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November 2012 | #9(23)

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The seminar participants with the Admiral Nevelskoy Maritime State University in the background.

A.ORLOV: WE ASPIRE TO THE HIGH QUALITY OF MARINE TRAINING Today the Russian merchant fleet requires young professionals trained in accordance with the latest developments within the global maritime industry. This point was the focus of discussion at the Third Annual Seminar for SCF’s officers held in the Far East in October. Unicom (Vladivostok) organised the seminar in conjunction with the Admiral Nevelskoy Maritime State University. More than 80 masters, mates and engineers from the Russian Far East gathered in Vladivostok to discuss industrial challenges and to meet the company’s management. The Managing Director of Unicom Management Services (Cyprus) Ltd., Sergey Popravko, and Crewing Team Manager, Evgeny Gusev, visited Vladivostok to give a report on current development at SCF Group. “Sovcomflot sees its future as participating in Sakhalin1– Sakhalin 6 and other energy resource development projects on the continental shelf,” comments the Director of Unicom (Vladivostok), Alexander Orlov. “For this purpose we build new tankers, gas carriers, modern supply vessels that need to be operated by extremely well

trained personnel. Our office is responsible for crewing 24 of SCF’s ships, and we now have 980 employees (200 ahead of 2011, following the delivery of six new vessels to SCF). By the summer of 2013, we expect two more supply vessels to join our fleet and we are preparing crews for them.” Unicom (Vladivostok) maintains a partnership with the Admiral Nevelskoy Maritime State University, the alma mater of many SCF’s officers. This time round, as part of the seminar, the new Maritime Telecommunications Centre was presented. It was arranged and equipped at the University with SCF’s support, to increase the effectiveness of the training process. “Sovcomflot is a reliable partner of the University and provides us with diversified support,” said the Chancellor, Sergey Ogay. “The new Maritime Telecommunications Centre is another joint project sponsored by SCF, with the purpose of delivering comprehensive training for specialists of the maritime industry.” Following the formal part of the proceedings, the seminar started. The participants discussed innovations and new trends in the training of mariners, according to the International STCW Convention amendments. They also observed

the final stages of electronic chart adoption and the issues connected to the safety of navigation. Much attention was also paid to SCF’s social policy. The Master of SCF Sayan , Konstantin Kudryavtsev , underlined that such seminars are valuable opportunities for communication between marine experts. “The specific character of our work does not allow us to meet often. Here, nearly all SCF’s officers from the Far East region have gathered, so we can ask each other questions and share opinions regarding crewing compliance with the company’s aims and our own perspectives. It is very important that the company develops actively, in spite of severe competition in the world market; enters new sectors of marine transportation and constructs the most up-to-date vessels,” said Konstantin Kudryavtsev. “One more benefit is the opportunity to solve problems faster than usual, as a wide range of experts are available simultaneously.” The next seminar for senior officers of SCF’s fleet will take place in Novorossiysk on 20-21 November and will be attended by mariners from Novoship and Unicom.

requirements. SCF’s crewing office in Novorossiysk, that forms crews for 87 vessels of the Group, organises such training. “We need narrow-focused specialists, single-function employees with a high level of proficiency. In future this deficiency is set to grow further,” - said the head of SCF’s crewing in Novorossiysk, Oleg Stepanov. “That is why we decided to implement our own system of training ratings. Pumpmen study

at the Novoship Training Centre (in October five former motormen finished the course). Cooks come from a training school in Tuapse. Meanwhile, on 1 September, we signed an agreement with a local college to prepare turners and welders for the fleet. The company pays for the training and gives its sea-staff an opportunity to acquire a new profession. The first intake will graduate soon, and we plan to develop the project further.

Solution PROVIDING IN-HOUSE TRAINING FOR BLUE COLLARS Reconstruction of the training system for ratings has become a key issue. Standards of living are improving and the workforce is becoming increasingly wellpaid ashore. However, the fleet still lacks sufficient qualified motormen, turners, welders and cooks. A shipping company can wait for an appropriate person to apply for a position or train a person according to its

NOVOSHIP CELEBRATES 20 YEARS OF BEING PUBLIC 2012 has been marked by two Novoship anniversaries. In January, the company celebrated the 45th anniversary of its foundation, and in November it is going to observe its 20th anniversary as a joint stock company. On 10 November 1992, Novorossiysk Shipping Company became a joint stock company. At that time its fleet consisted of 101 vessels totalling 4.7 million deadweight tonnes and 14.3 years old on average. More than half of those vessels were built between the 1960s and1970s and thus

were not competitive in the world market. But in 1993, Novoship seized an opportunity to develop an independent Fleet Renewal Programme. In 1993-2000, under the direction of Leonid Loza, Novoship invested about USD 854 million in the purchase and construction of 34 modern vessels aggregating 1.37 million deadweight tonnes. The task was even more difficult as the traditional cargo base that existed in Soviet times had been lost, and the company had to adjust to working in a new challenging environment. The company coped with the task, renewed the fleet and retained about 1,500 employees.

SCF People INTO THE ICE UNDER THE RUSSIAN FLAG In September, SCF’s Newsletter reported that the product carrier SCF Neva began the transportation of Lukoil’s cargos from the Gulf of Ob, the largest gulf of the Kara Sea. This work will help the company to prepare for energy transportation to support the large-scale oil and gas projects of the Yamal Peninsula, announced by NOVATEK and Gazprom Neft.

After the ceremony, we had a chance to speak to him. - In August, SCF Neva became the largest tanker ever to operate from this area of the Russian Arctic. And a month before that, the vessel changed its flag to the Russian one. Has anything changed for the crew? - I have heard seafarers from other Russian shipping companies complain that their salaries were cut after the vessel changed to the Russian flag. We

The Gulf of Ob is ice-free from July to October. To be able to work there, a ship needs to be ice-class and the crew need to possess special skills. SCF Neva (Ice class 1A) has been built to operate in the freezing seas of the Arctic Basin. The cargo, mooring and life-saving equipment are operational at low temperatures down to -30 degrees centigrade. The crew has also been selected carefully – all mariners are highly qualified and experienced in ice navigation. On 31 October, the company presented the Master of SCF Neva , Oleg Durasov, with a corporate “Ice Captain” award.

did not see that. The company created favourable conditions for us, so that the salaries in rubles were equivalent to those we were getting before in US dollars. At the same time, we are now employed in the Russian Federation and have the right to all the social benefits provided by the state according to the national legislation. The best evidence of our content is the fact that the composition of the crew remains the same. We held a ceremony when we raised the Russian flag. However, we had no time for celebrations – work cannot wait.

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November 2012 | #9(23)

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SCF Newsletter 11/2012