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                     Celebrate  your  seniors  with  an  induction  ceremony  for  their     graduation  from  Campus  Initiative  to  Alumni  Association!       The   Ohio   University   UNICEF   chapter   held   an   Alumni   Induction   ceremony,   where   each   senior   spoke   about   why   they   joined     UNICEF,  what  their  favorite  UNICEF  moment  was,  and  what  their     future   plans   are.   Then   all   the   seniors   stood   together,   holding     hands,  and  recited  the  alumni  pledge.  They  followed  this  up  with  a     senior  song  challenge,  where  the  seniors  had  to  write  and  perform     a   UNICEF   song,   about   Believe   in   Zero,   to   the   tune   of   their   school     anthem,  Carmen  Ohio!  They  ended  the  evening  with  cake,  a  photo     slideshow   of   the   year,   and   senior   gifts   in   the   form   of   framed         pictures  and  UNICEF  b ottles  filled  with  ‘life  savers’.           The   UNICEF   chapter   at   University   of     The C ampus Initiative Reporting and Reflec ting California   Berkeley  co-­‐hosted  a  Run  for  the     Horn   5K   with   Global   Brigades.   It   took   S urvey is due M ay 31 st. You must c omplete this in   place  on  Sunday  April   27  at  10  am.  Prizes   order to maintain your c lub’s ac tive status. for     their   run   included   2   free   classes   at   https://www.surveymonkey.c om/s/2013c ampussur their   local   Ironworks   gym   and   a   Costco     vey pack   of   granola   bars.   Proceeds   from   the     run   will   go   to   relief   efforts   for   children     C ampus C hallenge ends M ay 31st. Be sure to refugees   of  the  Syrian  conflict.     submit all your funds as soon as possible!       Put your c lub’s mailing address on your A c tion   C enter page, so that we c an send you the Bac k to   S c hool Kit next year!   UNICEF   at   University   of   Minnesota   volunteered   at   Feed   My     Starving   Children,   a   non-­‐profit   organization   committed   to   N ational C ounc il applic ations will be ac c epted until   alleviating  child  hunger  globally.  They  helped  to  hand-­‐pack  meals   M ay 10th. If you need the applic ation, please email   specially   formulated   for   malnourished   children,   which   are   then   c ampus@ unic   shipped  to  nearly  70  countries  around  the  world!     S ave the D ate! The C ampus Initiative S tudent Tap  Project  Progress     S ummit next year will be O c tober 11th-13th in N ew   ß  The  Zeta  chapter   York C ity!   of  Phi  Iota  Alpha  at     Hofstra  University     held  its  annual  UNICEF  banquet  and  raised  over  $600  for  Tap  Project.     -­‐UNICEF  at  Columbia  University  raised  $300  with  their  Tap  Project  campaign.     -­‐UNICEF  at  Utah  State  University  has  raised  $415  for  Tap  Projct.         The  UNICEF  chapter  at  Benedictine  University  held  their  First  Annual  Hunger  Banquet  on  April  8.  Their  mission  for  this     event   was   to   spread   awareness   about   the   uneven   distribution   of   global   resources   and   present   prospective   solutions     towards   conquering   the   hunger   disparities,   both   in   developing   nations   and   in   local   areas.   The   banquet   included   presentations   and   keynote   speakers   to   inspire   the   attendees   to   make   a   difference   in   the   community.   The   event   was     focused  on  the  hunger  crisis  in  the  Sahel  region  of  West  Africa.        

UNICEF National  Council  Newsletter  

April 2013  

UNICEF at   Vassar   College   held   a   discussion   panel   on   the   United   Nations   Convention   on   the   Rights   of   the   Child    (UNCRC).  They   hosted   Jessica  O’Herron,   the  US  Fund   for  UNICEF  Global  Citizenship  Fellow,   and  Kathleen  Murphy,    the  Executive  Director  of  The  Center  for  the  Prevention  of  Child  Abuse,  along  with  moderator  Maria  Hantzopolous,    an  Assistant  Professor  of  Education  at  Vassar  College.  The  discussion  focused  on  educating  the  audience  about  the    UNCRC,   why   it’s   important,   why   the  US   hasn’t  ratified   it,   and  why   we   should   ratify.   It   was  a  very   successful   event,    with  thoughtful  conversation,  audience  participation,  and  several  different  perspectives  represented.             UNICEF  at  Diablo  Valley  College     UNICEF   at   Diablo   Valley   College     (DVC)   will   be   hosting   a   UNICEF     Charity   Dinner   Gala   on   Thursday     May   2   at   6:30   pm.   For   only   $20,   This   April,   the   Campus   Initiative   National   Council   members   had   the     guests   will   receive   a   3   course   meal   incredible  opportunity  to  attend  the  Clinton  Global  Initiative   University   as   well   as   the   chance   to   enjoy   live     in  St.  Louis.  In  order  to  attend  the  conference,  students  must  submit  an   performances.       innovative   “Commitment   to   Action”.   These   commitments   are   a   unique   UNICEF  at  DVC  is  on  a  roll;  they  just     held   a   successful   Krispy   Kreme   feature   of   CGI   U;   they   translate   practical   goals   into   meaningful   results.     donut  fundraiser.     They  are  new,  specific,  and  measurable   initiatives  that  address   social  or     Congratulations  to  them  all  for  being   environmental   challenges  on  campuses,  in  communities,   or   in   different     such   hardworking   and   dedicated   parts   of   the   world.   The   National   Council’s   commitment   is   creating   a     supporters  of  UNICEF!     process   to   better   cultivate   UNICEF   club’s   impact   both   locally   and       globally.   The   National   Council   plans   to   do   this   with   strategies   such   as:     increasing   use   of   tools   such   as   the   Action   Center   and   webinars,     improving  club  participation  in  UNICEF  National  Campaigns,  increasing     knowledge   of   UNICEF   field   work,   and   teaching   things   like   successful     recruitment   and   fundraising   just   to   name   a   few.   With   over   a   thousand     collegiate   students   from   all   over   the   world   attending   the   conference     there   was   an   incredible   diversity   of   projects   and  students   in   attendance.     At   the   conference   we   were   able   to   showcase   our   commitment   while     learning   about   a   wide   range   of   other   commitments   that   were   nothing     short   of   inspiring.   We   were   able   to   hear   from   a   variety   of   amazing     speakers  from  political  leaders  like  Bill  and  Chelsea  Clinton  to  celebrities     like   Jada   Pinkett   Smith   to   local   heroes   like   Dr.   Hawa   Abdi   who   is   a     UNICEF   at   University   of   Southern   human   rights   activist   and   physician   from   Somalia.   There   were     California   recently   hosted   a   Krispy   workshops   and   seminars   on   human   trafficking,   on   the   importance   of     Kreme   Fundraiser   on   April   18   where   STEM   education,   on   the   world   water   crisis,   and   much   more.   Overall   it     they  delivered  the  delicious  donuts  $1   was  an  inspiring  weekend  where  we  were  able  to  spread  the  word  about     for  one  donut  or  $5  for  a  half  a  dozen.   the  amazing  work  that  you  all  do  for  the  Campus  Initiative  and  where  we     In   total   they   raised   $231   and   all   also   were   able   to   learn   from   other   incredible   projects   that   are   each     proceeds  went  directly  to  UNICEF!   striving  to  make  the  world  a  better  place  in  their  own  unique  way.       UNICEF   a t   B aruch   C ollege   h osted   t heir   a nnual   comedy  club  fundraiser,  “Laugh  to  Save  a  Life”  on  April  23rd,  at  the  famous       Gotham  Comedy  Club!           UNICEF  at  University  of  Texas  Dallas  hosted  a  Red  Light  Charity  Ball,  with  special  guest  Chong  Kim,  a  human  trafficking     survivor.         University  of  Texas  had  a  Human  Rights  Day,  and  their  UNICEF  Club  made  a  presentation  about  UNICEF.        University  of  Texas  -­‐  Arlington  had  their  second  annual  Run  for  Zero  5k,  but  spiced  it  up  by  m aking  it  a  glow  in  the  dark  run,     and  calling  it  Ignite  Run  for  Zero!       Griz   f or   U NICEF   a t   t he   U niversity   o f   M ontana   h eld   a   F lash   M ob   for  UNICEF  on  Monday,  April  29th,  to  raise  awareness  about     ending  child  poverty,  and  about  UNICEF.        

UNICEF Campus Inititative April Newsletter  

UNICEF Campus Inititative National Council April Newsletter

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