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FACULTY OF MANAGEMENT, ACCOUNTING AND ECONOMIC SIENCES Issue No. 001 | Valledupar, Colombia | September - October of 2012



Welcome to the first edition of International Trade Magazine, Electronic magazine of International Trade Program from our dear Alma Mater “The UPC”. We trust that you will find in this book a rich source of information on various news and activities inherent in international business and what is happening around our program of studies. It is a document produced with great affection and responsibility by teachers and students of the program; we are sure it will be a valuable academic tool. In the “International Trade Magazine”, you will find the following topics: 1. The program of international trade of the UPC,

2. Articles in the area of International Trade, 3. Careers and entrepreneurship in the field of International Trade,

Editorial P.1

4. International Trade Related Events taking place in the Caribbean region, the city of Valledupar and especially in the UPC, where our program is the protagonist.

Our School P.2

5. News in the academic community, including student’s experiences, student internships and studies abroad, experiences and academic exchanges of faculty with the academic and entrepreneurial. Also, this reminds you that this magazine is born in the International Trade Program, it’s been funding career ....

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“The mission of our Electronic Magazine is to provide a way for the dissemination and promotion of academic production of our academic community and the different news International Trade program from UPC. With the aim of sharing the emerging global issues and problems of our daily events”

studies since 1998, has been a success and that was initially offered under the name of International Trade Administration with a plan designed studies with the participation of teachers, businessmen and other programs Benchmarking International trade and international universities. Over the years the changing needs of the environment and the world becomes globalized require a restructuring and a new academic proposal running the program under the name of International Trade.

I invite you, to read the "International Trade Magazine" to participate and appropriate this magazine as an academic tool over our beloved institution. "The mission of our Electronic Magazine is to provide a vehicle for the dissemination and promotion of academic production of our academic community and the different news International Trade program from UPC. This with the aim of sharing the emerging global issues and problems of our daily existence"

Registration qualified exercise that requires the work of the entire academic community and the commitment of all involved to ensure a quality program and facing the future. That's when it was born restlessness and a desire to become more visible to the academic world and the best use of IT's for us to share with all the actors of daily events, our thoughts and our projects.

MARTHA R. ARGÜELLO CABALLERO Head of Department of International Trade

Our School The UPC Committed to International Mobility: Promote participation in International Exchanges

Visiting business “ The International Trade students made a visit to the Cerrejon mine and Salinas de Manaure, Guajira ” By, MA Cesar Galindo Angulo, Professor

With the aim of bringing the academy with the business community, on September 29, 60 students in seventh and eighth semester of International Trade, visited the Cerrejon coal mine and salt Manaure, Guajira, where they had the opportunity to know in detail the process of coal mining and processing, also participated in a talk where they explained the process thoroughly of the ore exporter, destination countries and their most frequent uses, also sensitized on the importance of caring for the environment, teaching them how this great company, once exploited the earth's; overhauls to return it to its original state in nature and minimize the environmental impact caused by mining activities.

Compiled by: MA Cesar Galindo Angulo, Professor

The university in order to promote the internationalization of higher education, seeks to promote global understanding, skills to live and work effectively in a multicultural world, for this reason, the UPC, through its international relations department is promoting together with AIESEC exchange opportunities abroad for the entire university community, where the University awarded to ten students and recent graduates financial aid to encourage international mobility through exchange programs offered by AIESEC. The exchange rates are:

Development Exchange Are International practices seeking to promote social responsibility, understanding of other cultures, … 2

In Manaure Salinas, they also explored closely how salt is processed using the most traditional mostly made by indigenous Wayuu, the packaging process and packaging of the product.

entrepreneurship and volunteerism. Through this exchange, AIESEC gives you the opportunity to have an international experience of learning through work abroad on projects of social and community development that lead to self-development and skills upgrading for students undertaking the experience . Requirements

   

Be between 18 and 30 years old Student or recent graduate form UPC Basic English Availability for a minimum of six weeks exchange and interested in to know a new culture.

Main destinations: Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Peru, Egypt and Russia.

Professional Exchange This program offers exchanges that contribute to the professional development of young people, allowing them to participate in a particular field of work. This program usually lasts 4-12 months, which has a variety of business projects and organizations framed in three professional disciplines: Technical Training: This program provides university students and recent graduates the opportunity to live an integrated learning experience, including international experience in the field of Information Technology, working on tasks of focused information systems programming and web design, which require certain programming languages (not all), Preferably for Systems Engineering students). Requirements:

 Between 18 and 30 years old,  Be practical semester student or recent graduate (no more than 2 years),

 Middle English level to advanced, for Germany requires a medium level to advanced German,

ges: C, C #, C + +, Java, Javascript, SQL. For destination countries do not require work experience. Management Practices: This program provides university students and recent graduates the opportunity to live an integrated learning experience, including international experience in the administrative field, working on administrative tasks shipped in entrepreneurship, international marketing, project development, human resources and finance. (Preferably for students from FACE)

 Be between 18 and 30 years old  Be practical semester student or re(no




 Have a level intermediate to advanced

BA. Carol Figueroa Perez Postg. Dip. Milena Chadid B. Postg. Dip. Jairo Ibarra Casadiego Postg. Dip. Sandra Pabon Cuellar

English. For destination countries do not require work experience.

Postg. Dip. Yury Posada Romero

Educational Practices: This program provides university students and recent graduates the opportunity to live an integrated learning experience, including international experience in the field of teaching languages (mainly English), working in daily degree in languages and / or modern languages. (Preferably for Bachelor students of Spanish language and English).

Postg. Dip. Yolanda Rodero Vega

Postg. Dip. Edmundo Puche H.

Chancellor Dr. Jesualdo Hernández Mieles Vice-Chancellor Dr. Roberto Daza Suarez


 Be between 18 and 30 years of age  Be practical semester student or recent graduate years).




English. Destination countries: The main destinations for professional programs are: India, China, Brazil, Poland, Turkey, Costa Rica, Panama and Germany (German language is required in intermediate to advanced level) If interested, involved in the call, do not pass up the opportunity to apply here: Taken from:


Dean FACE MA. Victor Echeverry Gomez


 Have a level intermediate to advanced

 Knowing more than two of the following programming langua-...

MA. Cesar Galindo Angulo MA. Yimy Gordon


cent graduate years).

Our Professors

Head of International Trade Department MA. Martha Argüello Caballero Editorial Board Academic staff of the programme of International Trade Editor and translation Professor MA Cesar Galindo Angulo ISSN: 2322-908X International Standard Serial Number

.: Published bimonthly : .

Professors training


Professors Yuri Posada and Baldomero Rosado from the International Trade program participated in the Fourth International Symposium

The International Trade Programme commited social networks By MA. Cesar Galindo Angulo, Professor

of Finance organized by the University EAFIT which took place in the 11th and 12th of October in the city of Medellin. In this academic space the univer-

The International Trade program reinforces the UPC and internet innovation strategy as a way of communication with businesses and the community at large, as a bid to encourage the participation of academic and business community through the Internet it also provides all kinds of current information, consultation and audiovisual material, thanks to web 2.0 tools that are available to any citizen of a free way. Anyone interested in international trade issues can get the latest news via Facebook or Twitter, see pictures of all the activities on Flickr, consult and share a conference presentation in or watch a video on the issues. These tools allow us to:

 We build networks and communities around the program and thus enhance loyalty actions.

 Capture the attention of potential employers and students and redirect to the web where they will gain more information about them.

sity and the business community is focused on the analysis of business valuation, which was combined in the discussion of the current global economic situation and evaluation of investment projects.

Soon our website will be available and access to them:


Within the curriculum of our pro-

gram we have the option to have students do a semester of practice

 Talk

without intermediaries with graduates, students and the general community and their views directly,

and a curricular practice also enterprise-grade materials as an option. In this case, it is worth noting that the good gesture and the time spent

 Achieving transparency in our interac-

in management in the graduate residence Leydys Vergara, who helped

tion with our audience. Keep in mind that the communication is bidirectional social networks.

him secure a spot in the staffing of the Chamber of Commerce of Valle-

 Increase convening and dissemination

dupar, where he serves as Advisor to the Point the Colombia Stock Ex-

of program messages,

change and information Point DANE.


All this is to accomplish true internationalization of our economy, and we can say it is a state policy, when you consider that the last five governments




cally. Now, in this economic framework all sectors of public and private life of the country must be orchestrated.


The academy, universities have to be at the forefront and in line with national and international trend.

Internationalization of the Colombian Economy By: Postg. Dip. Yuri Posada, Professor

They are the calls to generate knowledge and human material necessary to address the major challenge of the country since independence, ie

Colombia has opted for a free-market economic model and economic openness. The goal of achieving a true internationalization of our economy has not yet been achieved, but certainly government actions suggest that sooner or later we will have achieved the necessary interdependence in these times of economic agreements.

grouped only developed countries and a few developing. The emergence of the WTO as a multilateral body for international trade, is only strengthening the market economy as generalized economic model in the world, i.e. the global capitalist model of market opening and liberalization of capital goods and services with the political framework of democracy.

Because, as we Our country has chosen were told inter“ The country has set its sights dependence this path since the last on the Pacific for the first time theorists, Nye decade of the previous and Koehane, in its history, today it is the century. Currently Cothis is ultiintention of belonging to the mately about lombia has signed FTAs, the agreements main forum for economic economic complementathat states are cooperation in the Pacific Rim is tion agreements, partial able to arrive at APEC “ agreements, around the a framework of cooperation and world. Agreements with relative peace. These economic agreeseveral economic blocs including the EU, ments, advocating regional integration Mercosur, ECSC, there FTAs with Canand internationalization global WTO understood. The Uruguay round defined the parameters of the new multilateralism currently economic to coexist within the WTO framework. Almost all countries at the UN are part of the WTO, this is really really important when you consider that the GATT, immediately preceded

ada, Chile, USA, Mexico, South Korea and others. The country has set its sights on the Pacific for the first time in its history, today it is the intention of belonging to the main forum for economic cooperation in the Pacific Rim is APEC. 5

achieving development International trade is one of the pillars on which the country is betting on a future development. Examples abound in the world that developed countries from an economic policy of openness to international trade in goods, services and capitals.

Hotbed of Research

Three students were selected by the International Trade in the call Colciencias Young Researchers belonging to the research group FACE-UPC and research hotbed Competitiveness Observatory, they were advised by the teacher MA. Yimy

The FTA claims to Colombia to improve their microenterprises

Gordon, where he participated as one of the speakers at the Third Research Day, Second Meeting of Business University and the First Day FACE, which were organized by

By Anny Colmenares Student of 7th semester of International Trade

the VHS sectional Aguachica during the 26, 27, 28 and 29 September 2012.

The Free Trade Agreement guarantees a

the ability to quickly reach a total indi-

reduction of product prices, although the

cators reflecting efficiency to cope with

impact will not be felt in the short term

large U.S. companies which will handle


very cheap prices compared to such mi-





items at a better price increases, our

cro Colombian enterprises.

entrepreneurs should be prepared for



"The work that all societies have to



disappear from the market and not

they have to invite

leave their jobs to many individuals





prove its technological




cieties have to disappear from the market and




Production and Trading of avocado paste in the city of Valledupar


Strategic Plan through logistics Management indicators in the SMBs of the dairy sector of Valledupar


Traceability of the Estevia in PoponteChiriguana, Cesar


jobs to many individu-

and families in Colombia, is initiating

als and families in Co-

a period of feedback, generating

lombia, is initiating a

and price level and


The work that all so-








you approach currently generate. Microenterprises in our country, especially the Caribbean coast, which are those that do not have the latest technology and are in direct competition with the FTA, should know the products that will enter in the agricultural sector can enter this year 26,000 tons of chicken, 70,000 tons of rice and no zero



generating ideas, subject matter efficient entrepreneurship and technological measures and prices in the industries.

Source: Data from published reports of the event (ISBN: 978-958-8409-24-5)

Not everything is negative for the Colombian Caribbean coast companies that have the ability to export, with the 603 commercial opportunities Colombia will have with the United States through the free trade agreement, 177

ness, livestock 16, 6 of rubber and

duty on cotton and wheat, a concern for

They apply to the departments of the

rubber products, two of wood and

small and micro sectors that are uncom-

Caribbean coast, of these 177, 92 are in

wood products, and 6 precious met-

petitive and unfortunately do not have

the agricultural sector, 39 of agribusis-

als and jewellery.


 8 Students of Commerce Int'l UPC

university conducted its practices in Seiky;

 3 Professors linked to our program have participated as speakers at Export Training Programs

¿Where are located? Address: Calle 15 No. 4-33 Of. 305 Chamber of Commerce of Valledupar.

Regional Export News To promote foreign trade in the región, UPC strategic partner of the ZEIKY – Information and Advice Center for Foreign Trade By: MA Cesar Galindo Angulo, Professor

On the premises of the Chamber of Commerce Valledupar, runs the Center for Information and Trade Consultancy Zeiky - Proexport Colombia program for the promotion of export culture in the country. Through the Information and Advice Trade for Foreign Trade, Zeiky - Valledupar, you can obtain personalized advice and information on issues related to foreign trade, export training and all the support needed to exploit the opportunities offered by international markets for products Colombians and services.

Valledupar Zeiky Services:  Guidance and advice on foreign trade custom.

 Screens auto consultation with personalized advice.

 Documentation center specializing in trade issues.

 Disclosure of different support tools offered PROEXPORT development of export activity.

 Theoretical

and practical seminars specialized in foreign trade. Export Training Program - PFE.

 Support in the development of the internationalization strategy of the company through personalized and group counselling.

Strategic Partners  Chamber of Commerce of Valledupar

 Popular del Cesar University.

 SENA, Regional Ce-


Results in Valledupar Seiky 2012 figures:  183 People have benefited in information and outreach programs;

 68 People trained in Export Training Programs;

 10 People trained with group workshops;

 18 companies have been studied of Diagnostics Business;

 3 Companies have the export potential and fulfilled the established indicators;


Phone: (575) 855600 Ext. 108 Business hours: Monday to Friday: 8:00am to 12:00pm and 2:00pm to 6pm.

slowdown. "For this reason, ECLAC stresses that, in order to increase potential growth in the future, it is necessary to make a special effort on ongoing challenges concerning production: productivity, innovation, education, infrastructure, logistics and transport," said Alicia Bárcena, Executive Secre-

tary of the Organization, when launching the document. These topics, together with the regional need to move forward on the

According to ECLAC: Exports in Latin America and the Caribbean Face Slowdown Due to International Crisis Compiled by MA.

Cesar Galindo Angulo, Professor

“ Regional foreign sales will only increase by 4% in 2012 due to the economic recession in Europe and the slowdown in the United States and China ” Foreign trade in Latin America and the

0.7% in exports and -2.1 in imports), a

Caribbean will suffer from the economic slowdown that started in the second half of 2011. The value of regional exports

fact that can be explained by their strong linkages to the European Union. According to ECLAC, Latin America and the Caribbean was the region with the highest export volumes growth in the last quarter of 2011 and the first four

will increase by 4% in 2012, whereas imports will grow 3% - according to estimates presented in a new ECLAC study today. In its annual report entitled Latin America and the Caribbean in the World Economy 2011-2012, the UN organization states that the current recession in the Eurozone, the lack of economic dynamism in the United States and Japan and the modernization in China's and other emerging economies' growth will affect trade in the region which, in 2012, will be 20 percentage points





shown last year. The prospects for 2012 show that foreign trade value in Mexico and Central America will grow above the regional average (7.3% in exports and 5% in imports), whereas South America will see lower rates (1.1% and 3.2%, respectively). The Caribbean countries will witness a fall in their trade exchange (-

months of 2012, amidst the global trade slowdown. Nonetheless, the European crisis and a global risk aversion affected its export performance in the months afterwards. This slowdown has affected the exchange with the main trade partners in the region - especially regarding exports to the European Union, which fell by 5% in the first half of 2012 compared to the same period in 2011. The weak export performance to the European Union will prevail for the rest of the year, although there will be differences




countries, -19%; South America, -7%; Mexico and Central America, 16%).

path of equal growth and environmental sustainability, were recently presented





tled Structural Change for Equality: An Integrated Approach to Development, launched by ECLAC during its thirty-fourth session, held at the end of August, in El Salvador. Amid the current international uncertainty, ECLAC foresees that the total value of regional exports will continue to grow in the next three years, yet at a lower rate that in the past years, i.e. an annual growth of 5% between 2013 and 2015 compared to an annual average growth of 20% in the second half of the last decade. In this context, ECLAC warns on opportunities and challenges linked to the strong relevance of commodities in the region's export basket - especially among South American countries. One of these challenges is the presence of broader production chains, either national, regional or global, as well as the recent integration of small and medium-sized enterprises into the production process of exports; the boost of interregional trade relations; and the strengthening of links to China and Asia-Pacific. Source: 13 Sep. 2012

“ The current recession in the Eurozone, the lack of economic dy-

In the short term, this report foresees

namism in the United States and

that developing countries will continue to be the engines of world economy and

Japan and the modernization in

trade, although they will eventually also

economies' growth will affect

China's and other emerging trade in the region ”


ime t e r eisu



Word search LEISURE TIME

“ In this section you will find fun activities in English to help you learn or improve your language, to have fun and relax in their free time, with crossword puzzles, word searches and much more….”



1ª International Cultural Fair - UPC Campus Hurtado, Valledupar

Events Calendar

“ This section, and upcoming events relating to international trade take place in the Caribbean region, in the city of Valledupar, especially where our program is the protagonist."

Second “International Cultural Fair” By: Lic. Carol Figueroa

Learning a foreign language is also learning the culture of the countries that speak it, which is why the International Trade students with his teaching

and live singers known artists in the UK. ern Ireland We count on your distinguished presence on November 1, 2012 at 8 am in

Ninth: Music and Only



the Auditorium Vicente Arroyo.

Tenth: Welsh Traditional Dancing

tural Fair whose theme is the UK.


Tenth Eleventh: Work King Arthur

The aim of the fair is to learn the cul-

First: Prayer for Brainner Mendoza

Eleventh: King Arthur’s play

ture of the four countries that comprise: England, Wales, Scotland and

Second: Greetings by the Chancellor, Dr. Hernandez Jesualdo Mieles

Twelfth: Amy Winehouse playback

Northern Ireland and it is shown in its

Third: University Hymn

of Business English will perform a Cul-

booth location to wildlife, the most important writers, actors and best known actresses, the flag of each, there will be samples food of each country plays

Fourth: Anthem of the United Kingdom Fifth: Presentation of Stands Sixth: Traditional Dance in Northern Ireland

known stories of each of these coun-

Seventh: Northern Ireland legend: the beautiful Isolde.

tries, traditional dances, mimics phone-

Eighth: play. Fairies and Elves of North-

Where we are located First floor, Campus Hurtado Via a Patillal. Valledupar, Cesar— Colombia

Thirteenth: Traditional Dancing of Scotland Fourteenth: Music Use Somebody


Fithteenth: Traditional Dance of England Sixteenth: Play: Romeo and Juliet Seventeenth: The Beatles. Eighteenth: Work Alice in Wonderland Nineteenth: fonomimica: Someone like you Twentieth:Music Performance: Titanium by Anny Arzuaga

Head of the Program: MA. Marta

Twentieth first: Carolina Celedon and her orchestra.

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The mission of our Electronic Magazine is to provide a way for the dissemination and promotion of academic production of our academic commun...