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UNICEF Campus Initiative Newsletter

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April 2014 Important End of Year Reminders 1. Complete your End-of-the-Year Survey by May 31st! 2. Submit your updated leadership information to 3. Make sure that you send in your donations! All donations must be postmarked by May 31st to receive the George Harrison Match for the Campus Challenge. Submit with the mail-in donation form or through your Campus Initiative Crowdrise page. 4. Register for the 2014 Campus Initiative Summit through the MCN Website by September 12th: Find all the details on the Action Center under the Campus Initiative page!

Event of the Month Benedictine University’s Hunger Banquet On Wednesday, April 16th, BenU UNICEF hosted their second annual hunger banquet. During the banquet, board members led an interactive discussion on the unequal distribution of resources. Attendees were asked to think globally and act locally, and the banquet featured a resource fair in which representatives from local organizations talked to attendees about volunteer opportunities in the community. After all of this work, they are proud to say that they were able to educate 158 people about hunger inequality, as well as raise $3,900 to support UNICEF's work. Moreover, they hope that they have empowered others to fight against hunger so that one day, no child will suffer from being hungry.


UNICEF Campus Initiative Newsletter

April Campus Initiative Highlights The Campus Initiative at the University of Connecticut (right) had a glow in the dark run event in which they raised over $1,000 in one night! UNICEF at Brown (below) learned about the event and though it was so cool that they arranged a similar event themselves!

UNICEF at Queens College (below) arranged a photo booth with many fun props in their Student Union to raise funds! The event was a huge success!

UNICEF Penn State (below) held a Live Below the Line Banquet to discuss the hunger and malnutrition issues that revolve around poverty. The banquet emphasized the idea: “To fight poverty, understand poverty�. The event proved very informative and successful!

Drexel UNICEF (below) held a water pong tournament in honor of the UNICEF Tap Project! With themes of pong, pizza and prizes, they engaged many students in this fun activity while simultaneously raising money for clean water.


UNICEF Campus Initiative Newsletter During their spring break, UNICEF at Florida International University (left) collaborated with Alternative Breaks and conducted an HIV/AIDS awareness program in Nicaragua. They were given the opportunity to visit rural sites to help educate and raise awareness in areas that are usually untouched by resources. Although their original goal was to raise awareness regarding HIV/AIDS, they found several other issues in the communities such as gender inequality, clean water and sanitation, and lack of education. This was a wonderful opportunity for UNICEF at FIU to be physically exposed to UNICEF's mission and return to campus to share their experiences.

Texas A&M UNICEF (right) hosted a 5k run to raise awareness and funds for UNICEF's "Believe in Zero" campaign aimed to reduce the number of deaths by preventable causes.

UNICEF at Arizona State University (left) held a “Water4U” Event in which they asked students and patrons passing by what water meant to them. They did an incredible job raising awareness about water on their campus!

Leadership from UNICEF at UCLA, USC and Santa Monica College (above) met with Los Angeles Global Fellow Annie Kim to get to know one another and discuss their clubs’ programs. The afternoon was full of sharing best leadership practices, event ideas and some laughs! This small regional meeting truly helped to foster the sense of community among Zone 6 Campus Initiatives.

Good luck with Live Below the Line! We look forward to highlighting more of your LBL events in the next newsletter! 3

April Campus Initiative Newsletter  
April Campus Initiative Newsletter