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==== ==== Birthdays. Weddings. Baby’s first steps. With the COOLPIX L24, it’s never been easier to keep these memories alive. This is a hot item!! ==== ====

Being among the finest makes in digital camera manufacturing, it is no surprise that Nikon have created yet one more first-rate wonder, the L24. This is an addition to the undoubtedly well-liked CoolPix range. The L24 incorporates a variety of impressive functions, including a fourteen Mega pixel picture resolution, a large, vivid three inch LCD display screen plus a 3.6x Optical Zoom Nikkor lens. Even with all of these sophisticated characteristics, the CoolPix L24 will be simple to use. Everybody may take fantastic images as well as video clips, and publish and share these with no difficulty. Select from sixteen scene settings to have the most suitable choice for your photos, or even allow the digicam itself to decide for you using the Easy Auto Mode. Nikon's Smart Portrait System allows you to have wonderful photos of relatives and buddies, and can alert you if someone appears to have blinked. It will recognize, while keeping focused, as many as twelve faces in any given scenario, and in addition instantly takes away any red eye. Furthermore, having Nikon's three way Vibration Reduction Image Stabilization System, you will not need to concern yourself with fuzzy pictures that may be caused by hands shaking as well as fast moving objects. Certain scenes are usually best recorded on video, and the Coolpix L24 takes 640x480 30fps resolution movies, which you'll want to view right away on your camera's LCD screen which has an anti-reflective coating. You can also easily link the camera to your television or computer display. The digicam operates on 2 double A batteries, and in addition includes a carry strap, a USB cord plus a Nikon View NX 2 CD-ROM. Pros: The reviews indicate that you will be pleased with this product. The evaluations highlight that it is really user friendly, runs on cheap and ubiquitous double A batteries, and takes nice, sharp pictures. One purchaser found that this camera was even suitable for professional use, in situations where detail was vital. It was also highlighted that the picture result is top notch, even indoors, and making use of natural background lighting only (no flash) and that is really important if you need images that do not show glare. Yet another good remark concerned the picture stabilizing program that has been said to actually

work very well at minimizing the ugly effects of a trembling camera. Cons: A concern that one individual had was to do with the level of quality of indoor photographs when taken in situations in poor light. They asserted that weighed against various other digital cameras, the pictures just weren't as good. The end results provided while using the flash are said to be comparatively inferior; sometimes the picture is just too dim (having overtones of reddish color) at other times the picture is much too whitened. The user menu has been referred to as awkward and also the consumer handbook is likewise slammed. Get into photography and have fun with this streamlined and sophisticated digital camera from Nikon at an inexpensive cost. It offers an excellent choice of picture settings to enable you to capture terrific photos, a big LCD display with an anti-reflective layer to see them, and it also will take premium quality movies. The Coolpix L24 is a superb option for quickly recording and saving important moments.

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==== ==== Birthdays. Weddings. Baby’s first steps. With the COOLPIX L24, it’s never been easier to keep these memories alive. This is a hot item!! ==== ====

Nikon COOLPIX L24 Camera - A Must SEE