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Easy use and organic ingredients for urban corners of greenery Living in an urban environment has gradually brought us out of genuine contact with nature so it is no wonder that urban gardening is surging in popularity. This is why in 2016 Unichem supplemented its offering of organic products for plant care and cultivation with an indispensable new line of products – URBAN JUNGLE. With its innovative products, the range is designed for everyone who wants to create their own little green corner in an urban environment. The URBAN JUNGLE brand offers natural, top-quality products for urban gardening in raised beds, planters and even in small gardens. The product range includes organic soil, solid, and liquid fertilisers and products for healthy and pest-free plants. With URBAN JUNGLE, users can fill their homes with aromatic herbs, enjoy an urban garden rich with home-grown vegetables on their terrace, or decorate their windowsills with lush flowering plants. All products are completely natural and are characterised by ease of use, superior quality, and excellent appearance that will aesthetically complement your urban garden’s surroundings. With URBAN JUNGLE, anyone can create their own little corner of greenery in their city. Brand Urban Jungle is a proud owner of the highest award of customer satisfaction and product innovation by Slovenian consumers. Urban Jungle products now wear a seal Product of the year 2017.


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Unichem katalog 2018 / SI, EN  

Unichem katalog 2018 / SI, EN  

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