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==== ==== Learn How To Master Facebook Marketing! Here is Important Information You Should Know. ==== ====

Developing a daily Facebook marketing plan is essential to achieving success. It will provide you will a clear game plan on what you need to accomplish every single day in order to develop a fanatical following and rock solid relationships that will have prospects calling you to join you in you're business. Here are a few important statistics on why it's important to develop a presence: 1) More than 500 million active users 2) 50% of the active users log on in any given day 3) Average user has 130 friends 4) People spend over 700 billion minutes per month on this site When you sit down to develop a Facebook marketing plan set realistic expectations based on your level of experience and time commitment that you'll be able to make on a daily basis. The one thing that will set you up for failure on Facebook is having unrealistic goals and expectations. Don't think that this will be the "magic pill" that will solve all of your money and recruiting problems. You can recruit new distributors into your downline, but it will not happen overnight it takes time to build relationships and the most important five letter word you will ever hear TRUST. If your friends don't know, like, and trust you they are not going to do business with you. Now that you have set your Facebook marketing plan goals let's discuss how you can develop a fanatical following that will set you up as a leader and an expert in the eyes of the prospect. First, we need to start adding friends, but not just any person that has a pulse. We want to target other network marketers. Where can we find these people? Simply by typing in the words MLM or network marketing into the search box you'll be able to find groups that are dedicated solely to network marketers. Once you join a few groups start adding the members as friends, but do not send out more than five friend request at one sitting because Facebook will flag you and you could possibly get your account suspended or deleted and that is definitely not something we want. Facebook is simply too large of a market for us not to be able to tap into. Did you know that if it was a country it would be the third largest in the world behind China and India! So develop a smart Facebook marketing plan. The second phase of your Facebook marketing plan is to start posting valuable content whether it is blog posts or videos that you upload to your profile or fan page. As long as you can teach someone one thing that they did not know then they will assume you as an expert and will begin to follow you. This phase is where you begin to develop rock solid relationships that will pay dividends in the future.

The third phase of your Facebook marketing plan is to become an Alpha leader and start conducting your own webinars. Once you have mastered the art of lead generation of any online marketing methods put on training and at the end of the call send them over to your company's website so they can work with you directly putting new team members into your downline.

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==== ==== Learn How To Master Facebook Marketing! Here is Important Information You Should Know. ==== ====

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