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Other Current SCI Students All PhD students in the Institute have the opportunity to participate in the critical discussion sessions with the Wellcome Trust students. The following students are funded from a variety of sources and are supervised by SCI members.

Sarah Ali Abdulla

Anna Guinot

Stoyana Alexendrova

Matthias Hofer

Carla Mulas

Yifan Ng

Shyamanga Borooah

Morteza Jalali

Daniel Ortmann

Lily Cho

Smruthi Jayasundar

Mahalia Page

Wesley Chua

Fatima Junaid

Matthias Pawlowski

Fiona Docherty

Kai Kretzschmar

Aliaksandra Radzisheuskaya

Tiago Faial

Ginez Gonzalez

Agata Kurowski

Victoria Mascetti

Abdulrahim Sajini

Rodrigo Santos

There are many highly motivated and inspiring scientists around and that makes the SCI an amazing place to be a student! Charis-Patricia Segeritz

Filipa Soares

Hannah Stuart

Stan Wang

SCI Student Events Annual PhD Day - SCI students present posters and give talks to all SCI members. PhD Seminar Series - A fortnightly seminar series where up to 3 students present their work to their peers 4-Year PhD Presentation Day - 4-year Wellcome Trust / MRC funded students present their work to fellow programme members and the PhD programme committee. Students also give regular presentations and receive feedback at other SCI group meetings. 51

Cambridge Stem Cell Institute Brochure 2012  
Cambridge Stem Cell Institute Brochure 2012