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UNICEF Campus Initiative Newsletter ZONE LEADERS

Have you contacted your National Council member? The National Council is made up of six students from UNICEF Campus Initiative Clubs all over the country. They are here to provide resources, advice and support for the Campus Initiative clubs in their zones. Taking on Zone 1 is Brittany Stopa from Vassar College in New York. Heading Zone 2 is Priya Parikh from Rutgers University in New Jersey. After that is Carey Utz, taking care of Zone 3 from The Ohio State University. At the Virginia Commonwealth University, Soraiya Thura is taking care of Zone 4. Down South at Texas A&M University, Jackie Garcia is working with Zone 5. Finally, over on the West Coast, Cynthia Espinoza from the University of California, Los Angeles is taking care of Zone 6. If for some reason you haven’t heard from your National Council member, don’t know what Zone you fall under or have any question at all please email


The Houston, LA, Washington D.C and Chicago Summits were the past the weekends and they were a SUCCESS! The summits are an invaluable opportunity to make personal contact with other UNICEF Campus Initiative Clubs in your area and share your successes and challenges with them as well as learning from others. Please remember to complete the POST SUMMIT SURVEY. If you did not get a chance to attend a summit be sure to come next year!

Left: Priya Parikh Zone 2, Cynthia Mendoza Zone 6, Brittany Stopa Zone 1, Miko Tsubai Public Ally Jackie Garcia Zone 5, Carey Utz Zone 3, Soraiya Thura Zone 4

October, 2012 Volume 2, Issue 2

Inside this issue: National Council


Campus Challenge


Back to School Kits


Campus Initiative Summits


Trick Or Treat for UNICEF 2012



Have you signed up for the Campus Challenge? It's to your advantage to sign up for the ACUI Campus Challenge because then all of your school's donations can be matched through the George Harrison Fund for UNICEF...there's no easier way to double all of your fundraising efforts! It's super easy to register, just visit to register your school and sign up members on your school's Campus Challenge team. Then, be sure to submit all of your donations with a campus challenge donation form, which is available on that same website. Last year, the funds collected through the Campus Challenge totaled $380,000; can we beat that this year? Will your school get the top Campus Challenge fundraiser award?

Have you received our Back to School kit?

US Fund for UNICEF is providing every Campus Initiative program with a Back to School Kit, complete with resources to get each program off to a great start this year. These Kits include supplies like posters, t-shirts, pens, pins, a DVD documentary about human trafficking, a USB with printable materials, etc. These Back to School Kits are an important asset to every Campus Initiative program, so if your school hasn't received one yet, please be sure to email with your school and mailing address. We want to help you help UNICEF, so please do utilize this awesome resource!

Houston Campus Initiative Summit October 13, 2012 1

UNICEF Campus Initiative Newsletter

History of TOT

In 1950, Pennsylvania schoolchildren began Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF. On Halloween, they went door-to-door collecting coins for UNICEF in decorated milk cartons. By fundraising, these children started a Kids Helping Kids tradition. Today, millions of children take part in Halloween fundraising for UNICEF in creative ways. In 2010 UNICEF celebrated the 60th anniversary of the Trick-or-Treat campaign, which over its history has raised $167 million dollars to help kids! Your club can order your Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF boxes today! Collect donations for UNICEF in your box by going trick-or-treating or by raising funds in your own unique way. The money you raise will help UNICEF provide clean water, nutrition, education and more to millions of kids in need around the world. Have great new ideas about Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF? You can create your own fundraising webpage and share on Facebook or Twitter or email friends and family to make donations and get the ball rolling! You can also be a leader with your smart phone and help change the world in the blink of an eye! Just text the word “TOT” to UNICEF (864233) to make a $10.00 donation to Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF.

201 2

Chloe Grace Moretz: Ambassador for UNICEF TOT

Chloe Grace Moretz, an acclaimed actress, o acting skills, in Dark known for her r and 500 days of Summer Shadows, Hugo, will be the new ambassador for the UNICEF T campaign this October. Trick or Treat r Chloe Moretze is very excited to be the a or Treat spokesperson for this UNICEF Trick t year. The actress had said, “Halloween is

such a fun time of year. I love dressing up C in festivities. and taking part o That’s why Ilcan’t think of a better way to l honor this annual tradition than by e supporting UNICEF, an organization that has c saved the lives of millions of children across t the globe. Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF gives i kids the o express their support through freedom to choose how they’d like to n a variety of activities.”

Along with many other children in the nation, Chloe Moretz b UNICEF Trick or Treat will be creating her very own special o a Character” contest, which collection box to enter into the “Create x October 26th. The contest will began in September and will run until e new characters on the Trick be a kick off to the introduction of the s , 2 i n

How can the National Council help your campus with TOT! If you’re in need of ideas or help for holding a Trick or

Treat Campaign on your campus, we can help! Contact your National Council Member for advice on throwing events for Trick or Treat for UNICEF this month. We can help you by giving the resources and guidance you need to throw a successful event. Ask your National Council Member for help with publicity, and spreading the word on your campus about your events, as well as about the best ways to plan and put creative touches on them that fit your Campus Initiative. We want to help everyone throw amazing events this year!

October Newsletter 2012  

The UNICEF Campus National Council October newsletter

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