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Effective products for eco–gardening People are becoming increasingly aware of the advantages of self–sufficiency and of eating authentic, home–grown, and natural food. Here at Unichem, we were among the first to respond to the resulting trend of eco–gardening, which is surging in popularity. Therefore we developed a natural line of products BIO PLANTELLA that offers gardening enthusiasts natural solutions for plant nutrition and protection. The BIO PLANTELLA brand has been expanding its product selection for three decades, becoming the leading bio brand in Slovenia, Croatia and other countries around the world. Having overhauled the design in 2016, we now offer consumers a modern, clear, and strong image that is setting new trends and fresh guidelines for the whole segment.

Tested efficacy Our products are the result of years of knowledge, proven research, and technological innovation. Their efficacy has been tested and validated in scientific laboratories. We communicate our products’ competitive advantages and key features with our own, clearly recognisable mark – TEST, for tested efficacy, and with the slogan EXPERTS BY NATURE. An ecological approach to gardening starts with the right choice of growing medium and products to prepare the soil for sowing and planting. For this purpose, BIO PLANTELLA offers high–quality soils, and solid and liquid organic fertilisers that give plants the best ingredients for healthy growth. The product family also includes mechanical protection products for preventing damage caused by plant pests and to give you a better idea of the scale of infestation. Our natural products for strengthening plants destroy and keep away pests, protecting plants against various diseases. They contain natural ingredients of proven efficacy such as natural pyrethrin from the Dalmatian chrysanthemum, field horsetail, soy lecithin, thyme, and juniper.


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Unichem katalog 2018 / SI, EN  

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