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As a business owner, you know you need to market your business. So, you sit at your computer and come up with your "elevator pitch." You hang out on Facebook, looking for people to "friend." You perfect an article and start thinking about what you'll do with it. You buy dozens of information products and books on marketing, looking for a way to make it all easier. While these tactics can be smart, there's a problem: You are taking the easy way out. You're looking for more information when what you need is action. Marketing is Scary What you are doing is very common. I've struggled with these issues, and virtually every business owner I've worked with has too (although some aren't brave enough to admit it). Let's face it, marketing is scary. Marketing brings up tons of fears, doubts, and insecurities, such as: oHow do I know if my marketing plans are worthwhile (I don't want to waste my time)? oAre my marketing materials good enough (I don't want to look like a slob)? oIs marketing going to be very expensive (I don't want to waste my money)? oIf I get a lot of business, can I handle it (I don't want to let people down)? oCan I speak if I'm not the best speaker (I don't want to embarrass myself)? oWhat if people ask me questions I can't answer (I don't want to look unprofessional)? These are just some of the hundreds of questions and concerns that come up for us as we embark on marketing our businesses. Strategically Taking On Challenges To be most successful in marketing your business, you must push yourself outside of your comfort zone. You must take on your challenges. What are they? You do not, however, need to do everything. You don't need to do things just because they are challenging. Instead, you need to do an activity that meets the following criteria: 1.It is likely to bring you excellent results. 2.You've avoided it because it's intimidating. 3.You have the resources you need to effectively do the activity. Let's briefly take these one by one. The first criterion is that any activity you take on is one that is shown to work. Your time is limited and you want to get the best return it. How do you know what

works? Listen to the experts and to people in your industry who have been successful. While you want to focus on what's been shown to work, also don't be afraid to carve your own path and try something new if there's evidence to suggest that it's a great idea. Also consider what works most efficiently if you need new business now. Building your Facebook network is wonderful, but if you need new clients today, which will work faster: that or going out and meeting people in your target market or target referral partners? (If you said the latter, you're right.) The second criterion is that you've avoided the activity because it makes you nervous. Public speaking, for example, is one of the most effective strategies for service business owners because it instantly helps your prospects to know, like, and trust you. Public speaking is also the #1 fear in adult Americans. If speaking meets criterion #1 and the reason you've been avoiding it is that it's nerve-wracking, then it's time to do it, but first consider... The third criterion is that you have the resources you need to be successful. Going back to the speaking example, if you have no idea how to structure a talk or what to talk about, address that by working with a coach or mentor. If you don't know how you come across or how to use your body and voice, enroll in Toastmasters. If you're going to put yourself out there, you want to be prepared and increase your odds of succeeding. But remember... Done is Better Than Perfect When faced with something anxiety-provoking, it is tempting to over-prepare and rework things until they sound just right. Do not allow yourself to do this. The best way to move through your fears is to move quickly. Perfectionism slows you down and wastes your time with inconsequential details. Keep your eye on the big picture and on your goals. The more you take on your challenges, the more progress you will make. Most important, however, is that you will build confidence and open yourself up to bigger challenges and bigger results.

Larina Kase is a business psychologist and New York Times bestselling author. Learn her 6-step process for moving out of your comfort zone, accomplishing more than ever before, and being a leader in your field with her latest book The Confident Leader: How the Most Successful People Go from Effective to Exceptional:

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==== ==== Learn How To Master Facebook Marketing! Here is Important Information You Should Know. ==== ====

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