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==== ==== Worrying may be man’s biggest ‘natural’ enemy since doctors discovered stress. In this FREE Mini Course you will learn the 10 FACTS ABOUT CONQUERING WORRY ==== ====

Worrying keeps your mind occupied with things that you can't do anything about at the moment. Worrying is about the future, something over which you have little control. When your mind is occupied with circular thinking, it doesn't have the room to be constructive. You need to stop your worrying. Although that is easier said than done, below are 5 strategies you can use to bring your mind under control. Take Control Your thoughts are out of control. Often you feel like they come unbidden from no where. When you realize you are in a mental whirlwind, stop. Put the brakes on your thoughts. Tell that part of yourself, "No, you're not welcome." Then begin to think of something else. Do the multiplication tables if you need to. Recognize What You Can Change and What You Can't If you keep worrying about whether or not your child is going to be a success, or whether you are going to be a success, that is something you can't control at that very moment. If you worry about whether or not you'll have enough food for dinner, unless you are at the store, it is something not in your immediate control. Stop your thoughts and tell them you'll deal with it later. Be very firm with yourself. Outline Solutions This requires you sitting down and doing some problem solving. Make a list of your worries. Maybe you'll have 10 on your list or maybe you'll have 50. You might even have just one. For each worry, write down the steps you will take to cope with this concern. These could be immediate proactive steps in which you do something to eliminate the problem or it can be steps you will take in the future if the event truly comes to pass. When the worry comes again, simply review your steps and then go on. Stop Sign and Toss Them Away What's a Stop Sign look like? No, this is not a trick question. See that stop sign in your head. See the red sign with white letters proclaiming STOP. When you catch yourself worrying, stop. See the red and white stop sign in your mind. Then take your hand and move it across your forehead while imagining you are grabbing those repetitive thoughts and throwing them away. Make a Positive Mental File Cabinet

What is one of your happiest memories? Right now recreate it in your mind with all the sensory detail. Recall the words, sights, smells sounds and what things felt like. Feel the emotions you felt then. Feel those emotions in your body now. Double those good feelings. Now take that wonderful memory and, in your mind, put them in a file. Place the file in a drawer of the file cabinet in your mind. Touch the side of your head and tell yourself, "Here is my happy memory ready for me to pull out when needed." When you catch yourself worrying, immediately go to your file cabinet and pull out one of the good memories.

==== ==== Worrying may be man’s biggest ‘natural’ enemy since doctors discovered stress. In this FREE Mini Course you will learn the 10 FACTS ABOUT CONQUERING WORRY ==== ====

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