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Unicorn/Dream Magazine

"A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is reality." -John Lennon


Behind Unicorn/Dream Founder & Editor-In-Chief: Noni May www.twitter.com/nmnonimay Editor: Aneira Davies Graphic Design: Elisabeth Hattinga-Verschure

Cover photography: Marie Claire Roman

Contributors: Rachel Ottley, Karina Soraya, Camilla Evergoan, Mary Claire Roman, Graham Dunn, Kelley Ash, Ellena, Summersville, Milica Kolaric, Dashdot, Regina Inonog, Camilla Morrison, Charlotte Lin, Robyn Horgan, Jun Tan, Ellena Deeley, Annemiek

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Background photo: Rachel Ottley

Issue 6

Background photo: Rachel Ottley

Unicorn/Dream magazine

All photography by: Karina Soraya

Lust. Desire. E

Something life.

Feelings I cannot feel w

These are the thr

On rare occasions, I dream

The fragile line b makes these dyi

Dreams. By Karina Soraya


I cannot have in real

when I am awake.

reads that guide my dreams.

m of those dear to me dying.

between dreams and reality ing dreams feel real.

My long life dream is to go abroad I’m always attached to something, or a job. But I’d like to go abroad

see the jungle or visit New Yor

I don’t want to go abroad with my job or study. So why isn’t it my l be attached?







e I’ m s

ad. A boyfriend, a study

d, visit the ocean, rk.

y boyfriend or for my long life dream to not







Camilla Evergoar, Oslo

You and me. Two separate souls. Two separate hearts You and me. You: Famous. Me: In love.

Will we ever blend? -Anonymous.

s. Two separate life’s. I hope we will ever blend.

Summerisle Photography: Graham Dunn Styled by Kelley Ash @ wildatheartvintage.com Hair & Makeup by Juxta Model is Fiona Pitt @ L.A. Models

Floral Para

Photography; Ellena Model; Lou Retouching: Erlinda Goldie Assistant photographers; Darren James Coles and Amy Foreman


Photography: Milica Kolaric http://pullmydaisy.net/ Models: Ana Kras, Milena Nikolic, Isidora Trickovic

Pull My


y Daisy

Photography: Dashdot http://www.dashdot.nl/ muah&stylist: Nicole Beuker model: Renate

Can S Be Far

Spring r Away Photography: Charlotte Lin / www.charlottelinphotos.carbonmade.com/ Styling Krista Sung @ THEY Representation Makeup Vanessa Mills @ Judy Inc. Hair Stephanie Park @ VMMA Makeup School & Studio Set Design Todd Johnson Model Christine Popovich @ Richards International Model Management


Goddess Photography: Jun Tan Styling: Mariza Bairaktari Model: Helen Petrovna MUH: Mutsumi Shibahara Assistant: Tsu Tan

Issue 7 1 year Anniversary!

Background photo: Rachel Ottley

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Unicorn/Dream magazine issue 6  


Unicorn/Dream magazine issue 6