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Annual Meeting SUMMER TIME PREPARATION FOR  EDUCATIONAL PROGRAMS – TOOLS AND  RESOURCES It is never too late to start planning for the next semester, especially when it comes to educational programming. Maybe you are planning to have a lecture on the impact of climate change on children or an entire lecture series around development issues and UNICEF’s impact or maybe you are planning an entire class based around all of the above topics and more. Summer is the best time to get a head-start on planning for these educational programs – gathering research, determining learning outcomes, drawing outlines and creating studentcentered interactive activities. Sometimes creating an hour-long educational sessions can take half an hour to plan and sometimes 20 minutes long sessions take 6 hours to plan depending on the complexity of the issue and how innovative and creative you want to get with you program. In order to help you brainstorm and plan for these programs we have compiled a list of useful resources: TeachUNICEF is a portfolio of free global Using visual and graphic tools can make education resources. The website contains a educational programming really effective. multitude of lesson plans, stories, and multimedia Gapminder was founded by Hans Rosling (of TED that cover topics ranging from the Millennium fame) and aims to present a fact-based worldview Development Goals to Water and Sanitation. through tools that make it easy to understand Although most lesson plans are meant for grades data. The website has visuals and graphics PK-12, they are easily adaptable to a college levelranging from topics such as Wealth and Health of Nations to Child Mortality to Rates of HIV. It even program. These lesson plans would be quite suitable for lecture series, introductory educationalhas various teaching guides! One teaching guide that stands out in particular is “Teacher’s Guide: lessons on development issues etc. 200 years that changed the world” -

May, 2012 Volume 2, Issue 6

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Breaking the Silence


UNICEF Annual Meeting


UNICEF Campus Initiative Newsletter

BREAKING THE SILENCE In Kingston, Jamaica a nine-year old boy was systematically raped by his pastor while his mother was at work; an 18-month old baby boy died of internal damage after being raped by his uncle; a little girl was infected with gonorrhoea, syphilis, herpes and HIV by an uncle who was in and out of prison. These are some of the cases Sandra Knight, a general practitioner at theParticipants attend the Sub-Regional Meeting for FollowMarta Santos Pais (centre), Special paediatric hospital in Kingston, has up to the UN Study on Violence Against Children in the Representative for the Secretary-General on Violence against Children, attends the treated over the years. The abuse Caribbean, held in Kingston, Jamaica. Sub-Regional Meeting for Follow-up to the tormented her, compelling her to speak UN Study on Violence Against Children in out to the press. Dr. Knight’s accounts © UNICEF VIDEO  the Caribbean. have created an uproar in the Eastern Caribbean, and an avalanche of frontpage stories about child sexual abuse © UNICEF VIDEO has followed. Using the image of a teddy bear with a band-aid Child sexual abuse is shrouded in over its heart and the tagline ‘Break the Silence’, “I felt that my peers   secrecy and abetted by shame. While this initiative has mobilized a wide range of were becoming   most abuse is hidden and up-to-date government and non-governmental partners to statistics are scarce, it is known that protect children from sexual abuse. The complacent about this  nearly 150 million girls and 73 million campaign was discussed during the Sub- issue, but I felt I had a  boys under 18 around the world have Regional Meeting for Follow-up to the UN Study experienced forced sexual intercourseon Violence Against Children in the Caribbean, tsunami in front of me.” or other forms of sexual violence which took place in Kingston this week. UNICEF ­ Dr. Sandra Knight,   worldwide. is currently working to expand the reach of this Kingston To address the taboo surrounding child campaign to other countries in the Caribbean. sexual abuse, the University of the West Indies in Trinidad and Tobago developed the Teddy Bear Campaign. “Something that has touched me deeply in the discussions that took place during this

UNICEF ANNUAL MEETING The U.S Fund’s Annual Meeting is a two day event for UNICEF’s major donors individuals, corporations, foundations, and non-governmental partners to come together to celebrate the milestones that UNICEF has made in the world to reach closer to ZERO. One speaker that stood out to most of the National Council was Christopher Fabian an Innovation Specialist at UNICEF. He provided a close-up insight into innovation and its crucial role in facilitating greater accessibility to information and knowledge all over the world. He provided a particularly revealing story about the development of the digital drum ( In closing, an inspiring quote from the meeting was "Investing in citizenship gives a voice...investing in global citizenship creates a global network of solidarity.


Stay in touch with your national  council member! Email us at: Don’t forget to include your  zone number or at least your  school name in the subject line.  We’ll get back to you just as  soon as we can!

SOME GOALS FOR MAY: 1. Recruit the next class of National Council members by May 25th 2. Encourage all campuses to complete the Reporting and Reflection Survey by  May 31st 3. Record leadership transition: name, e­mail, cell, year of graduation, and  address 4. Prepare a final campus report with highlights, insights, best practices, and  details on the past year

UNICEF Campus Initiative May Newsletter