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VIVERA – The effective and diverse protection for infected and attacked plants Gardening enthusiasts invest a great deal of love and hope in their plants for a bountiful crop. However, the plants may fail to meet the expectations for objective reasons, or sometimes even due to a lack of knowledge. Attacks by diseases and pests are increasing every year and though we may try our hardest to fight them using natural means, the right measures are sometimes just too late. In cases where the plants are already heavily infested and diseased, Unichem offers gardening enthusiasts a helping hand in the form of integrated curative fungicidal and insecticidal protection. The VIVERA family of products solve problems with the most widespread pests (aphids, mites, moths, the greenhouse whitefly, etc.), but also with a number of plant diseases such as mildew, scab, rot, etc. Individual products are suited for all plant types, from fruit trees and vegetables to ornamental plants. Our offering also includes antisprouting products for potatoes and products for getting rid of weeds and voles. Most of the products affect a broad spectrum of diseases and pests, and some of them even have extremely short waiting periods. VIVERA products are designed for slightly more experienced gardening enthusiasts who have passed the appropriate examinations for their use and have thus been instructed about using these products rationally.


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Unichem katalog 2018 / SI, EN  

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