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Affiliate Members University-based Principal Investigators whose research is partly concerned with stem cell biology and who have collaborations with SCI members or associate members. In addition to established researchers, affiliate status is open to junior investigators with independent funding who have emerging programmes in stem cell biology or translation. Affiliate Members have access for collaborative studies to SCI core platforms that are not available in their host department/ institute. Affiliate Members are eligible to be a partner in seed-funding projects and to be supervisors or co-supervisors on the 4-year PhD programme. Affiliate Members may also apply to enroll students in the PhD Programme discussion series which provides critical exposure to a broad range of mammalian stem cell biology. Affiliate Members and their lab members are encouraged to participate in most seminars and networking activities of SCI.

Professor Anne Ferguson -Smith Stem cells and the epigenetic programme

Dr Cedric Ghevaert In vitro production of platelets for transfusion in humans from pluripotent stem cells

Dr Anna Philpott Co-ordination of proliferation and differentiation in stem and progenitor cells

Professor Keith Martin Neuroprotection and repair of the visual system

Dr Sanjay Sinha Regulation of vascular smooth muscle cell development and disease

Professor Alfonso Martinez-Arias The structure and function of living matter

Professor Christine Watson Stem cell and lineage determining factors in mammary glands


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Cambridge Stem Cell Institute Brochure 2012