development Goals through Knowledge Sharing  

Networks for Prosperity was prepared on behalf of the United Nations system by UNIDO together with the University of Leuven. It is one compo...