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Attracting the right partners Throughout all our work, we aim to fulfil our purpose by working together with partners who are also aspiring to a more sustainable world. The SDGs will inspire us, help prioritize our activities, help open doors at high political levels and attract the right partners. When we work with our commercial partners, the products we develop together can save up to 100 times the amount of C02 that went into producing them. And when our partners in government create the right overall framework, and set the level of ambition, it allows us and others in the private sector to invest and innovate in these types of solutions, contributing to shared prosperity. Let me mention some important conditions to make progress. For business to be able to live up to our responsibilities to achieve the SDGs, we need governments to provide the framework: 1. Carbon emissions needs to carry a cost that alters our behaviours, and be priced so that it guides our decisions and incentivizes solutions. 2. Current national climate pledges must be

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further developed and built upon. We all know that more effort and resources are needed if we want to keep global warming to below an additional two degrees Celsius. Decisive implementation and transparent reporting on progress will be key. 3. We need access to well-functioning financing mechanisms, and especially public-private partnerships that focus on derisking innovative solutions.


“The SDGs have guided Novozymes’ own long-term targets for fulfilling the company’s stated purpose of finding biological answers for better lives in a growing world.”

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Managing the future with the SDGs I expect these governmental conditions will be developed, and in the meantime businesses like Novozymes do not need to wait to get started with integrating the SDGs into how we understand our business. Getting on with this work now enables us to better deal with any potential future issues such as tougher environmental regulations, a price on carbon emissions, or the rising cost of natural resources such as water. Because we know these factors will impact our business environment in the future, I’m convinced that by considering them proactively, Novozymes’ business – and progress towards achieving the SDGs – will go farther and become stronger. As such, the SDGs allow us to be better able to manage our own future. Ultimately, they can help us prosper.

PEDER HOLK NIELSEN took office as President and CEO of Novozymes on 1 April 2013. Prior to this, he served as Executive Vice President and Head of Enzyme Business. During his 28-year career at Novozymes and Novo Industri/Novo Nordisk, Nielsen has played a central role in the development of Novozymes in its current form.

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