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implemented at country level, and more importantly, in local communities throughout the world. Making It: There are 17 sustainable development goals, which is the one area where you believe more progress is needed? The 17 goals represent an indivisible tapestry of thinking and action that applies in every community everywhere in the world. They are universal, but they are also indivisible. And that means that we really do not believe that any one goal should be separated out from the others. As you study them, you realize that, although they are presented as individual goals, they actually represent a total, a completely intertwined lattice of action that is relevant for every human being everywhere. The agenda for sustainable development that was Making It: What will you be personally doing over the next agreed in September last year is an extraordinary year or so? document because it focuses on the future that the I work very directly for Ban Ki-moon as the Secretaryworld’s leaders and their people want for the world, and General, and he has instructed me to support him to make that means the people and the planet. certain that what the member states And they want to see that put in place were asked for in this 2030 Agenda In December 2015 within the next 15 years. actually gets implemented as fully as David Nabarro was It’s an extraordinary undertaking possible by all actors within the system appointed as Special to develop this kind of charter, and to and indeed working beyond the system. get a total agreement of all the world’s I look into three directions: I look at Adviser on the 2030 leaders in support of it. My job is to countries that they themselves Agenda for Sustainable try to help make sure that that gets the goals and help work with Development by the United developed put in place quickly, and I would say them to make sure that the Nations Secretary-General, implementation takes place in a it’s about the toughest job any human Ban Ki-moon. In this being could be given. comprehensive way. I look to the wider interview with United Making It: The United Nations has society with businesses, and civil society done all the hard work, or some of the organizations, academic groups, nonNations Radio he speaks hard work getting the international governmental organizations, to make about what he calls the community to sign up to the SDGs, sure that they are working in full “toughest job” for any isn’t the onus now on the countries support of the goals. And I look inside human being. themselves to get cracking? the United Nations system, all its The 2030 Agenda was actually devised agencies, funds and programmes and and developed by countries. The UN acted as the its financing institutions, and its economic commissions, convener, the supporter, and sometimes the catalyst. and try to ensure that the UN system is fully supporting But in contrast to just about every other international the implementation. I cannot do it all myself, so it’s all agreement that I know of, this was truly developed and done working through others on behalf of the Secretaryowned by nations; and in the process, nations, the General, helping him to work out where he should governments of nations, consulted extensively with concentrate his attention. their people. Making It: What do you think the Special Advisor would be We know that there were millions of people engaged saying about the SDGs in the year 2030? directly or indirectly through non-governmental I hope that by 2030, this Special Advisor will be able to say groups, through academic bodies, through think-tanks. that I’ve seen a transformation occurred in communities So, this was a truly multilateral endeavour with great throughout the world that led to standards of living and involvement from people. situations of live improving greatly for everybody. Making It: Does the hard work really begin now? Standards of living relating to the attributes around Sometimes people tell me how marvellous the individual and their communities, but also circumstances agreements reached last year on sustainable of live, and situations relating to the environments in development, on climate, and on financing for which people live, the ecosystems with which they development. And I say yes, they are multilateralism at interact, and important also the climate that surrounds its best, but I also say, and I find everybody agrees with them. If we can get all 17 of the goals fully implemented me, that the hard work started on January 1, when these everywhere, we will have sustainable potential for agreements came into force. And I would stress to you everybody in the present generation and in further generations. It will be a transformation. that it’s going to be a massive task to get the agenda fully

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The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and its Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) mark a radical change in the way the world addresse...

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