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2012 SCI International Symposium Stem Cells in Cancer Session 1 Sean Morrison Howard Hughes Medical Institute, US “Stem cell self-renewal mechanisms are hijacked by cancer cells” Maria Pia Cosma CRG, Spain “Wnt signaling and the reprogramming of cell fate to pluripotency” Ruggero de Maria Regina Elena National Cancer Institute, Italy “New preclinical models based on Cancer Stem Cells from solid tumors” Eduard Batlle IRB, Spain “From Colon Stem Cells to Colorectal Cancer” Anna Guinot University of Cambridge, UK “Role of lung specific microRNAs in p38a-dependent regulation of lung homeostasis and lung cancer”

Our second annual International Symposium attracted 115 participants from 14 countries. X posters were presented It was organised by Michaela Frye and Juan Ventura Opening Session The Merck KGaA Keynote Lecture by: Irving Weissman Stanford School of Medicine, USA “Normal and Neoplastic Stem Cells” Catherin Niemann University of Cologne – CMMC, Germany “Control of tumor plasticity and malignant progression but not tumor incidence in stem cell driven epidermal cancer” Edwin Hawkins Imperial College, UK “The role of asymmetric cell division in haematopoiesis, malignant stem cells and the function of haematopoietic lineage cells”

Michele Cioffi CNIO, Spain “Chemoresistance of pancreatic cancer stem cells is mediated by miR-17-92 family” Session 2 Anton Berns The Netherlands Cancer Institute, The Netherlands “Cells of origin of (non) small cell lung cancer” John Stingl Cancer Research UK – CRI, UK “Mammary stem and progenitor cells: Understanding the cellular context of breast cancer” Walid Khaled The Sanger Institute, UK “BCL11A: A Novel Breast Cancer Gene which Plays a Critical Role in Mammary Stem Cells and Suppresses p53” Patrizia Cammareri The Beatson Institute, UK “KRAS mutation expands the cell of origin of intestinal cancer to non stem cells


Cambridge Stem Cell Institute Brochure 2012  
Cambridge Stem Cell Institute Brochure 2012